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Thank you for your interest in requesting and managing a JiscMail mailing list. If your list meets our criteria, you'll join 10,000 list owners who manage over 10,000 mailing lists, and will be part of the biggest national academic mailing list service!

Who can have a JiscMail list?

JiscMail provides high quality educational email discussion lists to the UK education and research communities.

All new list requests are checked against the following criteria:

Contact us to discuss your organisation's mailing list requirements (creating several new lists, or moving existing lists to JiscMail)

Additional information: JiscMail reserves the right to approve or reject a list application. Lists are created based on capacity within the mailing list system. JiscMail reserves the right to close any list which does not meet the current criteria. These criteria are routinely reviewed to ensure they reflect our funding, and the needs of the wider educational community (Last reviewed on 14 September 2020)

Service usage policy summary:

For all users

Role of list owners:

For further details of our Full Service Use Policy.

To request your JiscMail list, complete the form below:

New List Request Form

The following information is needed for us to manage your list request. We'll use it as described in our standard privacy notice at https://www.jisc.ac.uk/website/privacy-notice, to provide the service you've requested, as well as to identify problems or ways to make the service better. We'll keep the information until we are told that you no longer wish to manage a JiscMail list.

We aim to review, create, check and handover all new mailing lists within 5 working days of receiving your request form.

(* indicates a mandatory field)

Owner Details

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normally .ac.uk

We will contact you by telephone if we have problems contacting you by email.

List Type

The options below determine how people can subscribe to your list, who can post messages to your list and the visibility of the web archives for your list.

See Creating a Mailing List for the definitions of the above types. List owners are permitted to make changes to the configuration of the list, in the first 3 weeks of ownership. After which, any subsequent changes will be carried out by the service team.

List usage (estimates)

The list must be beneficial to UK education and research sectors, in this section we want you to estimate the number of list members, and what percentage of them will be from UK education and/or research sectors. Use the supporting information box to provide any other information about the use of the list and its contribution to the education and research sectors.

List name, title and description


This listname forms part of the email address used to post to your list (ie: listname@jiscmail.ac.uk), so should be short (min. 4 characters, max 32 characters), distinctive and meaningful. It must begin with a letter and can only contain alphanumeric and hyphen (-) characters. eg: MY-ANNOUNCE-LIST.

The title should briefly identify the list and is limited to 75 characters. e.g. Announcement list for Jisc.

The description is used to provide more details of the list and its purpose. This should be restricted to a maximum of 4 lines of up to 75 characters each. If acronyms are used, please expand them. e.g. This list is used by Jisc to make announcements to Further and Higher education and the research community about Jisc strategy, services, programmes, publications, and projects.

Additional list owners

We recommend that every mailing list has at least 1 additional list owner. As the person completing the request form, you will be assigned as the primary listowner and must meet our list criteria (see above re: Primary List Owner). Any additional list owners you add here may be from the wider community.

email firstname lastname
(use separate line for each person)

Moderated mailing lists (optional)

Moderators are responsible for receiving, reviewing and approving all messages, before they are posted to your mailing list. See https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/help/listowners.html#5 for more information about how moderation works. If you require moderation on your mailing list, provide the emails and names of each moderator in the box below.

email firstname lastname
(use separate line for each person)

List Related Website

We can add to the list homepage a link to a related web site.

Subject Categories

You only need to select subject catagories (5 max) if you are requesting a public, or restricted list. We then place your list into the relevant categories on our Advanced search pages. Please type in the codes of your chosen categories in the boxes provided.

Your selected categories:


We can connect associated mailing lists together in a hierarchical structure. Here, mail sent to a ‘super list’ would also be posted to its ‘sub lists’. Before we can apply this feature, the list owners of every mailing list in the structure needs to grant permission. Our team will contact you to follow up on this.

Please give the name of any super-list you would like this list to be associated with, or if this does not apply leave this section blank. To learn more about super-lists please go to the super-list newsletter.

By submitting this request, you agree to abide by JiscMail service policies.