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STEM-EDUCATION  (Created 29/09/2022)   A list for graduates / researchers / organisations supporting STEAM / STEM / Education and the streams in these sectors (teaching, careers, policy etc) From early years/first years right upto KS4, from around the world.

TRANSFORMATIVERESEARCH  (Created 23/09/2022)   Transformative, participatory & arts-based research approaches & methods

EUSN  (Created 22/09/2022)   To exchange news about conferences and workshops organised by academics in the field of social network analysis in the UK and Europe.

ECOREPRO  (Created 16/09/2022)   This listserv is for circulating information on the following themes: Reproduction and the environment Environmental crises and kinship Sexual and reproductive rights, health and justice and how this intersects with climate change and the environment. Environmental reproductive justice Multispecies kinship

BLE-LDAWG  (Created 14/09/2022)   This list is used by staff based in London HE institutions to make announcements, arrange meetings and discuss matters relating to digital accessibility

LIBYANEPIGRAPHY  (Created 14/09/2022)   The Libyan Epigraphy Research Network is a community of researchers and heritage professionals with an interest in the inscriptions of the ancient provinces that overlap with the area of modern Libya.

BENEFIT-RISK-NIHR  (Created 13/09/2022)   List for the benefit-risk working group underneath the NIHR Statistics Group. For the purpose of distributing information about benefit-risk use in clinical trials.

MECCSA-PRACTICE-NETWORK  (Created 13/09/2022)   The MeCCSA Practice Network champions practice within the Media Communications and Cultural Studies Association, and supports events at which media practice is presented, particularly those in which the contexts of practice research, practice pedagogy and professional practice are foregrounded.

UCLCTS  (Created 12/09/2022)   This is for those with an interest in transport and mobility to share UCL transport-related events and publications.

SCOTTISH-HE-PARTNERSHIPS  (Created 06/09/2022)   This list is designed to facilitate discussion and sharing of best practice for partnerships practitioners in Scottish Higher Education. This includes (but is not limited to) processes, governance, security and risk management and mitigation

HUMANRESOURCES-HE  (Created 05/09/2022)   The purpose of this group is for all HR Professionals working in Universities to come together, to share best practice, for knowledge exchange and to have a place where they can ask any questions!

PEERLEARNINGANDSUPPORT  (Created 05/09/2022)   This list is for those interested in this most interesting and exciting aspect of student experience: student to student peer led academic learning.

SUBFOSSIL-CHIRONOMIDS  (Created 02/09/2022)   This list is for subfossil chironomid researchers to exchange information. This can include sharing events and asking for help with identification. It can be used by researchers at all career stages, including students. Other ways to stay in touch with the community: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/439210788175361/ Whatsapp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/FuilithzrYjHfxWzfVkZOB Online seminar planning: https://tinyurl.com/47hcyjww Online seminar mailing list: https://tinyurl.com/2p8v8e59 Online list of identification keys: https://tinyurl.com/vxu22pdj <HTML> This list is for subfossil chironomid researchers to exchange information. This can include sharing events and asking for help with identification. It can be used by researchers at all career stages, including students. Other ways to stay in touch with the community: <a href="https://www.facebook.com/groups/439210788175361/">a Facebook page</a>, <a href="https://chat.whatsapp.com/FuilithzrYjHfxWzfVkZOB">a Whatsapp group</a>, <a href="https://tinyurl.com/47hcyjww">an online seminar planning</a>, <a href="https://tinyurl.com/2p8v8e59">the seminar sign-up list</a>, <a href="https://tinyurl.com/vxu22pdj">an online list of identification keys</a>. </HTML> </HTML>

AHRC-RESEARCH-ETHICS  (Created 30/08/2022)   Ethically complex work in SHAPE disciplines is at risk of either not going ahead, or not being supported. This Network of researchers, University Ethics Committee (UEC) members and non-academic beneficiaries will develop ways in which ethics frameworks and processes can support challenging work in SHAPE disciplines.

WEIMARFILMNETWORK  (Created 26/08/2022)   A mailing list for all those interested in Weimar Film and its academic discussion.

GCSR  (Created 19/08/2022)   Global Consortium for Systems Research (GCSR) — We study, predict, and guide systems change for the better. We are an inclusive global community and anyone can become an Associate Member for free by signing up for the GCSR List on JISCMail. This is an e-mail forum for non-moderated educational and research discussions. GCSR was convened following the 2013 symposium at The Royal Society: Global Integrated Assessment: Making Sense of Complexity in an Interdependent World. GCSR is currently hosted at the Sustainable Innovation Think Tank (SITT) at Unbuilt Labs. To learn more about GCSR, including our Working Groups and our 2022-2023 10th Anniversary Strategic Plan, please visit: https://unbuiltlabs.com/gcsr

PS-RESEARCH  (Created 19/08/2022)   Research Staff within the School for Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences.

GRADESCOPE-USERS  (Created 15/08/2022)   For staff using Gradescope

MATHSONICE  (Created 15/08/2022)   Maths on Ice are monthly online seminars on research in Mathematical Glaciology.

GCEBB  (Created 10/08/2022)   The GCEbb mailing list is for discussions to promote the successful use of genetic code expansion (GCE) technologies in research and teaching.

PECS  (Created 08/08/2022)   For anyone interested in science communication / public engagement with science within the field of Computer Science and ICT, with a focus on research. See also https://www.ukri.org/opportunity/public-engagement-for-information-and-communication-technologies, http://www.ukri.org/opportunity/public-engagement-for-information-and-communication-technologies

ENPOWERWOMENLEADERSINHE  (Created 29/07/2022)   This list is to going to be for key stakeholders interested in Women Leaders in HE so women leaders, aspiring women leaders, leaders and managers in HE (all genders) and the wider HE community of academics. It is related to the The EnPOWER project which aims to address the gender imbalance in leadership roles in the Higher Education sector in through activities such as an international Community of Practice and networking by challenging cultures of inequality and generating new ways of working that create, support and enable career pathways for women leaders.

NEURODIVERGENCEINCRIMINALJUSTICE  (Created 26/07/2022)   International network of researchers, practitioners & community members addressing challenges faced by neurodivergent people in the criminal justice system

CRIT-CYBER  (Created 22/07/2022)   This list is intended to be a space where those interested in pursuing 'critical' approaches to cybersecurity to connect and share information, events, and ideas.

ETHICS-IN-LINGUISTICS  (Created 22/07/2022)   Recognising that the evolution toward shared ethical standards goes through mutual awareness of the constraints faced and the practices adopted by linguists of all stripes, this list aims to create an intellectual space where linguists trained in different disciplinary and national academic traditions can share their experiences in order to (i) raise awareness about the ethical challenges inherent in every stage of the research cycle and (ii) allow answers to these challenges to emerge organically from discussion within the field.

WOS-UK-EDUCATION  (Created 22/07/2022)   For all aspects of the 'Web of Science Service for UK Education' provided by Clarivate

ALT-ARLTSIG  (Created 19/07/2022)   ALT-ARLTSIG is a list for Members of the Association for Learning Technology Anti-Racism and Learning Technology Special Interest Group.

BION-HUMANITIES  (Created 19/07/2022)   This group is for researchers and students engaged with the work of the British psychoanalyst, Wilfred Bion (1897-1979), within the humanities (including, but not restricted to: literature, literary criticism, creative writing, film studies, coaching, pedagogy, psychology, social theory, critical theory).

DRAMAHE  (Created 18/07/2022)   DramaHE is the major UK organisation of Drama (and equivalents, eg. Theatre, Performance) in Higher and Further Education. Subscription to the List is open to members and other interested parties.

TPACK  (Created 18/07/2022)   An informal space to explore how to support those engaged with all forms of digital learning and teaching in HE & FE. Discussion topics and advise on supporting colleagues develop their digital teaching practices. A community space to share ideas, research and innovative practice aimed at developing digital pedagogical and technological expertise.

PLANTNURSERYHISTORY  (Created 15/07/2022)   The list will develop dialogue between researchers from diverse settings #and backgrounds, stimulate interest in this under-researched but important area of garden and landscape history, and provide a base from which seminars, conferences and joint publications can be developed.

EVALUATIONCOLLECTIVE  (Created 13/07/2022)   This mailing list is associated with Evaluation Collective community of practice in higher education.

MIDLANDSDESIGN  (Created 12/07/2022)   The creation of a community of design academics, researchers, practitioners, stakeholders, and policy makers, working together in support of a vibrant design economy in the Midlands.

SHITOLOGY  (Created 12/07/2022)   List designed to foster inter-connectivity between research communities dealing with excrement. Propaideutic to SOAS Excrement Conference, October 2023 [School of Oriental and African Studies]. Includes group construction of relevant bibliographies / videographies.

UNCWALES  (Created 12/07/2022)   List for researchers interested in unconventional and natural computation. #For those either based in Wales, or with links to research based in Wales.

MRNETWORK  (Created 11/07/2022)   The list is to enable us to communicate relevant new information, publications and conferences related to addressing anxiety, resilience and safety in the context of learning and teaching mathematics in all sectors.

DIVERSITY-OFFICERS-NETWORK  (Created 08/07/2022)   A mailing list for diversity officers and people working in EDI roles. The list can be used to network, share best practice, support each other, advertise opportunities and training and ask questions.

SCCS  (Created 07/07/2022)   The Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies embodies the very best of the cultural studies tradition. It is committed to interdisciplinarity in the study of new cultural formations within and beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries. The Centre encompasses expertise from many disciplines including: Media, Sociology, English, History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Film Studies and has established its reputation both nationally and internationally.

BISA-SEEWG  (Created 30/06/2022)   The BISA South East Europe working group was established in 2002. We provide a space for debate and research on issues related to the political, economic, and social transformations of the region, broadly understood as covering areas of former Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, and Moldova.

LIGHTHOUSEPOLICYGROUP  (Created 28/06/2022)   The Lighthouse Policy Group www.lighthousepolicygroup.net is an informal and independent network to support those who work in the role of Executive Officer to the Vice-Chancellor / Policy Adviser or similar with the purpose of sharing knowledge, best practice, mutual concerns and the challenges of the role which mainly operates as a team of one within our respective institutions. The Group is open to all irrespective of Mission Group.

GENDER-INCLUSIVE-LANGUAGE  (Created 14/06/2022)   Mailing list for the research network "gender-inclusive language"

AI4SD  (Created 10/06/2022)   This email list will support the EPSRC Network+ in AI 4 Scientific Discovery www.ai4science.network

HOLOCAUSTRESEARCHINSTITUTE  (Created 10/06/2022)   This list is to inform users about the HRI's upcoming activities.

TECHNICALHEALING  (Created 07/06/2022)   A mental health podcast produced from the University of Bristol. The mailing list will provide news and updates to university students, staff and any other listeners.

ACCESSIBLE-MATHS  (Created 31/05/2022)   The Jisc Accessibility Community maths working group aims to collate useful research and practices for the HE sector. This list will help us to share, research and promote accessible maths workflows. You can find us on Github as A11ymaths.

LOVE-ETHICS  (Created 31/05/2022)   Drawing from bell hooks's concept of a love ethic, this list connects social researchers and practitioners who are currently engaged or interested in thinking and making with love. The list follows on from a workshop on love ethics, held in Sheffield in May 2022.

EYCONPROJECT  (Created 30/05/2022)   The Early Conflict Photography 1890-1918 and Visual AI (EyCon) project aims at harnessing AI-reliant tools to analyse a large corpus of photographs, to create an open-access database. The project is partnering with a network of archival institutions in France and in the UK. The project is co-funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council/Labex Passés dans le Présent joint grant in a partnership with a Université de Paris Idex “chaire environnée”.

AAKTP-GROUP  (Created 27/05/2022)   To share best practice in running and administrating Africa AgriFood Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

ISBARCH  (Created 27/05/2022)   The list is used by the International Society for Biomolecular Archaeology (ISBA) to make announcements of upcoming events, jobs openings, opportunities, and share relevant updates of the society to the research community. Website: www.isbarch.org.

PETRAINERSNETWORK  (Created 27/05/2022)   The Science Communication and Public Engagement (PE) Trainers’ network is a new open and supportive group for anyone involved in PE training - whether you develop, deliver or commission training, all are welcome. Our aim is to develop a community of practice to share learning, problem solve together and build a collective evidence base to support the development of PE training.

PLANTATIONS  (Created 27/05/2022)   This working group: “Plantations: Political ecologies of extraction and resistance” aims to: Examine historical and contemporary perspectives on the ‘plantation’ and its processes of subsuming social and ecological relations into capitalist regimes through the appropriation of cheap natures, and the multiple and differentiated effects of these processes. #Examine how plantation logics (of erasure, replacement, simplification, extraction, and exploitation) shape and reshape social and ecological relations beyond the boundaries of #plantations through global markets and technologies, and resistance to these logics. Explore processes of resistance to plantations and examine possibilities for convivial and reparative futures. Draw together researchers, organisations, and frontline communities from across the world into interdisciplinary conversations on plantations in different geographical contexts.

ACHSUKCHAPTER  (Created 25/05/2022)   Association of Critical Heritage Studies UK Chapter achsukchapter is a discussion list for academic and industry researchers with a link to the UK investigating all aspects of heritage, tourism, museum and cultural/natural management. This list is a forum for sharing experiences and exchanging information.

UOBNEUROPSYCHOLOGYSUPERVISORS  (Created 25/05/2022)   To send relevant course updates and information to clinical supervisors supporting candidates on the University of Bristol Neuropsychology Practice Programmes.

I-J-INTL  (Created 18/05/2022)   Rather than being confined to public administration, legal definitions and descriptions of socio-economic conditions as they are manifest in a specific moment in time, the uncovered revelations of "social harm" and heinous practices will go beyond empirical declarations to explain why whether it be good or bad society and/or the economic environment has come to be in the condition that it is. Genocide, war, class, gender, social exclusion, (institutional) discrimination and racism, migration, (social) media influence and public perception/actions are prominent aspects of our dissemination process in a dedicated opposition to (anti-)social injustice.

SLT  (Created 18/05/2022)   This list will provide a space for academics and practitioners in higher education to connect and share resources, ideas, best practices and innovations in the area of sustainability in learning and teaching.

HE-BUSINESS-INTELLIGENCE  (Created 12/05/2022)   This list is to provide a discussion forum for BI, data modelling and analysis queries in HE

CCAP-LHARA-EB  (Created 11/05/2022)   The list will be used for communication among the Executive Board of the LhARA collaboration. This is a Sub-List of CCAP-LHARA.

RCHG  (Created 03/05/2022)   A list for members of the religion, collections and heritage group, which is dedicated to the care and interpretation of religious collections in museums, places of worship, faith organisations, schools and elsewhere.

CIALIGN-UPDATES  (Created 02/05/2022)   This list is used to share updates on the software tool CIAlign, used to clean, interpret and visualise multiple sequence alignments.

UK-CSR  (Created 02/05/2022)   The list will serve the purpose of allowing communication among members of the UK Consortium on Sustainability Research, with information on research opportunities, grants, publications and events.

BIRMAC  (Created 01/05/2022)   This mailing list is for Birkbeck's Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Media and Culture. BIRMAC. We will be announcing events and sharing resources with academic staff, students, and arts and media practitioners. Members of the list will also be encouraged to ask questions relating to BIRMAC's research topics and share information of their own that ties into the research centre's agenda.

CCAP-LHARA-OUTREACH-INVOLVEMENT  (Created 01/05/2022)   List to communicate outreach and engagement activities for the LhARA collaboration. This is a sub-list of CCAP-LHARA.

UNIVERSITY-ART-COLLECTIONS  (Created 01/05/2022)   This list is for a new network of University Art Collections in the UK managed by the Digital Curation Lab at the University of Salford and may include members from institutions outside the UK involved in collecting art from the UK.

ANTICIPATIONCONF  (Created 29/04/2022)   This list is for the dissemination and communication of updates about the Anticipation Conference series, and related Anticipation Studies events.

RESEARCHIMPACTESN  (Created 14/04/2022)   The Research Impact Engagement and Support Network brings together research management working on research impact across the UK.

QUERCUS-SAAS-USERS  (Created 13/04/2022)   This group is for users of Ellucian Quercus who have a SaaS licence.

DECOLONIAL-TERRORISM-STUDIES  (Created 12/04/2022)   I recently organized a webinar series titled ‘Non-Western Perspectives on Terrorism Industry’, which was quite successful, and I received quite a few people asked me to set up an emailing list/network. The aim of the list/network is to allow members from different parts of the world to share/discuss ideas pertaining to decolonisation/decoloniality and the terrorism industry, share their publications, and share information about research funding and webinars/workshops/conferences.

ECRAN  (Created 11/04/2022)   The Early Career Researcher Autism Network (ECRAN) is an international professional development network. ECRAN supports early career researchers, clinicians, industry and members of the autism community in autism research. ECRAN aims to promote change in autism research culture and practice by training the next generation of autism researchers in collaboration with the autism community.

OPENSOTL  (Created 11/04/2022)   This is the mailing list for authors, reviewers, and readers of the journal. We will keep you updated with calls for review, calls for contributions, latest publications, and calls for special editions.

OSNW  (Created 11/04/2022)   This is the mailing list for the Open SoTL Network. A network that supports everyone who is interested in undertaking or already involved in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

DARG-LBORO  (Created 08/04/2022)   An announcement list for Loughborough's Discourse and Rhetoric Group, serving up weekly data sessions and other delights since 1987.

DARG-SESSIONS  (Created 08/04/2022)   This is a local list for DARG at Loughborough. You can email dargcoordinator@lboro.ac.uk if you think you should be on this list.

CLINICAL-SKILLS-SUSTAINABILITY  (Created 05/04/2022)   A platform to share good practice and ideas related sustainability and planetary health, in the clinical skills teaching environment.

HIGHRESMIP-WG  (Created 31/03/2022)   High Resolution (HighResMIP) is a Coupled Model Intercomparison (CMIP6) endorsed project. This working group will develop ideas for the next round of climate simulation and analysis for the community.

CYCLINGANDTRAUMA  (Created 30/03/2022)   This list supports networking, discussion and knowledge sharing for academic purposes in the subject of Cycling and Trauma.

SONICREBELLIONS  (Created 30/03/2022)   Sonic Rebellions, May 2022 asks 'what is the relationship between sound and social justice?' This list is for staying up to date with further developments.

HDCAEARLYCAREER  (Created 22/03/2022)   Welcome to the HDCA's Early Career Researchers and Practitioners Network (ECRPN) Listserv. Our network aims to facilitate a HDCA community that supports early career members in their research and transition from their stage as a student towards a professional phase of their career, and to also foster exchange and integrate practitioner’s knowledge and experience.

HETEACHINGNETWORK  (Created 18/03/2022)   <HTML> A mailing list to support an informal network of colleagues interested in Teaching and Learning at UK Higher Education Institutions (and beyond!). This may include Teaching Focussed staff - from post graduate tutor through to Prof!! - all at every level are really welcome 🙂 (Teaching Focussed is a catch all term to cover all contract types that are not Teaching and Research e.g. Teaching and Scholarship, Education and Scholarship, Teaching Only, Teaching Focussed). In addition, Teaching and Research staff and all of the many colleagues who are third sector professionals supporting teaching development are welcome too. This is a space to share good practice, helpful tips, scholarship activism, information about publications, webinars, conferences and more, and for conversation and network building. </HTML>

CHIME-DISCUSS  (Created 16/03/2022)   This list is used by CHIME (the EPSRC Music and HCI Network) to discuss ideas and plan events, workshops and other network activities.

RELIGION-HEALTH-HUMANITIES  (Created 11/03/2022)   This list is used by the leadership team and all others interested in the Religion, Health, and Humanities Researchers network to make announcements, share ideas, make introductions, and communicate relevant information. It is intended to foster connections and celebrate accomplishments among like-minded researchers, clinicians, and scholars.

ARTSINPHARMACY  (Created 10/03/2022)   Welcome to the International Arts in Pharmacy Special Interest Group. We are a diverse group of researchers, practitioners, educators, students, patients, carers, and others interested to imbed creative thinking and the arts into pharmacy. Artists and creative practitioners are also very welcome. We hold online events to share experiences of research and practice to develop arts in pharmacy, for example social prescribing. This list will be used to share details of seminars, conferences, publications, and other relevant events. You can post to this list by sending an email to ARTSINPHARMACY@JISCMAIL.AC.UK Join us to start the Arts in Pharmacy global movement. Warm wishes from Dr Ranjita Dhital (r.dhital@ucl.ac.uk)

CCAP-LHARA  (Created 09/03/2022)   List will be used for communication among the LhARA collaboration members. The LhARA collaboration is working to deliver the concept of the laser-hybrid accelerator that will serve the Ion Therapy Research Facility. This super list posts to the following sub-lists: CCAP-LHARA-OUTREACH-INVOLVEMENT, CCAP- LHARA-EB.

INCJ-DISCUSSION  (Created 07/03/2022)   This list will facilitate discussion between practitioners, researchers and policymakers in the international field of criminal justice practice.

WAMS  (Created 25/02/2022)   List for discussion of the Simitive WAMS (Workload Allocation Modelling System) product among academic, administrative and technical stakeholders in the sector and with appropriate representative of Simitive should they wish to participate.

METHODS-GENE-REG  (Created 10/02/2022)   This list nucleates from former participants to a series of conferences organised by the Institute of Physics Biological Physics Group on Quantitative Methods in Gene Regulation.

UEAGLIDER  (Created 07/02/2022)   The UEA Glider Group is based in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia. We own and operate a fleet of ten UW/iRobot/Kongsberg/Hydroid underwater gliders.

LILA-DISCUSSION  (Created 04/02/2022)   Discussion list for staff and researchers working in small libraries/archives within larger organisations to promote sharing skills, knowledge and resources and to increase knowledge of the collections held by their respective institutions.

IRIS-SWG  (Created 03/02/2022)   List to facilitate discussions and communications relating to strategy development for the IRIS project.

LIS-UKFUNNEL  (Created 03/02/2022)   This is a list for those who use the UK Funnel to NACO as a way of contributing authority records to The LCC Name Authority File.

ABERDEEN-NLG  (Created 02/02/2022)   Announcements for a reading group on Natural Language Generation and NLP more generally, run by the Aberdeen Uni NLG research group.

CHEMSH-ANNOUNCE  (Created 01/02/2022)   Announcements relating to the ChemShell computational chemistry software. This is a low traffic list for news including releases and training.

NODEEXCHANGE  (Created 27/01/2022)   The list brings together social sciences, arts and humanities academics from the UK and Japan to develop new knowledge and insight about migration-driven socio-demographic change.

THECPG  (Created 27/01/2022)   We encourage members to post their latest research, start new discussion topics on aspects related to petrographic and more broadly ceramic analysis, and advertise opportunities for job and collaboration.

IRESH  (Created 24/01/2022)   This list is for the Interdisciplinary Research in Sexual Health (IReSH) network in Scotland. It is used to make announcements about IReSH events, events organised by members, job postings, PhD adverts, and other relevant posts.

PARACCENGUK  (Created 21/01/2022)   Announcements related to engineering of particle accelerators in the UK.

GOAL  (Created 18/01/2022)   GOAL is dedicated to the discussion of Open Access practice and policy-making by the worldwide research community (in no order: researchers, librarians, universities, research institutions, research funding agencies, governmental research policy-makers and commercial entities) with the aim of enabling concrete, practical steps to be taken to achieve Open Access.

SCOTHELD  (Created 18/01/2022)   The email network for members of ScotHELD, Scotland's network for Learning Developers in Higher Education.

HYBRIDTANDLINHE  (Created 17/01/2022)   A mail list for supporting discussions about developments of Hybrid Teaching and Learning in HE and information sharing.

MISC-IGHD  (Created 17/01/2022)   The MISC-IGHD list will make announcements to academics, policy makers and organisations with an interest in refugee integration, wellbeing and social connections.

ECONOMIC-ENCHANTMENTS  (Created 13/01/2022)   We're a network of scholars who seek to develop enchantment as an organizing theme in historical studies of capitalism. We provide a platform for those interested in the historical role of enchantment as a tool, structure, or foundation for the organisation and development of modern markets, economic institutions, and economic relationships.

LIS-UX-AND-SPACES  (Created 12/01/2022)   Discussion of user experience and creating and managing inspiring spaces in HE libraries.

SCOTRSE  (Created 12/01/2022)   A list for Scottish Research Software Engineers.

LZ-VO-SUPPORT  (Created 20/12/2021)   The list is for administrators of LZ VO (LUXZEPLIN experiment Virtual organisation). The LZ VO voms server is hosted by GridPP (Grid for Particle Physics);https://voms.gridpp.ac.uk:8443/voms/lz/voms/lz/.

PHOTOPLETHYSMOGRAPHY  (Created 17/12/2021)   This list provides timely announcements of events, resources, opportunities, and information relating to photoplethysmography. The announcements will be of interest to a wide audience, including academic researchers, engineers in industry, and clinicians.

HERITAGE-IP-NETWORK  (Created 07/12/2021)   The Museums Copyright Group was formed in 1996 to answer an increasing number of concerns about copyright expressed by professionals working in the museums and galleries community. The Group now has members representing museums, galleries, archives and libraries including national and regional institutions, and those attached to universities and local authorities.

CCPNTH  (Created 03/12/2021)   Collaborative Computational Project in Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics (CCP-NTH) develops a strong collaborative community in nuclear thermal hydraulics, to support a community of researchers and engineers to develop and maintain computational methods and software packages to modernise the nuclear thermal hydraulics tools to meet the demands imposed through the development of advanced next-generation nuclear reactor systems.

CHIME  (Created 03/12/2021)   This is for use by the CHIME EPSRC network in Music and Human Computer Interaction to make announcement to the research community about events, workshops, conferences and seminars etc.

PASTSCENT  (Created 29/11/2021)   A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of new publications, events, CFPs, and questions relating to smell and the past. The list is intended to be a space where the growing number of scholars interested in smell and the past across all disciplines (including the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences) can network and share research.

DRONE-USE-AND-MANAGEMENT  (Created 26/11/2021)   A list for Operations Managers and users of drone systems in HE & FE to discuss CAA policies and institutional responses. The list will also consider increasing needs, challenges and demands associated with facilitating and developing professional practise using drones across disciplines.

ISMMS  (Created 19/11/2021)   This list is for members of the International Society for Metal Music Studies to make announcements, share information, and connect with one another. General research queries are welcome. We encourage all users to treat each other with respect, and hate speech and discrimination will not be tolerated.

EXCALIBUR-KE-ANNOUNCE  (Created 17/11/2021)   Information of interest to the wider community of Excalibur KE events

GENDER-DEVIANCE-SOCIETY  (Created 12/11/2021)   This list is to discuss issues related to the Gender Deviance and Society Research Group of the University of Greenwich and related matters.

THOROTON-RESEARCH  (Created 12/11/2021)   List for those actively engaged in research relating to the history and archaeology of Nottinghamshire.

MEDITERRANEAN-BOWED-INSTRUMENTS  (Created 10/11/2021)   A discussion list for the history and development of bowed musical instruments in the Mediterranean - but also extending to other geographical areas.

EARTHSYSTEMSCIENCE  (Created 09/11/2021)   Announcement and discussion list for the UK Earth System Science group, which is a constituted scientific interest group of the Geological Society of London, but comprises interested students, academics and individuals from other learned societies, industry and academia.

FLONG  (Created 08/11/2021)   This list is for all who are interested in flongs, paper moulds used to stereotype formes in 20th century printing.

GRAPHIC-DESIGN-HISTORIES  (Created 05/11/2021)   This list is dedicated for debates and information on graphic design and visual communication related topics, in particular with focus on histories and bringing more inclusive perspectives to graphic design histories we write, we teach and/or create. This list is mainly a space created for graphic design/visual communication historians, but which also welcomes educators and practitioners interested in expanding their references.

ICS-ANNOUNCE  (Created 05/11/2021)   This list is used to inform the Classics community (in its widest sense) and others interested in the field about events and initiatives organised or facilitated by the Institute of Classical Studies.

DIGISKILLSFORQUALI  (Created 04/11/2021)   The list supports a collaboration to develop commons licensed materials to foster advanced digital skills for students and researchers and to manage a project to create a Qualitative Data Carpentry Course to supplement the existing quantitative offerings of the Software Carpentry community.

ENVIR-SOC-LIST  (Created 03/11/2021)   This is the official mailing list for the Sociological Association of Ireland study group for Environment & Society

CJP  (Created 13/10/2021)   Provide better understanding of mental health needs within custodial environments and welcome contributions that investigate these matters

WASTEPOLLUTIONTOXICS  (Created 04/10/2021)   This is the Waste, Pollution, and Toxicities Working Group: an interdisciplinary and international network which aims to foster critical research into pollution, waste, and toxicities broadly defined.

IMPERIALFLUIDSSEMINAR  (Created 24/09/2021)   This is the mailing list for the Fluid Dynamics Seminar in the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London.

FE-PUBLICSERVICES-SPORT  (Created 17/09/2021)   A dedicated mailing list for practitioners and support staff delivering (or supporting the delivery of) Public Services subjects (and also by close association Sport subjects) in UK Further Education using traditional, digital, blended and remote methods. Use the list to discuss, collaborate, ask questions, share successes & best practice and generally engage with sector peers. Share and find learning resources to support teaching of Public Services and Sport curricula in FE.

AFTA  (Created 16/09/2021)   This mailing list is primarily for members of the African Theatre Association, but non-members who are interested in news and information about African theatre and performance are welcomed.

CHOL  (Created 13/09/2021)   for those involved in collecting and documenting community history on an online platform

FUTURE-BLOOD-TESTING  (Created 13/09/2021)   This is the official mailing list for the EPSRC Future blood testing for inclusive monitoring and personalised analytics Network

PRISEC-ML  (Created 13/09/2021)   Announcements of Open Research Seminars

DESIGN-KNOWLEDGE-EXCHANGE  (Created 07/09/2021)   Community of practice on Design Knowledge Exchange

DVA-DIGITAL-INTERVENTION  (Created 02/09/2021)   The list is used to promote and foster awareness and academic discussion on digital interventions in preventing and dealing with domestic violence and abuse.

UUKI-OSM-RISK-MANAGEMENT  (Created 02/09/2021)   This list is to discuss issues pertaining to risk management in international mobility

NIHR-STATS-LAB-STUDIES  (Created 31/08/2021)   Communications of the NIHR Statistics Group: Laboratory Studies Section.

PID-ALLIANCE  (Created 26/08/2021)   A mailing list for colleagues actively involved in supporting activities towards a global persistent identifier alliance.

ACTIVELEARNINGNETWORK  (Created 24/08/2021)   The Active Learning Network mailing list aims to create a platform for #discussion on active learning practice and research, as well as for dissemination of information related to the scope of the Network.

MULTI-FACTOR-AUTHENTICATION  (Created 24/08/2021)   Discussion list about the use and rollout of multi-factor authentication. Primarily for UK federation and other federated uses cases.

DFRG-NETWORK  (Created 19/08/2021)   The Design Feminisms Research Group (DFRG) at Northumbria University's School of Design is helping facilitate the growth of a network of feminist designers and researchers in the North East of England. This mailing list is used to share events and ideas, and to discuss topics related to design feminisms.

IPSA-RCS  (Created 13/08/2021)   International Political Science Association (IPSA) conducts research activities in political science, its Research Committees (RC) provide members in sub-fields of the discipline an opportunity to associate with colleagues and are the backbone of the Association. This list will allow effective coordination of RCs voice viz. their own members and the association in pursuit of their interests.

RE-CONNECT  (Created 13/08/2021)   This mailing list is used to provide announcements and updates to persons interested in the RE: Connect project, which explores teaching in UK RE around climate change and the environment.

CRIVA  (Created 09/08/2021)   This is the mailing list for the Durham University Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse (CRiVA). We use it to keep our members updated with our quarterly newsletter, as well as other ad hoc updates about our latest events and activities. We currently have about 400 members both within and beyond academia. For more information about CRiVA, go to our website, https://www.dur.ac.uk/criva.

LIS-PSYCHOLOGY  (Created 06/08/2021)   This discussion list is for librarians that support learning, teaching and research in psychology and related disciplines, e.g. Neuroscience, Psychosocial Studies.

AHRCPLACE  (Created 30/07/2021)   This list is to support networking around the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) programme on Place and the funding opportunities we make available. We hope it will help build connections between the myriad of people, groups, and organisations working on Place and interested in accessing our funding for research and knowledge exchange. This includes everyone from researchers to community groups, from cultural and heritage organisations to policy makers, and beyond. We will share details of funding opportunities to the list. We encourage members interested in applying to share a message with the group about what you're looking for collaborators for and what sort of collaborators you're looking for.

ALN-STEERING-GROUP  (Created 29/07/2021)   This list is used for discussion between members of the Steering Group of Academic Libraries North.

SHERPAUSERS  (Created 26/07/2021)   For users to receive communications and updates directly from the Sherpa Product Team, and to provide feedback into general development and direction of the services.

WHELF-METADATA  (Created 26/07/2021)   This list is used by the WHELF Cataloguing / Metadata group to facilitate communication across the group.

DEVELOPPOST-1992  (Created 13/07/2021)   A group for those leading fundraising and alumni engagement teams in Post-1992 UK institutions with a focus on sharing trends, benchmarking and best practice.

STUDENTMENTALHEALTH  (Created 08/07/2021)   University-NHS partnerships to improve student MH in HE

AUTISM-IN-HE  (Created 05/07/2021)   A collaborative network for colleagues interested in supporting autistic people in HE, Autism-in-HE offers a supportive and welcoming space for discussion and sharing of practice and experience.

AHRC-LABEX2021  (Created 02/07/2021)   This Jiscmail has been set up to facilitate connections between UK based researchers, and researchers in the Labex Pasts in the Present cluster of excellence (Labex PasP) who are interested in applying for the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Labex PasP 2021 joint funding opportunity. This funding opportunity will support collaborative transnational and transcultural research across one or more of the themes of: The environmental arts and humanities: landscapes, memory, and experiences #Controversial and contested pasts and heritages Futures and futurology: anticipating, imagining and understanding diverse futures Projects are expected to start on 1 February, 2022 and last between 18-30 months. #This funding opportunity closes on 5 October 2021, at 16:00 GMT+1.

MDCPUBLIC  (Created 02/07/2021)   This is the public announcement mailing list for the Media Discourse Centre led by Prof. Stuart Price at De Montfort University, Leicester England.

POSTGRADUATEPEDAGOGIESNEWS  (Created 02/07/2021)   News and announcements from Postgraduate Pedagogies, the open-access journal focused on the experiences and contributions of Graduate Teaching Assistants in Higher Education.

SNNEC  (Created 28/06/2021)   The listserv will provide a platform to connect scholars, museum curators and other stakeholders with a specialism/interested in Scotland's relationship with Europe in the C19th and now.

MECCSASOUND  (Created 24/06/2021)   This list name relates to a Meccsa Network on Sound Studies. It will be a forum to support the research community in sound studies.

NPOP-COASTAL  (Created 21/06/2021)   National Partnership for Ocean Prediction Coastal Modelling and Application Activity Group mailing and discussion list. Used for group announcements, and sharing coastal modelling and processes information, making technical enquiries and discussion.

UK-DANCE-LIBRARIANS  (Created 18/06/2021)   As Dance librarians from specialist UK conservatoires and university departments we share issues related to the provision, management and circulation of our library resources and services, including user education and research support.

INTERMUSE  (Created 16/06/2021)   This list is for anyone who is interested in 'The Internet of Musical Events: Digital Scholarship, Community and the Archiving of Performance' (InterMusE) project. We will use the list to post project updates including resources, news and events.

GOODFOODWORK  (Created 15/06/2021)   A network of scholars and others interested in promoting good work within global food production and other parts of the food system.

FEEDBACKMUSIC  (Created 08/06/2021)   Discussion list for the AHRC Feedback Musicianship Network.

UCML  (Created 02/06/2021)   This list is used by the University Council of Modern Languages to share developments, events, and initiatives of relevance to the UK's Higher education languages community.

TRS-OUTREACH  (Created 27/05/2021)   This mailing list is for Outreach Convenors in Theology and Religious Studies departments in Higher Education Institutions.

UNITOPIA  (Created 26/05/2021)   UniTopia is an experiment in knowledge production, an open seminar series exploring universities past present and future.

HIGHSTREETS  (Created 18/05/2021)   This list is to share ideas and research on creating thriving high streets and town/city centres. Its focus is interdisciplinary, international and forward-looking. We're interested in local economies, public space, culture and community and in encouraging new collaborations and research partnerships.

CCPI-DVC  (Created 12/05/2021)   This is a sub-list of CCPI-MEMBERS. Discussion group on the CCPi Digital Volume Correlation solution.

CPHN  (Created 12/05/2021)   Mailing list for Critical Public Health Network, for researchers in the area of critical approaches to public health

COMPASS-DATASCIENCEATWORK  (Created 11/05/2021)   Mailing list for updates on seminar speakers and events

EUHEALTHGOV  (Created 06/05/2021)   This is the mailing list for EUHealthGov - the European Union Health Governance research network. List members are welcome to post upcoming events, publications and projects of interest.

SPAHOUSINGPOLICYGROUP  (Created 06/05/2021)   Announcement list for the Social Policy Association's Housing Policy Group - info about group activities, events and publications.

SONIC-TEHRAN-NETWORK  (Created 26/04/2021)   This list serve researchers from a range of field interested in urban sound, with a focus on the city of Tehran.

EMPLOYMENT-POLICY-SPA  (Created 22/04/2021)   This list is used by the employment policy groups established by the Social Policy Association to share information about their activities and promote discussion of employment policy issues

ICMS  (Created 19/04/2021)   The list provides a space for announcements (publications, events, news, CFPs) and a forum for the scholarly discussion and debate of issues pertaining to the cinema and media (television, radio, digital, etc.) in Italy, including in its transnational and transmedia dimensions.

OUTCOMES-OF-CHILDREN-IN-CARE  (Created 15/04/2021)   This discussion group will explore the factors that contribute to the poor outcomes that children in care experience. It is hoped that the conversations, experience and evidence will inspire more research around the education and social outcomes for this group of people.

PLAN  (Created 14/04/2021)   A network of academics (professors, researchers etc) interested in public procurement law and regulatory policy.

BECOMING-WELL-READ  (Created 09/04/2021)   This list draws together practitioners from diverse contexts and institutions to share experiences and expertise in the development of academic reading.

IMPACTCULTURE  (Created 09/04/2021)   A community of professional services staff, academics and researchers interested in research impact, and how to build a more compassionate, healthy culture around impact in higher education settings.

IN-SITU-GEOCHRON  (Created 09/04/2021)   A list to promote the exchange of ideas and information on new Rb/Sr & K/Ca geochronology techniques. Discussion of laboartories including techniques, standards, instruments and opportunities.

RENEWABLE-ENERGY-RESEARCHNETWORK  (Created 09/04/2021)   The Renewable Energy Research Network mailing list is dedicated to research communication, information exchange, and research dissemination among researchers and educators on renewable energy research, development, deployment, and integration

PARTICLEPHYSICS-PUBLICENGAGEMENT  (Created 29/03/2021)   Discussion forum to develop and coordinate UK-wide particle physics public engagement activities, sharing best practice and resources.

EOSC  (Created 26/03/2021)   List for discussing UK involvement in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)

ECORDSO  (Created 19/03/2021)   This list is used by the British Geological Survey to make public announcements about IODP Expeditions implemented by the ECORD Science Operator.

SWBIO-DTP-INTEREST  (Created 19/03/2021)   Using the email address to capture contact details of prospective students who are interested in finding out more about SWBio DTP, ahead of the project calls.

ARCHAEOLOGYTANDL  (Created 18/03/2021)   An email list for participants of our monthly Teaching and Learning in Archaeology and Heritage virtual roundtables. A informal space to discuss challenges and share good practice.

HEALTHBIOSCIENCE-IDEAS-NEWS  (Created 17/03/2021)   This list is used for announcing courses, webinars, and other training opportunities around medical and bioscience imaging we provide

MYANMARSTUDIESUK  (Created 17/03/2021)   This list is for academics working in the UK whose research is on Myanmar/Burma, to share information on navigating the changing circumstances in the country.

FLAMEDISX  (Created 15/03/2021)   List to coordinate a software collaboration flamedisx, a fitting package for liquid noble dark matter detectors

HE-PROFESSIONALS-RG  (Created 11/03/2021)   Mailing list for UK-wide national reading group for HE professionals.

READINGSIGHT  (Created 11/03/2021)   The Six Steps programme supports public and educational library services in providing accessible services with minimal barriers for visually impaired users.

SARAH  (Created 11/03/2021)   There are proposals to include additional semantics within IP addresses to aid routing and define how packets are handled. This list provides a forum for discussion of address semantics, network architectures and routing system challenges, for software and hardware research.

ALTSOUTH  (Created 09/03/2021)   If you live in the south of England and work in Education (HE/FE) and are passionate about the TEL and its role in enhancing learning and teaching practice and or research, do join the ALT South group by subscribing to this mailing list and be part of the events and activities in the region.

AEOLIAN  (Created 04/03/2021)   AEOLIAN (Artificial Intelligence for Cultural Organisations). NEH/AHRC Digital Humanities Research Network: Bringing together Digital Humanists, Computer Scientists & stakeholders to unlock cultural assets.

ACADEMIC-LIBRARIES-NORTH-BOARD  (Created 02/03/2021)   A list for Directors of member library services of Academic Libraries North, a group of University Libraries in the North of England. The group has remit of establishing closer collaboration in the development and delivery of library services with the aim of enhancing the student experience and optimising cost effectiveness.

LPEN  (Created 02/03/2021)   This list is used by the London Political Economy Network (LPEN) to make announcements about upcoming events.

UKDATASERVICE-IDENTITYINDATA  (Created 23/02/2021)   The UK Data Service gives access to the UK's most robust quantitative and qualitative survey data. Building on DataImpact2021, we want to support building a vibrant and supportive community, linking data producers, researchers and communities to explore methodologies and how discourses of self and identity in data can remain inclusive.

LANDSCAPEDECISIONS  (Created 18/02/2021)   A news & discussion group to encourage knowledge exchange between researchers & stakeholders with an interest in landscape decision-making research

HEILBRONNEVENTS  (Created 17/02/2021)   Monthly list of HIMR events

PSDI  (Created 17/02/2021)   For discussions around development of a national data infrastructure for physical science.

CANI-NET  (Created 16/02/2021)   CANInet is a listserv for members and affiliates of the Collaborative Artful Narrative Inquiry network. All members and affiliates are committed to the development of narrative and other arts-based forms of human and more-than-human inquiry.

OU-TEX-ANNOUNCEMENTS  (Created 16/02/2021)   Subscribe to receive notifications about releases and other developments for the OU-SUPPS and ouunit class files. These class files are used for the preparation of Open University teaching material that is prepared in LaTeX.

ANTI-RACIST-SOCIAL-WORK  (Created 11/02/2021)   The list is meant to bring together researchers from different universities and share and spread knowledge and research outputs, events, calls for papers and grant proposals between members.

AMOSSHE-WALES-LEADS  (Created 09/02/2021)   AMOSSHE Wales lead members

SECRECY-RESEARCH  (Created 09/02/2021)   This list is used by the Secrecy, Power, and Ignorance Network (SPIN) to share network and member related news, events, and research.

TEXTILES-READING-GROUP  (Created 08/02/2021)   The Textiles Reading Group aims to engage with and discuss scholarship on all aspects of textiles, and to serve as a forum for the exchange of resources and research relating to the study of textiles.

MATERIAL-ENCOUNTERS  (Created 04/02/2021)   The list will be used to announce the research cluster activities such as Calls for Papers/participation/ talks and international seminars and alike.

VRIN  (Created 04/02/2021)   The email and discussion forum for Violence Reduction Information Network members

VOLUME-EM  (Created 28/01/2021)   Volume Electron Microscopy (vEM) community in the UK networking list. List members can ask for advice, post job advertisements and advertise meetings/courses.

LGBTQ  (Created 27/01/2021)   List to share info and good practice between library, museum, archives & cultural heritage staff (and others) about work with LGBT communities.

MINORITIES-ON-CAMPUS  (Created 21/01/2021)   This jisclist is the discussion forum for the AHRC-funded Minorities on Campus research network. This multidisciplinary network will use jisc to share understandings and develop research on the impact of social inequalities around religion, ethnicity and gender on lived experiences of discrimination and equality on HE campuses in India.

CSLTWALES  (Created 20/01/2021)   Covid has radically changed the way we teach computing in higher education. This list is forum to discuss some of the lessons we have learnt and the problems we are facing. Perhaps most important are the long-term challenges and opportunities looking onwards.

FUTUREOFDOCTORALRESEARCH  (Created 13/01/2021)   For all those interested in ethics, funding, design, implementation and future of doctoral research.

MIAOS  (Created 12/01/2021)   Communication between members of the NERC Marine Integrated Autonomous Observing Systems (MIAOS) projects AlterEco (https://altereco.ac.uk) and CAMPUS (https://www.campus-marine.org)

AIED  (Created 11/01/2021)   What's happening in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in tertiary education. #Focusing on supporting implementation and scaling of AI for FE & HE.

LITHME-CORE  (Created 11/01/2021)   This is a sub-list of LITHME

LITHME-WG1  (Created 08/01/2021)   Working Group 1 (Computational Linguistics) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

LITHME-WG2  (Created 08/01/2021)   Working Group 2 (Language and law) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human- Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

LITHME-WG3  (Created 08/01/2021)   Working Group 3 (Language rights) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human- Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

LITHME-WG4  (Created 08/01/2021)   Working group 4 (Language diversity, vitality, and endangerment) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

LITHME-WG5  (Created 08/01/2021)   Working Group 5 (Language learning and teaching) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

LITHME-WG6  (Created 08/01/2021)   Working Group 6 (Ideologies, beliefs and attitudes) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

LITHME-WG7  (Created 08/01/2021)   Working Group 7 (Lang work, lang professionals, inc. translators, terminologists) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

LITHME-WG8  (Created 08/01/2021)   Working Group 8 (Language variation/change/contact, pragmatics, interaction) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

NIGHTSTUDIES  (Created 08/01/2021)   This list will be used to share calls for papers, activities, policy, courses, exchange programmes, job opportunities and openings, studentships, study, emerging work, funding applications, and other related academic material about the night and night studies.

DV-GENDER-FAITH  (Created 07/01/2021)   The list is intended for domestic violence practitioners, researchers and religious stakeholders to share new research, training materials and experiences to build good practices together and to promote more integrated approaches to addressing domestic violence in religious communities. It is linked to the UKRI-funded project "Bridging religious studies, gender & development and public health to address domestic violence: A novel approach for Ethiopia, Eritrea and the UK" led by Dr Romina Istratii (SOAS) and the webinar "Addressing domestic violence in religious communities: Taking stock of lessons and approaches in the era of decolonising knowledge."

DECOLONISING-LANGUAGES-NETWORK  (Created 05/01/2021)   This list connects the participants of the 'Decolonising Modern Languages Symposium' (Birmingham/IMLR-Sept.2020). It gathers and disseminates ideas, examples of practice and scholarship to all those embracing the decolonial approach in language and culture research and education.

NEURO-VENTWEAN  (Created 05/01/2021)   This is a interdisciplinary forum to bring clinicians, allied health care professionals, scientists and engineers together who have a special interest in ventilator weaning and extubation in Neurocritical care. #This will also be an opportunity to conduct small evidence based projects, clinical audits and progress research in this area.

EROS  (Created 23/12/2020)   This email list serves as the main communication channel for members of the Empirical Research on Sentencing Network (ERoS). All members are allowed to use this channel to communicate relevant information across the network.

ARC-UKVIPG  (Created 21/12/2020)   This list is used by Academic Registrars Council (ARC) members and their nominees interested in attending a practitioners group about Home Office: UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) regulations relevant to Higher Education Institutions.

IMPACT-OF-WP-AND-ACCESS  (Created 18/12/2020)   The purpose of this discussion forum is to have meaningful conversations about the impact of widening access work across England and the UK.

LRC-SOUTH  (Created 14/12/2020)   This list will provide LRC staff in the south the opportunity to share good practice/problems and also inform them of events/forums

PSSN  (Created 14/12/2020)   The Plastics Subject Specialist Network (PSSN) offers peer support for those working with plastics in heritage collections. Our aim is to encourage the sharing of knowledge and research to assist with plastics material identification, as well as standards of collections care, interpretation and display.

MEMORY-AND-ACTIVISM  (Created 11/12/2020)   A network for the discussion of all matters related to Memory + Activism

EASIANTRANSLATIONPEDAGOGYADVANCE  (Created 09/12/2020)   This lists exists to support the enhancement of Chinese/Japanese/Korean to English translation pedagogy at higher education institutions

MARRIAGEANDMIGRATION  (Created 09/12/2020)   A research network and mailing list for researchers interested in issues of marriage and migration (and related fields).

TE-TIE-ALLMEMBERS  (Created 08/12/2020)   This is a public mailing list for all members of the Teaching English & Teaching IN English in global contexts network.

OMDDAC  (Created 03/12/2020)   This list to used by the AHRC-funded Observatory for Monitoring Data-Driven Approaches to Covid-19 to make announcements about project publications, events and other activities.

LTAN  (Created 30/11/2020)   A discussion list for those involved in archives relating to land transport. This is a mutual support network for archive creators, custodians and users. #The network deals with research resources in the following areas. #Design, making and use of vehicles; associated infrastructure / people.

MIGRANTCITY  (Created 30/11/2020)   This list is for academics, activists and policy makers to come together to work towards a new agenda for urban strategies for residents with complex and precarious migration status. The list will provide a platform to draw connections between the political economy of cities, the security practices at the heart of contemporary racial and colonial capitalism and the migration apparatus. We will learn/share about both the nature of the contemporary capitalist security state as well as how it might be possible to contest it.

POLYGRAM  (Created 30/11/2020)   Communication among POLYGRAM consortium members

EDTECHCOFFEE  (Created 24/11/2020)   This is discussion group for FE and HE staff interested in engaging with Jisc's R&D team around future EdTech Services, solutions and products.

BAMESTAFFNETWORKLEADS  (Created 20/11/2020)   This list is for chairs, committee members and staff members supporting university Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Staff Network groups.

CMCI-NEWS  (Created 17/11/2020)   This mailing list offers research news, updates and content about the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries at King's College London benefitting researcher in this subject areas in UK and internationally

INT-STUDENT-MIGRATION-AFRICA  (Created 17/11/2020)   This list focuses on international student migration in Africa

SCAN  (Created 16/11/2020)   Scholar Activist Network. A network for academics who are involved in social movements and who see their academic and activist work as being aligned.

EPN2024RI-ALLCONTACTS  (Created 13/11/2020)   An email list encompassing all members of the EPN 2024 RI (Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure) finance, admin, scientific, Transnational Access leads, all officers (including impact)

EPN2024RI-PMC  (Created 13/11/2020)   Project Management Committee mailing list EPN 2024 RI

ABEP-UK  (Created 06/11/2020)   This is a list dedicated to the discussion of matters related to and of interest of Brazilian Postgraduate Students and Researchers based in the UK. It is a list associated with the Association of Brazilian Postgraduate Students and Researchers in the UK (Associação de Brasileiros Estudantes de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisadores no Reino Unido, ABEP-UK).

MED-ULTRASOUND-PHYS  (Created 04/11/2020)   The list is for scientists, engineers and clinicians working in academia and healthcare to discuss issues and ideas related to diagnostic and therapeutic Medical Ultrasound.

BLOCKCHAIN-CULTURAL  (Created 03/11/2020)   Blockchain in the Cultural and Creative Sectors is a forum for debate and discussion of research and ideas about the implementation of this technology in these sectors

MIND-NETWORK  (Created 22/10/2020)   Discussion list for members of the MinD Network for Design and Dementia

NASSS-CAT-COMMUNITY  (Created 22/10/2020)   The NASSS-CAT Community represents a user community for the NASSS-CAT tool (Non-adoption, Abandonment, and barriers to Spread, Scale-up and Sustainability - Complexity Assessment Tool), during a technology-supported change project.

BYREFUGEES  (Created 21/10/2020)   This list is for those interested in developing a ByRefugees network, to increase local and forcibly displaced researchers in Refugee & Forced Migration Studies research. It is used to share information on relevant research, events, and opportunities for those affected by and researching displacement.

JULES-CANOPY  (Created 21/10/2020)   An email list for the JULES Process Evaluation Group looking at canopy structure

MARTIALARTSSTUDIES  (Created 20/10/2020)   Email list for the Martial Arts Studies Research Network, dedicated to the interdisciplinary academic study of martial arts.

SOCIALSTATS-SEMINARS  (Created 20/10/2020)   The list is used to make announcements about upcoming events in the Social Statistics Seminar series. The seminars are organised by the Department of Social Statistics of the University of Manchester.

AMPLIFYFE  (Created 19/10/2020)   A discussion list for the Amplify FE Community of Practice. AmplifyFE is a network to connect and amplify communities of practice for digital learning, teaching and assessment in vocational education.

OXFORD-UNI-TRACING-APP-SURVEY  (Created 19/10/2020)   This research will propose what security and privacy protecting technologies can be used in the contact tracing systems. How these technologies will affect the computation burden and energy consumption on mobile phone. The advantages, disadvantages of these technologies will be analysed and discussed. We are looking for healthy volunteers, aged above 18, who are the smart phone users and are the residents in the UK. You would be invited to participate in an online survey for 1 study session. The session would take about 4 minutes of your time. You would be asked to answer some questions about using a contact tracing app and the concerns about it.

CQFCS  (Created 14/10/2020)   This is the discussion list for cultural & literary research in Quebec & French-Canadian studies

FUTURE-FESTIVALS  (Created 12/10/2020)   The mailing list aims to stimulate discussion and knowledge sharing on the future and future developments of festivals in response to the Covid-19 crisis