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Medicine & Health

Academic Registrar's Council - Subjects Allied to Medicine group

This list is for discussion of issues and dissemination of information in relation to the promotion of cross disciplinary perspectives on understanding 'antisocial personality disorder' (and related diagnoses and categories.

This list is used by the international research community to share methodological developments in qualitative evidence synthesis. This will include details of conference and training events, new methodological literature and methods enquiries.

Aural Diversity researches differences in hearing and their implications for fields such as music, sound studies, acoustics, audiology, environmental design, hearing care and hearing technologies.

This list is used by BABAO to encourage the distribution and discussion of ideas concerning all aspects of bioarchaeology

The Base-libraries list exists to facilitate discussion between the health libraries in Birmingham, the Black Country and Solihull.

Members of BICISMRM

This JiscMail list is used to make announcements, share best practice and support training and teaching in higher education and clinical laboratory practice.

For medical educators supporting students who have long terms conditions. The purpose is to share information, publications, good practice, training resources and events within the higher education community. Particularly useful to hear from educators with experience of Fitness to Practise issues and its variable outcomes.

The North East Medical Sociology group was established to bring together individuals with an interest in the critical sociology of health, and enhance the profile of medical sociology in the region. This list exists to share news and information relating to the group or medical sociology more widely, to promote group discussion and collaborative working, and to attract new group members.

List for those involved in development, evaluation and research of caseload midwifery.

A forum for sharing information and good practice for CBT practitioners within student services; counselling/therapy teams; wellbeing teams, etc. as well as for students practicing CBT. If you have any interesting journal articles/books; short CPD type courses to promote; or just wanting to link into others in the field, this may well be the list for you!

This is a list to notify members of the CCP CompMedChem community about new events or matters they should be interested in.

The ccpnmr mailing list is used for the discussion of the CcpNmr software packages.

This list has been retained 31/03/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This list is used by the Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology (CEBD) to provide a monthly e-mail update on new evidence-based resources in dermatology, with an emphasis on guidelines, systematic reviews and evidence-based summaries.

To enable researhers to net work and keep the conversation alive

This list is an open discussion forum for those interested in research and policy relating to child poverty.

This network is for anyone with interests in climate change and it's effect on mental health. Open to academics, practitioners, and interested citizens.

A platform to share good practice and ideas related sustainability and planetary health, in the clinical skills teaching environment.

Complexity and chaos theories applied to primary medical and social care - a list for researchers and other interested parties. Keywords: complexity, chaos, primary care

Confidentiality and Privacy is a burgeoning cross-disciplinary research topic.

News letter for The '& 128;˜Cost of Living'& 128;™. A blog for all people interested in the politics, economics and sociology of health and health care.

A forum for lecturers, teachers and trainers working in counselling and psychotherapy teaching / training in Higher Education in the UK, to share information, practice, ideas relating to the teaching and management of counselling and psychotherapy programmes.

Mailing list for Critical Public Health Network, for researchers in the area of critical approaches to public health

Discussion and announcements related to the Forum for the Study of Crisis in the 21st Century.

For attendees of the interdisciplinary seminar series, with critical interest in the construction and management of gender sexuality in the medical, discursive and cultural spheres.

Mailing list to promote networking between attendees of 2018 CRUK Bioinformatics summer school

This list is used by the organisers of the Design4Health European conferences to communicate with contributors and participants. This conference is open to researchers and practitioners in design and health. <HTML> This list is used by the organisers of the <strong>Design4Health European conferences</strong> to communicate with contributors and participants. This conference is open to researchers and practitioners in <strong>design</strong> and <strong>health and wellbeing</strong>. </HTML>

This list will provide relevant announcements to all postgraduates and Stage two trainees within Scotland. This will include jobs and funding opportunities as well as relevant training days and conferences. The list can also be used by Health Psychology postgraduates and trainees to network and ask others in the Health Psychology community in Scotland for advice. This list is run by the postgraduate representatives from the Division of Health Psychology-Scotland committee.

This list is for researchers working in digital health to share stories about their work, find collaboration, and hear about new developments.

A forum for EMDR practitioners to share research ideas, clinical issues and knowledge sharing.

Discussion list for learning and teaching in ethics and social welfare

Promote discussion and sharing of ideas in relation to EXON Discussion of NIPE Competencies Integration of EXON within undergraduate midwifery curriculum Networking and sharing ideas.

The purpose of this group is to support the sharing of practice, materials and solutions associated with the delivery of the Foundation Apprenticeships in Social Services, Healthcare & Childcare. The group is a joint initiative involving the College Development Network and Skills Development Scotland.

List is to support staff working in radiotherapy departments using the Flexiplan HDR (High-Dose Rate) planning system

This list is primarily intended as a forum for discussions on all aspects of food and eating across different disciplines. The list also provides a bulletin board for notices of meetings, employment opportunities, new publications etc.

This list has been retained 31/03/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This list is used by the Orthopaedics and Trauma Group at the University of Nottingham to provide a monthly e-mail update on new evidence-based resources relevant to foot and ankle surgery, with an emphasis on guidelines and systematic reviews.

For members of the Faculty of Public Health special interest group on information and intelligence, also open to colleagues outside the Faculty who share similar interests. The list will support general communication and support for information and intelligence including news of events, consultations and resources arranging meetings and, when required, detailed discussion of drafts and documents.

This is the official mailing list for the EPSRC Future blood testing for inclusive monitoring and personalised analytics Network

UK academics working on the 100K Genomes Project, Implementation Partnership Group on 'Patient involvement and experience'.

This list will be used by the Genetics and Medicine Historical Network (GenMedHist) to make announcements, publicise events and projects, and encourage communication and discussion among those engaged in the preservation, analysis, and study of the history of medical genetics.

This list is used to circulate information to members of the RGS-IBG Geography of Health and Wellbeing Research Group.

The globalforum mailing list is set up for the benefit of all those with a stake or an interest in the ethics of biomedical research involving human participants in developing countries. It aims to encourage discussion, networking and exchange of information across the globe, and in particular between developing and developed countries.

GPRD-Research aims to promote the exchange of information and advice between users of the General Practice Research Database (GPRD). This list is a forum to promote and share research ideas, methodologies, as well as providing a point of contact between new and existing users. <HTML> GPRD-Research aims to promote the exchange of information and advice between users of the General Practice Research Database (GPRD). <p>This list is a forum to promote and share research ideas, methodologies, as well as providing a point of contact between new and existing users. <p>The list is maintained by Dr Craig Currie and Dr Chris Poole. </HTML>

This list is used by the Centre for Evidence Based Hand Surgery in the Orthopaedics and Trauma Group at the University of Nottingham to provide a monthly e-mail update on new evidence-based resources relevant to hand surgery, with an emphasis on guidelines and systematic reviews.

This list is for members of the Public Health England funded network on Work, Health and Wellbeing. It will provide an opportunity for the network members to mail any important information to other network members and have discussions about relevant topics.

raise the profile of records and archival issues within the health sector #facilitate the networking, collaborating and sharing of information #contribute to the development of standards and best practice promote the use and value of health archives and records

This list is for health promotion academics to use to discuss the future of health promotion in the UK, how it is taught, when and where for what purpose

A Superlist for the International and NHS Health Services Research Community. Conferences, Seminar News, Researcher Jobs etc.

This list is for partners of FutureLearn working in Health and care to discuss collaborative working.

The network aims to improve collaboration between postgraduates. The network can be used as a forum for discussions, advice and ideas and practical advice on methodologies. The network can also be used to information on relevant conferences and updates on developments in health psychology.

The list is used to inform Stage 2 trainee health psychs of issues related to their training

To provide a forum for sharing research and practice concerning Health Walks. The group is multidisplinary by nature and aimed at academics, health promotion specialists, clinicians, health psychologists and other interested parties involved in the research and promotion of walking.

The Health Impact Assessment (HIA) mailing list for the methodological and practical advancement of HIA in the development of healthy public policies, plans, programmes and projects.

This list allows all those involved in clinical education, health informatics education, clinical education commissioning and standards setting to exchange ideas and knowledge about embedding informatics teaching into clinical education. It covers all areas of clinical education, including medical, nursing and midwifery, and AHP (Allied Health Professionals), and at both pre and post registration levels.

HLG Wales is for Welsh librarians and information professionals interested in health/nursing/medicine/allied health.

This discussion list is for members of the Health Sciences and Practices Inclusivity Special Interest Group.

This list exists for behavioural and social scientists actively committed to high quality academic research in the field of intellectual disability.

This List is used by those participating in the Medical Ethics Theme Team of the Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied CETL. Sublist of ideacetl

Immunobiology is a journal club site to post cutting edge articles; allowing discussion of the evidence and the background to immunoregulation

The InterAcT (integrated academic clinical training) Trainees list is a forum where clinical academic trainees can discuss mutual problems with regards to combining clinical and academic training, grant writing, fellowship applications and research.

This list is for the Interdisciplinary Research in Sexual Health (IReSH) network in Scotland. It is used to make announcements about IReSH events, events organised by members, job postings, PhD adverts, and other relevant posts.

The purpose of this group is to informally share, discuss and disseminate information related to maternity care in Ireland among Irish midwives, other professionals and women interested in maternity services in Ireland.

This list is intended to host discussions about health and geo ideas and issues and was created as a follow up to the JISC GECO Project's Open Source Geo and Health Workshop(held in August 2011). We are interested in sharing anything that relates to the role of location, geospatial data or place (in very broad terms) in health including research, policy and practice around physical and mental health. We welcome members from academia, the NHS, healthcare providers, policy makers, statisticians, technology providers and others interested in the possibilities around the intersections of location and health.

This list is used by JISC Journal Archives Advisory Board members to discuss requirements and future developments to the JISC Journal Archives platform.

The Liaison-Psychiatry-TNC is meant for anyone with a GMC registration up to the level of new consultant (less than 5 years in post) for dissemination of information on training, clinical/academics, meetings/conferences, jobs and relevant policy issues in the UK.

For those involved either in doing or teaching others to do searches for systematic reviews to share experiences and help each other

This list is for people interested in developing and evaluating liaison psychiatry services for older people.

This list is for dissemination of information from CeLSIUS (Centre for Longitudinal Study Information and User Support) to UK academics with an interest in the ONS Longitudinal Study, and to enable discussion amongst these people.

This is an information forum for practitioners who have trained to use the Music Therapy Assessment Tool for Awareness in Disorders of Consciousness (MATADOC) This is a sub-list of MTNEUROLOGYNETWORK.

Multi-disciplinary radiotherapy

This list is used by members of the UK Medical Anthropology academic community to disseminate information about meetings, awards and courses and to encourage collaborative research initiatives.

This list was created by Scotland and Medicine, a professional network for those working with medical collections in Scotland. This listing is open to all and aims to connect heritage staff and researchers and provide access to medical collections and expertise across Scotland.

List to disseminate information that relates to Medical Ethics - conferences, workshops, employment.

News, announcements & CfP related to medical mobilities research and the Medical Mobilities Reading Group

An email list for studies in Medical Law

This list is one of several linked to the Mesh website (www.mesh-ce.org). Mesh is an online platform for resources on engaging communities and the public with health research in low and middle income countries. This list focuses on community advisory boards (CABs) as a form of engagement with research.

This list is one of several linked to the Mesh website (www.mesh-ce.org). Mesh is an online platform for resources on engaging communities and the public with health research in low and middle income countries. This list focuses on engagement in schools.

This list is for information sharing, discussion and debate between all engaged - or with an interest - in learning and teaching about mental health and distress. It spans the disciplines in higher education; complements, and feeds in to, the work of the Mental Health in Higher Education project [mhhehub.ning.com] and is open to anyone with an interest in the area. <HTML> This list is for information sharing, discussion and debate between all engaged - or with an interest - in learning and teaching about mental health and distress. It spans the disciplines in higher education; complements, and feeds in to, the work of the Mental Health in Higher Education project [mhhehub.ning.com] and is open to anyone with an interest in the area. </HTML>

This list is for information sharing, discussion and debate between all those involved in learning and teaching about mental health, within higher education, across the disciplines and professions in the East Midlands Region. It complements, and feeds in to, the work of the Mental Health in Higher Education project (mhhe) - a project of the Higher Education Academy.

This list is for information sharing, discussion and debate between all those involved in learning and teaching about mental health, within higher education, across the disciplines and professions in the West Midlands Region. It complements, and feeds into, the work of the Mental Health in Higher Education project (mhhe) - a project of the Higher Education Academy Sub-List of MHHE

A list for historians/researchers in the field of midwifery and childbirth

Discussion list for members of the MinD Network for Design and Dementia

To enable discussion between registered Medical Physics Experts (MPEs) and aspiring MPEs to improve understanding of the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposures) Regulations (IRMER) to protect individuals subject to medical exposures using ionising radiation.

MRIcro is a free program for viewing and converting medical images. This list is designed to help users exchange tips and solutions.

The Music Therapy Neurology Network shares information and resources on music as a therapeutic medium for people with neurological disorders. For professionals interested in clinical practice (e.g. music therapists) and research (e.g. neurosciences, medicine), and people with neurological conditions interested in how music can help improve health and well-being.

The NASSS-CAT Community represents a user community for the NASSS-CAT tool (Non-adoption, Abandonment, and barriers to Spread, Scale-up and Sustainability - Complexity Assessment Tool), during a technology-supported change project.

A list of all Medical School Secretaries of UK Medical Schools. A forum for quick queries, dissemination of information and sharing of good practice.

Members from across the UK will use JISCMail to discuss clinical trials ideas in cancer research (in a supportive & palliative care setting)and develop them. The Group will respond to research calls from various institutions such as Marie Curie.

Distribution list of users of the IT system the CSP Module.

Group covering RM&G in North East and North Cumbria.

Discussion group for Research Study Co-coordinators based in NTW region.

This is a interdisciplinary forum to bring clinicians, allied health care professionals, scientists and engineers together who have a special interest in ventilator weaning and extubation in Neurocritical care. #This will also be an opportunity to conduct small evidence based projects, clinical audits and progress research in this area.

Building the research community to establish pathways and protocols for referral, rehabilitation and transitions between rehabilitation and palliative care, for brain cancer patients

We aim to provide high quality information, current awareness and a forum for discussion about neuropsychiatry. Neuropsychiatry concerns the interface of psychiatry and neurology (incorporating cognitive neuroscience and related areas). Colleagues from UK and elsewhere are welcome to join.

Description: This list is to support the communication between members of the NHS-HE Forum. This Forum meets twice a year to discuss initiatives to improve the connectivity and inter-operability of electronic services supporting students and staff at Universities and in the NHS that are involved in education and research associated with medicine, dentistry, nursing and other professions allied to medicine .

A communications platform to enable best practice and information sharing, and national networking among Clinical Research Nurses

Communications of the NIHR Statistics Group: Laboratory Studies Section.

This mailing list is for the purpose of group communication between members of the NISCHR ReDA user group.

This list is to provide NLP ideas and working practices in learning, teaching and management

A discussion forum for academics involved in the delivery of non-medical prescribing courses.

This list is used by NNMHR (Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research)to communicate relevant announcements, such as events, conferences, jobs and publications.

This list provides a collaborative opportunity for researchers of any discipline who wish to examine the nature of and culture around normal physiological birth. This includes the biological, emotional psychological, social and clinical processes and consequences involved.

This list is used by NSPRC Trainees, 2010 cohort to exchange information about publications, projects, conferences etc.

Occ-health is a list open to everyone with an interest in teaching, learning and research in occupational health and safety. As it is a publicly funded list, recruitment using the list is not possible (this includes agencies and employers). Key words: occupational health, employment, health & safety

This list will be of interest to all practitioners of occupational and environmental medicine and occupational health. Its aim is to promote discussion about current issues and to foster a global approach to research and teaching.

There are important differences between global Occupational Health/Medicine and travel health but occupational health needs to ensure if travel health services are provided (in-house or outsourced) that they are medically appropriate. Health Professionals and organisations are often involved in the potentially bigger risk of fitness to work issue and nurses often seeing more individual travel health issues. A key issue is: who makes the decision about fitness to work abroad?

This list is used by the Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry and the Royal College of Psychiatrists to keep members up to date and informed on developments in education, research and effective practice.

A network for qualified Occupational Physicians to work together to build and protect occupational medicine as a viable and thriving medical & academic specialty focused on enhancing and maintaining the health of people at work. WE aim to complement the work of existing professional bodies

This list brings together academics, researchers, practitioner and students from different disciplines interested in the role of the humanities and social sciences in shaping oral health, the mouth and teeth

The list will be to develop international research collaboration for research involving health behaviour and education within context using complimentary research methods.

List designed to serve as a forum for clinical psychologisty, neuro-psychologists and other psycho-social staff working in paediatric oncology to design research and intervention projects and to work collaboratively across centres. The list will also serve as a communication point to disseminate service development and related service issues. The list will ensure communication and the pooling of resources for all psycho-social staff working with children and adolescents who have cancer and with their families.

This forum enables individuals working with pathology collections in the U.K. to discuss and share ideas and knowledge. These will include discussion of issues such as conservation and maintenance of specimens, collections management, use of specimens in education and learning and Human Tissue Act legislation.

The peals mailing list is used to notify academics and members of the public about events run by the Newcastle-based Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences Research Institute on the social and ethical aspects of genetics and the life sciences.

The European Perinatal Epidemiology Network and its email list is for the promotion and discussion of research in perinatal epidemiology and the evaluation of perinatal care in Europe.

The aim of this list to provide academic pharmacists and other academics engaged in teaching in Pharmacy with a forum for discussion on pedagogic issues in Pharmacy Education

Email list for the British Philosophy of Sport Association, for discussion of news, issues, and events.

This list welcomes all involved in learning and teaching in disciplines relevant to public health.

The list is to help promote a network and forum of like minded individuals in prescribing and medicines management.

This is the mailing list for the special interest group for UK psychologists working in childhood brain tumour.

The Postgraduate Forum for the History of Medicine is a network of postgraduate students across multiple institutions studying history of medicine topics. The Forum is open to all Masters, PhD and Early Career students and researchers with an interest in the history of medicine. This email list is used by members of the forum to share information, make announcements and ask questions of their peers. It is intended to encourage communication and collaboration between postgraduate students across institutional boundaries.

This group is to accompany a series of breakfast meet-ups designed as a supportive opportunity for exchange between people with roles involving particular responsibility for supporting or delivering Patient and Public Involvement with research at higher education and medical institutions.

Discussion and information concerning psychological and psychiatric aspects of cancer care. Clinical and academic staff welcome

a list allowing those working in or using public health observatories and public health intelligence in the uk and beyond, to discuss issues and share experiences and information.

A list to bring together academics and researchers in the field of Quality Assurance Systems for hospitals and health systems in developing countries.

This list is for the UK Radiopharmacy Community in NHS and Academic sectors to exchange information

This is a list for PhD students using or considering using realist methodology in their work, or interested in finding out more about realist methodology. It's to find peer support, link with others in similar geographical or topic areas, and discuss training, reading and everything realist PhD.

Welcome to this multi- and inter-disciplinary discussion group, the aim of which is to exchange ideas and information related to reflective practice.

RESILIENCE aims to bring together researchers interested in studying the resilience and well-being of students and trainees, the selection and recruitment of doctors, and career choices for students and trainees

The list reflects the growing importance of the foot and ankle in musculoskeletal diseases generally, and as a subspecialism within rheumatology.

News of laboratory improvement activities and events in HE from the S-Lab (Safe, Successful and Sustainable Labs) initiative

This list is for announcements from the Scottish Medical Sociology group; this is a regional sub group of BSA Medical Sociology.

The Scottish Microscopy community networking list. List members can ask #for advice and advertise meetings/courses.

A multidisciplinary e-mailing list for those working in the field of sexual health, in research and applied settings.

This list is used by the simulation in radiography group to keep in touch, share resources, provide support, propose research and disseminate findings.

This list provides a forum for speech and language therapists and related disciplines. Our aim is to encourage discussion and information-sharing about all aspects of professional activity including education, clinical practice and development of the profession.

This list aims to provide a forum for information, discussion and collaboration among speech and language therapists and others who are interested, or involved, in research into communication development and change, communication disability and-or disorders of feeding, swallowing and drinking.

SPRUlist is a mailing list set up by the Social Policy Research Unit for individuals who wish to be kept informed of research published by the Unit.

The purpose is to enhance communication and network for health professionals involved in clinical care and research activity relating to reproductive health, sexuality, parenting and infant care.

This list has been retained 07/09/2021. No one can subscribe to this list, no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list A forum for debate and information exchange on research in aspects of sustainable plant medicine. Members will be drawn from fields of agroforestry, complementary health, ecology, ethnobotany, herbal medicine, horticulture, medicine and phytopharmacy.

This list is for researchers interested in sharing knowledge and learning about synthesis without meta-analysis in systematic reviews.

This list is used to share ideas amongst nursing and health academics about the use of poetry, prose, drama, and other forms of creative writing in the curriculum.

This is a group of clinicians who are involved in the care of patients with Thyroid Eye disease. It includes Ophthalmologists, Physicians, Orthoptists and psychologists. The aim of the group is to improve the management and care of these patients through the developments of shared guidelines, MDM, and involvement in research

This list is for announcements and discussions relating to the TractoR software package for magnetic resonance imaging and tractography.

This group provides a forum for various stakeholders in Liaison Psychiatry services in the Trent, Yorkshire and North East area to share information and exchange views.

This network is a multidisciplinary group encompassing individuals within University College London and its associated institutions such as NHS trusts who have a research interest in eating disorders.

This list is for those of us at UCL with an interest in transport and mobility, from any angle: fuels, traffic, active travel, safety, infrastructure, big data, energy, freight and more. The list is sponsored by UCL's Transport Institute as a self-organised way for all of us to share ideas, let each other know about UCL transport-related events and publications, and help people find each other (e.g. do you know anybody who__ ?).

This list is for announcements of developments in the UK-CDI - the UK version of the Communicative Development Inventories

A list to support the UK Council for Teachers of Medical Professionalism

To discuss UK involvement in Euro-BioImaging. The project Euro-BioImaging is a pan-European research infrastructure project which is part of the ESFRI process http://cordis.europa.eu/esfri. The aim of Euro-BioImaging is to provide access to imaging technologies across the full scale of biological and medical applications, from molecule to patient. EuroBioImaging will address the imaging requirements of both basic and medical imaging communities by creating nodes in many ESFRI member states that will deploy imaging infrastructure in a coordinated and harmonised manner and thus address the fragmentation of such efforts currently present in Europe. The project is coordinated by Jan Ellenberg, who is also scientific coordinator for the advanced light microscopy parts of Euro-BioImaging, and Gabriel Krestin who is the scientific coordinator for all parts concerning medical imaging. Since early summer 2009, Antje Keppler is project manager of EuroBioImaging

This is the mailing list for the UK Causal Inference Network. It aims to disseminate information about forthcoming about events and facilitate discussion. The theme of the network is "Causal Inference in Health and Social Sciences". # Causal inference is broadly defined, and the focus is on methodology and challenging applications, though issues relating to interesting applications that highlight necessary methodological extensions are also encouraged.

The authoritative Academic/NHS Group for the professional advancement, teaching, research and practice of Radiopharmacy in the UK

The UK Society for Behavioural Medicine (UKSBM) works towards integrating knowledge of biology, behaviour and the environment to prevent and treat disease. It brings together, for for the first time in the UK, a range of disciplines that contribute to achieving this broad objective. They include epidemiology, health psychology, medical sociology, health economics, statistics as well as public health, primary care, psychiatry, oncology, cardiology and diabetology and other clinical specialties.

The UK Space Environments Association is committed to improving communication, collaboration and cooperation across the UK Space Sector. Please subscribe here: http://space-environments.co.uk

To send relevant course updates and information to clinical supervisors supporting candidates on the University of Bristol Neuropsychology Practice Programmes.

The User Involvement Research mailing list aims to bring together people with expertise in user involvement and public participation in the evaluation and delivery of public services. We seek to take forward theoretical, conceptual and practical thinking around different types and mechanisms of user involvement. We seek to promote engagement with researchers, providers, policy makers across the higher education, voluntary and public sectors.

This list is for members of the inter-faculty Voice Research Group at the University of Newcastle to contact each other about relevant events and research opportunities.

The Women and Mental Health Special Interest Group (formerly WIPSIG) is a subsection of the Royal College of Psychiatrists which promotes mental health services for women, their families and carers, and enables women psychiatrists to achieve their potential across the NHS, academic institutions and the independant sector.

Working together to identify women's obstacles, challenges and opportunities while doing fieldwork