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Recently Created Lists

PIPNETWORK  (Created 20/07/2017)   A network of University of Leeds and Third Sector organisations involved with the Positive Impact Partners (PIP) Programme.

TEXTANALYSIS  (Created 20/07/2017)   The list is used by Computational Text Analysis Research Group (based in the University of Edinburgh, but open to researchers across UK and beyond) to discuss projects and ideas related to Text Analysis (aka Automated Content Analysis, Quantitative Content Analysis, Text as Data, Text Mining etc).

ARMA-RD-WG  (Created 19/07/2017)   The working group for Research Development SIG.

SCOTCAMREP  (Created 18/07/2017)   Scottish Campaigns and Representation Staff Network is the community of practice for students association staff working in college or university students associations in Scotland. The network will be an opportunity to connect, build relationships, and share good practice with other staff who have remits relating to policy, campaigns, democracy and representation. Scottish Campaigns and Representation Staff Network is the community of practice for students association staff working in college or university students associations in Scotland. The network will be an opportunity to connect, build relationships, and share good practice with other staff who have remits relating to policy, campaigns, democracy and representation.

SOCIALDATASCIENCE  (Created 17/07/2017)   This is an email list for the social data science interest group at the Alan Turing Institute for Data Science.

ETHICOMP-ANNOUNCE  (Created 14/07/2017)   Announcements concerning the ETHICOMP conference series

ETHICOMP-NEXT-ANNOUNCE  (Created 14/07/2017)   Announcements of future ETHICOMP conference plans and calls.

FEM-ART-LOCALGLOBALRESEARCH  (Created 13/07/2017)   This list aims to build an international community of feminist researchers exploring local and global dynamics in feminism and contemporary art, post-1960. This list is for posting relevant information, announcements, notices, projects proposals and outlines of research in progress where researchers seek collaborations/partners for transnational dialogues as well as holding discussions on key topics and issues. <HTML> <p>This list aims to build an international community of feminist researchers exploring local and global dynamics in feminism and contemporary art, post-1960. This list is for posting relevant information, announcements, notices, projects proposals and outlines of research in progress where researchers seek collaborations/partners for transnational dialogues as well as holding discussions on key topics and issues.</p> </HTML>

SOCIALMOUTH  (Created 13/07/2017)   Social Mouth Research Network info, for those interested in social, historical and cultural context of mouth, dentistry and/or oral health.

DATAFUTURES-AP  (Created 10/07/2017)   HESA's Data Futures programme will transform the data collection process #for the UK higher education sector. This list will be used to provide #updates on the project to AP community.

ETHMIGSURVEYDATA-ALL  (Created 10/07/2017)   This is the generic communication list of the COST Action ETHMIGSURVEYDATA, which includes all members of the network from all workgroups regardless of whether also in the Management Committee or not. The list homepage is available at The email address for the list is ETHMIGSURVEYDATA-ALL@JISCMAIL.AC.UK Any emails sent to this address will be distributed to all subscribers of the list. Any replies sent to an email coming to the list will be sent to the whole list of subscribers.

BURGESS-STUDIES  (Created 07/07/2017)   A space for academic discussion about the life and work of Anthony Burgess, sharing developments in Burgess Studies and asking questions to colleagues.

EQUALNORTH  (Created 07/07/2017)   The aim of the EQUAL North network is to build a community of academics, researchers and practitioners across the north of England who share a common interest in addressing health and social inequalities.

WHATS-NEW-IN-EATING-BEHAVIOUR  (Created 07/07/2017)   A bulletin of new research and discussion on eating and drinking behaviour

CREATIVE-CRITICAL  (Created 06/07/2017)   This list is for students and researchers of all disciplines who share an interest in creative critical writing. It is used to announce events, calls for papers, publications and other relevant material and, so doing, to foster a sense of community around creative-critical work.

EAP-WEST-MIDS  (Created 06/07/2017)   A chance to share best practice for practitioners and researchers of English for Academic Purposes in the West Midlands.

ARMA-WG-AH  (Created 04/07/2017)   The working group for the art and humanities SIG.

CAMPUSPRESS  (Created 04/07/2017)   This list is for users of the CampusPress service that provides multi-site WordPress implementations for education. CampusPress are also the providers of the well-known EduBlogs platform.

CURANETWORK  (Created 29/06/2017)   A network for those interested in discussing issues linked to cities, urbanism, austerity and resistance.

INTL-RESEARCH-DEV-NETWORK  (Created 29/06/2017)   The International Research Development Network is intended to provide a forum for staff at UK Universities to learn more about funding opportunities for international research collaboration and partnership development, outside of the EU research and innovation framework programmes and structural funds.

TDM-RS  (Created 29/06/2017)   For research support staff working with researchers in Text and Data Mining. Focus is on legal aspects, tools, and storage of data for TDM research.

ABINITIO  (Created 27/06/2017)   The purpose of this list is to enable communication between teachers of German ab initio in the UK and Ireland.

MHR-HULL-EYORKS  (Created 23/06/2017)   Mailing list for University researchers and research-active mental health professionals to co-ordinate mental health research in Hull and East Yorkshire.

VISHARWELL  (Created 23/06/2017)   Visualisation Interest Group at Harwell Campus, involving large facility scientists from STFC, Diamond Light Source, ESA, and any other organisations or companies who are interested in visualisation technologies, advances, services and developments on the Campus. Topics include scientific image analysis, visual analytics techniques for data analysis, and innovative use of large visualisation displays and VR/AR technologies for big volume, high fidelity data analysis and exploration, uncertainty analysis.

AUA-ANGLIA-LONDON  (Created 22/06/2017)   The AUA London and Anglia mailing list will be used for members in the London and Anglia area to communicate with each other to spread good practice and organise networking events.

CCPCMC-ANNOUNCE  (Created 22/06/2017)   This is a list to notify members of the CCP CompMedChem community about new events or matters they should be interested in.

EARLYECONOMICSNORTHEAST  (Created 22/06/2017)   This list aims to inform the network of PhD students and early careers in economics based in the universities in the North East of England.

REBUSUSERS  (Created 22/06/2017)   An email group to help support users of the Rebus reading list software.

AH-RING  (Created 20/06/2017)   A network of impact practitioners and professionals working in the Arts and Humanities

TUS-UKRI  (Created 20/06/2017)   Distribution List from Trade Union side within UKRI. Used for maintaining communications within TUS over issues regarding formation and operation of UKRI

INOSS  (Created 16/06/2017)   The purpose of INOSS is to develop and to promote the interdisciplinary study of statelessness through the sharing of news, projects, and examples of good practices. It includes scholars working in academia, in professional settings, and in a myriad of other ways to deepen and broaden our collective understanding of statelessness.

CRPL  (Created 15/06/2017)   The Centre for Religion and Public Life at the University of Leeds is a hub for research into the important, and increasingly contentious, role of religion in public life in the world today, both locally, nationally and internationally. It provide a forum in which contemporary research and scholarship can be debated and disseminated. The Centre works closely with non-academic partners to identify the ways in which religion is relevant to their work and to produce research that is capable of meeting their need to better understand the nature of religion and religious organisations locally, nationally and internationally.

SPILLOVER  (Created 15/06/2017)   This list is for anyone in the social, behavioural or economic sciences interested in behavioural spillover (i.e., when change in one behaviour leads to change in other behaviour/s) or unintended consequences from behaviour change interventions

DAVIDMITCHELLRESEARCH  (Created 13/06/2017)   Following the David Mitchell Conference 2017, this list has been set up in order for researchers to share their ideas and work in progress, circulate new publications and news, and to help foster new collaborations and connections across the research community.

FAIRACCESSSCOTLAND  (Created 13/06/2017)   This list is used by the Scottish Framework for Fair Access Development Group to disseminate information and encourage engagement and discussion about fair access in Scotland.

LEARNINGDESIGN  (Created 13/06/2017)   The list will support F/HE staff with an interest in Learning Design. It aims to share information, tools and ideas to promote excellent teaching and curriculum practices.

SEEBIBYTE-USERS  (Created 13/06/2017)   Support group for users of SEEBIBYTE project computer vision tools. Post issues, 5eature requests, use-cases and general discussion points.

HEADSOFML  (Created 09/06/2017)   This list supports the network of Heads of Modern Languages in UK Higher Education.

NTLN-LINK  (Created 09/06/2017)   This list is used by members of the Norfolk Teaching Librarians Network for news and discussion.

BLE-GETINMOOC  (Created 08/06/2017)   This mailing list is for people who participated in the BLE's Get In MOOC

ONLINECPDFORUM  (Created 07/06/2017)   Networking group for those managing or designing online CPD, non-degree courses, particularly for the education sector, but also industry and business.

UCISA-DEG  (Created 01/06/2017)   The ucisa-asg list is a discussion list for those interested related in the use of learning technologies in support of learning and teaching activities within HE and is a forum for the discussion of, and the exchange of information on the development and use of technologies in teaching and learning.

HPC-SYSADMIN  (Created 31/05/2017)   A mailing list for UK public sector HPC sysadmins, including early career for discussion of HPC system level topics

LARMORPRECESSIONTECHNIQUES  (Created 31/05/2017)   Larmor precession techniques are a field of neutron scattering that includes neutron spin-echo and Spin-Echo Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SESANS). This list aims to enhance collaboration within the community and provide a mechanism for potential new users to contact those working in the field.

WEBPA-DEV  (Created 31/05/2017)   A mailing list to discuss development practices, concerns, and objectives for the open source peer review tool, WebPA

RDMTRAININGBENCHMARK  (Created 30/05/2017)   This list is used as a communication channel for people who wish to develop a set of questions for RDM Training Benchmark

MICE-LH2  (Created 26/05/2017)   Email list for coordination of LH2 system activities on the MICE experiment at RAL

THEBRIGHTONLINE  (Created 23/05/2017)   SCONUL group formed in 2017

ESTATES-RECORDS-AND-INFORMATION  (Created 22/05/2017)   This list is for everyone involved in managing information, including physical and electronic records, related to university estates departments. This includes managing building manuals, drawings, maintenance records, and photographs; BIM; records related to tenders, space charging, contracts; and more.

LIS-STANDS  (Created 22/05/2017)   The list is to share best practice and develop new approaches to training. We teach academic, medical, nursing and health-care students

FOODBANKRESEARCH  (Created 18/05/2017)   A discussion forum for those studying food banks, food security and food poverty in the UK. Includes ethnography, discursive, political, economic and critical research approaches. Share information about events, meetings, publications and research proposals. Takes an international perspective on food banks around the world.

AUA-ADVOCATES-SOUTH-REGION  (Created 17/05/2017)   This list will be for Association of University Administrator Advocates at universities within the South Region

DEGREEAPPRENTICESHIPS  (Created 17/05/2017)   This group is set up for those training providers on the RoTAP (Register of approved training providers). The aim of this community to is share information / questions / learnings from the Degree Apprenticeship programmes running within institutions.

LIS-HEASUPPORT  (Created 17/05/2017)   List supporting staff not in traditional academic roles (such as librarians, learning developers and learning technicians) working towards HEA fellowship

ENVIRONMENTAL-SCIENCE-ENGAGEMENT  (Created 16/05/2017)   This list brings together those interested in public engagement with environmental science. A wide range of people have been invited to join the list. NERC does not manage, approve or endorse content shared on this list. The views expressed in messages are the personal views of the author. They may not necessarily represent those of NERC. NERC accepts no liability for any errors, corruption or omissions that might arise. The JiscMail Service Policy document: describes the way in which we expect the service to be used by subscribers. It sets out (S9) JISC handling of personal data obligations under the Data Protection Act (1998).

QUEER-GLOBLAW-LSACRN  (Created 12/05/2017)   Queer Theory in Law and Global Society-Law and Society Collaborative Research Network (CRN) Queer theory in law and global society focuses on disrupting established meanings. The aim is to investigate (and disrupt) law's role in global structures of oppression. We deploy queer theory to go beyond identity " to study the global political economy. We invite all to examine our own roles in structures of oppression - and resistance. THIS GROUP IS FOR CRN MATTERS ONLY. FOR NOTIFICATIONS ON THE SUBJECT (EVENTS, PUBLICATIONS, CASES, ETC), SEE THE GROUP QUEER-GLOBLAW-NOTICES FOR DISCUSSIONS ON THE SUBJECT, SEE THE GROUP QUEER-GLOBLAW-DISCUSS

MILITARY-ARCHIVES-GROUP  (Created 11/05/2017)   This list is for archivists and specialists who work with military collections to share knowledge and discuss issues in support of the research community.

QUEER-GLOBLAW-DISCUSS  (Created 11/05/2017)   Queer theory in law and global society focuses on disrupting established meanings. The aim is to investigate (and disrupt) law's role in global structures of oppression. We deploy queer theory to go beyond identity to study the global political economy. We invite all to examine our own roles in structures of oppression - and resistance. THIS GROUP IS FOR DISCUSSIONS ON THE SUBJECT FOR NOTIFICATIONS ON THE SUBJECT (EVENTS, PUBLICATIONS, CASES, ETC), SEE THE GROUP QUEER-GLOBLAW-NOTICES FOR THE LAW AND SOCIETY COLLABORATIVE NETWORK ON THE SUBJECT, SEE THE GROUP QUEER-GLOBLAW-LSACRN

QUEER-GLOBLAW-NOTICES  (Created 11/05/2017)   Queer theory in law and global society focuses on disrupting established meanings. The aim is to investigate (and disrupt) law's role in global structures of oppression. We deploy queer theory to go beyond identity and to study the global political economy. We invite all to examine our own roles in structures of oppression - and resistance. THIS GROUP IS FOR POSTING NOTIFICATIONS ON THE SUBJECT (EVENTS, PUBLICATIONS, CASES, ETC) FOR DISCUSSIONS ON THE SUBJECT, SEE THE GROUP QUEER-GLOBLAW-DISCUSS FOR THE LAW AND SOCIETY COLLABORATIVE NETWORK ON THE SUBJECT, SEE THE GROUP QUEER-GLOBLAW-LSACRN

EAUC-SMALLER-INSTITUTIONS  (Created 10/05/2017)   Smaller institutions Group in Scotland.

FEMINIST-TRANSLATION-STUDIES  (Created 09/05/2017)   The FEMINIST-TRANSLATION-STUDIES discussion list is a transnational tool aimed at sharing news about publications, conferences and other academic events on this research field. It is administered by Olga Castro and Emek Ergun, editors of Feminist Translation Studies (Routledge, 2017). For more information, please contact the list owners.

JPICH-DIGITALHERITAGECALL  (Created 09/05/2017)   <HTML> This list is to be used as a partner finding tool for the JPICH Digital Heritage funding call. <br> <br> You can post a brief outline of your proposed project and the type of partners you're looking for. <br> <br> When posting please include: <ul> <li>your contact details</li> <li>what type of researchers/partners you are seeking</li> <li>a short summary of your idea (maximum 200 words)</li> </ul> <strong>PLEASE NOTE When responding to a post please use the contact details provided in the post and do not reply to the whole group.</strong> </HTML>

T1EDUUSERGROUP  (Created 09/05/2017)   An email discussion list to support the group of UK education sector customers of TechnologyOne products and services

BREPS  (Created 05/05/2017)   The British Environmental Psychology Society (BrEPS) is a UK based network for researchers in environmental psychology and environment and behaviour research. The aim is to build a network for environmental psychology in the UK. The aim of the mailing list is to build a platform/ network to communicate events, publications, and projects among members.

SUMMER  (Created 05/05/2017)   This mailing list is the outcome of the founding of a network for mixed methods in social science SUMMER (Sheffield University Mixed Methods Education and Research) which aims to promote the rigorous and innovative use of mixed methods in academia.

PARKINGDAY  (Created 04/05/2017)   The list is for those interested in the interdisciplinary cross-sector symposium and workshop 'the role of parking in future cities' that will be held in Cambridge in September 2017.

HERITAGE-ARTS-NETWORK  (Created 03/05/2017)   Contemporary art is increasingly being used to 'intervene' in heritage spaces. This list aims to share information and promote critical discussion around this aspect of heritage, museum and contemporary art practice.

BORDERSANDBORDERLANDS  (Created 02/05/2017)   Borders and Borderlands in Medieval and Early Modern Europe is a research network based at the University of Bristol. The network organises research events and encourages grant applications.

EASSN  (Created 02/05/2017)   Welcome to the Energy and Social Science Network (EASSN). This list exists to discuss how social and technical issues related to both energy production and consumption interact. It is open to people from any discipline, country, region, or level of experience, and also not limited to any particular technology, sector, or topic. It builds on the First Annual “Energy for Society” Conference in Spain as well as the continued success of the journal Energy Research & Social Science. Ideally the Group will discuss the following, among others: - Fellowships and job opportunities - Calls for papers and special issues - Funding and grant opportunities - New publications - Upcoming seminars and conferences - Contemporary energy and climate news items. The list is owned by Professor Benjamin Sovacool (University of Sussex and Aarhus University), Dr Kirsten Jenkins (University of Sussex) and Dr Scott Valentine (National University of Singapore).

RADICALOPENACCESS  (Created 02/05/2017)   Discussion list for the Radical Open Access community

WSWSOCIALWORK  (Created 02/05/2017)   The list is for social work students, practitioners and researchers to share research, ideas and events.

BNMS-RTN-TRAINERS-FORUM  (Created 28/04/2017)   British Nuclear Medicine Society Radiographers, Technologist and Nurses Training Officers Forum. Membership is open to all individuals interested in the training of radiographers, technologists and nurses in nuclear medicine. For the sharing of best practice, and to help coordinate a national strategy. This forum is set up under the auspices of the BNMS RTN Group.

CULTNET  (Created 28/04/2017)   Cultnet is made up of a group of researchers and lecturers who share an interest in culture. The group aims to develop research collaborations and publications, to share teaching material related to culture, and to provide a supportive environment in which doctoral students and researchers can meet to exchange ideas and support one another’s professional development. It primarily includes researchers in the areas of languages, linguistics, education, and psychology but all with an interest in culture are welcome.

PKDSCHOLARS  (Created 26/04/2017)   A list to disseminate publication and conference/event announcements across the inter-disciplinary range of Philip K. Dick (PKD) scholarship.

SISIG  (Created 25/04/2017)   This is the mailing list for the Screen Industries Special Interest Group (SISIG) of the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (BAFTSS).

ENDOFLIFESTUDIES  (Created 20/04/2017)   This list is used by the Glasgow End of Life Studies Group to make announcements to the University of Glasgow and wider research community about relevant research, funding, calls for collaboration, proposals, publications, events, and about developments in the group's strategy.

SUSSEX-ISC  (Created 20/04/2017)   The University of Sussex is seeking to appoint an external examiner for Finance and Accounting, to examine the International Year One Programme. The course is delivered by our partnership organisation, Study Group, at our on campus International Study Centre. Applications from candidates with experience of collaborative provision will be prioritised. Please note that we are unable to accept applications from those who: • Have previously been appointed as an external examiner at the University of Sussex. • Within the last five years, have been a member of staff or student within the University of Sussex or one of its Partner Institutions (including Study Group); • Have any direct interest in or ties to the University or Study Group. • Hold more than one other external examiner position. Information on the external examining role at the University of Sussex is available here: ee-handbook-2015-16- (final).pdf&site= 457 Please send expressions of interest and a current CV to Isabel Costello, Academic Development and Quality Enhancement Officer ( Closing date: 5th May 2017

NESY  (Created 19/04/2017)   Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning Association

EDEN  (Created 18/04/2017)   Mailing list for new ethics research network.

LANGPOL  (Created 10/04/2017)   Language Policy special interest group of the British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL).

PRINTSINBOOKS  (Created 10/04/2017)   An interdisciplinary discussion list about research into book illustrations, following from the session 'Prints in Books' (sponsored by Print Quarterly) at Association of Art Historians 2017 session

UCISA-DIGISTRAT  (Created 10/04/2017)   This is a discussion list to share experiences of developing digital strategy and digital business transformation plans and issues.

ARLG-SW  (Created 05/04/2017)   Mailing list for members of CILIP's Academic & Research Libraries Group who are based in the South West region.

BDINFE  (Created 05/04/2017)   A group dedicated to business development activities for users within Further Education. Items to be discussed include Apprenticeships, Full Cost provision etc.

LIS-SYS-REVIEWS  (Created 05/04/2017)   An informal forum for library and information professionals who are supporting researchers and students who are conducting systematic reviews and structured literature searches

UK7T  (Created 04/04/2017)   The UK7T Network is for UK based researchers involved or interested in MRI at ultra high field.

CEEN  (Created 03/04/2017)   Network for theory & evidence on the health & wellbeing impacts of community empowerment. A resource for distributing & locating theory & evidence on community empowerment. A place for the discussion of the state-of-the-evidence, practice & future directions. A resource for, & of, academics, frontline practitioners, & CVS members.

FUTURETEACHER  (Created 29/03/2017)   The Future Teacher 3.0 project is an Erasmus+ funded project to provide free staff training, capacity building, resources and support for anyone in interested in improving their teaching and learning and using, developing and sharing effective ways of inspiring, supporting and engaging learners with and without digital technologies.

MASTS-NHM-FORUM  (Created 29/03/2017)   The list is a medium for communication and exchange of information among members of MASTS and close associates related to numerical hydrodynamic modelling

UKBCF  (Created 28/03/2017)   A list for members of UK Bioinformatics Core Facilities. For discussion, announcements and meeting organisation.

IDENTITY-MANAGEMENT  (Created 27/03/2017)   Community group for technical vendor-neutral discussion on Identity and Access Management in an HE context. <HTML> <p>Community group for technical vendor-neutral discussion on Identity and Access Management in an HE context.</p> <p>Other lists that may be of interest:</p> <ul> <li>MICROSOFT-IDENTITY for issues specific to the Microsoft IAM stack</li> </ul> <p>Please let me know if there are more useful lists to go here.</p> </HTML>

LAWDEATHANDDYING  (Created 27/03/2017)   This group is intended to provide a forum for academics and non-academics interested in research on death and dying in regulatory contexts

N8PRP-DA-INSTITUTIONS  (Created 22/03/2017)   This list is for subscribers to engage with the N8PRP Data Analytics Strand to develop a digital service supporting the policing research community. The N8PRP Data Analytics Strand will use this list to circulate meeting invitations and notes.

ENVHUM  (Created 17/03/2017)   This is a list serving the growing transdisciplinary scholarly-activist-artistic field of Environmental Humanities, including call outs for papers, conferences, events, workshops, support and collaborations

IPSATIVE-ASSESSMENT  (Created 17/03/2017)   Share case studies and practice of ipsative assessment (assessment of progress) and use of individual student learning gain data to enhance learning and student motivation

COSECTOR-MUG  (Created 15/03/2017)   The CoSector Moodle User Group will exist in order to represent CoSector's customers strategic, technical and operational interests with respect to the CoSector's Hosted Moodle service. The group will share good practice amongst the user community, consider and influence future development of the CoSector's service offering, including: product & service improvements, new product development, joint (cross-institutional) development projects, identify user requirements in light of legal, government and operational changes within the UK education sector.

BSHP  (Created 13/03/2017)   This list is used by the British Society for the History of Philosophy to communicate with and between members about events and society matters.

CRIT-GH  (Created 13/03/2017)   The list is for the communication and exchange of information on workshops, conferences, call for papers, jobs, books, articles, films, blogs and websites related to global health and its study by critically-minded scholars in the social sciences and humanities.

MUSICASCOTICA  (Created 13/03/2017)   Musica Scotica: all aspects of Scottish music. Publishing scholarly editions, studies, performances, recordings. Hosting an annual conference, usually held on the last Saturday of April.

NCOP-DATA  (Created 13/03/2017)   A JISCMail group for data and evaluation people from various consortia involved in the National Collaborative Outreach Program (NCOP) to share ideas and approaches.

LEEDS-IN-SCHOOL-IN-SESSIONAL  (Created 06/03/2017)   This list is for those with an interest in issues surrounding In-School in-sessional provision at Leeds and more generally.

BUILTENVIRONMENT-HEALTH  (Created 03/03/2017)   UCL-based list to exchange information on built environment and health research

VAOW  (Created 03/03/2017)   This international, interdisciplinary network has been established to bring together researchers and practitioners in relevant fields (criminology, gerontology, sociology, social policy, health and so on) who are working in the area of violence against older women (incorporating elder abuse, sexual violence, domestic violence and other forms of gender-based violence).

BSADIGITALSOCIOLOGY  (Created 28/02/2017)   This is the email list for members of the British Sociological Association's Digital Sociology group.

HISTORY-OF-RISK-AND-SAFETY  (Created 27/02/2017)   A list for all who are interested in any aspect of the history of safety, #risk, accidents and danger. We cover all periods and locations, and are #open to all approaches (historical, sociological, etc) provided they look #at the past. We comprise academics, practitioners, policy-makers and more.

MILETOS  (Created 27/02/2017)   This list is focused on drawing attention to new research in the history, archaeology, epigraphy, numismatics and literature of Miletos.

USER-EXPERIENCE  (Created 27/02/2017)   A discussion group for user experience (UX) design and management in higher education. Primarily about, but not restricted to, digital experiences. We welcome contribution and discussion from all areas of university business and from consultants working in the sector. So long as the topic relates to understanding and enhancing interaction between a target audience group and a university business, it's valid. "User experience" encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products. (Nielsen Norman Group definition of UX)

BUISKA  (Created 23/02/2017)   This mailing list is to support activities for the British Universities in South Korea Arts group. It is to help support collaborative activities in South Korea for this consortium of universities who specialise in Art.

ICPAT  (Created 23/02/2017)   Forum dedicate to exploring Intercultural Competence in Performing Arts Training, Pedagogy, Curriculum and Teaching Practices.

CIN  (Created 21/02/2017)   A place for botanic garden educators and related professionals to discuss the social role of botanic gardens and other outdoor learning sites.

GUILDHE-SUS  (Created 20/02/2017)   This jisc aims to allow students' unions of GuildHE member institutions to network and co-ordinate activity.

PGTDEVNET  (Created 17/02/2017)   Community of practice for colleagues involved in academic, personal and professional development for postgraduate taught students.

UNIVGLASGOWPE  (Created 17/02/2017)   A group list for maintaining contact between public engagement and knowledge exchange professionals across the University of Glasgow.

BRETFORD  (Created 15/02/2017)   A list to share support and other information for the Bretford Myritrac laptop cabinets.

UCISA-LONDON  (Created 15/02/2017)   A discussion list for UCISA London members to share best practice and identify opportunities for collaboration and potential shared services.

HEILR  (Created 09/02/2017)   This list is here to offer mutual support between HE institutions having to enter the tangled world of FE returns for Degree Apprenticeships.

DRAMBORA  (Created 08/02/2017)   DRAMBORA is a risk management toolkit to support the assessment of digital repositories. It was developed with support from the JISC and the European Community by the HATII at the University of Glasgow on behalf of the Digital Curation Centre (UK) and DigitalPreservationEurope.

DS4CIRI-MGT  (Created 08/02/2017)   For discussion of a project to design a European Research Infrastructure for the climate impacts research community.

SYMBIOSIS  (Created 08/02/2017)   The aim of the Symbiosis project is to create and pilot a new model of economic resilience for smaller museums by building a resource to support them in developing deeper, mutually beneficial research collaborations with their relevant industries.

CORPORATE-COLLECTIONS  (Created 06/02/2017)   This list is used by the Corporate Collections Network to promote Best Prac= tice for Museum professionals using and promoting collections in a corporat= e environment.

JISC-DIGITALCAPABILITY-PILOT  (Created 06/02/2017)   A closed list to support the Jisc Digital Capability discovery tool pilot for UK colleges and universities

MMULGBT  (Created 06/02/2017)   This group is for discussion of ideas and actions arising from the LGBT staff forum at Manchester Metropolitan University.

LEANHE-NORTHANDMIDLANDS  (Created 01/02/2017)   Discusses continuous improvement in the workplace in HE

PSA-GLOBALJUSTICE  (Created 01/02/2017)   PSA Global Justice and Human Rights Specialist Group

INEQUALITIESRESEARCHNETWORK  (Created 27/01/2017)   The Inequalities Research Network is supported by Leeds Social Sciences Institute. It aims to provide a focal point for the collective work undertaken across diverse sectors to address social inequalities and increase social justice.

MMICS  (Created 26/01/2017)   MMICS: Men & Masculinities in Culture & Society Research Network. This list is for academics working on topics pertaining to men & masculinity to post announcements and exchange ideas.

BURUNDIRESEARCHNETWORK  (Created 24/01/2017)   The Burundi Research Network is a group for all researchers working on and/or in Burundi. This mailing list would enable researchers to share information and know about new projects, publications, conferences calls, etc.

NOTTS-MEDIEVAL  (Created 17/01/2017)   This list will facilitate communication among staff and post-graduate medievalists at the University of Nottingham.

PER  (Created 16/01/2017)   For discussion of Physics Education Research in the UK

BGA-POSTGRAD  (Created 09/01/2017)   This is a mailing list for all Geophysics Postgraduate students. A place for discussing problems, promoting work and generally discuss.

BTEC-IT-AND-COMPUTING  (Created 09/01/2017)   Forum for use of teachers of BTEC IT and computing to gain support and guidance from peers across the country.

FOOT-AND-ANKLE-EVIDENCE-UPDATES  (Created 09/01/2017)   This list is used by the Orthopaedics and Trauma Group at the University of Nottingham to provide a monthly e-mail update on new evidence-based resources relevant to foot and ankle surgery, with an emphasis on guidelines and systematic reviews.

GEOHUMANITIES-FORUM  (Created 09/01/2017)   This email list supports the international, interdisciplinary GeoHumanities community. It will offer a space for discussion and information exchange between scholars and practitioners interested in the intersections of geographical themes- space, place, landscape, environment, the urban and mobilities and arts and humanities scholarship and practice.

GERMAN-LANGUAGE-TEACHING  (Created 09/01/2017)   Announcement list for events, projects and publications. This list is used to support networking among German foreign language teachers.

LIS-NHS  (Created 09/01/2017)   LIS-NHS is an email forum for discussing developments and issues specific to the provision of library and information services within UK National Health Service and affiliated academic libraries.

KALTURA  (Created 04/01/2017)   This group is a support group for institutions that have implemented Kaltura into their VLE, to share best practice, ideas and troubleshoot

SCIREPS  (Created 04/01/2017)   A forum for the discussion of the relationship between art and science, in particular the philosophy, psychology, sociology etc. of images, pictures, representations and visualisations in science and society

UCLTRANSPORT  (Created 03/01/2017)   This list is for those of us at UCL with an interest in transport and mobility, from any angle: fuels, traffic, active travel, safety, infrastructure, big data, energy, freight and more. The list is sponsored by UCL's Transport Institute as a self-organised way for all of us to share ideas, let each other know about UCL transport-related events and publications, and help people find each other (e.g. do you know anybody who__ ?).

IMAECM  (Created 23/12/2016)   The aim of the IMA Early Career Mathematicians (ECM) Committee is to provide a focus for the ideas and activities of the ECM Group, and to engage, empower and mobilise its membership in supporting the IMA's charitable aims of promoting Mathematics. Early Career Mathematicians are defined as: Mathematicians within 15 years of graduating from a university mathematics degree, or Members of the IMA who do not have a degree and are within 15 years of their membership.

STORIES-WE-LIVE-BY  (Created 23/12/2016)   This group is for researchers and students who have registered for "The stories we live by: an online course in ecolinguistics" ( The mailing list will be used for discussions about ecolinguistics and announcements of webinar times and new resources.

UK-CDI  (Created 22/12/2016)   This list is for announcements of developments in the UK-CDI - the UK version of the Communicative Development Inventories

ILPAN  (Created 20/12/2016)   This list is for an interdisciplinary research network on International Law and Policy in Africa. The network is made up of a group of scholars and practitioners in this area. The list provides opportunities to share information, knowledge and research, debate issues, make announcements, arrange workshops, and enhance research collaboration.

POP-NOSTALGIA  (Created 19/12/2016)   This network is concerned with how the past is consciously and unconsciously referenced and recycled in historic and contemporary popular cultural forms.

BESLEARNING  (Created 16/12/2016)   A special interest group of the British Ecological Society, this group supports everyone involved in teaching and learning of ecological science and related disciplines.

PASS  (Created 16/12/2016)   This is an interdisciplinary network for researchers interested in software programming both as a research device and an object of study, particularly around the methodological innovations happening through social science usages of digital data. It aims to support the cultivation of "critical technical practice" (Agre, 1997) around the research, development and use of code - informed by developments in digital methods, digital sociology and emerging teaching formats. PaSS draws on research in Science and Technology Studies, New Media Studies, Software Studies, Ethnomethodology, Human-Computer Interaction and associated fields to look at how programming practices can not just be studied, but also critically leveraged for teaching and research. The PaSS mailing list is a low traffic list for news, announcements and discussion around programming in the context of social research. <HTML> This is an interdisciplinary network for researchers interested in software programming both as a research device and an object of study, particularly around the methodological innovations happening through social science usages of digital data. It aims to support the cultivation of "critical technical practice" (Agre, 1997) around the research, development and use of code - informed by developments in digital methods, digital sociology and emerging teaching formats. PaSS draws on research in Science and Technology Studies, New Media Studies, Software Studies, Ethnomethodology, Human-Computer Interaction and associated fields to look at how programming practices can not just be studied, but also critically leveraged for teaching and research. The PaSS mailing list is a low traffic list for news, announcements and discussion around programming in the context of social research. </HTML>

GAMETOLEARN  (Created 12/12/2016)   Mailing list to support a community interested in games-based learning and gamification approaches. Initially formed around 'Game to Learn' events, but open to all.

AESOP-SFP-GROUP  (Created 09/12/2016)   This is the list of the AESOP "Sustainable Food Planning" group. This list is used to share call for papers, conferences, and activities of the group

CREATIVE-ECONOMY-AFRICA  (Created 09/12/2016)   Mailing List for the AHRC funded research network UNDERSTANDING AND SUPPORTING CREATIVE ECONOMIES IN AFRICA: EDUCATION, NETWORKS AND POLICY. The mailing list will share news, events and research updates on the creative economy of Africa and its international connections.

SOCMH  (Created 09/12/2016)   This group is a mailing list for the BSA Sociology of Mental Health study group.

FREEMOVEMENT  (Created 06/12/2016)   This list will be oriented around the Free Movement of Labour campaign #started by myself and Lucia Pradella. We will email about related events #and activities to defend free movement of labour.

SR-AUTOMATE  (Created 06/12/2016)   This list is to increase collaboration - nationally and internationally - in the development of technologies and methods for automation in systematic reviews. The International Collaboration for Automation in Systematic Reviews moderates this open list.

DDF  (Created 02/12/2016)   A group for those engaged in fundraising at new HE UK institutions with a specific remit for sharing benchmarking data and best practice.

SCOTARCH  (Created 02/12/2016)   A discussion list for archivists in Scotland

CLOUD-HTC  (Created 30/11/2016)   A task force of the RCUK Cloud WG to improve access to Cloud resources for High Throughput Computing by researchers in the UK

CYGNETS  (Created 30/11/2016)   A network of support and information for academics and professional staff with an interest in or responsibility for Athena SWAN activities (i.e. gender equality, diversity and inclusion) in computer science and related departments.

DIGITALGEOGRGS  (Created 29/11/2016)   Digital Geog WG is the mailing list for the Digital Geographies Working Group RGS. It is used for sharing information about research and events. It will also provide a space for discussions in relation to digital geographies.

LEGAL-TRANSLATION  (Created 29/11/2016)   This is a sub-list of TRANSLATIO A forum administered by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and the Institute of Modern Languages Research at the School of Advanced Study, University of London, to share information about Legal Translation in general, and about our new Legal Translation initiative.

SCICOMM  (Created 25/11/2016)   This is a research community for science communication, public engagement, and resarch impact activity in Greater Manchester. It's a place to share, collaborate, and connect.

POETSWRITERSFORENVIRONMENT  (Created 23/11/2016)   A forum for discussion of how and where literature segues with environmental issues. A zone of literary activism and advocacy for the environment. For poets, writers, and academics.

CCTBX-COMMIT  (Created 21/11/2016)   Commit messages for the software repository at

HANDE-USER  (Created 21/11/2016)   This is a list for HANDE QMC software users. Its main purposes are to allow users to ask questions about the software, and allow the developers to send important information about updates.

LANG-GENDER  (Created 21/11/2016)   This list is used by academics in the UK and further afield who work in the field of language, gender and sexuality to share good practice, learning resources, pedagogical strategies and material related to the teaching and research of language, gender and sexuality.

CALL-AT-COMMUNITY  (Created 15/11/2016)   The aim of the List is to provide a community of information exchange and a discussion - a forum for teachers and learning support teachers (mainly in Scotland but not restricted to Scotland) who use Assistive Technology to support learners with additional support needs.

JISCSTORE  (Created 14/11/2016)   A list for those interested in the app store and being involved in piloting activities

HRSYSTEMS  (Created 11/11/2016)   For HR professionals with a responsibility for systems and reporting to: - share practice and knowledge - ask questions and learn from other colleagues - raise ideas for events

LABANARIUM  (Created 10/11/2016)   This list will be used to make announcements to the Labanarium community made of movement and dance, students, scholars, academics and practitioners.

LONDON-LEANHE  (Created 10/11/2016)   For those practicing Lean and other strategies to improve university administration, teaching and research in London and SE of England

ALT-LEARNSPACES-SIG  (Created 08/11/2016)   The ALT Learning Spaces SIG is a community of practitioners in UK HE and aims to share good practice and resources; brief each other on areas of new development and events; discuss common issues, possible solutions, collaboration and research; raise awareness and help to inform the development of a strategic approach to learning spaces; collaborate with other stakeholder groups involved with learning spaces.

CGSWINCHESTER  (Created 08/11/2016)   The Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Winchester was launched in June 2011. Since then it has generated much interest from academics, research students and non-academic user groups alike. As an interdisciplinary centre, the CGS aims to encourage and develop diverse understanding concerning the social category of gender as well as its intersection with other social categories such as age, class, ethnicity, nationality, race, religion and sexuality. This diversity of understanding is evidenced in its annual research seminar series, open to the public, which hosts prominent figures in the field and showcases recent advances in gender studies. The Centre seeks to foster links, both nationally and internationally, through encouraging collaborative projects. Likewise, we are interested in hearing from prospective research students.

UK-CHINA-VIS  (Created 02/11/2016)   This list is to support the discussion and collaboration between the UK and China data visualisation research community.

LIS-SHERIF-USERS  (Created 01/11/2016)   The JIBS User Group represents users of bibliographic databases and related products available to the UK HE, FE, and Research Council libraries via national site licence agreements. <HTML> The JIBS User Group represents users of bibliographic databases and related products available to the UK HE, FE, and Research Council libraries via national site licence agreements. </HTML>

C-A-N-NEWSLETTER  (Created 31/10/2016)   The Christian Academic Network

CHNIRS  (Created 31/10/2016)   This is a mailing list for communication with users of the Chandler House functional near-infrared spectroscopy lab.

CMR-ANNOUNCE  (Created 24/10/2016)   CMR-announce is an email news list maintained by the Contemporary Music Research Unit at Goldsmiths, University of London ( The list is used for general announcements relating to the composition, performance, and aesthetics of contemporary music. To post a message to this mailing list for distribution to other members, please email it to To unsubscribe click: https://WWW.JISCMAIL.AC.UK/cgi-bin/webadmin?SUBED1=CMR-ANNOUNCE&A=1

EPUG-UKI-SUMMON  (Created 24/10/2016)   This list is a sub-list of EPUG-UKI-CONFIDENTIAL. Any messages posted to EPUG-UKI-CONFIDENTIAL will also be distributed to all subscribers of EPUG-UKI-SUMMON. Discussion list for users of the Summon discovery system within the UK and Ireland.

GW4-HPC-OP  (Created 20/10/2016)   The GW4's HPC Operations Group is responsible for all operational issues, application of resource allocation policies, administering access, including developing an appropriate access policy for non-Consortium users, operational process and policies, capacity management and usage statistics, training and advice.

CAMBRIDGE-COLLECTIONS  (Created 17/10/2016)   Discussion group for museum, library, archive and heritage professionals to share news across the University of Cambridge and local collections.

DATA-FUTURES  (Created 17/10/2016)   HESA's Data Futures programme will transform the data collection process for the UK higher education sector. This list will be used to provide updates on the project.

CCWW  (Created 13/10/2016)   This list is used by the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women's Writing (CCWW) at the Institute of Modern Languages Research. The Centre promotes and facilitates national and international research on contemporary writing by women in French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish (including Catalan and Galician)

MIGNETYORK  (Created 13/10/2016)   This is a list used by the Migration Network at University of York's research community to share information, research,events and publications

RRS  (Created 13/10/2016)   Welcome to the Resourcelink Reporting Services Special Interest Group (SIG) Mailbase. The group is comprised of Northgate Arinso HR system users from within both the Public and Private sectors. Resourcelink Reporting Services is the new reporting module within the NGA system. We aim to maintain a helpful and friendly environment where all users can share advice and guidance.

ART-AND-LAW  (Created 12/10/2016)   This list can be used to initiate discussions and post announcements about law and art, or, if you prefer, art and law. It could be used to put questions to the community of people interested in the intersection between art and law; to ask for suggestions, leads, or help; or to let people know about a relevant upcoming event, project, or academic program.

PGR-ECR-RACE-ETHNICITY-STUDIES  (Created 12/10/2016)   A mailing list for postgraduate and early career researchers working within the field of race & ethnicity studies. To facilitate communication, share articles, circulate calls for papers, & publicise events.

CULTURAL-HERITAGE-DATASETS  (Created 11/10/2016)   A public list for institutions, individuals to discuss cultural heritage datasets released by Cultural Heritage organisations such as Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums and Archives primarily in the UK but also anywhere in the world.

DIGIMAR  (Created 11/10/2016)   The Digimar mailing list is to be used for the discussion of the furthering of digital development among Marine Science Libraries.

MINDSOFCASTE  (Created 10/10/2016)   MINDSOFCASTE is an e-discussion list aimed at discussing, sharing and debating matters relating to caste and mind

LAW-CULTURE  (Created 07/10/2016)   A mailing list administered by the Centre for Law and Culture at St Mary's University, Twickenham, London, for those interested in or working at the expansive intersections between law and culture. This includes work such as law and the humanities, cultural legal studies, legal history, and law and philosophy.

ESA-RN18  (Created 05/10/2016)   Mailing List of the Research Network 18 (Sociology of Communications and Media Research) of the European Sociological Association

GHWRG  (Created 05/10/2016)   This list is used to circulate information to members of the RGS-IBG Geography of Health and Wellbeing Research Group.

POSTGRAD-GERMAN-STUDIES  (Created 05/10/2016)   UK/Ireland German studies mailing list specifically dedicated to postgraduate and early career researcher's topics and issues.

HEALTH-ARCHIVES-RECORDS-GROUP  (Created 04/10/2016)   raise the profile of records and archival issues within the health sector #facilitate the networking, collaborating and sharing of information #contribute to the development of standards and best practice promote the use and value of health archives and records

PREDICTION-MODELLING  (Created 29/09/2016)   The Uk based "Prediction Modelling in Psychiatric Research"group provides a forum for people interested in prediction modelling such as psychiatrists, psychologists, statisticians, bioinformaticians and computer scientists to discuss methodology (such as machine and statistical learning) in psychiatric and psychological sciences. <HTML> The Uk based "Prediction Modelling in Psychiatric Research"group provides a forum for people interested in prediction modelling such as psychiatrists, psychologists, statisticians, bioinformaticians and computer scientists to discuss methodology (such as machine and statistical learning) in psychiatric and psychological sciences. </HTML>

STEAPP-CONNECT  (Created 29/09/2016)   This list is to support the network of current students and alums in the UCL Masters in Public Administration in Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy.

STAG  (Created 27/09/2016)   To promote scientific archives Promote engagement and dissemination of information about scientific archives To develop systems of capture To work internationally with these aims

EXAMINATION-NEWBORN-EDUCATORS  (Created 23/09/2016)   Promote discussion and sharing of ideas in relation to EXON Discussion of NIPE Competencies Integration of EXON within undergraduate midwifery curriculum Networking and sharing ideas.

UNIVERSITYPRESS  (Created 19/09/2016)   This list is used to collate news and events relevant to those working in the university press and publishing sector.

SUPA-PE  (Created 15/09/2016)   A list to connect public engagement practitioners in SUPA (Scottish Universities Physics Alliance) institutions.

NONRELIGIONEDUCATION  (Created 14/09/2016)   The Non-religion & Education Research Network includes members of organisations (academic, policy, etc.) who are interested in research relation to non-religion in education and education about non-religion.

MAPPING-COMMUNITY  (Created 13/09/2016)   This list is meant to provide a channel for updates and questions relating to the "mapping community" project and the related geospatial data sets produced initially by Dr. Jeremy Kidwell and other collaborators on the project. Subscribers will receive periodic updates about updates for data sets as they become available as well as notification of new data sets as they are deposited in repositories. Subscribers are also invited to post queries as they work with the data.

SPIRITUAL-LANDSCAPES  (Created 13/09/2016)   This list supports a long-term research collaboration with biological field recorders into "Spiritual Landscapes". List members will likely have attended a workshop hosted by a member of the research team, particularly Dr. Jeremy Kidwell. The list is meant to provide a forum for persons to report on their experience in the field, troubleshoot issues, and share announcements about forthcoming events that may be of interest.

UOLIA-UXWG  (Created 06/09/2016)   This list is used by members of UoLIA's User Experience Working Group to arrange meetings, share information and discuss matters pertaining to the group.

BRANDEDCONTENTRESEARCHNETWORK  (Created 05/09/2016)   The Branded Content Research Network is an academic collaborative project. It explores relationships between marketing communications and media. The network brings together academics, practitioners, and policy actors.

CHILDMALTREATMENTDEATHS  (Created 05/09/2016)   This community of practice is designed to support researchers, policy makers and practitioners to collaborate internationally in the study of child maltreatment fatalities through research and child death review. The group is open to anyone with an appropriate interest in the study child maltreatment deaths, and how this learning can improve the systems and processes for keeping children safe.

DASH-ING  (Created 05/09/2016)   We are a community of stakeholders in health/medical data sharing - comprising those interested in creating solutions to the ethical, legal, social, governance and technical issues within this domain.

ENERGYJUSTICE  (Created 05/09/2016)   Electronic discussion group for a network of scholars and practitioners interested in the concept of energy justice. This list is to be used for the promotion of energy justice related events, publications, job opportunities and areas of collaboration.

EVERYDAY-FUTURES  (Created 05/09/2016)   This list is used by members to make announcements about everyday futures and related projects, programmes, conferences and publications.

JISC-DIGITALSTUDENT-TRACKER  (Created 31/08/2016)   This list is for sharing information about the development of a possible Jisc service to support colleges, skills providers and universities with the collection, analysis and interpretation of students' expectations and experiences of technology.

POLICY-ENGAGEMENT  (Created 23/08/2016)   A network of university professionals working to engage academic research with public policy. Our aims are to share best practice, useful knowledge, and support collaboration where appropriate

COGNITIVE-CLASSICS  (Created 18/08/2016)   This list is primarily for Classicists interested in the interaction of cognitive science with classical material, but it is also intended to be a place for interdisciplinary connection with those in e.g. cognitive humanities, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience. It is primarily a forum for the dissemination of relevant information on conferences, seminars, publications, research projects, etc.

NEIGHBOURHOOD-PLANNING  (Created 18/08/2016)   The Localism Act 2011 empowered Parish and Town Councils or Neighbourhood Fora in unparished areas to develop neighbourhood plans for their areas. This is the ultimate in community engagement - and can be a ripe area for research and peer-to-peer assistance.

MASTS-NHM  (Created 17/08/2016)   MASTS Numerical Hydrodynamic Modelling Forum members mailing list

IFAC-AMEST  (Created 16/08/2016)   The Strategic Agenda and Goals of the group include the following: 1. Federate and promote research and establish interfaces with relevant research fields. 1.1 Promote maintenance as an interdisciplinary science, blending knowledge from management, engineering, technological and technical field. 1.2 Contribute to the development of a general framework for advanced maintenance systems, establishing interfaces with production management and manufacturing plant control. 1.3 Promote and evolve the research agenda, including perspectives and foresight in the field, with regard to the intersection of technology, engineering and management. 1.4 Involve new and experienced researchers in the A-MEST WG community, considering the relevance of their knowledge and expertise to contribute to the research agenda, and the need to enhance global coverage and participation. 1.5 Promote the relationships of the WG with other technical committees TCs within IFAC, besides the TC 5.1, and with other scientific and technical organizations and communities (e.g., IFIP, ESREL, ISEAM, PHM, EFNMS, …). #2. Promote competence, growth and exchange of students, PhDs and young researchers. 2.1 Involve young researchers in the A-MEST WG community, through actions specifically done to attract their interest. 3. Promote academia-industry partnerships and highlight the impact of maintenance in industry and society. 3.1 Promote industry-academia partnerships, attracting industrial experts through specific actions for their active involvement in the A-MEST WG community. 3.2. Promote the role of maintenance for sustainability (economic, environmental, social impacts), highlighting technological enablers. 4. Promote and improve education and training in maintenance. 4.1. Steer the organisation of events, special sessions and other activities to facilitate best knowledge diffusion, 4.2. Maintain active push towards education and training activities in the above events via tutorials, industrial case studies and facilitate the exchange of junior and/or senior researchers and professionals.

ASSHH-UK  (Created 15/08/2016)   Description: This list is used share research news and events with the research community who work or are interested in social sciences and humanities HIV research. It is moderated by ASSHH UK steering committee.

ESA-SEXUALITY-RESEARCH-NETWORK  (Created 10/08/2016)   This is a group for members and other academics related to European Sociological Association (ESA) Sexuality Research Network (RN 23). In contrast to the long history of medical and psychological interest in sexuality, the sociological understanding of sexuality is a relatively new phenomenon, spanning a history of some 40 years. However during this time the sociology of sexuality, through both empirical research and theoretical writing, has become an important feature of academic work at both a national and international level. This work has enabled sociology to develop critical alternatives to the essentialism present in mainstream research on sexualities. Similarly, significant links have been made between sexuality and other salient social identities, for example gender, race, class and nationality. Whilst acknowledging the importance of biology, contemporary sociologists of sexuality prioritize the relationship between the individual and society to show the ways in which sexual desires, practices, identities, and attitudes are conceptualized, categorized, deployed, and ultimately regulated through the social institutions and practices of different societies. These areas, together with issues relating to the theorisation of sexuality alongside methodological developments, is an form important foci for ESA Sexuality Research Network.

CRITICALCARETECH  (Created 08/08/2016)   A discussion group forum for technologists working in Critical care environments within NHS and private hospitals.

MRDFORUM  (Created 05/08/2016)   The Midlands Researcher Developer Forum (MRDF) is a networking group open to university staff who support and develop research students and research staff in Midlands universities. The group meets 4 times a year. This list is for MRDF members to exchange ideas, share practice and encourage communication between our meetings.

GTADEV  (Created 29/07/2016)   This JISC list is for those who support the development of Graduate Teaching Assistants in UK Higher Education.

INTERDISCIPLINARY-INSTITUTIONS  (Created 29/07/2016)   This list aims to connect individuals and groups involved in or interested in interdisciplinary research on institutions or institutional thought. Members can use the list to post announcements about events, publications, calls for papers, job postings, etc. Please note that the list is moderated to ensure that only relevant announcements are circulated.

LIS-LITERATURE  (Created 29/07/2016)   The aim of this list is create a community for information professionals who support research and teaching in the field of literature, enabling the sharing, discussion and exchange of ideas and information.

PSSTNETWORK  (Created 29/07/2016)   This email services a network concerned with developments in surveillance and its multifaceted impacts.

SU-DESIGN  (Created 28/07/2016)   A community for SU Designers who want to share creative ideas, get input, enhance marketing material and network

CRNEMTEAMLEADS  (Created 25/07/2016)   The purpose of the list is to provide an online forum for Clinical Research Network: East Midlands Division 1 (Cancer) Team Leads across the region to discuss performance of NIHR portfolio studies.

LUSC-ANNOUNCE  (Created 22/07/2016)   Mailing lists for announcements to UK astronomers involved in/ interested in the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope and related science.

LIS-EXLIBRIS-LEGANTO  (Created 20/07/2016)   This list is for discussion of Leganto, a reading list solution developed by Ex Libris.

BLE-ASSESSMENT  (Created 18/07/2016)   This list is a sub-list of BLE-ANNOUNCEMENTS This list is used to convey announcements and disseminate information pertaining to assessment methods and practices for the members of the BLE consortium

SPACE-PLACE-CRIME  (Created 18/07/2016)   A Working Group of the European Society of Criminology interested in Situational and Spatial Criminology

EDUROAM-UK  (Created 15/07/2016)   This list is for general discussion on matters relating to the Jisc eduroam(UK) service.

SOCIALCAREWALES  (Created 15/07/2016)   This list is for researchers in social care in Wales, and for practitioners and policymakers seeking to keep in touch with current developments in this area.

EXETER-CPMH  (Created 14/07/2016)   Led by Professor John Terry, this Centre brings together a world-leading team of mathematicians, statisticians and clinicians with a range of industrial partners, patients and other stakeholders to focus on the development of new methods for managing and treating chronic health conditions using predictive mathematical models. It is focussed on health conditions such as cardiac arrhythmias, diabetes and epilepsy, and aims to revolutionise the clinical management of these disorders through mathematically-underpinned decision suppport systems which will make predictions based upon routinely acquired patient data.

PGTDIVERSITY  (Created 13/07/2016)   Sharing research, ideas and best practice on supporting progression to and success in taught pgt by under-represented groups

CPP  (Created 12/07/2016)   This list is for academics and researchers interested in being informed about the activities of the Centre for Performance Philosophy - a research centre at the University of Surrey.

HISTTHEDIG  (Created 12/07/2016)   A list for discussion, resources, and scholarship on investigating language, identity and social practices in old and new media.

ENVGEOPER  (Created 08/07/2016)   This list aims to connect individuals and groups who are involved in or interested in engaging with research in environment and geosciences or are involved in public engagement and outreach activity in these fields.

HUDDSCONSORTIUMLIBRARIES  (Created 05/07/2016)   An email list for information sharing between college libraries and librarians providing HE courses as part of the University of Huddersfield Consortium.

ARCHIVED-LISTS  (Created 04/07/2016)   The ARCHIVED-LISTS list is used to publish information about "retained" JiscMail lists. Retained lists are those lists where list functionality has been disable by JiscMail: messages cannot be posted to them, subscribers cannot join these lists. However - archives of these lists continue to be available for existing subscribers as subscribers may find value in them. Note: Lists published here were previously configured as confidential= no and for admin purposes have been updated to show configuration= yes (to stop archived lists appearing in search results on If you have any questions about these lists - please email

SIA-RESEARCH  (Created 01/07/2016)   This list is to increase dialogue between researchers in the UK and internationally in order to increase the pace, quality and scope of research into suicidality in autism.

LONDON-TEL-HEADS  (Created 29/06/2016)   This list is used by members of the London Heads of eLearning group

BRITISH-SCHOOLS  (Created 24/06/2016)   Discussion of British Schools founded by Lancaster and related topics.

APAC  (Created 22/06/2016)   The APAC list facilitates discussion and information exchange among people working in performing arts collections and related research fields. The list provides a forum for queries and for disseminating news about performing arts collections primarily in the UK. Further information and resources can be found on our website:

MUSEDELICA  (Created 17/06/2016)   A general contact, discussion and announcement list for Musedelica, a research group focussed on psychedelic music and issues surrounding psychoactive substances and music.

JISC-LONDON-ACL  (Created 16/06/2016)   A mailing list for the dissemination of information to Adult and Community Learning providers in London

JISC-LONDON-CURRICULUM  (Created 16/06/2016)   To disseminate information to our curriculum practitioners in the London region.

JISC-LONDON-FE-CONTACTS  (Created 16/06/2016)   This list is facilitated by the Regional Support Centre London for announcements and discussion of strategic technology and education issues with London-based Further Education learning providers

JISC-LONDON-HE  (Created 16/06/2016)   The list is used by staff at the small HE institutions, which are supported by the JISC RSC for London, for disseminating information about events, workshops, conferences, etc.

JISC-LONDON-TECH-CONTACT  (Created 16/06/2016)   This list is used by those Further, Higher and Adult educational institutions supported by the JISC RSC for London to be informed about new developments, and for raising technical issues and enquiries, and for discussion when appropriate

JISC-LONDON-WBL  (Created 16/06/2016)   This list is to provide a regional forum for work-based learning providers to receive and share information and news related to e-learning.

TUTOR-VACANCIES-OPEN-UNIVERSITY  (Created 16/06/2016)   List to announce available Tutor vacancies at the Open University.

ECC-HR  (Created 14/06/2016)   Heads of HR personnel

ECC-LEAD  (Created 14/06/2016)   ECC Lead contact personnel

ISHASH-FORUM  (Created 14/06/2016)   This discussion list is for members of the International Society for Historians of Atheism Secularism & Humanism to raise discussion items, to make announcements and to notify the members of items of interest.

LMD-ECC  (Created 14/06/2016)   HR, Labour Market and Lead Contacts

EDUROAMUK  (Created 13/06/2016)   This list has been retained 14/07/2016 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list- contact for all enquiries regarding this list This list is for general discussion on matters relating to the Jisc eduroam(UK) service

RADICALPROTEST  (Created 13/06/2016)   Protest is a hallowed right within constitutional democracy allowing for political expression outside the electoral process and public sphere. Can and are more radical (and especially illegal) means of protest ever be considered legitimate within constitutional democracy, and if so, on what grounds? The list will address this and related questions stemming from a 2016 workshop.

SCOT-VLE  (Created 13/06/2016)   This is the forum for a group set up to evaluate VLE options and undertake a procurement process for the sector. List members will be those involved in TEL, Ed Tech, IT, Procurement and Teaching and Learning more widely.

PANOPTO-MOODLE-INTEGRATION  (Created 10/06/2016)   Group of HE members using Moodle and Panopto. Discussions around what we would like to see developed for the integration of the two platforms.

SUASSISTANTS  (Created 08/06/2016)   This mail base is for staff in Students' Union's who have an Assistant, Admin or Governance support role.

SUPPORTING-PUBLIC-ENGAGEMENT  (Created 08/06/2016)   An all Wales group working towards improving and supporting public engagement in health professional education

MODERNISTFASHION  (Created 07/06/2016)   A mailing list to share research, news, Call for Papers, etc, among those working on the intersection of fashion and modernist literature.

BEHAVIOURAL-DATA-LINKING  (Created 03/06/2016)   The list brings together behavioural scientists and practitioners in the public and private sectors who lead projects pioneering the data linkage between behavioural science experiments and online panels, representative surveys, biomarkers banks, administrative records, consumers scan data, and other big data sources.

MAGGIESLIST  (Created 03/06/2016)   A group for collaboration between Information Professionals supporting Teen tech students as part of 'Maggie's list'. This group may also be of interest to librarians and information professionals supporting EPQ (Extended Project Qualifications) student groups.

PARTICIPATION-NETWORK  (Created 03/06/2016)   The Participation Network aims facilitate networking, communication and information sharing about events, resources and initiatives between academics, researchers, practitioners, policymakers and institutions engaged in participatory research, action research, community development and citizen science.

REPROTIME  (Created 02/06/2016)   This list is dedicated to all scholars and stakeholders interested in questioning notions of reproductive ageing & timing, as well as how biotechnologies transform reproductive life.

XCHEMBB  (Created 01/06/2016)   This list is for supporting users of Diamond's XChem facility

MRP-IMAGING  (Created 31/05/2016)   For discussion of issues in image analysis research funded by RESAS

PODCAST-STUDIES  (Created 27/05/2016)   A multi-disciplinary discussion of podcasting for reserachers in education, media, radio and subjects where podcasting is a subject of study.

UNIONFUTURES  (Created 27/05/2016)   This list is for people involved in the Unionising the Future research project, which looks at understanding and supporting joint working between Trade Unions and Students' Unions from 1970 to the present day. It will be used to share ideas, resources and to communicate research outcomes, training materials and to promote events.

NAVITASPARTNERS  (Created 25/05/2016)   A forum for HE colleagues within International Admissions, compliance or Advice who work with embedded partner colleges (primarily Navitas).

SPACESYNTAX-TOOLKIT  (Created 18/05/2016)   Mailing list for users and developers of the Space Syntax Toolkit for QGIS, to ask questions, discuss the use and applications, and make suggestions.

MOODLE-TECH-USERS-LONDON  (Created 13/05/2016)   The Moodle Users Group for Greater London technical group (MUGGLx) is an extension to MUGGL for those who want to share the maintenance and development of plugins and system administration advice.

NCRI-SPC-CSG  (Created 13/05/2016)   Members from across the UK will use JISCMail to discuss clinical trials ideas in cancer research (in a supportive & palliative care setting)and develop them. The Group will respond to research calls from various institutions such as Marie Curie.

UAGBV  (Created 11/05/2016)   Network of academics, third sector workers, activists, policymaker, journalists and others interested in the issue of violence against students.

BSC-POSTGRADUATES  (Created 04/05/2016)   This list is for postgraduate criminology students and those in early career.

UCISA-DCG  (Created 03/05/2016)   The ucisa-dcg list is for discussion and sharing of experience and good practice in end user IT training and digital capability/skills development in UK further and higher education.

MEDICALMOBILITIES  (Created 29/04/2016)   News, announcements & CfP related to medical mobilities research and the Medical Mobilities Reading Group

ENVIROHEALTH-INFORMATICS  (Created 28/04/2016)   Environmental Health Informatics announcement and discussion list. Providing a forum for the growing health and environmental research informatics community and range of stakeholders amd providers.

MANMETWOMEN  (Created 27/04/2016)   This list is used by members of Manchester Metropolitan's Women's Network to support women in their careers. It is a space for professional networking, proposing collaborative work, and offering mutual professional and personal development support.

VIRTUAL-REALITY  (Created 26/04/2016)   Discussion, research and networking on virtual reality topics as an educational technology.

HEALTEX  (Created 25/04/2016)   Healtex is a UK-wide multi-disciplinary research network established to build a strong, collaborative and sustainable UK community in healthcare text analytics by bringing together partners from academia, industry, healthcare services and policy makers, with collaborative links internationally, and integrate it into the growing health informatics community.

IPMRD  (Created 22/04/2016)   This is a mailing list of the members of the "International Politics of Migration, Refugees, and Diasporas" Working Group at the British International Studies Association

WOMENGHIST  (Created 22/04/2016)   This list is dedicated to those interesting in the history of women's participation in engineering, primarily - but not exclusively - in the 20th century UK .

WP-EVALUATION  (Created 22/04/2016)   A group for individuals involved in monitoring and evaluation of outreach/WP activities in HE

JAMANDJUSTICE  (Created 21/04/2016)   This is an info-list for people interested in being kept up-to-date with the Jam & Justice project

JOTI  (Created 21/04/2016)   I am a chartered civil engineer and a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK) and a senior lecturer in civil engineering. I have published circa 34 articles describing and documenting my research work in peer reviewed international journals and refereed international conferences, with more in preparation as well as submitting about three technical research reports to bodies

FPRN  (Created 20/04/2016)   This list brings together members of the Fuel Poverty Research network to discuss matters relating to the network and its research interests

BRAIN-INJURY-HOMELESS-NETWORK  (Created 18/04/2016)   This is a list for discussion and announcements of the Brain Injury and Homelessness Network. All are welcome to join. The network was formed in April 2016 after discussions between people involved in the research project 'How or why do some brain injured people become homeless in Sheffield' and others setting up a NeuroTriage project in Liverpool.

DIGITAL-HEALTH  (Created 18/04/2016)   This list is used by Jisc to connect those interested in digital health in a multi-stakeholder network and to make announcements to Further and Higher Education, research and other communities about Jisc strategy, services, programmes, publications and projects

OEERS  (Created 18/04/2016)   The Outdoor Environmental Education Research Seminar was held in April 2016 at the Broomlee Outdoor Centre in the Scottish Borders. The seminar brought together PhD students with an interest in outdoor environmental and sustainability education and related topics. This mailing list has been created to continue the discussions started at that event, and also for PhD students and early career academics in these and related fields to share experience, opportunities and ideas.

OPENROSEGROUP  (Created 18/04/2016)   This list is used by members of the Open Rose Group for communication amongst members. The Open Rose Group consists of members from Yorkshire University Libraries with responsibility for supporting students with disabilities.

BOX-IN-ACADEMIA  (Created 14/04/2016)   Deploying and managing Box Cloud Enterprise Storage ( in an academic environment comes with the "usual set of challenges". This list is to share ideas and solutions.

INDUCTION  (Created 14/04/2016)   The successful transition to higher education has never been more important. As student numbers, fees and expectations climb, universities must make certain their studentsâ& 128;™ first experience of higher education is positive. Ensuring the vital first few weeks contain the right balance of information, nurture and challenge is key to successful induction programmes. This jiscmail list seeks to share best practice, discuss sector-wide strategies, successes and challenges and to share new ideas in order to develop planning frameworks relating to successful and engaging induction programmes

ROAMING  (Created 12/04/2016)   Description: A forum for the discussion and development of a roaming solution for public sector participants building from the eduroam experience in educations and research.

LIS-CLA-DCS  (Created 08/04/2016)   This mailing list is for users of the Copyright Licensing Agency's DCS #(Digital Content Store) product.

MIND  (Created 06/04/2016)   The MinD list provides a public forum for the discussion of research into the application of design to support people with dementia, their carers and anyone else involved in dementia care.

UCISA-SDG  (Created 06/04/2016)   The ucisa-sdg list is for the discussion of staff development issues relating to staff involved in the support and delivery of information systems in UK Higher & Further Education. The list is also used by the UCISA Staff Development Group to announce courses and events.

INDUSTRIALMATHS  (Created 04/04/2016)   This mailing list is for anyone who uses - or would like to use - mathematical techniques to solve industrial problems. It aims to: - Better connect mathematicians, statisticians, and industrialists across the UK working in the area of industrial maths; and - Disseminate invitations received from EU-Maths-In, the European Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation ( Please - use meaningful subject lines with keywords (e.g. CONFERENCE, CFP, JOB, EVENT, WORKSHOP, COURSE, MEETING, CONSULTATION, etc.), - send plain text, - no commercial advertising (job and conference announcements excepted), - reply only to the sender, not to everyone, - keep any opinions brief and on topic.

HYDROCITIZENSHIPANTHOLOGYTEAM  (Created 01/04/2016)   This will be an email list for the Towards Hydrocitizenship project team assembling a large end of project anthology

ACSIS  (Created 31/03/2016)   The North Atlantic Climate System Study - ACSIS - is a NERC Long Term Science Multi-Centre (LTSM) Programme, led by the National Centre for Atmospheric Science and delivered by six NERC Centres (NCAS, NOC, BAS, NCEO, CPOM, PML) in collaboration with the UK Met Office. The overarching science objective of ACSIS is: To enhance the UK & 128's capability to detect, attribute and predict changes in the North Atlantic Climate System

CELS  (Created 30/03/2016)   This list will be used by the Centre for East London Studies (CELS) at UEL and associated individuals and institutions for announcements and discussions.

ELECTRICANTHRO  (Created 29/03/2016)   To share information, publication, events and news about anthropologies of electricity and associated topics.

SCI-ART-MET  (Created 29/03/2016)   Sci-Art-Met is a platform for collaborative action, bringing together the best of interdisciplinary research and holistic practitioners for action on global health and wellbeing.

DAF  (Created 24/03/2016)   A support, advocacy, information and policy development forum for researchers and lecturers with dyslexia in Higher Education. This will be the first ever opportunity for dyslexic academics to work together in identifying the challenges they face, ways of overcoming barriers and to re-address the deficit model of dyslexia. Our members come from every region of the UK and all academic ranks are represented from Dean and Professor to Visiting Lecturer. Our members so far are drawn from 30 academic disciplines across the Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences and the Humanities.

JM-LOT2  (Created 24/03/2016)   JiscMail list owner training/practice list (number-02)

GULF-CONSORTIUM-RECRUITMENT  (Created 23/03/2016)   This group is used by UK university recruitment staff to make announcements for the purposes of recruitment and collaborative activities in the MENA region

SCIARTMANCHESTER  (Created 23/03/2016)   This list will bring together the Greater Manchester community working in and around art and science collaborations. While predominantly interested in helping the university sector produce more collaboration and more work, we want to reach out to artists and the wider science sector to share opportunities, ideas, and events. If you are interested in art and science - broadly understood - then this is for you! This includes bioart, nanoart, media art, and all areas of scientific research, including the social sciences, arts and humanities. Regardless of your discipline, if you are interested in bringing art and science closer together, then please subscribe.

CARN-DISCUSSION  (Created 22/03/2016)   This list is for CARN members to discuss issues in Action Research

DMPONLINE-DEV  (Created 22/03/2016)   A list for technical discussion related to DMPonline to allow the wider developer community to share ideas and contribute to the code. DMPonline is an open source tool provided by the Digital Curation Centre for Data Management Planning.

IMPACT  (Created 21/03/2016)   This list will provide a forum for academics to engage in conversations about research impact, ahead of the Research Excellence Framework submission (REF2021). It will also provide a space for the discussion of new and ongoing collaborations. For more information, please contact: Dr Chris Hewson ( Professor Andy Miah (

HEALTHFUNDRAISERS  (Created 18/03/2016)   Informal network of health fundraisers to share best practice, experiences and talk through any challenges.

CRIT-EVENTS  (Created 16/03/2016)   This group will foster communication and collaboration between across different disciplines undertaking critical event/festival research

BMESEDANETWORK  (Created 14/03/2016)   I am researching BME participation in HE and in particular educational development. I want to set up a list for BME members of SEDA to explore whether SEDA reflects the community it serves and to create a network for BME SEDA members.

THYROID-EYE-GROUP  (Created 11/03/2016)   This is a group of clinicians who are involved in the care of patients with Thyroid Eye disease. It includes Ophthalmologists, Physicians, Orthoptists and psychologists. The aim of the group is to improve the management and care of these patients through the developments of shared guidelines, MDM, and involvement in research

HFRN  (Created 10/03/2016)   The Historical Fictions Research Network aims to create a place for the discussion of all aspects of fictional historical narrative. We welcome people working on prose, drama, visual art, reception studies, musicology, museum displays, film, tv, gaming, wargaming, graphic novels, transformative works and any other areas engaged in the narrative construction of the fictional past.

POOG-UON  (Created 10/03/2016)   A discussion list for staff and students who are involved in public engagement and outreach.

NEMRI  (Created 09/03/2016)   The North East Modernist Research Initiative (NEMRI) is a group of researchers and academics, based in the North East, interested in exploring and broadening understandings of Modernism. The aim of the list is to provide regular updates of NEMRI’s activities to members and reach others who may be interested in becoming involved in the group.

TEXTILE-DESIGN-RESEARCH  (Created 09/03/2016)   This list is to facilitate and stimulate research in textile design and practice including cross-disciplinary collaboration and textile design education. It is used to make announcements to the textile design research community.

BES-CITIZENSCIENCE  (Created 07/03/2016)   List for announcements and discussion by members of the British Ecological Society Citizen Science special interest group and others interested in citizen science. The focus is on citizen science relevant to the UK and ecology. Membership of the BES is encouraged but is not required.

DSTTLONDON  (Created 04/03/2016)   DSTTLondon is the mailing list of the Digital Scholarship Think Tank of the University of London

NUN92  (Created 29/02/2016)   This list will service librarians and information professionals working in London Universities established after 1992.

IPEDJOURNAL  (Created 23/02/2016)   List for OA Journal Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Equality and Diversity.

PCL-ENGAGEMENT  (Created 19/02/2016)   This is a Special Interest Group around Creative Engagement and Consultation. The list aims at exploring how design universities and local governments can work together to carry out local engagement in more creative and possibly more inclusive ways by using participatory design approach; and fostering opportunities for collaboration between local government and higher education design institutions. The list is specially aimed at local government officers and design academics interested or active in new opportunities for collaborative learning and societal impact join the mailing list now and do not miss the opportunity for further collaboration.

BPCS  (Created 18/02/2016)   Chinese studies postgradaute community

CENTRALASIA  (Created 18/02/2016)   Scholarly network for scholars working on the history and archaeology of Central Asia, with special reference to the Hellenistic period.

LIS-PERL  (Created 16/02/2016)   A closed discussion list for E-resource licensing for overseas campuses and partnerships. The list provides a forum for those negotiating e-resource licences for their overseas campuses or other partnerships. Through collaborative working,it is hoped that we can influence publishers and providers to streamline e=resource negotiations, licensing and payments, in order to make subscribed resources available to overseas campus students and collaborative partners.This would include any other related issues in making the information available to partnerships students, such as how the information is made available in terms of IT and authentication systems, in addition to any other support issues <HTML> A closed discussion list for E-resource licensing for overseas campuses and partnerships. The list provides a forum for those negotiating e-resource licences for their overseas campuses or other partnerships. Through collaborative working,it is hoped that we can influence publishers and providers to streamline e=resource negotiations, licensing and payments, in order to make subscribed resources available to overseas campus students and collaborative partners.This would include any other related issues in making the information available to partnerships students, such as how the information is made available in terms of IT and authentication systems, in addition to any other support issues </HTML>

BRM-IT  (Created 15/02/2016)   This is a list for the Business Relationship Management (BRM) community in Higher Education IT to facilitate sharing of knowledge and best practice regarding the BRM process and role in IT Service Management.

SSN-GROUP  (Created 15/02/2016)   A group for discussion about issues relating to the running and development of Subject Specialist Networks that focus on collections and museums

SUN-ANNOUNCE  (Created 15/02/2016)   SUN aims to provide resources and events to support university lecturers of space engineering and technology in the UK.

UNDERGROUNDMATHEMATICS  (Created 11/02/2016)   This list is designed to share news and information about Underground Mathematics, a new website, designed at the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge which aims to support and enhance post-16 mathematics education.

IMPACT-BEYOND-ACADEMIA  (Created 10/02/2016)   The practice sharing network of research professionals helping each other and academics understand, promote, evidence and evaluate impact and public engagement activities and outcomes in various disciplines.

SU-PEERSUPPORT  (Created 10/02/2016)   This list is for staff working in Student Unions' who are responsible for coordinating peer support/peer learning projects. <HTML> This list is for staff working in Student Unions' who are responsible for coordinating peer support/peer learning projects. </HTML>

DSAWOMENANDDEVELOPMENT  (Created 09/02/2016)   List to support communication between members of the DSA Women and Development Study Group.

MLAG  (Created 09/02/2016)   Mailing list for the MLAG members to share information about meetings, conferences and events and to discuss matters of common interest.

UKACM  (Created 09/02/2016)   This is a forum for discussion between developers in the field of computational mechanics in engineering. and announcements from the UK Association for Computational Mechanics in Engineering (UKACM, UK).

EUAIM  (Created 05/02/2016)   This list is established to announce events including workshops, publications, and projects related to the EU's role as international mediator.

SERVICELEARNING  (Created 05/02/2016)   The purpose of this list is to develop a network for sharing and support relating to the service learning activities in HE and the community.

HCMG  (Created 04/02/2016)   This list is for researchers who use or take care of instruments located in biological high containment laboratories. Areas of interest include light and electron microscopy, and pre-clinical imaging techniques. This list exists for members to share experiences, ask relevant questions and initiate collaboration.

PSA-POLMETH  (Created 04/02/2016)   This is the list of the Political Methodology Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association.

METHODSFORCHANGE  (Created 03/02/2016)   Workshops designed to guide on evaluation and research techniques, become more effective at gathering and getting the most out of data. Group is aimed at helping to provide resources and support to enable better quality evaluation and research to improve services and practices

SCHOLARSHIP-PROJECT  (Created 03/02/2016)   A site for everyone involved in the Higher Education Funding Council for England catalyst funded project (2015-2018) on embedding scholarship in College Higher Education in England, administered by the Association of Colleges

EDAS  (Created 02/02/2016)   This is for staff who have a role in administering, promoting and supporting educational development activities, programmes and frameworks to share and benefit from each other.

LINGUISTICPOLITENESSRESEARCH  (Created 26/01/2016)   This is the mailing list for the Linguistic Politeness Research Group, a research group which focuses on developing new methods for analysis of politeness. <HTML> This is the mailing list for the Linguistic Politeness Research Group, a research group which focuses on developing new methods for analysis of politeness. </HTML>

GEOGRAPHY-ATHENA-SWAN  (Created 22/01/2016)   A network of support and information for academics and professional staff with an interest in or responsibility for gender equality, diversity and Athena SWAN activities in geography and related departments.

COSTNEWSPEAKERS  (Created 20/01/2016)   The mailing list is for members of the EU COST funded network New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe

HYDROCITIZENSHIPRAS  (Created 13/01/2016)   The RAs on the large AHRC Hydrocitizenship Project

TEL-SOUTH  (Created 13/01/2016)   This group exists as a community of practice for sharing knowledge and activities in eLearning and promoting technology enhanced learning initiatives to all healthcare organisations in Thames Valley & Wessex and the South West. Membership is comprised of representatives from NHS, HEI and affiliated organisations who have knowledge of, or an interest in eLearning development and implementation.

HELIX-MEDIAL-USER-GROUP  (Created 12/01/2016)   This list is to support the FE & HE community who use the Helix/Medial Media Library product within their institution. The aim of the list is to allow users to share good practice, ask questions and compare experiences of using the product.

PMHE  (Created 12/01/2016)   mailing list to enable practice-sharing amongst project managers working in the Higher Education sector

R-STATS-SOCIAL-SCIENCES  (Created 12/01/2016)   This group is for social scientists, at all stages of their career, who are leaning and/or would like to learn R Programming for statistical analysis.

ECPRSGPARTICIPATIONMOBILISATION  (Created 08/01/2016)   This is the official list of the ECPR Standing Group Participation and Mobilisation. It serves as one of the main communication channels of the Standing Group members. The list will be used to communicate activities organised by the Standing Group or the ECPR, as well as a means of communications among members in relation to research activities, publications or other pieces of information of general interest to the research community interested in topics relating to participation and mobilization. The Standing Group and this list is open to academics in any region of the world.

BUCSTAKEASTANDFOCUSFORUM  (Created 05/01/2016)   This list will be used to share best practice and discuss the tackling of anti-social behaviour in sport at university. BUCS will share insight and guidance from national partners and other organisations where relevant via this list.

UNI-GRAPHICDESIGN  (Created 17/12/2015)   This list aims to bring creative leaders of graphic design services at UK universities together to encourage creative collaboration, knowledge sharing and creative support.

VETUSLATINA  (Created 16/12/2015)   A mailing list for scholars and others interested in the textual history of the Latin Bible (Vetus Latina) to share information and news. Announcements of projects, publications and conferences are welcome. Questions and discussions will be entertained so long as they are on an appropriate topic and do not become repetitive, lengthy or depart from civilised discourse. Contributions may be in any language. The archive is visible to the public, but e-mail addresses can only be seen by registered members.

BEH-NET  (Created 15/12/2015)   The list aims at fostering the use of experimental methods and behavioural insights in health economics, policy, and management.

HEI-EATS-USER-GROUP  (Created 14/12/2015)   Group of HEIs using the Engage ATS E-Recruitment system

EARTHPUZZLE  (Created 11/12/2015)   This is a group of researchers, who united at the meeting at the Geological Society London at 11 November 2015. Many of these researchers are interested in coevolution of life and the physical environment through the Earth history and the Earth System Science approach.

HUMANREMAINSSSN  (Created 11/12/2015)   This list is for individuals responsible for managing human remains in UK universities & museums

VSSN-QUANTS  (Created 11/12/2015)   A mailing list for academics and researchers with a joint interest in quantitative research and data related to the voluntary sector.

WHE-SCHOLARLYCOMMS  (Created 10/12/2015)   A mailing list for Wales Higher Education Libraries Forum members and Welsh Research Office staff to discuss supporting researchers with scholarly communications including publishing research outputs, open access publishing, meeting UK funder and government requirements for open access, bibliometrics, publishing research data and more.

INTERACT-TRAINEES  (Created 09/12/2015)   The InterAcT (integrated academic clinical training) Trainees list is a forum where clinical academic trainees can discuss mutual problems with regards to combining clinical and academic training, grant writing, fellowship applications and research.

TECHFORYOUNGWORKFORCE  (Created 07/12/2015)   This group is for the sharing of information and best practice around ways in which technology can be used to support the development of Scotland's young workforce.

SVNWALES  (Created 04/12/2015)   Workers and Practitioners in Student Volunteering in Wales

WMRLTG  (Created 03/12/2015)   This Association for Learning Technology (ALT) members group is for anyone in the West Midlands region of the UK working or interested in learning technology.

CULTURAL-POLICY-IRELAND  (Created 02/12/2015)   Cultural Policy Observatory Ireland: an all island research network is aimed at growing, connecting and profiling academic research relating to cultural policy across the island of Ireland. It is a collective venture which will be of interest to those whose work explores the value, impact and functions of arts and cultural policies (both implicit and explicit) on the island of Ireland.

QMCRLE  (Created 02/12/2015)   The centre is interdisciplinary bringing together scholars of religion & literature in English interested in a range of periods and religious denominations from the medieval to the early twentieth century.

SBH-NETWORK  (Created 01/12/2015)   The Scottish Business History Network aims to support and connect those interested in business history, heritage and archives.

MSDP  (Created 27/11/2015)   This list is used by MSDP members to communicate and share ideas relevant to the region

OPENRESEARCHDATAFORUM  (Created 27/11/2015)   This list is used by members of the UK Research Data Forum to communicate with each other

PREVENTMONITOR-HEFCE  (Created 26/11/2015)   Used by HEFCE to communicate about the Prevent duty in the English HE sector. It is not a discussion list.

TURNINGTECHNOLOGIESUSERGROUP  (Created 26/11/2015)   A discussion forum for those individuals and institutions in Higher and Further Education who use Turning Technologies Clickers and ResponseWare. For teachers, administrators, Learning Technologists and IT staff.

MMUG  (Created 25/11/2015)   This is the mailing list for the two networks: 'Multilingualism & Mobility in the Northern & Southern Hemispheres' and 'Understanding Globalisation - Margins and Peripheries'. They are both funded by the Worldwide Universities Network.

INCLUSION  (Created 23/11/2015)   A list for academics and professional services staff interested in supporting inclusion, diversity, and equality in higher education. Open internationally.

PARTICIPATIONANDENGAGEMENT-ARTS  (Created 23/11/2015)   A group to spark and facilitate discussion on Participation and Engagement in the Arts and a place for members to share research.

SEANET  (Created 20/11/2015)   An interdisciplinary group of academics and practitioners interested in the seaside and its society, economy and politics.

UNIT4RESEARCH  (Created 20/11/2015)   Higher Education User Group for Unit4 Business World Research solution

DW-BI-IN-HE  (Created 19/11/2015)   This group is for those involved in the development of Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence interfaces within UK HE Institutions. It is intended to allow questions, discussions, trouble shooting and brainstorming and friendly support.

ADHFM  (Created 17/11/2015)   Mailing List for the IASFM Working Group for Archiving and Documentation of History of Forced Migration. The Working Group seeks to document and preserve original history of forced migration at both national and international levels. We would like to generate new partnerships and networking opportunities for developing forced migration archives and for helping with the creation of knowledge on, and the collection, documentation and preservation of forced migration history. We recognise that there is a needto work on how knowledge in the field of forced migration is created/ produced and maintained. Our aim for this Working Group, therefore, will be to bring together researcher, academics, librarians, archivists, activists, advocates (i.e.NGOs) who are either interested in the history of forced migration and related fields, or are interested in the care and preservation of the archival and library collections that help to preserve the often hidden voices of the migration journey. With a focus on networking on history of forced migration, we will also address the growing critique of the divide between experts and forced migrants themselves. We would like to take steps to ensure that the documentation of testimonies associated with the migration journey are actively preserved. <HTML> Mailing List for the IASFM Working Group for Archiving and Documentation of History of Forced Migration. The Working Group seeks to document and preserve original history of forced migration at both national and international levels. We would like to generate new partnerships and networking opportunities for developing forced migration archives and for helping with the creation of knowledge on, and the collection, documentation and preservation of forced migration history. We recognise that there is a needto work on how knowledge in the field of forced migration is created/ produced and maintained. Our aim for this Working Group, therefore, will be to bring together researcher, academics, librarians, archivists, activists, advocates (i.e.NGOs) who are either interested in the history of forced migration and related fields, or are interested in the care and preservation of the archival and library collections that help to preserve the often hidden voices of the migration journey. With a focus on networking on history of forced migration, we will also address the growing critique of the divide between experts and forced migrants themselves. We would like to take steps to ensure that the documentation of testimonies associated with the migration journey are actively preserved. </HTML>

SCULPTURALTHINKING  (Created 16/11/2015)   Sculptural Thinking is a mailing list which brings together research in practice and theory around the concept of sculptural thinking. This may include areas of research interest in sculptural practice, the history and theory of sculpture, curation and archiving. Themes include: sculpture and the archive, sculpture and materials, sculpture in public. The mailing list is also open to new forms and modes of sculptural thinking in research-creation.

STARTUP-NEWVENTURE-CREATION  (Created 16/11/2015)   "Start Up New Venture Creation" aims to link professionals in career advice, business support and lecturers supporting real start-ups by students and graduates and staff in exchanging good and best practice in support approaches as well as learning and teaching. The aim is to share information on workshops, conferences, new resources, books, successes, approaches in offering good start-up support, short exercises and discuss topics of mutual interest for entrepreneurship educators and business support providers within and outside of academia. It is not focused on research exchange or research related topics.

SKILLS-STAFFORDSHIRE-DATA-GROUP  (Created 12/11/2015)   To work with FE colleges, private training providers, Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce and the Stoke and Staffordshire local authorities to produce collective data that can be used to meet the priorities of Skills Staffordshire and its wider partnership.

LIS-ALMA-RESOURCE-SHARING  (Created 10/11/2015)   Informal U.K. based list for ALMA inter-library loan and document supply practitioners (private list for members only)

LONDON-NETWORKING  (Created 10/11/2015)   Seminars/job/event announcements for Researchers and Academia in SouthEast UK in the area of networks/systems/telecomms

GENDEREDINCLUSION  (Created 09/11/2015)   This is the list initiated through ESRC seminar series Gendered Inclusion in Contemporary Organizations. The aims of seminar and the group of scholars on this list is to critically explore the conditions, forms and circumstances of womenâ& 128;™s and menâ& 128;™s inclusion in organisations in order to generate a more complex account of contemporary experiences of workplace (in)equalities. The list will serve as a medium of communication for those involved in the seminars and those wanting to join the debate. The list will be used to exchange news, ideas, information on forthcoming events, relevant topics, general interaction and collaboration between participants and so on.

YORKANDHERITAGE  (Created 05/11/2015)   York and Heritage will act as a forum between academic researchers, practitioners working in the local authority, museums and heritage organizations and community history and heritage groups. Events can be shared through this list as well as discussion about emerging project ideas or issues of concern.

PROTOHASH  (Created 04/11/2015)   System development for sharing of MRI protocols and sequences between institutions.

BRIDGCE  (Created 03/11/2015)   We set up the bridgce UK network in 2013 to develop multi-disciplinary research in nuclear astrophysics across more than 10 UK institutes, see website for details: We now need a mailing list to improve communication across our network.

STFC-MSDC  (Created 03/11/2015)   Creating a harmonised national e-Infrastructure for STFC's data intensive science, facilitating the sharing nationally of resources and services

JISC-DOMAIN-REGISTRY  (Created 30/10/2015)   This list is used to make important service announcements with regard to registrars & owners of and domains.

LERNS  (Created 29/10/2015)   London Education Research Network for Social Justice (LERNS)

ARCHITECTURAL-RESEARCH-PRACTICE  (Created 28/10/2015)   The purpose of this list is to make announcements to the architectural research and practice community about conferences, symposia, events and publications relating to the study, practice, theory and history of architecture and architectural practice

DLPOLY  (Created 28/10/2015)   DL_POLY is a leading molecular dynamics code in UK developed at Daresbury Laboratory since 1992, with the first release in 1993. Currently at version 4.08 serves a large community of academic and industrial researchers. It is also a flagship code for ccp5 network.

BUCSWORKFORCEFOCUSFORUM  (Created 27/10/2015)   This list will be used to share best practice and discuss challenges in supporting workforce development in sport at university. BUCS will share insight and guidance from national partners and Sports Coach UK where relevant via this list.

FAIRCOMPARISONS  (Created 27/10/2015)   The purpose of this list is to support an international collaboration around effective education about fair comparisons of treatments. The group was formed at a workshop at the Cochrane Colloquium in Vienna in October 2015.

RACEINGEOGRAPHY  (Created 27/10/2015)   This mailing list is used by members of the RGS-IBG Working Group on Race, Culture and Equality for discussion, announcements and general updates.

DIGITALCOMICS  (Created 22/10/2015)   This list facilitates the discussion of research and scholarly activity in the field of digital comic studies.

LEARNERAUTONOMY  (Created 22/10/2015)   Conversations focusing on learner autonomy in Higher Education.

LIS-PUBLICHEALTH  (Created 22/10/2015)   This list is for UK knowledge, library and information professionals working in Public Health; to enable members to share knowledge, learning and experience.

PFHEA  (Created 22/10/2015)   This list is for Principal Fellows of the Higher Education Academy.

AMBITIOUSFUTURES2015-16  (Created 21/10/2015)   This list is used to communicate announcements and disseminate infromation amongst Ambitious Futures Graduate Trainees from the 2015-16 cohort

FOODGEOGRAPHIES  (Created 20/10/2015)   The aim of the Food Geographies Working Group is to bring together geographers who study all aspects of food, from across the breadth of geography's sub-disciplines, and to raise the profile of geography as a key voice in food related research, policy, knowledges and action. Twitter: @FoodGeog Email: foodgeographies [at]

HOFMI-EFMI  (Created 20/10/2015)   This mailing list is for researchers interested in and working in the area of human and organisational factors of medical informatics.

DIALS-COMMIT  (Created 16/10/2015)   Commit messages for the software repository at

EMOTIONANDCRIMINALJUSTICE  (Created 15/10/2015)   Our focus is on scholarly and research active that focuses on varying perspectives of emotion within the context of criminal justice.

ETHNOGRAPHY-HEALTH  (Created 14/10/2015)   This list is for researchers conducting or interested in ethnographic approaches to researching health (broadly defined). The list is to be used to share information on publications, projects, conferences, workshops etc, for discussion about relevant issues, and for general networking.

UUKCOP  (Created 14/10/2015)   Discussion forum for the members of the UUK Code of Practice

FLIP-NETWORK  (Created 12/10/2015)   A mailing list for FLIP members to communicate, share information and ideas and network.

INDUSTRIAL-HERITAGENW  (Created 12/10/2015)   Industrial Heritage North West group is for curators of Industrial Heritage to share best practise, promoting organisational resilience, public engagement and collections care.

POLLEVERYWHERE-USER-GROUP  (Created 09/10/2015)   This is an open mailing list for all educational users of Poll Everywhere to share ideas, ask questions and provide answers. It supports a UK HE/FE User Group.

BSA-STS  (Created 06/10/2015)   Email list for the British Sociology Association's Science and Technology Studies Study Group.

CIRCUSRESEARCHNETWORK  (Created 02/10/2015)   The Circus Research Network (Britain and Ireldand)exists to promote and facilitate research relationships between circus practitioners and researchers.

FARRHEALTHDATA  (Created 02/10/2015)   A list for discussing methodological issues surrounding the analysis of UK administrative health databases, hosted by the Farr Institute

DIGITALOSTEO  (Created 01/10/2015)   This mailing-list is for researchers to share issues encountered in digital osteology. It is the first step in establishing a working group to address these #issues. If common themes are identified recommendations for guidelines can be made. #All digital media forms should be considered not just 3D scanning/printing.

HPEMASTERS  (Created 28/09/2015)   Discussion list for international colleagues who lead and teach on postgraduate programmes in Health Professions Education.

BAM-GIMSIG  (Created 25/09/2015)   A Special Interest Group of the British Academy of Mangement. This 'Gender in Management Special Interest Group' is a dedicated network to keep up to date with current issues in the area of gender and management.

COLLABORATIVE-COMMUNITY-HOUSING  (Created 23/09/2015)   The seminars and associated announcement list draws attention to the way that collaborative and congregated housing can play a fundamental role in carbon reduction behaviour, green technology adoption, and community resilience. Moreover, we stress the need to conceptualise resilience not only in terms of physical engineering to mitigate or withstand hazards and shocks, but also as social organisational capacities that facilitate affordable access, social cohesion and mutual support across diverse demographic groups. For instance, the cohousing model draws attention to the co-constitution of shared space, collective self-governance and the sense of trust and belonging that accumulates over time through shared meals and collective endeavour. The cohousing approach is collaborative in that it actively embeds self-managed governance structures in the life of the community in a deliberate attempt to increase purposeful interaction between resident members to improve overall quality of life.

INM-PHYSICS-NEWS  (Created 23/09/2015)   This list is used for seminar and other announcements from the Institute of Nuclear Medicine Physics group at University College London

ZETOC  (Created 23/09/2015)   For all aspects of the Zetoc service providing access to the British Library's Electronic Table of Contents (ETOC). The service is hosted and supported by Mimas, The University of Manchester.

POL-MOD  (Created 21/09/2015)   A list for those developing and using computational models in the governance policy cycle

POLITICALSETTLEMENTS  (Created 21/09/2015)   The Political Settlements Research Group The term ‘political settlements’ can be understood in different ways. However, a useful working definition of a political settlement is: ‘the forging of a common understanding usually between political elites that their best interests or beliefs are served through acquiescence to a framework for administering political power’ (di John & Putzel 2009:4). This mailing list is for the use of researchers, policy-makers, academics and other interested individuals to engage others working on political settlements research, a forum to air ideas, debate, and share resources. This list is open to any interested individual or organisation. It is administered by PSRP at the Global Justice Academy at Edinburgh Law School.

SNAS  (Created 21/09/2015)   The Social Network Analysis in Scotland Group (SNAS) provides a forum to discuss projects, issues and ideas related to Social Network Analysis (SNA). It aims to bring together academic staff, postgraduate students and practitioners engaging with SNA across Scotland and beyond.

UNISCREEN-LONDON  (Created 21/09/2015)   A contact and discussion list for practitioners who teach Screenwriting at university level - London area group

ELIZABETHVONARNIM  (Created 16/09/2015)   List for discussion of the novelist Elizabeth von Arnim (1866-1941), following the 2015 conference at Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge.

SOFTWARE-DEVELOPMENT  (Created 16/09/2015)   This list is intended for those in education support that develop in house software. ideally this list will be used to discuss and share ideas relating to education support software, such as student record systems or virtual learning environments.

ANTHRO-DYINGANDBEREAVEMENT  (Created 15/09/2015)   Mailing list to support anthropological studies of death and bereavement. This list may be used to send announcements to list members (by list members) and to facilitate collaboration.

MATHSARCADE  (Created 14/09/2015)   A discussion list for those running or interested in setting up Maths Arcades and HEIs. The main purpose of this list is to share good practice between institutions.

MEDIEVAL-DOMINICANS  (Created 14/09/2015)   This academic mailing list is dedicated to circulating information related to the field of medieval Dominican studies, or information of interest to those studying medieval Dominicans (e.g. related to mendicants, preaching, etc.). Announcements might include calls for papers, notices of conferences, lectures, seminars, events, new books and so on. The mailing list could also be a forum for questions and discussion pertinent to the field, although if this proves very popular then the list might be divided into two lists, Announcements and Discussion.

UK-SSERVI-NODE  (Created 14/09/2015)   The UK is an affiliated member of the NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI). The UK-node is comprised of over 100 members, representing 16 Universities and other research-active organisations. Our main aims are to: 1) facilitate involvements for the UK community in future lunar missions. 2) help train the next generation of lunar scientists in the UK.

UKB-NEUROIMAGING  (Created 14/09/2015)   For researchers interested in UK Biobank brain imaging - acquisitions, data resources, analysis pipelines and imaging-derived measures of brain structure and function.

CASYORK  (Created 10/09/2015)   This will be a list for academics and teachers who are part of the CAS Regional Centre for Yorkshire and Humberside

CHME  (Created 09/09/2015)   Email list for the Council of Hospitality Management Education.

EUSPR-ECF  (Created 01/09/2015)   This list is used by the early career members of the European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR) to share information concerning prevention-related funding, job opportunities, upcoming conferences and publications. For further information, please visit

LIS-ACCESSIBILITY  (Created 01/09/2015)   This is a list for anybody who is involved in the procurement and creation of accessible material formats in an educational environment.

TEACHING-LEARNING-EXCHANGE  (Created 28/08/2015)   Teaching and Learning Exchange is a list announcing Exchange workshops, conferences and seminars. <HTML> Teaching and Learning Exchange is a list announcing Exchange workshops, conferences and seminars. </HTML>

HAND-SURGERY-EVIDENCE-UPDATES  (Created 26/08/2015)   This list is used by the Centre for Evidence Based Hand Surgery in the Orthopaedics and Trauma Group at the University of Nottingham to provide a monthly e-mail update on new evidence-based resources relevant to hand surgery, with an emphasis on guidelines and systematic reviews.

TRANSFORMINGCHILDHOODS  (Created 25/08/2015)   Transforming Childhoods is an interdisciplinary research network that aims to explore children's lives in context and build connections between young people and society.

INFOLAWPOLICY  (Created 20/08/2015)   Information law and policy research and practice: discussion and announcements. This list communicates and support the work of scholars and practitioners specialising in information law and policy, including legal topics such as data protection, freedom of information, defamation, intellectual property and misuse of private information. Broader themes of interest include access to information and digital information sharing and communication. This mailing list is unmoderated and content reflects the views of those who post to the list and not of any organisation. The archives are available to view online by registered members of the list. Any messages posted to the list are subject to the JISCMail acceptable use policy, which states that users should avoid engaging in unreasonable behaviour, or disrupting the general flow of discussion on a list.

MICE-SC-MAGNETS  (Created 20/08/2015)   List to disseminate information regarding the superconducting magnets that make up the MICE channel.

SCOTTISHPEERSUPPORTNETWORK  (Created 19/08/2015)   A place where HE/FE Institutions can come to together and share their ideas, resources and experiences of peer learning and support across Scotland

AUA-HEINFE  (Created 14/08/2015)   This network is designed to benefit colleagues whose roles focus on HE within FE and mixed-economy colleges. It is intended to promote links between colleagues nationally, raising awareness of the professional network that surrounds them and can support them. It is intended to provide a forum that allows practitioners of HE in FE to raise issues and queries with their peers, to share best practice, to produce guidance and training that is focused on their specific needs and a voice to ensure that this section of our profession is actively represented and engages with national developments.

RTUK  (Created 14/08/2015)   This lists facilitates discussion between UK scientists interested in radiative transfer.

BSA-ASF-DISCUSS  (Created 13/08/2015)   Discussion list organised by the British Sociological Association Activism in Sociology Forum. For the forum's announcements list visit: BSA-ACTIVISM-IN-SOCIOLOGY-FORUM

ASSISTIVE-TECHNOLOGY  (Created 12/08/2015)   The Assistive Technology group, a practitioner led group aims to support practitioners in developing and embedding assistive technology for students in FE and HE.

HISTORICALTHESAURUS  (Created 07/08/2015)   This is a list for news, announcements, and updates for scholars using the Historical Thesaurus of English for research (

UKWCA  (Created 07/08/2015)   This list is used by UKWCA members to share information about writing developments in the UK, conferences and events and to share ideas for best practice.

GECIP-INVOLVE  (Created 06/08/2015)   UK academics working on the 100K Genomes Project, Implementation Partnership Group on 'Patient involvement and experience'.

BAAL-LKALE  (Created 05/08/2015)   Mailing list for members of the BAAL Linguistics and Knowledge about Language in Education (LKALE)special interest group.

ORCID-UK  (Created 04/08/2015)   Discussion list for the Jisc ORCID UK membership consortium

RAISE  (Created 03/08/2015)   This serves a key purposes of Researching, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement: enable networking, and sharing practice and dialogue

UOL-SRM  (Created 03/08/2015)   This list is used to make announcements about issues, events, discussions and debates relating to Security and Risk Management.

ACCESSIBLEBYDESIGN  (Created 31/07/2015)   The purpose of this list is for anyone interested in the competition Accessible by Design to be run via the Jisc elevator

UX-RPI  (Created 31/07/2015)   The UXRPI (User eXperience Research Practice Interaction) mailing list is intended for academics and practitioners to explore connections between professional UX and Design, and academic HCI research.

IARG  (Created 30/07/2015)   This list is for scholars researching religion and gender and linked to the International Association for the study of Religion & Gender

BSA-EMOTIONS-STUDY-GROUP  (Created 29/07/2015)   This group aims to encourage research into the social aspects of emotions. It will connect scholars working on emotions, facilitating the exchange of ideas and information The list will also be used to organise and inform members of events.

LANGUAGEFUTURES  (Created 28/07/2015)   This list would be an email forum for teaching practitioners and researchers involved in the Language Futures project.

LIS-COLLECTION-MGMT  (Created 28/07/2015)   A forum for the discussion of all issues related to the management of library collections.