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JISCmail Newsletter Issue 2/03

A superlist is the list at the head of a ‘family’ of several related lists called sublists

What are the advantages of using a Superlist?

Posting to a superlist allows you to post to several lists in one posting, without duplication. It also prevents the risk of the posting being interpreted as Spam.á If this happens then the system will automatically bar you from posting for 48 hours.

Points to note

The owner(s) of a superlist need not be the owner(s) of the sublists, but permission must be sought from the proposed sublist owner(s) before a list can be made known to the superlist.

Only a member of the JISCmail helpline can set up superlists.

A superlist need not have any members subscribed to it, all postings to and from the list may be restricted to the owner(s) as all postings will go to the complete sublist membership.

Most super/sublist structures are simply one superlist with several sublists added to it, but more complex structures can be used.á As an example superlist-A may have 4 sublists, sub1, sub2, sub3 and sub4.á Superlist-B could have just two of the same sublists, i.e., sub2 and sub4.

The diagram below shows an example of how this might work:

What is a Superlist?á by Pam Delaney

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