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> ACORN's intent is to develop and promote the field of organizational art and aesthetics. We wish to provide a wide range of forums where researchers and teachers interested in connecting art, aesthetics, and creative practice within organizational and work settings can meet, exchange ideas, share resources, and experiment with new forms of thinking and practice.

> The Academic Applications Forum, supported by Eduserv, provides a forum for discussion of topics related to applications support in the academic environment. Membership is largely, but not exclusively, drawn from Computer Centre staff in the UK University sector. Eduserv CHEST support the Forum and attend all of the meetings, so this Forum provides a valuable means of making them aware of current issues and requirements.

> The Anglo-American Health Policy Network serves as a forum for health scholars and policy makers to share information relating to health policy developments in the UK and the US.

> To share best practice in running and administrating Africa AgriFood Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

> This list links up all members of the Standing Conference on ab initio German in the UK and Ireland. The Standing Conference is open to all third level institutions and guests are also welcome.

> This is the main mailing list of ABCP (Association of British Chinese Professors) for the organisation to communicate with its members and for its members to discuss relevant topics via email. More about ABCP can be found on its website: https://abcp.org.uk/.

> This is a list dedicated to the discussion of matters related to and of interest of Brazilian Postgraduate Students and Researchers based in the UK. It is a list associated with the Association of Brazilian Postgraduate Students and Researchers in the UK (Associação de Brasileiros Estudantes de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisadores no Reino Unido, ABEP-UK).

> Announcements for a reading group on Natural Language Generation and NLP more generally, run by the Aberdeen Uni NLG research group.

> This list is used by the Association of British and Irish Lusitanists to circulate to its members announcements of its activities and all information relating to the aims of the Association.

> The purpose of this list is to enable communication between teachers of German ab initio in the UK and Ireland.

> ABTAPL is the Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries The list will be used as a forum for sharing experience and information in the fields of theological and philosophical librarianship and resource management.

> The list is of relevance to all trainees and professionals involved in emergency medicine including undergraduates and postgraduate practitioners. It seeks to promote and foster academic research in the world of emergency medicine.

> For exchange of information and ideas related to an International Study Group on Academic-Industry Relations. Current topics within the ISG are spin-off companies, strategic science centres, and bridging institutions like FhG and TNO, but all interested in the topic are welcome.

> A list for Directors of member library services of Academic Libraries North, a group of University Libraries in the North of England. The group has remit of establishing closer collaboration in the development and delivery of library services with the aim of enhancing the student experience and optimising cost effectiveness.

> We wish to use this list to debate new findings and theories in the academic study of magic. We will use the list to publicise events, research and CFPs in the field.

> Supports the Academic Writing research interest group established at the 2nd Pedagogical Research in Higher Education conference

> An area for discussion and sharing of information for members of the BALEAP 'Developing, Teaching and Testing Academic Listeners' special interest group and others with interest in this field.

> This is a forum for current students and graduates of the University of Liverpool Online programme in Academic Practice. Is offers an area of networking, sharing ideas and keeping in touch for graduates of the programme at all levels. Its focus is global international learning and teaching theory and practice.

> This would facilitate communication, spread ideas and share examples of good practice among academic skills/study skills lecturers and tutors.

> This is a mailing list bringing together UK-based and non-UK based academics and researchers working mainly in the social sciences who have faced situations of threats as a result of their research. In recent years, there has been a rising number of cases of researchers whose lives were at risk because of the work they were conducting. This group aims to support all academics facing such difficult times and make visible their plight by issuing declarations and reports.

> This list will be a vehicle for communication between the Higher Education Academy network on issues of sustainability and sustainability policy.

> The Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine links together clinical, academic and scientific staff in the field of diagnostic testing. This list is dedicated to the advancement of the detection of acute kidney injury (AKI). Once the AKI warning algorithm has been established, the data generated by health organisations using the algorithm will be used for outcome based research on acute kidney injury. The list will serve both health service personnel involved in testing and managing patients with AKI and academic units conducting outcome based AKI research.

> This list is an open discussion list for the academic community working in clinical biochemistry. It is run under the auspices of the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine - the learned society of the profession - supporting its educational, scientific and research interests in the UK.

> This discussion list is for the Clinical Practice working group of the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine - the learned society of the profession which supports the educational, scientific and research interests of clinical biochemists and chemical pathologists in the UK.

> This discussion list is for the IT working group of the Association for Clinical Biochemsitry and Laboratory Medicine - the learned society of the profession which supports the educational, scientific and research interests of clinical biochemists and chemical pathologists in the UK.

> The Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine links together clinical academic, scientific and NHS staff in the fields of diagnostic testing. This list is dedicated to Point-of-Care testing. This is a growing area of interest drawing together practitioners and scientists as new technologies are transferred from bench to the bedside. The Technology Strategy Board is pushing this area as one strand of its Stratified Medicine Portfolio.

> This is a friendly, informal, discussion mailing list, restricted to trainees working in Clinical Sciences. It provides a platform for trainees to share ideas, resources and opinions, ask questions and offer advice, within the trainee fold. The list is managed by the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine Trainees' Committee. Non-ACB members are welcome to join the list, provided they can confirm their trainee status. It is still recommended that trainees sign up to the regular version of the ACB Mailbase (ACB-CLIN-CHEM-GEN) as a way of keeping up to date with current issues in the world of Clinical Biochemistry and other pathology disciplines, even if they do not actively participate in the discussions.

> PaLMnet is the UK Paediatric Laboratory Medcine Network. It is a subgroup of the ACB Scientific Affairs committee. Its main objective is to support harmonisation and rational use of laboratory testing for infants, babies and children and young people up to the age of 18 years

> A list to announce Accelerator Physics seminars in the UK.

> A forum for comments and discussion on issues concerning provision of, access to and quality of adult vocational guidance and counselling, with a particular emphasis on combating social exclusion.

> An online help-desk and forum for sharing questions around support for disabled learners in HE. This list aims to act as a network to bridge school and college SENCOs with widening participation and disability services staff in HE, so they can ask questions and receive impartial advice about complex cases, DSA processes and available support for their students (e.g. accommodation, assistive technology etc).

> The Jisc Accessibility Community maths working group aims to collate useful research and practices for the HE sector. This list will help us to share, research and promote accessible maths workflows. You can find us on Github as A11ymaths.

> The purpose of this list is for anyone interested in the competition Accessible by Design to be run via the Jisc elevator

> Accessibuilt provides a discussion forum on the accessibility and barriers created in the built environment. The concepts of Inclusive and Universal Design applied to the buildings form a focus and the social model of disability is encouraged by the list owners for all discussions.

> This group is for anyone with an interest in Accessibility, Inclusion and Additional Learner Support in Further Education, based in the North West. The list aims to be a discussion forum as well as a source of information on support available from the JISC community.

> Discussion and networking list for exploring issues of accountability as they relate to systems and emerging technologies.

> A list to encourage discussion of current IT curriculum issues between ACER member colleges (Association of Colleges in the Eastern Region)

> Association of Critical Heritage Studies UK Chapter achsukchapter is a discussion list for academic and industry researchers with a link to the UK investigating all aspects of heritage, tourism, museum and cultural/natural management. This list is a forum for sharing experiences and exchanging information.

> The North Atlantic Climate System Study - ACSIS - is a NERC Long Term Science Multi-Centre (LTSM) Programme, led by the National Centre for Atmospheric Science and delivered by six NERC Centres (NCAS, NOC, BAS, NCEO, CPOM, PML) in collaboration with the UK Met Office. The overarching science objective of ACSIS is: To enhance the UK & 128's capability to detect, attribute and predict changes in the North Atlantic Climate System

> This list provides a forum for discussion emerging from the ESRC seminar series, Activism, Volunteering and Citizenship.

> A JISC email list for academics interested in exploring the positive impact of active learning on student experience. Do you want to include more interactive technology? Do you struggle to keep abreast with research? Want to be able to build on existing theory and practice and transfer 'what works' into new settings? Interested in disturbing what role students should have in their learning? Subscribe now to join our discussions. Technology Enhanced Active Learning

> The Active Learning Network mailing list aims to create a platform for #discussion on active learning practice and research, as well as for dissemination of information related to the scope of the Network.

> The Climate Resilience Network supports universities to develop resilience to climate change both within their institution and their communities, to share knowledge and best practice, and a platform for universities to connect with policymakers and develop effective approaches to resilience and disaster preparedness.

> This list supports researchers pursuing the comparative social study of long term (prehistoric to contemporary) urbanisation processes, urban life, and urban landscape development, established as an emergent field of interest at the ACUMEN workshop, 12-13 Dec. 2012 in Leeds. The list is used for learned discussion, research questions, community building, project collaborations, and relevant announcements.

> This list is for a network of practitioners within UK HE providers responsible for the analysis of admissions data to share knowledge, highlight new policies and promote good practice.

> This list will be used to communicate information to the members of the John Adams Institute for Accelerator science

> Announcement of the events organized by the Adams Institute

> A restricted discussion list for providers of drug and/or alcohol misuse courses, mainly within the HE and FE sector.

> Mailing List for the IASFM Working Group for Archiving and Documentation of History of Forced Migration. The Working Group seeks to document and preserve original history of forced migration at both national and international levels. We would like to generate new partnerships and networking opportunities for developing forced migration archives and for helping with the creation of knowledge on, and the collection, documentation and preservation of forced migration history. We recognise that there is a needto work on how knowledge in the field of forced migration is created/ produced and maintained. Our aim for this Working Group, therefore, will be to bring together researcher, academics, librarians, archivists, activists, advocates (i.e.NGOs) who are either interested in the history of forced migration and related fields, or are interested in the care and preservation of the archival and library collections that help to preserve the often hidden voices of the migration journey. With a focus on networking on history of forced migration, we will also address the growing critique of the divide between experts and forced migrants themselves. We would like to take steps to ensure that the documentation of testimonies associated with the migration journey are actively preserved. Mailing List for the IASFM Working Group for Archiving and Documentation of History of Forced Migration. The Working Group seeks to document and preserve original history of forced migration at both national and international levels. We would like to generate new partnerships and networking opportunities for developing forced migration archives and for helping with the creation of knowledge on, and the collection, documentation and preservation of forced migration history. We recognise that there is a needto work on how knowledge in the field of forced migration is created/ produced and maintained. Our aim for this Working Group, therefore, will be to bring together researcher, academics, librarians, archivists, activists, advocates (i.e.NGOs) who are either interested in the history of forced migration and related fields, or are interested in the care and preservation of the archival and library collections that help to preserve the often hidden voices of the migration journey. With a focus on networking on history of forced migration, we will also address the growing critique of the divide between experts and forced migrants themselves. We would like to take steps to ensure that the documentation of testimonies associated with the migration journey are actively preserved.

> A discussion list for Adlib software users in archives, libraries and museums to keep in touch with each other and to share ideas, tips and best practice

> This list is for announcements and discussion related to the activities of ADM-HEA, the Art, Design and Media Subject Centre of the Higher Education Academy. The Subject Centre promotes high quality in the learning and teaching of ADM in HE by enabling knowledge exchange, innovation and enterprise.

> An open list to discuss administrative aspects of admissions, including public aspects of admissions through UCAS. Not intended for the discussion of individual cases. Members will not generally have addresses ending in .ac.uk as these addresses will be in the admin-ucas list (which is a sub-list of this one and will hence see all messages).

> A list for university/college professionals using Business Intelligence practices and tools to support decision making and informed management in their institutions: to exchange good practice and accessible (non-technical) advice.

> To facilitate discussion on the administration of and problems encountered with distance learning programmes.

> The list aims to provide a channel of communication for those interested in equal opportunities in higher education for students and staff.

> This list aims to provide a means for communication and information dissemination for HE administrators interested in financial matters. It is run by the JANET User Group for Administrators (JUGA).

> HEERA mailing list

> For the use of administrative staff who are involved in the preparation of HESA (Higher Education Statistical Agency) returns. The majority of issues raised on this list are expected to be technical or managerial problems directly related to the administration of the various HESA returns.

> admin-medical is a list open to all administrators involved in Medical education and research, particularly those with responsibility for Medical or Health care Schools and Faculties. The list is designed to facilitate the exchange of news, information, and advice between users.

> Payroll administration is a highly specialised topic and requires specific skills, knowledge and experience. This list will allow university payroll managers nationwide to share those attributes promptly and economically, and provide a consistent and professional service to all employees.

> This list is for the benefit of those working in academic, financial or space planning in UK universities and colleges, and others interested in these areas.

> This list is intended for discussion of all administrative topics which relate only to Scottish HEIs. For topics of interest UK-wide, the specific admin lists (eg admin-student, admin-finance) should be used.

> ADMIN-SLC This list aims to provide a means of communication and information dissemination for HE administrators interested in any, or all, aspects of dealing with the Student Loan Company and their various associated bodies.

> This list is for HE and FE Administration issues.

> This list aims to provide a means of communication and information dissemination for HE administrators interested in student matters. It is run by the JANET User Group for Administrators (JUGA).

> This list is used by the Universities Marketing Forum (UMF) to make announcements to HE Marketing Directors in the Higher Education community about strategy, research, services, programmes, publications, projects, and events of mutual interest.

> Superlist for the ads- (Archaeology Data Service) suite of discussion lists. The Archaeology Data Service exists to support teaching learning and research with digital data in archaeology. It collects, describes, catalogues, preserves, and provides user support for digital resources that are created as a product of archaeological research. The discussion list provides a forum in which the ADS can inform interested parties about recent developments at the ADS, and encourages debate on relevant issues ofcomputing in archaeology.

> This is a list to allow the Archaeology Data Service (mandated AHRC Digital Archive for Archaeology) at the Department of Archaeology, University of York to contact their depositors only, rather than all users - c.80% UK HE

> For managers of students advice centres in students unions to share best practice and operational information relevant to these positions

> This mailing list is for individuals working within student advice within East Anglia. This list is primarily aimed at improving communication and developing our services individually and as a whole through sharing best practice and exploring opportunities together. With this in mind, other individuals working within welfare and membership services are welcome to join in order to further these objectives

> A discussion list for users of Symplicity's Advocate Student Case Management System.

> AEOLIAN (Artificial Intelligence for Cultural Organisations). NEH/AHRC Digital Humanities Research Network: Bringing together Digital Humanists, Computer Scientists & stakeholders to unlock cultural assets.

> This is the list of the AESOP "Sustainable Food Planning" group. This list is used to share call for papers, conferences, and activities of the group

> The A&F MetaLab collaboration aims to connect those using A&F and researchers in the field and create shared learning across A&F laboratories around the world to increase the effectiveness of A&F.

> This Association for Academic Outreach list facilitates discussion, development and dissemination of good practice. Membership is drawn from academics engaged in forms of Outreach, including employability, public engagement and Widening Participation, predominantly, though not exclusively, within the UK.

> Discussion forum for people involved in Archives and Education

> SICSA Affective Computing workshop to be held at Abertay early next year (date to be announced)

> This is an open discussion list for members of the Association for French Language Studies and other colleagues involved in teaching and research in French in Higher Education. It is intended to facilitate the exchange of information in the areas of teaching and research in French language studies.

> Informal group of scholars working in Northern Ireland (UK) and the Republic of Ireland (ROI) on African topics.

> To provide a forum for academics and activists to discuss African social movements. To circulate information about upcoming events and mobilise support. To provide linkages between activists and academics in Africa and the UK.

> This mailing list is primarily for members of the African Theatre Association, but non-members who are interested in news and information about African theatre and performance are welcomed.

> The purpose of this list is to provide a forum for scholars working on memories and representations of the GDR. It has grown out of the interdisciplinary AHRC-funded 'After the Wall' network, and aims to provide a forum for members wishing to circulate information such as calls for papers, conference announcements and new book announcements, as well as those who wish to seek advice from the academic community on specific research questions.

> This is the mailing list of the ESA Research Network on Ageing in Europe. The Ageing in Europe mailing list is used for researchers in the field of ageing. Purposes include sharing information on conferences and publications; exchanging ideas relevant to research on ageing; making contact with potential collaborators on new research initiatives.

> This list is to facilitate communications - about research and conferences etc. - between members of the British Sociological Association study group 'Ageing, Body and Society'

> We welcome researchers who are interested in ageing society research in China and UK

> Agricultural Green House Gases Project Discussion Mailing List. A mailing list to manage and record all discussions about terms added and being considered for the AGHGP Controlled Vocabulary for variable names.

> Discussion about adopting and implementing Agile ways of working and DevOps working practices and tools within a University

> To support and develop the use of Agresso CRM in FE and HE Institutions in the UK

> A list for the discussion of matters relating to research and teaching in the area of Agricultural Economics.

> This list is the discussion forum for a growing network of critical agroecology researcher across the UK, Europe and beyond. Its focus is on the social, political and economic aspects of agroecological transformations of food systems as much as on the ecological ones. It was set up after two important sessions at the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2019 & 2020, both convened by the Food Ethics Council, on how to make publicly funded research support an agroecological transition.

> A distribution list to communicate research and development news related to agroforestry in Europe, linked to the EU FP7 research project "AGFORWARD" and the work of the European Agroforestry Federation

> This list is used by the committee of the Animal Geography Working Group of the Royal Geographical Society, to make announcements and communications to research group members regarding research group activities.

> For members of the Association of History and Computing-UK Branch and interested others to discuss the uses of computers and computer-assisted methods in research and teaching within the UK.

> Discussion and news list for AHDS Performing Arts, covering digital data resources for research in music, film, video, theatre, broadcasting arts, performance art and dance.

> This list is restricted to members of the AHE committee

> Association For Historical And Fine Art Photography (AHFAP) list provides a forum for discussion between museum, gallery and H.E. professionals about the various uses of computing in museum contexts. AHFAP aims to provide a forum for photographers, image-makers, conservators and image archivists to share experiences and benefit from mutual co-operation.

> The members of Animal Health Information Specialist UK Ireland The group brings together those who are employed in the dissemination of animal health information.

> A forum for AHRC Collaborative Skills Development award holders to share ideas and resources, discuss challenges and network. Please note that specific questions for the AHRC should not be posted here, but sent directly to csd@ahrc.ac.uk. For further information on the Collaborative Skills Development scheme, and other AHRC initiatives, please visit the AHRC website: www.ahrc.ac.uk. Collaborative Skills Development Forum

> A list linked to discussions of research discussions in creative writing as relates to research council considerations around AHRC Creative Writing research training project (2005-2007)

> This Jiscmail has been set up to facilitate connections between UK based researchers, and researchers in the Labex Pasts in the Present cluster of excellence (Labex PasP) who are interested in applying for the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Labex PasP 2021 joint funding opportunity. This funding opportunity will support collaborative transnational and transcultural research across one or more of the themes of: The environmental arts and humanities: landscapes, memory, and experiences #Controversial and contested pasts and heritages Futures and futurology: anticipating, imagining and understanding diverse futures Projects are expected to start on 1 February, 2022 and last between 18-30 months. #This funding opportunity closes on 5 October 2021, at 16:00 GMT+1.

> This is a discussion forum for Research Organisation staff involved with managing AHRC postgraduate funding, in order to help with the sharing of information and best practice. If you have questions for AHRC, please use your usual AHRC contacts rather than post them on this forum.

> Ethically complex work in SHAPE disciplines is at risk of either not going ahead, or not being supported. This Network of researchers, University Ethics Committee (UEC) members and non-academic beneficiaries will develop ways in which ethics frameworks and processes can support challenging work in SHAPE disciplines.

> This list is used by those funded under any Design Research theme of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to make announcements and to discuss issues related to their design projects.

> A focused email list for holders of awards in the AHRC's Digital Transformations programme, so that we can share information.

> This list is to support networking around the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) programme on Place and the funding opportunities we make available. We hope it will help build connections between the myriad of people, groups, and organisations working on Place and interested in accessing our funding for research and knowledge exchange. This includes everyone from researchers to community groups, from cultural and heritage organisations to policy makers, and beyond. We will share details of funding opportunities to the list. We encourage members interested in applying to share a message with the group about what you're looking for collaborators for and what sort of collaborators you're looking for.

> This is the mailing list of the British Computer Society Specialist Group on Knowledge Based Systems and Applied Artificial Intelligence (SGES). The SGES was founded in 1980 to provide information and support to developers and users of AI systems in both industry and academia. The Group's website is at http://www.bcs-sges.org.

> AI4FM is a project aimed at using AI techniques to learn from human users how to discharge Proof Obligations that arise in typical formal method applications. This list will keep people informed of progress.

> This email list will support the EPSRC Network+ in AI 4 Scientific Discovery www.ai4science.network

> What's happening in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in tertiary education. #Focusing on supporting implementation and scaling of AI for FE & HE.

> The list is to provide an information exchange on higher education applications, courses and student support to help prospective students progress to higher education particularly those from Access to HE courses

> This list is for sharing knowledge and experience in all aspects of air quality, mainly focused on the UK.

> This list is intended to facilitate discussion and collaboration between members of the UK air-sea gas transfer community.

> This list is to foster developing links between UK and Irish institutions who are interested in the future of the social security system on the island of Ireland.

> The Africa-UK Journalism Education Exchange Network is an initiative to improve the quality of journalism education in Africa and the UK, and to boost international university links. As part of the effort to increase the capacity of media trainers and journalism education institutions, UNESCO, through its International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC), is funding the launch of this network. This initiative is the result of cooperation between the UK National Commission for UNESCO, the University of Bedfordshire in Luton, the Association for Journalism Educators (AJE) and the Polytechnic of Namibia. After a successful conference in Luton in April 2012, this list was created to further deepen the links and collaboration initiated by the conference, and to form the locus of a range of further opportunities. Membership is open to journalism educators in Africa and the UK, and interested other parties.

> Network of people and organisations working in the arts and humanities and interested in contemporary slavery

> To act as a way for project partners to share outputs, outcomes, events, ideas, etc.

> A discussion list for researchers, lecturers and practitioners with an interest in alcohol misuse. This list is intended primarily for the UK alcohol information and treatment community.

> The ALCS list aims to promote the scholarly study and teaching of the language, culture, history and society of the Low Countries by facilitating communication between interested scholars and teachers.

> Information and discussion list for ALL branches, networks and activists

> ALL-AE provides information and support for those teaching foreign languages in the post 19 sector, in particular in the FE, AE and continuing education sectors

> The purpose of this group is to allow persons with an interest in evidence-based health care on the Island of Ireland to informally share, discuss and disseminate information related to The Cochrane Collaboration and The Cochrane Library.

> List for general announcements for the Alliance for Permanent Access.

> A UK-based worldwide e-mail broadcast system for the statistical community, operated by ICSE for HEA Statistics. Broadly speaking, any messages relevant to statistics are welcome, although posters are asked to follow the guidelines in the Introduction. Allstat's web site is http://www.icse.xyz/allstat

> This list is used for discussion between members of the Steering Group of Academic Libraries North.

> Establishing and constructing an alternative heuristics for the study of the human subject and existence as whole, unique and dynamic, self-constructing totalities

> ALT-ARLTSIG is a list for Members of the Association for Learning Technology Anti-Racism and Learning Technology Special Interest Group.

> ALT Copyright and Online Learning Special Interest Group

> The ALT Learning Spaces SIG is a community of practitioners in UK HE and aims to share good practice and resources; brief each other on areas of new development and events; discuss common issues, possible solutions, collaboration and research; raise awareness and help to inform the development of a strategic approach to learning spaces; collaborate with other stakeholder groups involved with learning spaces.

> A list for members of the North East Learning Environments (NELE) group to enhance communication and collaboration amongst the group members. Set up in 2000 the group was formed by the HE institutions of Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria, Teesside and Sunderland in order to help choose a VLE. To date we include all feeder FE institutions into these Universities and invite guests from other institutions in the locale.

> ALT-SCOTLAND is a list for Members of the Association for Learning Technology based in Scotland.

> List to support the work of the ALT Wales Special Interest Group.

> The list is to allow ALT-ELESIG Scotland leads to contact ALT-ELESIG Scotland members easily. ALT-ELESIG is a UK wide community wide community of researchers and practitioners from HE, FE and working independently. ELESIG advocates for the theory and practice of learners experience in the context of technology enhanced learning.

> Email list of all partners involved in the Altereco project - Alternative framework for assessing the marine Ecosystem.

> The broad aim of this research network is to advance the international, comparative and interdisciplinary study of alternatives to capitalism.

> Discussion list to support ALT Members in Northern Ireland FE and HE institutions.

> The Members Group (MG) exists to provide a network for the exchange of ideas and practices in relation to current issues in educational technology with the aim of supporting the informed use of learning technologies in NW England

> If you live in the south of England and work in Education (HE/FE) and are passionate about the TEL and its role in enhancing learning and teaching practice and or research, do join the ALT South group by subscribing to this mailing list and be part of the events and activities in the region.

> A Forum for all those engaged in political marketing research to share and communicate ideas, information, conference and event details. Political marketing as a topic includes lobbying, elections, referenda and campaign communication.

> This list is to enable communication between members of a new academic/librarian committee for American Studies in London.

> This list is used by the Advances in Marine Biogeochemistry (AMBIO) special interest group of the Challenger Society for Marine Sciences to make announcements to the community about events and opportunities.

> marketing, recuitment and international education issues

> This list brings together scientist and collaborators who work in the marine ecosystem modelling community.

> This group is open to anyone interested in archaeological and anthropological research projects throughout the Americas.

> List dedicated to UK AMOR (atomic molecular optical R-matrix) high end computing consortium

> AMOSSHE Wales lead members

> A discussion list for the Amplify FE Community of Practice. AmplifyFE is a network to connect and amplify communities of practice for digital learning, teaching and assessment in vocational education.

> Email list for circulation of working papers and other information of the International Network of Analytical Sociologists.

> Supporting higher and further education institutions in the UK to share their expertise in learning analytics. Engaging with international research and development in the area of learning analytics. Supporting community engagement with the Jisc project around learning analytics. NOTE: promotion of products, services, jobs etc is not permitted on this list.

> An e-mail list for anyone working in the field of ancient DNA of any species and any time period.

> This is a restricted discussion list for Members of the Angela Carter Society, which seeks to celebrate and promote the study and appreciation of the life and work of Angela Carter. Join now: www.angelacartersociety.com.

> This list is for communicating information about the activities of the Anglo-Russian Research Network.

> This membership list will be used by the BSA Animal/Human Studies Group list owner to make announcements relevant to the group.

> There are contested categories in the history of lgbtq studies involving the extent to which modern concepts may be roled back into history. This list will assemble evidence showing cultural diversity across information spaces but with the intention to enhance theory and practice through building new information processing tools.

> Mailing list to support anthropological studies of death and bereavement. This list may be used to send announcements to list members (by list members) and to facilitate collaboration.

> This list is used to circulate CFPs, share opportunities, and foster discussions on the anthropology of play and games. We focus on studies of play from a social science perspective.

> This list supports an international special interest group for anthropological sciences and the development of anthropological research methods and theory.

> Anthropology Matters is a network of the Association of Social Anthropologists (ASA) who administer this list. AM is used to alert subscribers to issues and events of anthropological interest in the UK anthropology community, such as conferences and seminars or funding opportunities. The ASA is the professional association for social anthropology in the UK, representing the discipline and those who practice it. That probably means you! Becoming a member supports its work and members also benefit from its representation (and reduced conference fees). Join here: https://theasa.org/membership/

> Disciplinary Interest Group(DIG) for Anthropology is Primary concerned with teaching and learning but recognizes overlap with research It has the following remit: 1. To monitor and feedback to the discipline on developments in the Higher Education Academy 2. Make sure that anthropology has a voice 3. Identifying sources of Teaching and Lerning Funding and supporting bids.

> This list provides space for researchers to share ideas related to risk, limits and exposure in contemporary society.

> This list is for the dissemination and communication of updates about the Anticipation Conference series, and related Anticipation Studies events.

> The list will be used by the network to create a database of potential partners and collaborators, as well as communicating events, sending invitations, updates and calls

> This list is used by the team behind the Anvil continuous integration service to make announcements to their user community

> This email listing is for the academy of marketing (education sub group). Its intention? To provide a forum for marketing academics in the UK to share ideas, developments and problems.

> Network for providers developing Academic Professional Apprenticeship Programmes

> The APAC list facilitates discussion and information exchange among people working in performing arts collections and related research fields. The list provides a forum for queries and for disseminating news about performing arts collections primarily in the UK. Further information and resources can be found on our website: www.performingartscollections.org.uk

> Exists to promote discussion in the area of astrochemistry, and in particular to encourage collaboration between astronomers and chemists/physicists. Also serves to facilitate the distribution of information on research funding, PhD, postdoctoral and academic positions, and scientific meetings. The Astrophysical Chemistry Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry is affiliated to the Royal Astronomical Society. Meetings organised by the group will be advertised via this list, as well as at the Group's website, http://www.astrochemistry.org.uk/ New members are always welcome, and instructions for joining can be found on the website. Managed by the Astrophysical Chemistry Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Astronomical Society.

> The Acoustics Public Engagement Network list: for announcements and discussion related to the use of the science of sound and vibration for public engagement

> The Association for Photography in Higher Education was established to create a forum for discussion and debate about photography and photographic education. In recent years the APHE has promoted links between government, education providers and the creative industries. The Association is non-profit making and institutions are eligible for free unlimited places at conferences and seminars. The APHE discussion list has been set up to aid communication between members. Please feel free to use the list to post information relating to photography and photography education.

> An announcements list for the applied probability community, set up and maintained by the Royal Statistical Society's Applied Probability Section. Examples of appropriate usage: - announcements of applied probability meetings, workshops, conferences - information on relevant seminar programmes (one mail per department per term please, to avoid overload) - relevant job announcements (i.e. announcements you would personally be happy to receive in your inbox - PhD studentships, post-docs, lectureships, research-level jobs etc) - requests for collaborators to build network grants and the likes Examples that we would prefer not to see: - yet another job advert for an applied statistician - weekly seminar announcements Of course, if usage differs from this and nobody complains then we will not intervene!

> This group is for academics interested in the study or application of semiotics to various contexts, whether communication, design, marketing or other contexts.

> A group to share knowledge about apprenticeships including: degree and higher apprenticeship internal HE processes, employer engagement, process improvement, student engagement. This is to enable FE and HE to offer an excellent customer experience and increase recruitment

> A discussion list for sharing knowledge related to the use of ambient and near-ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.

> A list to encourage and improve the communication between geneticists involved in research related to the genetic improvement and management of farmed or exploited aquatic organisms.

> This list is used to make announcements from Jisc to the FE /HE community surrounding the use of Immersive Technology including Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and its usefulness in education, and share information surrounding forthcoming events, training and workshops.

> ARABIC-L is a mailing list for Arabic Linguistics and Arabic Language Teaching, sponsored by the University of Leeds. Prior to the sponsorship of the University of Leeds, Arabic-L was administered by Dilworth Parksinson, Professor of Asian and Near Eastern Languages, Brigham Young University.

> ArabUk is a UK Arabidopsis news and discussion forum, for disseminating and sharing information relating to the UK Arabidopsis and wider Plant Science Research Community. ArabUK provides a mechanism for UK Arabidopsis researchers to communicate with other researchers within the UK or with those individuals that have an interest in Arabidopsis research. The mail list is also used for mailings relating to GARNet (Genomic Arabidopsis Resource Network) http://www.garnetcommunity.org.uk/

> List for members of the STFC Arachnid R&D project. Used for announcements and co-ordination of the group.

> To enable action researchers in the UK to learn from African researchers about Ubuntu as a way of being as they explore multi-media narratives for representing their action research studies.

> A mail list for the Academic Registrars Council Assessment Practitioner Group to enable discussion about the administration, regulation and conduct of exams, assessment and awards.

> Academic Registrar's Council - Subjects Allied to Medicine group

> ARC is committed to excellence in higher education administration, seeking to influence and stimulate national debate and policy, share best practice, support colleagues in performing their roles, and work with other bodies such as AHUA, UUK, QAA, UCAS and the funding councils.

> This list is used by Academic Registrars Council (ARC) members and their nominees interested in attending a practitioners group about Home Office: UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) regulations relevant to Higher Education Institutions.

> This list has been established for use by the Academic Registrars' Council Admissions Practitioners' Group (ARC APG) in order to facilitate effective communication and disseminate good practice in all aspects of undergraduate and postgraduate admissions. Details of the work of the Academic Registrars' Council and the work of the Practitioner Groups can be found here: http://www.arc.ac.uk/ and here: http://www.arc.ac.uk/practitioner.php

> Aimed at 'grass-roots' exchange of information and ideas for 'joined-up' action by UK academic archaeologists in three areas: teaching and research in UK universities; socio-politics of academia; the relationship between the HE sector and external processes (e.g. privatization).

> A list to share content between Europe-based researchers working in the archaeology of the Americas. Especially for announcements such as seminars, meetings, job openings, workshops, books, and the like.

> The aim of the list is to encourage the exchange of information between groups carrying out experimental archaeology in Britain. Discussion of all aspects of experimental archaeology and archaeological reconstructions will be encouraged.

> For all researchers working on chemical, typological, archaeological and historical research into the past production and consumption of glass.

> Announcements of interest to architectural historians in further and higher education and heritage bodies: calls for papers; conferences; lectures; publications; courses; funds; vacancies; organisations.

> The list is used by any archaeologist concerned with social responsibility. Its aim is to stimulate discussion and awareness of the impact that archaeology can have on issues associated with equality, human rights,environmental damage and discrimination. Racist and sexist views and language abusive of other list members will not be tolerated.

> For the discussion of all aspects of archaeo-metallurgy and the dissemination of data related to all aspects of ancient and historic metallurgy and metal artefacts: the applications of material science to archaeo- metallurgy, and the development of methodologies to the study archaeo-metallurgical debris.

> This list of the dissemination of scholarly news and discussion between researchers interested in the study of music as part of the archaeology of the Americas.

> Arch-theory list is for international discussions, reviews, and exchanges of information in archaeological theory and associated fields of interest. All contributions are welcomed, in all languages.

> The aim of this list is to facilitate communication through the exchange of information on meetings, conferences, bibliographies, publications, reference collections and botanical and ethnographic data relevant to the analysis of archaeological plant macro-remains. People on this list should also be able to exchange ideas about various aspects of archaeobotany such as problems of methodology, identification, presentation and interpretation.

> An email list for participants of our monthly Teaching and Learning in Archaeology and Heritage virtual roundtables. A informal space to discuss challenges and share good practice.

> List for members of the European archaeological educational and training community wishing to be involved or kept informed about the development of ARCHEONET, a thematic network aiming to promote electronic communication, distance learning and reciprocal field and postgraduate training.

> The purpose of this list is to make announcements to the architectural research and practice community about conferences, symposia, events and publications relating to the study, practice, theory and history of architecture and architectural practice

> Ubiquitous computing leads to a convergence between architectural design and HCI. HCI - Human-computer interaction research studies human behavior/cognitive events. HCI research methods are valuable for designing buildings that meet users needs. Architects skills are vital for designing interactive technologies in buildings.

> This list is used to disseminate information about the Archives Hub service to its user community

> The UK discussion list for archivists, conservators and records managers.

> This list is a forum for discussion about issues relating to archives in Wales.

> The arclib-members list is a closed list and is to be used for the discussion of topics of interest to members of arclib. It will enable members of the group to raise any concerns, ask any questions or seek help from other members.

> This is the list of the Area Studies Network which is co-ordinated by the Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies. The Network brings together colleagues involved in the teaching of HE programmes in Area Studies and in the disciplines that contribute to those programmes. This list is for the discussion of issues relating to the teaching of Area Studies e.g. interdisciplinary learning, benchmarking, non-specialist learners, residence abroad, programme design, marketing and recruitment. It may also be used to disseminate information relating to Area Studies events and publications.

> This mailing will be use by super users of Digital Asset Management System Perpetua, developed and maintained by Arkivum.

> Arkleton is a new global list concerning rural development and education. Our focus is rural social science, and promoting links between academics, practitioners and policy makers.

> Mailing list for members of CILIP's Academic & Research Libraries Group who are based in the South West region.

> This is the list of ARLIS/UK & Ireland: the Art Libraries Society. Open to all those concerned with the librarianship of the visual arts, including architecture and design. Membership includes librarians, publishers and archivists. The Society became an educational charity in 1995.

> This list is used by London-based trainees and students pursuing a career within Archives & Records Management.

> A discussion forum for research administrators and researchers alike to exchange views/best practice on ethics and research governance in undertaking research.

> This list is for communicating with ARMA members about aspects of their membership.

> The working group for Research Development SIG.

> The mailing list for ARMA UK's Research Evaluation Special Interest Group

> The working group for the art and humanities SIG.

> The Argentina Research Network (ARN) brings together academics, researchers and postgraduate students from a wide range of disciplines who share a research interest in Argentina. http://argentinaresearchnetwork.wordpress.com/ It provides a forum that aims to improve interaction, the dissemination of information, sharing of research and fostering of academic discussion among researchers of Argentina, primarily in the UK and Ireland. It collaborates with broader European and Latin American networks and institutions to stage joint workshops and events whilst maintaining a country-specific focus. ARN was formed in 2009 due to the growing level of academic interest in Argentina. Please see our website and click "follow" to receive information about our events http://argentinaresearchnetwork.wordpress.com/

> This is the superlist for the art group of lists. A member of any other art list does not need to explicitly subscribe to this list because s/he will receive mail directed to it by virtue of her/his existing membership.

> This list can be used to initiate discussions and post announcements about law and art, or, if you prefer, art and law. It could be used to put questions to the community of people interested in the intersection between art and law; to ask for suggestions, leads, or help; or to let people know about a relevant upcoming event, project, or academic program.

> A list dedicated to the discussion of issues relating to the collection, documentation, storage and promotion of collections of contemporary art ephemera in art and design libraries.

> This mail list is for the Art Subject Focus Group which is a group comprising of art teachers in schools, arts organisations and University staff interested in the furtherance of collaborative arts projects and research. Members from all areas are welcome although meetings are usually held in the West Midlands.

> The programmes may be called Multimedia Arts, Interactive Arts, Electronic Arts, CyberArts, Design, Graphic Design and so on; this list is for discussion of issues relevant to Programme and Module Leaders on such courses. Teaching ideas, problems, technology and of course developing Creative content should all get discussed.

> ART-VISUAL is a moderated forum for the critical discussion of issues related to the visual arts. The art-visual list is integrated with the Visual Arts UK Internet site.

> This is the mailing list of the Art and Politics Specialist Group of the UK Political Studies Association and British International Studies Association.

> Association for Art History - Higher Education issues.

> The Art and Mobilities Network supports creative and artistic mobilities research. The list is inclusive and open to discussion of practices, histories, theories, methods, and aesthetics of mobility, and the contribution that creative and interdisciplinary research can make to mobility and social change. The list is based at the Centre for Mobilities Research at Lancaster University.

> ARTNET will provide a forum for the discussion of ART that is concerned with: network; installation; project; communication; temporary; ad-hoc; transient; mobile; time-based; formless; de-centred. I call this PERIPATETIC art.

> A superlist for distributing broad-based messages (such as conference announcements) to lists concerned with the provision of visual arts informationservices to UK Higher Education over SuperJANET. (E.g. ADAM, VADS, AHDS, CTI Art & Design, NVRCAD).

> This list is used by members of the Arts Group and related parties to communicate on matters relating to Creative Students

> This is a forum for discussion and information exchange on issues related to arts and heritage marketing. It is intended to be a site for the discussion of marketing concepts, research methods and their application to arts and heritage marketing practice.

> This list will provide forum for debate and information on contemporary issues of Arts Management and Cultural Policy and a networking resource for researchers and teachers.

> Aimed at library repository and REF administration staff interested in #developing best practice to effectively capture, digitise, archive, #disseminate, and submit to the REF creative arts practice-led-research. #Such outputs are often in multi-component or portfolio form.

> This list is used for the participants and presenters of the Artscapes: Urban Art and the Public conference to keep in touch and exchange research ideas.

> Welcome to the International Arts in Pharmacy Special Interest Group. We are a diverse group of researchers, practitioners, educators, students, patients, carers, and others interested to imbed creative thinking and the arts into pharmacy. Artists and creative practitioners are also very welcome. We hold online events to share experiences of research and practice to develop arts in pharmacy, for example social prescribing. This list will be used to share details of seminars, conferences, publications, and other relevant events. You can post to this list by sending an email to ARTSINPHARMACY@JISCMAIL.AC.UK Join us to start the Arts in Pharmacy global movement. Warm wishes from Dr Ranjita Dhital (r.dhital@ucl.ac.uk)

> A site devoted to the discussion and research of Victorian Cultural Philanthropy in Europe and USA. Supporting an international conference Art for Life's Sake: Women, Gender, Class and Victorian Cultural Philanthropy at Southampton Institute 16/17 November 2002.

> ARZAWA aims to provide a platform for communication and collaboration between scholars working on the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages (ca. 1600-500 BCE) in Western Anatolia.

> A discussion list for DSA assessors, Dyslexia tutors, AT trainers, Mentors and those working under the auspices of DSA QAG.

> The list will provide a forum for the sharing of information between teachers of computing and digital design in schools of architecture in the UK.

> ASEN Edinburgh is the first branch of (Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism) ASEN and launched on 26 May 2017. ASEN Edinburgh organise local activity to advance the study of ethnicity and nationalism.

> A list for the discussion of issues relating to the asexuality and asexual experience.

> This network aims to create new synergies and collaborative efforts among scholars in a wide range of disciplines working in universities in the north of England.

> Multi-disciplinary discussion group for members of the Association for the Study of Modern Italy, and interested others. Topics cover all areas of interest to the student of modern Italy, e.g. politics, history, arts, literature, popular culture, business and industry, science and technology.

> This list is for discussion of issues and dissemination of information in relation to the promotion of cross disciplinary perspectives on understanding 'antisocial personality disorder' (and related diagnoses and categories.

> This list is used by the international research community to share methodological developments in qualitative evidence synthesis. This will include details of conference and training events, new methodological literature and methods enquiries.

> Assemblage is an internationally recognised, peer-reviewed journal of archaeology, ISSN 1365-3881. assemblage is a volunteer-run publication, produced by postgraduates within the Department of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield.

> The list a forum for announcements of events and issues related to ASSESS: The International SPSS User Group, an independent, non-profit making organisation for SPSS Users. See www.spssusers.co.uk for more information.

> All aspects of assessment in and for higher education: assessment theory and practice, designing assessment instruments (exams, coursework, etc.), marking/grading assessments, administration of assessments, assessment to support and improve learning, using assessments for programme evaluation, assessment needs of specific academic disciplines, social impact of/social issues relevant to assessment, ....

> Assessing Accession - Central & Eastern Europe in the EU is a Research Forum that aims to bring together researchers, academics, students and practitioners with a specific interest in developing a broader understanding of how the EU's political institutions and policy-making structures have impacted on, and been impacted by, the EU's new Central and East European member states.

> This list serves to bring together professionals involved in the provision of Assitive Technology for people with physical and/or sensory disabilities. The list also acts as a forum to share best practice, research opportunities and case studies on rare and/or complex cases.

> The Assistive Technology group, a practitioner led group aims to support practitioners in developing and embedding assistive technology for students in FE and HE.

> The list is to be used by the EUROPLAT (European Network for Psychology Learning and Teaching) project, managed at the University of York, to make announcements to associate partners about project events.

> ASSUME (Association of Statistics Specialists Using Microsoft Excel) aims to provide a discussion forum for all those in higher education who make use of the statistical facilities in Excel. Membership is free to all who join this list, upon application to the owner.

> Forensic Linguistics Reading Group - Centre for Forensic Linguistics at Aston University

> A Physical Sciences LTSN Centre discussion list, for educational issues within the Astronomy Higher Education community. It will also carry announcements of events, publications and other items of interest. Sublist of physsci-education

> Mailing list for the Astro Community

> The list seeks to serve educators, science communicators and those working in the fields of education and public outreach in astronomy related fields, to exchange ideas, best practises and resources.

> The Astronomy Teaching in Schools mailing list is to be used for the discussion of the practice and theory of astronomy education in UK schools.

> Intended for all administrators and end-users of astronomy and astronomy-related software. Request information on software problems, availability of software solutions, or provide info on software titles particularly useful to the academic community.

> A discussion list for those who deliver assistive technology training for people with disabilities.

> For HE and FE institutions who are using Atlassian suite products in their institutions, including Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence and Bitbucket.

> The purpose of this list is for any member to make announcements to further and higher education and the research communities about workshops, seminars, forums, publications, work programmes, projects and gaps in the field of atmospheric dispersion.

> AToM Open Source Archival Description software created by ICA and Artefactal the acronym stands for Access to Memory. A discussion forum for AToM users and potential users to facilitate use and development and to jointly engage with the development company Artefactual, the ICA (International Council on Archives)and other interested bodies

> This is a discussion list for anyone involved in attitudes research whether it is methodological, theoretical or applied.

> This list is for the Arts and Culture subcommittee of the Alan Turing Year centenary

> This list will be for Association of University Administrator Advocates at universities within the South Region

> The AUA London and Anglia mailing list will be used for members in the London and Anglia area to communicate with each other to spread good practice and organise networking events.

> A discussion list for the team of assessors who work on the AUA Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice higher education administration and management OUVA

> AUA members only list to facilitate discussion and support departmental and faculty administrators

> This list is open to members of the Association of University Administrators ONLY. It provides AUA members with an electronic meeting place to seek help, offer ideas and discuss issues of mutual interest.

> This network is designed to benefit colleagues whose roles focus on HE within FE and mixed-economy colleges. It is intended to promote links between colleagues nationally, raising awareness of the professional network that surrounds them and can support them. It is intended to provide a forum that allows practitioners of HE in FE to raise issues and queries with their peers, to share best practice, to produce guidance and training that is focused on their specific needs and a voice to ensure that this section of our profession is actively represented and engages with national developments.

> This list is designed for members of the AUA Managing Change in Higher Education Network, open both to AUA Members and non-members. The list is deisgned to share experiences, issues and good practice on all aspects of managing change in higher education. This list is designed for members of the AUA Managing Change in Higher Education Network, open both to AUA Members and non-members. The list is deisgned to share experiences, issues and good practice on all aspects of managing change in higher education.

> This list is to be used by the community of Coordinators of the AUA to connect with their counterparts, discuss upcoming events, share best practice, to enable communications from National Office and as a discussion forum.

> list for AUA members to discuss issues related to partnerships and collaborations, including Erasmus Mundus and other Bologna issues and HE in FE

> The AUPHF Executive Committee list is a private list for members of the executive of the Association of University Professors and Heads of French.

> AURA (Archives in the UK/ Republic of Ireland & AI): AHRC/ IRC Digital Humanities Research Network: Bringing together Digital Humanists, Computer Scientists & stakeholders to unlock cultural assets.

> Aural Diversity researches differences in hearing and their implications for fields such as music, sound studies, acoustics, audiology, environmental design, hearing care and hearing technologies.

> A collaborative network for colleagues interested in supporting autistic people in HE, Autism-in-HE offers a supportive and welcoming space for discussion and sharing of practice and experience.

> The Autolib Northern User Group JISCmail list to facilitate discussion between Autolib users in FE colleges in the NW, NE and Yorkshire and Humber.

> This list is used to communicate with all members of the Applied Vision Association

> The AvH-UK mailing list is used to distribute information to those interested in the activities of the Alexander von Humboldt Association and to support former, current and potential Humboldt and Feodor-Lynen Fellows.

> The email list for the Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative and those interested in the documentary heritage of Britain's contribution to and experience of aviation and aerospace.

> This list is used by technical staff in HE and FE who are interested in using AWS cloud services and want to share information and their experiences within the community.

> This list is used to exchange information about issues relating to the governance, implementation and management of the Azure cloud compute platform in the United Kingdom Higher and Further Education community