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> This list will be used to make announcements to the Labanarium community made of movement and dance, students, scholars, academics and practitioners.

> An email list for people working with Glasgow University Laboratory of Phonetics

> Launched at De Montfort University (in collaboration with the University of Sussex) in June 2016, the Labour, Work, and Development Network brings together scholars from a variety of disciplines and universities across the UK and Europe conducting research on labour, work, and development in the Global South.

> This list is to be used to share information and good practice in working with looked-after children and young people, following on from a project supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

> The list supports knowledge exchange, learning, teaching, research and professional support activities across UK education organisations and other research institutions conducting research on evaluation of local area coordination and similar social care programmes.

> LAND-STYLE is a list for discussion of research and events related to the stylistics of landscape, space and place.

> To facilitate communication and debate amongst those interested in landscape ecology particularly academics and practitioners.

> JISCMail list for use by Finance and Funding Directors in land based FE Colleges

> A forum for historians, archaeologists, geographers and others interested in issues relating to the study of historic landscapes.

> For exchange and discussion of inter-disciplinary landscape studies, including geography, planning, landscape architecture, art history, environmental studies, psychology and the creative arts. Information will concern conferences, publications, workshops and other issues of relevance to the Landscape Research Group (www.landscaperesearch.org). For exchange and discussion of inter-disciplinary landscape study and practice. This list is monitored by the Landscape Research Group

> A news & discussion group to encourage knowledge exchange between researchers & stakeholders with an interest in landscape decision-making research

> This list is used by academics in the UK and further afield who work in the field of language, gender and sexuality to share good practice, learning resources, pedagogical strategies and material related to the teaching and research of language, gender and sexuality.

> Teachers, researchers, & others in the field of language for academic purposes (including but not limited to English for academic purposes (EAP)).

> Language Policy special interest group of the British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL).

> This list would be an email forum for teaching practitioners and researchers involved in the Language Futures project.

> This list exists to help members of the MLA (Modern Language Association) with interests in language and literary linguistics to communicate with each other

> A discussion list for those in the HE community interested in the learning and teaching of languages

> Networking group for those involved in RDM support in London and the South East of England.

> To build and strengthen links among students, academics and policy-makers interested in the social policy of Latin American countries.

> LATAM-INFO provides a forum for the dissemination of information and discussion of matters of common concern amongst subject-specialists, librarians, academic staff, postgraduate students and others in the field of Latin American studies.

> This is the mailing list for Science, Text and Culture in Latin America, an AHRC-funded research network organised by Dr Joanna Page (Cambridge) and Dr Maria Blanco (Oxford).

> List for those interested in Latin American cultural products created for the Internet, and new discourses, practices and communities generated by such cultural products. See the project blog at: http://latamcyber.wordpress.com/

> A list for the interdisciplinary study of the Late Roman Empire and Mediterranean world in late antiquity. Contributions are welcome from all fields of Late Antique Studies.

> This list is the email forum of the Regional Studies Association's Latin America Division and provides a platform to discuss and share latest developments in regional research, policy and practice in Latin America. #Posts are moderated and can be made in English, Spanish or Portuguese. This is a sub-list of REGIONAL-STUDIES-COMMUNITY.

> We are an emerging network of scholars based in the UK who work closely with geographical ideas and practices in Latin America, including close relationships with diverse civil society movements and organisations and academic/non academic institutions. We aim to foster and deepen our relationships with geography in Latin America while also reflecting on the politics of doing so. This includes both reflecting on the circulation of Latin American geographical ideas within Anglophone geography (including publications, conferences, grants, etc) as well as thinking through our ethical commitments and responsibilities to the region's politics. We aim to provide a forum for sharing strategies of collaboration, publications and events, as well as other activities and initiatives relating to Latin American geography the UK. Ideas for the network may include, but are not limited to: exchanging and supporting each others’ research; sharing information on events relating to Latin American geography, including visiting speakers; discussing the ethical and political implications of doing research between Anglophone geography and Latin American geographers; considering ideas for deepening relations with geographical institutions or collectives based in Latin American, for example around grant applications; providing a helpful information point for graduate and postgraduate students, particularly with regards to Latin American knowledges that are systemically silenced within Anglophone scholarship; and/or organising a regular newsletter.

> A mailing list for those interested in or working at the expansive intersections between legality and culture. This includes work such as law and the humanities, cultural legal studies, legal history, law and philosophy, and critical legal studies.

> Networking and peer-mentoring support list for postgraduate law students. Subscription requests should normally be made from an institutional address e.g one containing <.ac.uk>, <.edu>.

> The mailbase of the Law and Religion Scholars Network (LARSN).

> For use by the team rolling out the LHC Computing Grid and the recipients (based around the world) of the systems being deployed.

> This will be the main means of communication for the Liverpool Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (formerly Liverpool Centre for Medieval Studies) - a hub for research, research networking and support in the field of medieval and Renaissance Studies in the UK, and especially in the North West.

> this list consists of practitioners involved in supporting he students in the development of their academic skills.

> Email list to share information about the development of laser-driven proton and ion beams

> Discusses continuous improvement in the workplace in HE

> A forum for sharing good practice, discussions and queries around block and immersive learning and schoeduling.

> List to share info and good practice between library, museum, archives & cultural heritage staff (and others) about work with adults, young people & children with learning disabilities.

> This list is used by members of the Learning from Film, TV and new media Network for annoucements and notifictaion of relevant events

> This list will act as a forum for discussion of issues relating to all aspects of learning in higher education. It will include research, development and teaching where they relate to learning.

> The list will support F/HE staff with an interest in Learning Design. It aims to share information, tools and ideas to promote excellent teaching and curriculum practices.

> A list for collaboration, discussion and sharing of practice related to learning spaces in UK Colleges and Universities.

> A discussion list for those in the HE community interested in the learning and teaching of linguistics

> This forum is open to Learning Technologists in further and higher education. The key aim is to allow learning technologists to communicate with and advise each other on the use of any educational technology.

> A list for the discussion of lecture capture and its use in UK higher education. This list is for any lecture capture platform / technology.

> This is a sub-list of TRANSLATIO A forum administered by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and the Institute of Modern Languages Research at the School of Advanced Study, University of London, to share information about Legal Translation in general, and about our new Legal Translation initiative.

> A list for announcements and communications on behalf of the Migration Mobility and Citizenship network at the University of Leicester. We envisage a mixture of academic and non-academic addresses. We would like it to be for announcements only.

> We believe this is the right time to bring the Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) community closer together to explore synergies and collaborate, across industry and academia. Toward this, we are planning to host a LEOCONN webinar series. We will have one webinar session every 2 months, and host 2-3 notable speakers who could give technical talks on LEO networks and applications. We will use this mailing list to broadly advertise and announce these webinars across the community and even beyond.

> Provides an opportunity fo equality and diversity advisers from a number of South Coast HEIs to come together to share best practice.

> This email list provides a forum to discuss lesbian lives in the ethos of the Lesbian Lives conference. We aim to be an international social, cultural, political and artistic venue for sharing ideas and information of relevance to Lesbian Lives. We hope to develop dialogues and discussions that understand that 'the lesbian perspective still continues to be a critical gaze from a charged margin and the Lesbian Lives Conference continues to be a friendly experience of energetic engagement' O'Donnell, 2008.

> This is a forum primarily but not exclusively for women in HE to raise issues, discuss challenges and problems, ask for guidance and advice and seek encouragement and support from each other.

> A list for all alumni of the Leadership Foundation's Diversifying Leadership Programme as well as anyone interested in learning more.

> This list is used by Leadership Foundation coaches to keep in contact and build community of practice amongst network of coaches used to share good practice.

> LGBT Health Research UK is a multidisciplinary group that aims to; promote equality in health and wellbeing for LGBT populations, promote equity in treatment & care services, and to influence wider public policy on LGBT health by; encouraging, facilitating and conducting research, and by developing and disseminating good practice in education & training of health and social care practitioners.

> This list is for communication and the sharing of good practice between those managing lesbian gay bisexual and trans staff networks within HE and FE institutions.

> List to share info and good practice between library, museum, archives & cultural heritage staff (and others) about work with LGBT communities.

> This list is for those engaged in any aspect of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer) historical research. The list will be used for members to share announcements about relevant events and projects and also to initiate and develop discussion about any aspect of LGBTQ historical research.

> This mailing list serves members of LGBTQ+ Music Study Group.

> The purpose of LHEG is to serve as a forum for health economists from London (and beyond) to network around issues pertinent to the health economics debate. The list will also publicise details of the LHEG seminars, which will occur 3 times a year and will offer health economists the opportunity to present their work in a constructive and friendly environment. This list will also publicize other HE seminars taking place in London.

> Promotion of education, research and effective professional practice in consultation-liaison psychiatry and related fields, including psychosomatics and health psychology.

> The Liaison-Psychiatry-TNC is meant for anyone with a GMC registration up to the level of new consultant (less than 5 years in post) for dissemination of information on training, clinical/academics, meetings/conferences, jobs and relevant policy issues in the UK.

> Supporting a community of practice for project management in libraries. An exchange for practical ideas and information, estimates, benchmarking. #Discussing development and training for project management in libraries. #Information on project management methodologies and technology.

> Welcome to Lib-Stats. The list hopes to foster a greater understanding of usage statistics generated from electronic services such as databases, e-journals and e-books.

> Discussion list individuals working in the areas of library performance measurement and assessment in the professions of librarianship and information management, providing a space for the exchange of ideas and sharing of best practice.

> The UK LibQUAL+ discussion group is open to all LibQUAL+ users within the UK and Europe.

> List for library staff from FE, HE and other sectors interested in library planning & design.

> The Library Hub Discover list keeps you up-to-date with the latest news about the Discover, the nationally accessible library catalogue. Provided by Jisc, Discover gives free access to the merged catalogues of major Academic & Special Libraries in the UK and Ireland, plus the UK National Libraries, including the British Library.

> The group will share resources and ideas concerning the innovative use of technology to aid the induction experience for learners. The group is mainly based around South East Colleges at present but is open to anyone in the UK FE and HE sectors.

> Discussion list for comments on the review of the Public Library Service in England and Wales being undertaken on behalf of the Department of National Heritage. The result of the review will be a strategic approach for the future of the service.

> A list for libraries interested in the changes of the library systems landscape and challenges of procurement within this complex landscape.

> A forum for the discussion of new developments in Library Technology. Online and in-person group.

> International community of existing and planned GLAM Labs.

> Announcements and news from the Digital Library framework agreement

> This list is used to make announcements relating to the topic of library music (also known as stock or production music) and its uses in audiovisual media and beyond. Arising from the 2022 conference "Library Music in Audiovisual Media" (University of Leeds/RMA), subscribers can use the list to post details of conference presentations, new publications, CFPs etc. in relation to this topic area. # (Please note: this is not a list about music library services.)

> The Libyan Epigraphy Research Network is a community of researchers and heritage professionals with an interest in the inscriptions of the ancient provinces that overlap with the area of modern Libya.

> This list is for those who are users or interested in using the Medical Imaging lab located in LICAMM, University of Leeds.

> A list for people in all sectors of education who see the whole of learners' lives as an opportunity for learning and personal development. Aims to; 1) the support an interdisciplinary network of educational professionals with an interest in this field 2) to encourage the sharing of practice and ideas 3) to promote discussion about the challenges and opportunities afforded by lifewide education 4) to facilitate the development of new knowledge for better practice

> E-mail list for the London Institute for Field Theory and Particle Physics

> The Lighthouse Policy Group www.lighthousepolicygroup.net is an informal and independent network to support those who work in the role of Executive Officer to the Vice-Chancellor / Policy Adviser or similar with the purpose of sharing knowledge, best practice, mutual concerns and the challenges of the role which mainly operates as a team of one within our respective institutions. The Group is open to all irrespective of Mission Group.

> A mailing list for lightsource communicators, to exchange good practice on communicating synchrotron science.

> To facilitate collaboration between librarians within the healthcare sector in the North West of England and enable sharing of resources: to provide a forum for discussion on topics related to healthcare librarianship at a local level. The list is open to all professionally concerned with health services libraries in the North West area but is conditional,where available, on members makingtheir journal collections accessible through the LIHNN union catalogue scheme.

> Discussion list for staff and researchers working in small libraries/archives within larger organisations to promote sharing skills, knowledge and resources and to increase knowledge of the collections held by their respective institutions.

> EPSRC funded Lincam Ceres-Agri-Tech PBIAA is a novel funding mechanism designed to translate and commercialise UK Agri-Tech research, which will have impact within the Greater Lincolnshire and North Cambridgeshire (Lincam) region.

> This is the mailing list for the Linguistic Politeness Research Group, a research group which focuses on developing new methods for analysis of politeness. This is the mailing list for the Linguistic Politeness Research Group, a research group which focuses on developing new methods for analysis of politeness.

> The Linguistics in MFL project will assess the potential for the inclusion of linguistic topics in the Further Education MFL curriculum.

> A forum for contemporary scientific debate across the life sciences. This low-volume announcement list provides news, conference and event updates of interest to those working in biology, zoology, botany, genetics, and the historical basis and development of plant and animal classification.

> This list will look at library support to 'non-traditional' students. It will be concerned with the issues relating to library ACCESS and how best to support those students disadvantaged in this respect (part-time, distance students and so on).

> This list is for librarians in HE and other Arts organisations to discuss best practice and share experience of supporting all users to use library spaces and resources.

> This is a list for anybody who is involved in the procurement and creation of accessible material formats in an educational environment.

> This list is for anyone with an interest in Acquisitions (excluding serials) to discuss policies, selection, supply, funding, EDI, tendering, digitisation,acquisition of electronic materials etc.

> This list is used by the Association of Librarians in Landbased Colleges and Universities to enable discussions to take place relevant to those working (or related) to the sector.

> A forum for discussion and ideas to support any UK academic library providing, developing or planning a library service for their alumni.

> Discussion list for librarians and archivists with Australian and New Zealand related collections

> LIS-ARLG will facilitate electronic communication between members of CILIP's Academic & Research Libraries Group and other interested parties. It will be used to publicise activities, discuss national issues and foster a sense of community within ARLG.

> The Academic and Research Libraries Group (ARLG) Eastern is a regional group reporting to the national ARLG committee. This list is intended to allow information professionals across the Eastern region to find out about our events, news and activities.

> This list has been set up to facilitate communication between members of Academic and Research Libraries Group (London and South East Section) of CILIP. It is primarily to inform members of activities which are being organised by the ARLG (London and South East Section) Committee.

> This list has been retained 29/06/2022 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This list is for members of the Academic & Research Libraries Group Scotland and those interested in higher and further education library provision and services in Scotland.

> User group for CILIP ARLG Southern division for academic (FE & HE) and research library staff in Dorset, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, and West Sussex.

> This list enables information professionals, who support research, learning and teaching in the Arts and Humanities, to discuss and exchange information about the latest developments in the field.

> A list to disseminate information about awards - such as sponsored places to conferences or research awards - to library and information service practioners and postgraduate students.

> A closed discussion list for membvers of the All Wales Health Information and Library Extension Services

> Unmoderated discussion group for lecturers and research staff in Departments of Information and/or Library Studies in the U.K.

> A discussion forum for users of the Bliss Bibliographic Classification (BC). The list will be used to disseminate information about the activities of the Bliss Classification Association and to promote interest in faceted classification.

> As the use of citation analysis becomes more prevalent as a measure of research quality in UK HE, this list provides a forum for those involved in applying such measures. It may be used for discussing the advantages and disadvantages of bibliometrics generally, as well as the practical application of tools such as the JCR, Publish or Perish, Scimago and so on.

> This list is for information exchange and discussion amongst librarians working with children's literature, academic research and collections.

> Discussion forum on the cataloguing, classification and retrieval of electronic information objects stored locally and remotely, and other topics of interest to the Cataloguing & Indexing Group in Scotland. (http://www.slainte.org.uk/cigs/cigshome.htm)

> discussion list where CILIP Mentors can share, and resolve, issues arising from their mentoring work with candidates for the range of CILIP qualifications.

> For librarians working towards registration on the CILIP register of Chartered Members, (i.e. MCLIP ) to discuss professional issues, and issues of concern to the Chartering process

> List for library and information staff working towards revalidation of their certification, chartership or fellowship within the CILIP scheme.

> A list for CILIP in Sussex to share information about CPD, events and networking locally.

> A list for Librarians and Information Professionals in North-East Scotland to share information about continuing professional development, events and networking locally.

> This mailing list is for users of the Copyright Licensing Agency's DCS #(Digital Content Store) product.

> CLIC (Cardiff Libraries in Co-operation) brings together libraries who provide for the people who live, work and study in Cardiff. CLIC staff development group provides collaboration through staff development events.

> A forum for the discussion of all issues related to the management of library collections.

> A closed discussion list for copyright permission seekers (paper or electronic) to share copyright owner contact information, experience of current permission policies and agreements, and information about new developments regarding copyright which may affect permission-seeking.

> This list is for those working in libraries to share experiences, information and resources in decolonising library collections and services.

> The lis-e-books mailing list is used for the discussion of anything related to e-books within the UK academic library community.

> UKSG exists to connect the information community and encourage the exchange of ideas on scholarly communication. It is the only organisation spanning the wide range of interests and activities across the scholarly information community of librarians, publishers, intermediaries and technology vendors. Lis-e-resources is our informal, open discussion list, and provides a forum for discussion of matters relating to the provision, administration, management, licensing and access of scholarly information.

> List for discussion of the provision of information to those involved in educational research, schools and college library provision,teacher training and the study of education. The list is occasionally closed to the public - if so, and you want to join, please mail one of the list owners.

> This list is used by members of the Education databases User group as a forum for discussion and dialogue between the publishers of the Index, its users, and the providers of the platforms on which it operates.

> The lis-elib list is primarily for discussion on the JISC Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib) and its projects. It also carries more general discussion of the changing IT environment in which libraries operate and requests for help and advice on specific topics related to eLib Programme interests

> This list is for current and potential users of the Innopac system and discussions will focus primarily on issues of concern to Innopac libraries in Europe. The list is intended to complement the main Innopac mailing list based in the United States.

> This list is intended to enable sharing of programmes, best practice, and resources used by information professionals to educate and enable their service users to navigate Fake News in the current information environment.

> A list for library staff at all levels to help make their libraries greener and more environmentally sustainable. Good practice, tips, policies, strategies.

> A forum for discussion for healthcare librarians based in Yorkshire and the Humber.

> List supporting staff not in traditional academic roles (such as librarians, learning developers and learning technicians) working towards HEA fellowship

> For UK librarians in educational institutions with Hebraica collections to discuss matters of mutual concern such as collection development, cataloguing and meetings.

> A discussion list for all with an interest or involvement in history research collections, including librarians, archivists, museum staff and others.

> ILIG - the International Library and Information Group - is a Special Interest Group of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. CILIP is the leading professional body for librarians, information specialists and knowledge managers in the United Kingdom. ILIG's special interest is library and information science world-wide. About a third of ILIG's membership is based outside the U.K. This discussion list aims to facilitate communication between international librarians, to share information about global activities and conferences of interest to the international community of information professionals.

> For interlibrary loan and document supply service queries, announcements and discussion.

> This list is to facilitate networking between libraries interested in measuring their impact.

> Lis-infoliteracy will provide a discussion forum for librarians and information professionals involved in information literacy and information skills teaching across all sectors. It will cover all delivery methods and issues concerning user education and explore the sharing of resources at a national level.

> This mailing list is for users of the Copyright Licensing Agency's and Kortext's KeyLinks resource list management system.

> A non-technical list for UK librarians using or intending to use Koha open source library system. Use this to discuss implementation, daily management and future developments.

> A list to discuss the support and development of the London Classification of Business Studies (LCBS), a classification scheme and thesaurus for business literature and resources.

> lis-libhist aims to unite a diverse group of LIS professionals and others with a common interest in library and book history.

> A general library and information science list for news and discussion.

> For discussion of all aspects of research and evaluation across all LIS sectors. For sharing relevant experience on the development of research methodologies and instruments and on avenues for dissemination of research findings. It is open to LIS researchers, tutors and practitioners alike.

> Closed list covering the activities and communications of LISE (Librarians in university Institutes and Schools of Education).

> The aim of this list is create a community for information professionals who support research and teaching in the field of literature, enabling the sharing, discussion and exchange of ideas and information.

> This list is used by members of LocScot (Scottish branch of the CILIP Local Studies Group) to discuss professional/work related matters. This list is used by members of LocScot (Scottish branch of the CILIP Local Studies Group) to discuss professional/work related matters.

> This list is for members of the Library Research Support Group based in the Midlands to communicate with each other on matters relating to library support for researchers. It is a forum for sharing good practice and working on projects of mutual interest. It is a closed list, so please email the list owners if you would like to join.

> The discussion list for all members of staff in libraries which are part of the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries. Lis-m25 is intended for communicating about M25 events and activities, as well as for discussing matters of local interest to library staff in the Consortium.

> Lis-maps is a forum for discussing news, ideas, issues, policies and practices related to map & spatial data librarianship. Topics can be broad ranging including: acquisition; cataloguing; use; information retrieval; management of metadata; relationship to GIS & RS; collaborative work; conservation.

> A mailing list for libraries with Materials and Products sample and trade literature collections and for librarians supporting courses with a materials and products component.

> LIS-MEDICAL is an open discussion list for members of the UK health and medical library community and other interested information workers. The list was created by, and is maintained by, the University Health & Medical Librarians Group (UHMLG). The University Health & Medical Librarians Group represents academic librarians who support undergraduate and postgraduate health and medical education in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Membership is open to all those who have relevant subject responsibility or whose major responsibility is for a site library in a university or relevant professional body. Membership is free and grants discounted attendance at our Spring Forum, plus eligibility to attend our Summer Conference. To join UHMLG, please check eligibility use the form on our membership page: http://www.uhmlg.ac.uk/membership

> To facilitate journal exchange between UK Health libraries, by allowing librarians to post lists of journal duplicates and wants.

> Mailing list for the purpose of circulating meeting details and minutes, also any other business of common concern on library matters

> The list deals with concerns common to librarians, archivists and academics with responsibility for or and interest in Middle Eastern and Islamic collections and bibliography.

> CILIP Multimedia Information & Technology Group mailing list.

> A list for users of the Moys Classification and Thesaurus for Legal Materials. This is the primary means whereby the classification scheme is maintained and updated. Proposed changes and additions are discussed here for inclusion in the next edition

> LIS-NHS is an email forum for discussing developments and issues specific to the provision of library and information services within UK National Health Service and affiliated academic libraries.

> The list has been established by Libraries for Nursing to provide a forum to facilitate discussion by library and information professionals who are involved in nursing and midwifery.

> This list has been retained 22/10/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This list is a discussion area for users of OpenAthens LA from Eduserv. This is a community list, and is not run by Eduserv.

> An unrestricted list to facilitate the discussion, comparison, adoption and development of open source software solutions for libraries, whether full Library Management Systems or smaller components.

> LIS-Partnerships is a forum for discussing any issues related to the library support of University Collaborative provision (the delivery of learning in partnership with another institution). All topics of discussion around this area of activity are welcomed and may include relationship management, supporting information/academic skills and licensing etc. Please note there is already the LIS-PERL Jiscmail list focussing on licensing resources for partners. This list is for both UK based partnerships and TNE (Transnational Education). LIS-Partnerships is a forum for discussing any issues related to the library support of University Collaborative provision (the delivery of learning in partnership with another institution). All topics of discussion around this area of activity are welcomed and may include relationship management, supporting information/academic skills and licensing etc. Please note there is already the LIS-PERL Jiscmail list focussing on licensing resources for partners. This list is for both UK based partnerships and TNE (Transnational Education).

> The list will support work undertaken in Performance Measurement in all sectors of the Information & Library community throughout the world.

> A list for the exchange of information on issues of current professional interest to library and information professionals, etc.

> News, queries and discussion of information resources for Psychology.

> This discussion list is for librarians that support learning, teaching and research in psychology and related disciplines, e.g. Neuroscience, Psychosocial Studies.

> A forum for discussion of issues relating to UK public libraries.

> This list aims to encourage a forum for discussion between the HE sector and public libraries on areas such as; research methodologies, CPD and management theories. This will help support current research underway at UCE in Birmingham, into developing research expertise in the public library sector.

> This list is for UK knowledge, library and information professionals working in Public Health; to enable members to share knowledge, learning and experience.

> Rare books librarians have special requirements for standards and systems. This list will discuss how these requirements are being met.

> For discussion of the Resource Description and Access (RDA) standard and its application. This list is for RDA metadata users and creators, with a focus on the UK community.

> This list is an open forum for discussion of issues relating to the use of RefWorks reference management software by educational institutions based in the UK. Topics discussed will include technical configuration, administration, user-support, training, marketing and advocacy. Membership is open to all, but will be most useful to librarians in UK Higher Education.

> This list is intended for librarians in universities, colleges of higher education and research institutions to facilitate discussion about library support for researchers. It will encourage the sharing of ideas and good practice and help create a network of research support librarians.

> closed discussion list for members of Scottish Agricultural Librarians Group

> Lis-scitech is the forum for science and technology librarians in all types of organisation to discuss common problems, swap experience, pose questions and generally work more closely. The emphasis is on UK practice.

> The SCOLMA list is intended to facilitate discussion of library, archive and other information support for African Studies, including but not restricted to announcement of meetings, assisting and promoting resource sharing and collaboration, and announcements of new print and electronic resources

> sherif represents users of bibliographic databases and related products available to the UK HE, FE, and Research Council libraries via national site licence agreements. sherif represents users of bibliographic databases and related products available to the UK HE, FE, and Research Council libraries via national site licence agreements.

> A list set up to discuss library matters of mutual interest, share news and experience, and to exchange information. Managed by Heather Dawson on behalf of the UK social science community. h.dawson@lse.ac.uk

> For those involved either in doing or teaching others to do searches for systematic reviews to share experiences and help each other

> ------26/10/20 RETAIN LIST------ This list has been retained 12/09/2022 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list The list is to share best practice and develop new approaches to training. We teach academic, medical, nursing and health-care students

> An informal forum for library and information professionals who are supporting researchers and students who are conducting systematic reviews and structured literature searches

> A discussion list for current customers of the Talis Aspire Resource List application

> This list is used to share best practice between Education Librarians working in Further and Higher Education, who have a School Experience or Teaching Practice Collection and support School Teachers.

> This list is intended for librarians and other information workers in the UK who deal with tourism and hospitality.

> For the discussion of bibliographic standards and metadata used in UK libraries, including: UK MARBI proposals and papers; legacy use of UKMARC; UKMARC-MARC21 conversion; views and opinion on AACR2, LCSH, GSAFD, Dewey, UDC, HILT terminologies, Dublin Core and other standards.

> UKeiG, the UK eInformation Group (a special interest group of CILIP), is a professional body for users and developers of electronic information resources. UKeiG welcomes its members to the list.

> This is a list for those who use the UK Funnel to NACO as a way of contributing authority records to The LCC Name Authority File.

> Discussion of user experience and creating and managing inspiring spaces in HE libraries.

> To support collaboration and professional activities in Wales

> This list has been retained 02/01/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list This list has been retained 02/02/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list

> A forum for all those working on the library and information service web pages, encompassing issues such as career paths, acessibility and other aspects of design, management issues, editing software selection, statistics and performance, integration with other library systems, off campus access.

> LIS-WinCHILL purpose is to provide a discussion forum for WinCHILL members across the academic, science and health fields.

> This list carries announcements of UK calls for conference papers, conferences and other events (meetings, conferences, seminars etc) in English literature, language, linguistics and cultural studies. Please note that it does not carry announcements about publications. It is administered by the Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London.

> The purpose of the list is to allow persons involved in the academic reviews of research literature to share information and findings

> This is a sub-list of LITHME

> Working Group 1 (Computational Linguistics) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

> Working Group 2 (Language and law) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human- Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

> Working Group 3 (Language rights) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human- Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

> Working group 4 (Language diversity, vitality, and endangerment) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

> Working Group 5 (Language learning and teaching) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

> Working Group 6 (Ideologies, beliefs and attitudes) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

> Working Group 7 (Lang work, lang professionals, inc. translators, terminologists) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

> Working Group 8 (Language variation/change/contact, pragmatics, interaction) of the 'COST Action' research network, Language In The Human-Machine Era (LITHME). This is a sub-list of LITHME

> Discussion list fot the Special Interest Group for Literary and Cultural Studies, created by the LTSN Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies

> LITURGY is intended as a discussion on all aspects of the academic study of Christian liturgy. The list does not confine itself to any single historical period, geographical area or denomination. Contributions are therefore welcome from scholars in all fields of theology or history.

> Information and discussion relating to Live Art, Performance Art and New Performance.

> This list is for people interested in the use of 'lived experience' perspectives in research and the development of policy and practice.

> Livingmaps Network was established to develop a network of researchers, community activists, artists and others with a common interest in the use of mapping for social change, public engagement, critical debate and creative forms of community campaigning

> This listing page will be used to create announcements for LJMU ISC for the search of external examiners and panelists.

> The list will facilitate discussion, knowledge sharing and arrangements for gatherings of the established London Museum and Galleries Archivists Group.

> This list for those people involved in running Light Microscopy facilities, mainly in Universities. It is intended as an easy mechanism to help share knowledge and expertise, relevant to facility management etc.

> The London Migration Research Group (LMRG) is an inter-university and interdisciplinary network of scholars from the wider London area and beyond who have research interests in the politics, policies and processes surrounding international migration flows. The current LMRG convenors are Fiona Adamson (SOAS), Claire Dwyer (UCL) and Eiko Thielemann (LSE). LMRG holds regular research seminars, organises specialist workshops and conferences on migration related topics. LMRG is open to academics, students, policy-makers, etc. working on migration issues.

> This list facilitates discussion between scholars with common interests in the field of British local history.

> Mailing list for researchers and practitioners that are interested in geogames. Please note that we use 'geogames' here as a catch-all term that aims to describe all type of games that are: (1) played "in the wild", (2) use mobile technologies, and (3) incorporate location as part of the gameplay in one way or another. Examples of location-based games include: Pokemon GO, Harry Potter Wizards Unite, etc. The list is open to anyone. Posting to the list is lightly moderated to avoid spam, irrelevant posts, and subscription queries. The list is archived and searchable on the web. The owners do not necessarily approve or endorse content shared on this list. The views expressed in messages are the personal views of the author. The owners accept no liability for any errors, corruption, or omissions that might arise. The JiscMail Service Policy document: http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/policyandsecurity/ describes the way in which we expect the service to be used by subscribers. It sets out (S9) JISC handling of personal data obligations under the Data Protection Act (1998). The mailing list is managed by the Niantic x RIT Geo Games and Media lab. You can access the lab's website at www.rit.edu/nianticgeogameslab.

> A list for the discussion, promotion and support of location-aware technologies in education.

> Provides a forum for the exchange of research ideas, developments & findings in the fields of logistics & supply chain management. It is a means of communication for members of the Logistics Research Network which has been established by UK academics in conjunction with the Institute of Logistics.

> The Forum is for institutions in and around the London area using Blackboard as their Virtual Learning Environment to 'bring together high quality expertise from different disciplines to share good practice, develop ideas and address staff training and implementation strategies'.

> The London History and Philosophy of Economics group is an informal group of academics in the London area teaching and researching in the the history of economic thought, and the methodology and philosophy of the discipline.

> For those practicing Lean and other strategies to improve university administration, teaching and research in London and SE of England. This list is a sub-list of LEANHE-ENGLAND

> Seminars/job/event announcements for Researchers and Academia in SouthEast UK in the area of networks/systems/telecomms

> London Technical Contacts: This list is used by those Further, Higher and Adult educational institutions and can be used to inform members about new developments, and for raising technical issues and enquiries, and for discussion when appropriate.

> The London Cosmology Group: Observational and Theoretical Cosmologists from University College, Imperial College, Queen Mary College and King's College, London.

> Announcements of upcoming meetings

> The London Political Theory Network brings together political theorists from London universities or who are based in London to develop shared activities and research collaboration. We are based on a broad and ecumenical understanding of political theory, including all variants of contemporary political theory, normative political theory, democratic theory, feminist theory, post-colonial political theory, critical theory, and work that bridges historical and contemporary approaches to political theory. Our goal is to improve communication about events among the London political theory community and organise a small number of events each year to bring together theorists from the London region.

> A forum for library professionals of satellite campuses (in London) to share good practice and talk about any challenges faced, particularly that could be different from a main campus.

> Learning and Organisational Development Practitioner Group for London Universities

> The London Sound Seminar offers an opportunity for research students and faculty in London to explore issues relating to the history and theory of all forms of sound-making and auditory culture. This list is used to distribute announcements about upcoming meetings and events, and for general discussion.

> Drawing from bell hooks's concept of a love ethic, this list connects social researchers and practitioners who are currently engaged or interested in thinking and making with love. The list follows on from a workshop on love ethics, held in Sheffield in May 2022.

> A group for those who are passionate about wisdom inquiry, broadly construed.

> This list is used by the London Political Economy Network (LPEN) to make announcements about upcoming events. This list has been retained 23/02/2023 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list

> This list will provide LRC staff in the south the opportunity to share good practice/problems and also inform them of events/forums

> This list is for people interested in receiving information about the activities of the Literacy Research Centre, Lancaster University, particularly our weekly research seminars and other events that may be of interest.

> The Ludlow Research Group (founded in 1950) is an informal association of UK and international geologists working on, or with an active interest in, rocks of Silurian age. It arranges annual field meetings and encourages collaboration and good communications

> This list is for dissemination of information from CeLSIUS (Centre for Longitudinal Study Information and User Support) to UK academics with an interest in the ONS Longitudinal Study, and to enable discussion amongst these people.

> UK's national research and training initiative in the science and engineering of Large-Scale Complex IT Systems (LSCITS)

> This network focuses on the theme of social movements, mobilization and contestation in the MENA.

> Mailing list for discussion of open science issues relevant to staff and students at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

> A discussion list for those involved in archives relating to land transport. This is a mutual support network for archive creators, custodians and users. #The network deals with research resources in the following areas. #Design, making and use of vehicles; associated infrastructure / people.

> This list is intended for anyone seeking to implement and exploit the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) specification. It is a source of advice on best practice, contributing experiences & discussing the use of LTI. Set up by the JISC-funded ceLTIc:developers project (http://www.celtic-project.org). This list is intended for anyone seeking to implement and exploit the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability(LTI) specification. It is a source of advice on best practice, contributing experiences & discussing the use of LTI. Set up by the JISC-funded ceLTIc:developers project.

> Learning and Teaching Spaces Managers Group (LTSMG) The group is for Directors, Managers, Technical Supervisors and Senior Technicians responsible for managing and delivering audio visual facilities, IT equipment and emerging educational technologies in learning and teaching spaces throughout higher education. There is also a core of members interested in learning space design ie collaborative and social learning spaces to meet changing teaching and learning styles. Visit the web site here: http://www.ltsmg.co.uk

> The LUCEM mailing list is used for the discussion, distribution and the exchange of information relating to the study of English music. URL: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/lucem

> This list is for announcements and discussions regarding Luna.jl, the open-source nonlinear optical pulse propagation package.

> Unlocking our Digital Past with Artificial Intelligence (LUSTRE)is a project based at Loughborough University (UK). The overall aim of the LUSTRE network is to connect policy makers with Computer Scientists, Digital Humanists and professionals in the GLAM sector (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums).

> Luxury is an email list that provides an academically informed global forum for all those in the arts, humanities, and social sciences interested in the transformed and expanded nature of the multifaceted concept of luxury. Luxury is an email list that provides an academically informed global forum for all those in the arts, humanities, and social sciences interested in the transformed and expanded nature of the multifaceted concept of luxury.

> The London Virtual Reality Special Interest Group list is regionally based for those working within the London area and the South of England but is open to all. It is for arranging meeting & events for the group, letting members raise issues that concern them & the group and to talk after events.

> A regular series of meetings of the model theorists in Leeds, Manchester and Preston, supported by the London Mathematical Society

> This list is used by members of the Sir David Lyndsay Society to share information, questions and research discussion relating to the work of Sir David Lyndsay (c. 1486-1555)

> The list is for administrators of LZ VO (LUXZEPLIN experiment Virtual organisation). The LZ VO voms server is hosted by GridPP (Grid for Particle Physics);https://voms.gridpp.ac.uk:8443/voms/lz/voms/lz/.