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Social Studies

This is a mailing list bringing together UK-based and non-UK based academics and researchers working mainly in the social sciences who have faced situations of threats as a result of their research. In recent years, there has been a rising number of cases of researchers whose lives were at risk because of the work they were conducting. This group aims to support all academics facing such difficult times and make visible their plight by issuing declarations and reports.

This list provides a forum for discussion emerging from the ESRC seminar series, Activism, Volunteering and Citizenship.

This list is to facilitate communications - about research and conferences etc. - between members of the British Sociological Association study group 'Ageing, Body and Society'

This list is the discussion forum for a growing network of critical agroecology researcher across the UK, Europe and beyond. Its focus is on the social, political and economic aspects of agroecological transformations of food systems as much as on the ecological ones. It was set up after two important sessions at the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2019 & 2020, both convened by the Food Ethics Council, on how to make publicly funded research support an agroecological transition.

The list will be used by the network to create a database of potential partners and collaborators, as well as communicating events, sending invitations, updates and calls

This list is for discussion of issues and dissemination of information in relation to the promotion of cross disciplinary perspectives on understanding 'antisocial personality disorder' (and related diagnoses and categories.

BACES aim is to promote the subject area of European Studies in Higher Education in Britain, on behalf of UK institutions.

Announcements and discussion list for the Korean Studies community in the United Kingdom.

BASA was established in 1991 to encourage research in the history of Black and Asian peoples in Britain. BASA organises workshops for teachers, participates in education conferences, and campaigns on educational and institutional racism issues. In 1999, BASA established the Black and Asian Archives Working Party (now the BASA Research Resources Working Party):BASA-research-resources@jiscmail.ac.uk.

This list is intended as communication channel for students and scholars who share a research interest at the intersection of STS - Science and Technology Studies - and the Built Environment. It is meant to stimulate knowledge sharing between and among UK researchers and their peers abroad.

The BISA Working Group on the International Studies of the Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia (ISMMEA) aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum in which to bring a diverse range of scholars and practitioners together

The BISA South East Europe working group was established in 2002. We provide a space for debate and research on issues related to the political, economic, and social transformations of the region, broadly understood as covering areas of former Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, and Moldova.

This list supports the developing discipline of Black music in Britain. The list is for researchers, academics, practitioners. The jiscmail welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to Black music in Britain, across genre and era.

This list supports the developing discipline of Black music in Britain. The list is for researchers, academics, practitioners. The jiscmail welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to Black music in Britain, across genre and era.

This list will be used by and for members of the Britain Nepal Academic Council, and associated academic colleagues, for sharing information on conferences, workshops and #other events in relation to Nepal studies

THIS LIST IS NOW DEFUNCT. To join Boundary Objects, the network for early career researchers working with museums and collections, please complete the membershhip form on our website. Thank you. http://www.boundaryobjects.org/join-us/

For medical educators supporting students who have long terms conditions. The purpose is to share information, publications, good practice, training resources and events within the higher education community. Particularly useful to hear from educators with experience of Fitness to Practise issues and its variable outcomes.

This list will be used to make announcements to postgraduate students who are affiliated to the Animal-BSA-Group Sub-list of animal-bsa-group

The British Sociological Association Auto/Biography Study Group brings together people interested in the analytical examination of the various kinds of biography and autobiography, the relationship between the differing genres of representing lives, and the interrelations between biography, autobiography, text and lives.

Welcome to the BSA Cities and Mobilities list. This BSA study group list acts as a point of contact and collaboration for those interested in the above themes. Please use the list to post relevant news, articles, events and calls for papers. You can also Tweet us at @BSACities. The group also organises a stream at the BSA Annual conference and your participation in this stream is very much encouraged. We will also run a programme of events throughout the year.

Discussion forum for the BSA Environment and Health special interest group. This group addresses the interaction between environmental change and human health from a sociological perspective.

This British Sociological Association Study Group aims to connect those interested in the broad area of families, intimacy and personal relationships: it has postgraduate and staff members from across the career and disciplinary range.

The Gender and Feminism Study Group is a forum for academics, researchers and students, who are interested in exploring, discussing and/or actively researching the multifaceted, ambiguous and challenging nature of gender theory and research.

This is the jisc email group of BSA Study Group 'Diaspora, Migration and Transnationalism' (DMT). The study group and the email list aim to establish an intellectual home for the study of migration, diasporic groups and their transnational activities.

This list is used by the Race & Ethnicity Study Group (British Sociological Association), to make announcements of forthcoming events and programmes.

The social statistics study group is a working group of BSA members who are interested in the application of statistical methods to social science research. The group aims to bring sociologists with a shared interest in statistical (or mixed) methods together and to offer a shared space to meet, develop ideas, present work. We would like to invite everybody with an interest in statistical (or other quantitative) methods along to the new study group.

Email list for the British Sociology Association's Science and Technology Studies Study Group.

This list is used by the BSA's Theory Study Group to make announcements regarding the research community, conferences and events, programmes, publications, and projects.

This email list will be used to communicate conferences, important events, new publications to members of the British Sociological Association's violence against women study group.

This is the mailing list for the British Sociological Association's Visual Sociology Study Group.

This is the email list for members of the British Sociological Association's Digital Sociology group.

This list is for all those interested in historical and comparative sociology. It is a list connected to the BSA Historical and Comparative Study Group but you do not need to be a member of the BSA to subscribe

This list is for postgraduate criminology students and those in early career.

The list is to allow for effective and speedy communication between members of the newly formed specialist BSC Victims Network.

For sharing news and events relating to or emanating from the British Society of Criminology Wales Branch.

This JISC mail list supports the GW4 Bridging the Gap Colonial Legacies theme

This list is to enable academics, postgraduate students, and others to discuss the current changes being proposed to higher education.

CANInet is a listserv for members and affiliates of the Collaborative Artful Narrative Inquiry network. All members and affiliates are committed to the development of narrative and other arts-based forms of human and more-than-human inquiry.

This list is for members of the Carceral Geography Working Group.

The list caters primarily the communication needs of the collaborative research network "Centrifugal Europe: State, Sovereignty and the future of European integration", wider community of scholars of European Studies and scholars working on aspects of societal, national and European integration processes across the EU member-states. The mailing list will be used to facilitate exchange, communicate news and updates of research activities of the network.

This list is an open discussion forum for those interested in research and policy relating to child poverty.

This list links researchers, practitioners, managers, policy makers, educators and others who have an interest in child welfare services as a site of unjust and avoidable social inequalities: the Child Welfare Inequalities Network. The purposes of the Network are: to exchange information about developments in this field, and to discuss issues of policy, practice, methodology, evidence and theory. In time this may lead to joint research, joint authorship and joint action. For more information contact P.Bywaters@hud.ac.uk

The 'Cities after Transition' CAT list brings together researchers working on any aspect of transitional cities, but is particularly focused on cities in the socialist Communist and post-socialist worlds. List members work on urbanisation and sub-urbanisation, urban processes and planning, urban cultures and so on within the context of post-socialist transition. The CAT network hosts international conferences.

This network is for anyone with interests in climate change and it's effect on mental health. Open to academics, practitioners, and interested citizens.

CLS use this list to provide updates on cohort study workshops and events, enhancements and additions to the data, and to promote discussions among researchers and policy makers. It covers the National Child Development Study, the 1970 British Cohort Study and the Millennium Cohort Study.

This is a list for academics, students, faith organisations and activists working in the field of migration, refugees and the politics of belonging.

The seminars and associated announcement list draws attention to the way that collaborative and congregated housing can play a fundamental role in carbon reduction behaviour, green technology adoption, and community resilience. Moreover, we stress the need to conceptualise resilience not only in terms of physical engineering to mitigate or withstand hazards and shocks, but also as social organisational capacities that facilitate affordable access, social cohesion and mutual support across diverse demographic groups. For instance, the cohousing model draws attention to the co-constitution of shared space, collective self-governance and the sense of trust and belonging that accumulates over time through shared meals and collective endeavour. The cohousing approach is collaborative in that it actively embeds self-managed governance structures in the life of the community in a deliberate attempt to increase purposeful interaction between resident members to improve overall quality of life.

Practitioner,academic, community member research and knowledge exchange network

This list has been retained, and is therefore no longer active The list provides a forum for discussion and debate between academics studying forms of community asset and land ownership. This is a growing area of public policy and the list is aimed at academics engaged with community ownership and control of public services, housing, community facilities and cooperatives.

This list supports communication between scholars exploring the complex nature of cities and the complex nature of urban planning. It is linked to the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) thematic group on complexity.

Complicity is a longstanding feature of everyday moral experience, this list focuses on practical and theoretical examinations of complicity, including discussion, CFP and research news.

Confidentiality and Privacy is a burgeoning cross-disciplinary research topic.

This list explores the relationships between conflict and disaster; two terms which are often viewed, studied and practised in isolation. The need for the list is based on the notion that the separation of the two is detrimental to disaster risk reduction and response, and to conflict prevention, management and resolution. We invite discussion and knowledge sharing around the following initial areas: Theory, scholarly work, and grey literature/evidence in conflict and disaster policy and practice (where conflict and disaster are either combined or separate); Theoretical debates around disaster and conflict; The relevance or otherwise of combining disaster and conflict in policy and practice; Case studies of people living in conflict plus disaster vulnerable countries and contexts; The addition of cross cutting topics such as gender, race/ethnicity, and others as they emerge in discussion. We hope the list will provide the space for the development of a conflict+disaster community of interest and practice.

News letter for The '& 128;˜Cost of Living'& 128;™. A blog for all people interested in the politics, economics and sociology of health and health care.

This listserv will be used to connect a community of individuals and organisations interested in supporting the use of reliable evidence synthesis in the response to COVID-19.

Mailing list for Critical Public Health Network, for researchers in the area of critical approaches to public health

'Crim-Bcs-Users' is a discussion list for those intending to use the Crime Survey of England and Wales (CSEW, formerly the BCS), Police Recorded Crime data and other criminal justice statistics statistics. It also serves as a forum to support the work of the Criminal Justice Statistics Network, a user group that operates under the auspices of the British Society of Criminology (it is the successor to the previous Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics User Group). The network has also been co-opted to the Royal Statistical Society's Statistics User Forum.

This list is for practitioners and academics wishing to build networks and discuss current criminal justice issues. Also a way for CCJS to announce current activities of interest to the members.

Discussion and announcements related to the Forum for the Study of Crisis in the 21st Century.

This list is intended to be a space where those interested in pursuing 'critical' approaches to cybersecurity to connect and share information, events, and ideas.

This listserv connects scholars in organisation studies and political theory using the 'Logics of Critical Explanation' of Glynos and Howarth in their work. The scope is to connect people, propose ideas like special issues or events, and support each other. Anyone with an interest in post-structuralism or wanting to learn more is welcome!

An email list to facilitate discussion of the issues surrounding cultural diversity in museums, libraries and archives.

The members of this list share information on and discuss issues related to international cultural relations across disciplines. Keywords include (but are not limited to): cultural relations/dialogue, arts/cultural policy, diplomacy, foreign policy, national identity, cultural/linguistic diversity, globalization, power, hegemony.

A group to spark and facilitate discussion on Participation and Engagement in the Arts and a place for members to share research. Details of subscribers on this mailing list are being held by Jiscmail and not the University of Leeds. If you unsubscribe from this mailing list you may continue to receive other communications from the University. To view the complete policies and terms please visit: https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/policyandsecurity/

This list is used by academics and other interested individuals involved in the study of dark / thanatourism.

We are a community of stakeholders in health/medical data sharing - comprising those interested in creating solutions to the ethical, legal, social, governance and technical issues within this domain.

Superlist for the defence group of mailing lists.

Mailing list associated with the Westminster Development Policy Network at the University of Westminster (Lonodn) and open to anyone working in the field of international development, development policy, or development studies

Digital Humanities North West aims to bring together those teaching and researching using DH tools and methods at institutions in the North West of England. We share ideas and methods for research and teaching and explore ways to collaborate.

This list is for those working in or interested in Digital Civics, a research agenda of Human-Computer Interaction and Social Sciences.

A critical approach to the sociology of disability is timely given the challenges facing disabled people under the current coalition government in the UK. This Study Group aims to reclaim the alost sociology of disability

This list is intended for all those interested in research as it affects disabled people. It provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and news, among researchers and others working primarily within a social interpretation of disability.

This is a mailing list for postgraduate researchers who are working within disability studies. It will be used for announcing events aimed primarily at postgraduate students. It can also be used as a way to build a community of researchers who can support one another.

Discussion list of the Diaspora, Migration and the Media section of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA)

This list is for the research student members of the Development Studies Association (DSA). The DSA brings together practitioners and academics working in International Development. The Research Students Group (RSG) organises conferences, study groups and training courses for postgrads.

List to support communication between members of the DSA Women and Development Study Group.

A chance to share best practice for practitioners and researchers of English for Academic Purposes in the West Midlands.

East Asian Social Policy Research Network is run by EASP for all East Asian Social Policy specialists; academics, research students and all who are interested in East Asian Social Policies, for generating and developing discussion across the range of themes related to East Asian Social Policies.

Welcome to the Energy and Social Science Network (EASSN). This list exists to discuss how social and technical issues related to both energy production and consumption interact. It is open to people from any discipline, country, region, or level of experience, and also not limited to any particular technology, sector, or topic. It builds on the First Annual “Energy for Society” Conference in Spain as well as the continued success of the journal Energy Research & Social Science. Ideally the Group will discuss the following, among others: - Fellowships and job opportunities - Calls for papers and special issues - Funding and grant opportunities - New publications - Upcoming seminars and conferences - Contemporary energy and climate news items. The list is owned by Dr Kirsten Jenkins (University of Edinburgh) and Professor Benjamin Sovacool (University of Sussex and Aarhus University).

To facilitate inter disciplinary co-operation and further discussion on the use of economic evaluation techniques in social welfare evaluation.

This is the official list of the ECPR Standing Group Participation and Mobilisation. It serves as one of the main communication channels of the Standing Group members. The list will be used to communicate activities organised by the Standing Group or the ECPR, as well as a means of communications among members in relation to research activities, publications or other pieces of information of general interest to the research community interested in topics relating to participation and mobilization. The Standing Group and this list is open to academics in any region of the world.

Mailing list for the Women's Committee of the Economic History Society

ELDIS: electronic development information service. This list is for discussion on the implementation of the development information programme of the European Association of Development Institutes (EADI) Information Working Party.

This list is for academics, practitioners and members of the public who are interested in the many ways in which we encounter and interact with the material remains of the dead in contemporary society. These encounters can be socio-economic, cultural, regulatory or political. The purpose of the list is to network anyone interested in the wide range of potential encounters - whether identity politics, medical, ethical, commodification eg. tourism, popular culture, faith-based.

An international network of researchers, practitioners and policy makers concerned with access to energy, fuel poverty, vulnerability and social justice in energy matters.

Electronic discussion group for a network of scholars and practitioners interested in the concept of energy justice. This list is to be used for the promotion of energy justice related events, publications, job opportunities and areas of collaboration.

This list supports researchers considering experimental and novel approaches which advance theoretical understanding of the domain of entrepreneurship and its real-life practices, contexts and impacts. This includes researchers drawing on multi-disciplinary perspectives, who seek to expose conceptual anomalies, while developing impactful debates in dialogue with the mainstream of entrepreneurship science.

This is the official mailing list for the Sociological Association of Ireland study group for Environment & Society

This list is used for announcing new issues of the academic online journal 'ephemera' (www.ephemeraweb.org) and other ephemeral happenings.

This is a group for members and other academics related to European Sociological Association (ESA) Sexuality Research Network (RN 23). In contrast to the long history of medical and psychological interest in sexuality, the sociological understanding of sexuality is a relatively new phenomenon, spanning a history of some 40 years. However during this time the sociology of sexuality, through both empirical research and theoretical writing, has become an important feature of academic work at both a national and international level. This work has enabled sociology to develop critical alternatives to the essentialism present in mainstream research on sexualities. Similarly, significant links have been made between sexuality and other salient social identities, for example gender, race, class and nationality. Whilst acknowledging the importance of biology, contemporary sociologists of sexuality prioritize the relationship between the individual and society to show the ways in which sexual desires, practices, identities, and attitudes are conceptualized, categorized, deployed, and ultimately regulated through the social institutions and practices of different societies. These areas, together with issues relating to the theorisation of sexuality alongside methodological developments, is an form important foci for ESA Sexuality Research Network.

The list is for members of the European Society of Criminology Thematic Working Group on Juvenile Justice (ESC-TWGJJ).

This is an email list for individuals who are interested or involved in the work of the European Society of Criminology's Victims Working Group

This is a research network for social science research on a range of global environmental issues. Formerly the list was set up as part of the ESRC funded Global Environmental Change Programme(GEC). Although GEC Programme ended in 2000, the research network remains active, and the list is now administered by the Centre for Social & Economic Research on the Global Environment (ESRC funded). We welcome any members who share our research interests.

Discussion list for learning and teaching in ethics and social welfare

This is the generic communication list of the COST Action ETHMIGSURVEYDATA, which includes all members of the network from all workgroups regardless of whether also in the Management Committee or not. The list homepage is available at www.jiscmail.ac.uk/ETHMIGSURVEYDATA-ALL The email address for the list is ETHMIGSURVEYDATA-ALL@JISCMAIL.AC.UK Any emails sent to this address will be distributed to all subscribers of the list. Any replies sent to an email coming to the list will be sent to the whole list of subscribers.

This list is for researchers conducting or interested in ethnographic approaches to researching health (broadly defined). The list is to be used to share information on publications, projects, conferences, workshops etc, for discussion about relevant issues, and for general networking.

List for those in charge of European Documentation Centres (EDC) or similar EU information relays for discussion of European Union documentation and information policy.

For academic criminologists in Britain principally those who are associated with the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control. For news about research initiatives; requests for collaborators or partners in proposed research initiatives; requests for information etc.

Deals with social policy and social welfare issues in Europe, including the EU. Of interest to academics in social policy, sociology,economics, political science, law, public administration and other fields, and also to others involved in policy debate.

This list is for postgraduate and early-career researchers working on all aspects of European integration.

A discussion list for people willing to share their experience and expertise in handling EU information and/or who are seeking help with EU-related materials, websites etc. Previously restricted to members of the European Information Association, but from March 2012 open to anyone working with information provided by or about the European Union.

This list is open to anyone in Scotland who has an interest in evaluation. It is primarily to enable discussion, learning and networking amongst colleagues working in evaluation, though it can be used to inform the list of relevant seminars, tenders and employment opportunities.

This is a cross-disciplinary, cross-sectoral discussion list to enable academics and others concerned with the use of evidence in public sector policy and practice to network, debate, share ideas and exchange information. It has been set up by the Research Unit for Research Utilisation (RURU) at St. Andrews University - previosuly funded by the ESRC and a member of the ESRC's Network for Evidence-Based Policy and Practice - to facilitate national and international interchange in this field.

The Evidence Network for Renting (EN4R) is a knowledge-exchange hub bring together academics, stakeholders and policymakers to share research and evidence on renting. Our network serves three core purposes; to share research and knowledge across professional, policy and academic groups; promote opportunities which enable connections to be developed between different groups; and to nurture opportunities for evidence-informed policymaking and practice.

The European Working group On Drugs Oriented Research is the oldest of the European Communities drugs-related fora. EWODOR operates as a central exchange resource for researchers in the drug/alcohol field and hosts an annual symposium for members

This list will be used to share announcements of the newly established FARM network, which shares research with academics, stakeholders, experts by experience, and others with the aim of working collaboratively to see action in terms of food research.

This mailing list was established after the Feminist HCI Special Interest Group at CHI2018. It was instigated by fempower.tech - a group of intersectional feminists who aim to raise awareness of feminist issues in HCI by being overtly critical and political of the field, raising voices of underrepresented groups and topics, presenting tangible outcomes, and taking on an activist role for this. We create a supportive and collaborative environment within Open Lab (Newcastle University), academia, industry, and beyond.

The FEMINIST-TRANSLATION-STUDIES discussion list is a transnational feminist tool aimed at creating cross-border alliances and sharing news about publications, conferences and other academic events on this research field. It also enables members to ask critical questions and raise issues about any aspect related to Feminist Translation Studies in a broad sense. The vehicular language of the mailing list is English, but all geographies are included. It was created and administered by Olga Castro, University of Warwick, Great Britain. For more information, please contact the list owner.

This list provides a communication channel between those with an interest in the arts and sport coming together. Its purpose is to disseminate news and foster debate.

<HTML> <p>The Forced Migration Discussion List (also known as the FMList) is an email-based community, moderated by staff at Forced Migration Online. It aims to encourage greater exchange of information and to promote discussion on the problem of refugees and other victims of forced migration/involuntary resettlement, including those of development projects which lead to their forcible uprooting. <p>The list provides regular updates on major news, publications and events relating to forced migration. Posts will often include information about relevant funding opportunities, job vacancies and new research projects. Subscribers to the List also have access to an invaluable community of experts in the field of forced migration, and may occasionally use the List to request specific information on issues relevant to forced migration. <p>If you would like to post a message on the List, please send an email to fmlist@qeh.ox.ac.uk, or follow the link in the 'options' bar above. <p>Please note that messages sent to the Forced Migration Discussion List are moderated. Posts must comply with our selection guidelines (http://www.forcedmigration.org/discussion/guidelines/) and we reserve the right to edit, or to reject, posts that fail to do so. </HTML>

This list supports the Fuel Poverty Postgraduate Network and provides a virtual forum for postgraduate researchers to share ongoing research on fuel poverty, seek out potential collaborations, and develop an understanding of how findings can be effectively disseminated.

This list is for all those working in the field of Galician Studies to make announcements and share information about research, teaching, and developments in Galician Studies.

This is the list initiated through ESRC seminar series Gendered Inclusion in Contemporary Organizations. The aims of seminar and the group of scholars on this list is to critically explore the conditions, forms and circumstances of women's and men's inclusion in organisations in order to generate a more complex account of contemporary experiences of workplace (in)equalities. The list will serve as a medium of communication for those involved in the seminars and those wanting to join the debate. The list will be used to exchange news, ideas, information on forthcoming events, relevant topics, general interaction and collaboration between participants and so on.

This list is used by the RGS (IBG) Geographies of Children, Youth and Families group to make announcements to education and research communities about the groups workshops, conferences and publications. It also provides a forum for discussion and debate of issues of interest to this group.

This group provides a forum for the discussion of geographies of religions, beliefs, faith and spirituality. Discussions focus on research, teaching and associated issues of relevance to the intersection of faith and spirituality with place and community.

A network of scholars and others interested in promoting good work within global food production and other parts of the food system.

Mailing list of the Graphic Justice Research Alliance. An interdisciplinary research network exploring the crossover between law and justice and comics of all kinds.

This list is designed to create an online forum for postgraduate and early career members of the Global Studies Association. The forum will allow networking, exchange, information on events, funding and discussion on issues relevant to researchers conducting multi-disciplinary research.

A forum for researchers and policy experts in the field of Global Social Policy to share information and discuss about publications, research projects, policy initiatives, and upcoming events. Of interest to individuals working in the areas of Social Policy, Sociology, Politics, Economics, Development Studies and International Relations.

This list is for scholars and research students who have an interest in the field of gender, sport and society. The list provides a network for discussion on current issues, and posts updates on news, conferences and relevant research/publications.

This discussion list supporting research and collaboration around the areas of happiness and wellbeing for the members for the British Sociological Association Happiness Study Group

An online forum to share learning and resources for those engaged/involved in hermeneutic phenomenological based research.

This list is used for sharing information related to historical sociology.

An email list for all those interested in co-production research, and in keeping up with the work of Holi.

The Human Resource Management (HRM) research list aims to promote exchange of academic research activity and community news in relation to human resource management (broadly defined) from various social science perspectives.

Rather than being confined to public administration, legal definitions and descriptions of socio-economic conditions as they are manifest in a specific moment in time, the uncovered revelations of "social harm" and heinous practices will go beyond empirical declarations to explain why whether it be good or bad society and/or the economic environment has come to be in the condition that it is. Genocide, war, class, gender, social exclusion, (institutional) discrimination and racism, migration, (social) media influence and public perception/actions are prominent aspects of our dissemination process in a dedicated opposition to (anti-)social injustice.

International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication

This list is for scholars researching religion and gender and linked to the International Association for the study of Religion & Gender

This list is used by the International and Comparative Social Policy Group of the Social Policy Association to support its wider activities and to promote and facilitate discussion and networks between researchers and teachers in the fields of international and comparative Social Policy

Mailing list for discussion of social scientific study of ignorance

A forum for those researching in the area of the history of immigration to the UK to share information about their work, circulate information about forthcoming events and publications, and to promote discussion across this wide field.

This list will provide a forum for academics to engage in conversations about research impact, ahead of the Research Excellence Framework submission (REF2021). It will also provide a space for the discussion of new and ongoing collaborations. For more information, please contact: Dr Chris Hewson (c.d.hewson@salford.ac.uk) Professor Andy Miah (a.miah@salford.ac.uk)

The Inequalities Research Network is supported by Leeds Social Sciences Institute. It aims to provide a focal point for the collective work undertaken across diverse sectors to address social inequalities and increase social justice.

A team of Researchers in the UK have been sponsored by the ESRC to develop an integrative theory of Social Representations and Identities in the context of Innovation. This list will discuss relevant theoretical and methodological issues.

This list focuses on international student migration in Africa

This is a communication, news, events and discussion list for researchers in Yorkshire who use Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

List for OA Journal Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Equality and Diversity.

International Political Science Association (IPSA) conducts research activities in political science, its Research Committees (RC) provide members in sub-fields of the discipline an opportunity to associate with colleagues and are the backbone of the Association. This list will allow effective coordination of RCs voice viz. their own members and the association in pursuit of their interests.

IRISS - Internet Research and Information for Social Scientists. Information about the IRISS conference and follow up discussion.

This list is for members of the International Society for Metal Music Studies to make announcements, share information, and connect with one another. General research queries are welcome. We encourage all users to treat each other with respect, and hate speech and discrimination will not be tolerated.

This is an info-list for people interested in being kept up-to-date with the Jam & Justice project

This list is intended to host discussions about health and geo ideas and issues and was created as a follow up to the JISC GECO Project's Open Source Geo and Health Workshop(held in August 2011). We are interested in sharing anything that relates to the role of location, geospatial data or place (in very broad terms) in health including research, policy and practice around physical and mental health. We welcome members from academia, the NHS, healthcare providers, policy makers, statisticians, technology providers and others interested in the possibilities around the intersections of location and health.

This list arose from the Lascar Seafaring workshop (April 2011) as a resource for researchers working on the global lives of Asian sailors.

To build and strengthen links among students, academics and policy-makers interested in the social policy of Latin American countries.

This is a platform for university staff and organisations interested in the promotion of HE opportunities for refugees and those in refugee-like situations.

This email list provides a forum to discuss lesbian lives in the ethos of the Lesbian Lives conference. We aim to be an international social, cultural, political and artistic venue for sharing ideas and information of relevance to Lesbian Lives. We hope to develop dialogues and discussions that understand that 'the lesbian perspective still continues to be a critical gaze from a charged margin and the Lesbian Lives Conference continues to be a friendly experience of energetic engagement' O'Donnell, 2008.

This list is for communication and the sharing of good practice between those managing lesbian gay bisexual and trans staff networks within HE and FE institutions.

This mailing list serves members of LGBTQ+ Music Study Group.

A network focussing on the research training and development needs of doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, specifically in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Drawing from bell hooks's concept of a love ethic, this list connects social researchers and practitioners who are currently engaged or interested in thinking and making with love. The list follows on from a workshop on love ethics, held in Sheffield in May 2022.

This list is for dissemination of information from CeLSIUS (Centre for Longitudinal Study Information and User Support) to UK academics with an interest in the ONS Longitudinal Study, and to enable discussion amongst these people.

This network focuses on the theme of social movements, mobilization and contestation in the MENA.

The list arises from a series of workshops on marketization that is defined as the introduction and intensification of price-based competition. The list aims to bring together researchers from various areas and disciplines and other interested public, who focus on structural and subjective effects of marketization on societies in Europe. It provides a space for sharing information and stimulating the discussions on changing markets and subjectivities within Europe and the ways we approach these issues theoretically, methodologically and in practice.

The MeCCSA Local and Community Media Network aims to promote research into Local and Community Media in the UK. It is one of a series of networks in the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies (MeCCSA) subject association in the UK. The aim of the network is to draw together those scholars interrogating this landscape to raise the profile of research in this field and strengthen its future trajectory. The network also offers the opportunity to increase collaboration between industry and academia and emerging innovators and disruptors in the field. An increasing number of academics working in the area of local and community media, including both the executive members above and suggested members below, come with a background in relevant industries.

Bring together postgraduate students in Media, Communication, Film and Cultural Studies to form research, and teaching and learning networks and also ensure peer support.

A forum for discussion of any matter relating to medical and/or health humanities including details of relevant events, meetings, jobs, conferences, calls for papers etc.

The elist aims to allow collaborations and communication amongst academic working in the fields of memory studies and migration studies

This list will provide a forum for policy debate and academic communication around issues of social justice and prosperity in the region of the Middle East and North Africa.

This list is for sharing information about research on menstruation: planned events, new publications, funding calls etc. It was founded by the members of the Wellcome Trust-funded interdisciplinary Menstruation Research Network.

For discussion and debate on issues related to the economic analysis of mental health and mental health care services. The list is also intended to disseminate and exchange of information on current and forthcoming events, publications and other material of interest.

The mailing list offers a network to stimulate critical thinking and knowledge exchange on the processes that shape migrant mothers & cultural and caring work in enabling their children to occupy a place as future citizens

The MISC-IGHD list will make announcements to academics, policy makers and organisations with an interest in refugee integration, wellbeing and social connections.

This is the mailing list of the Moral Panic Research Network. The purpose of the Network is to bring together: scholars from a variety of disciplines who share an interest in moral panics; media practitioners, including journalists; and anyone else with an interest in moral panics. #The network is intended to be as open as possible, in order to stimulate discussion from a variety of perspectives; anyone who is interested in moral panics is very welcome to join the network.

This network is for coordinating the activities of research project and knowledge platform managers working on climate change adaptation in mountain regions It was established in 2020 as part of the Adaptation at Altitude programme

The mozambique study group is intended to act as an informal network for all those interested in research and policy issues in Mozambique. It will discuss economic, social and political developments, communicate research results, and hold occasional meetings to discuss work in progress.

This list is to discuss the uses of stored collections in UK museums.

This will be the list used by MYRDDIN: The Wales Network for the History and Social Study of Science, Technology and Medicine to keep members informed about forthcoming activities

A group for researchers and practitioners interested in the study of networks in the context of crime. The list is intended to be used for announcements, discussion and the formation of research collaborations.

For discussion of comparative rural issues in Scotland and the Nordic countries. Includes issues relating to environment, economics, social, and cultural development. Includes research topics, management, and education for or about rural development.

This list provides a collaborative opportunity for researchers of any discipline who wish to examine the nature of and culture around normal physiological birth. This includes the biological, emotional psychological, social and clinical processes and consequences involved.

A group to exchange ideas and provide support for women who research and work across nuclear policy, nuclear geopolitics, nuclear geographies, nuclear culture and similar disciplines relating to nuclear warfare.

This list is used to bring together people involved in or interested in evaluation, with a particular value on collaboration, reflexivity, diversity, participation and appropriate (mixed) methods. It aims to increase evaluation capability and advocate for good evaluation practice.

The official-statistics is for announcements and discussion of any aspect of official statistics. It has links to the Official Statistic Committee of the Royal Statistical Society. The list welcomes contributions from the producers and users of official statistics as well as from members of the academic community.

The purpose of the ORG-SCIENCE electronic network is to support critical scholarly discussion, reflection and research in the areas of knowledge production in organizational research; of the institutional context of organizational studies; and of research policy and practice in this and related disciplines.

This discussion group will explore the factors that contribute to the poor outcomes that children in care experience. It is hoped that the conversations, experience and evidence will inspire more research around the education and social outcomes for this group of people.

To facilitate interchange between members of teams evaluating the NHS Pacesetters Programme to improve access to health services for members of socially disadvantaged groups, and those concerned to share good practice

The aim of PACSF is for researchers to critically explore the relationships between cultural studies and Pacific Asian issues.

List designed to serve as a forum for clinical psychologisty, neuro-psychologists and other psycho-social staff working in paediatric oncology to design research and intervention projects and to work collaboratively across centres. The list will also serve as a communication point to disseminate service development and related service issues. The list will ensure communication and the pooling of resources for all psycho-social staff working with children and adolescents who have cancer and with their families.

The Parenting Research List has been established by the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships to facilitate discussion, development, collaboration and new research on parenting. It is open to academics, researchers in the public and voluntary sectors, and to agencies with an interest in parenting research from both public and voluntary sectors

The Participation Network aims facilitate networking, communication and information sharing about events, resources and initiatives between academics, researchers, practitioners, policymakers and institutions engaged in participatory research, action research, community development and citizen science.

This is an interdisciplinary network for researchers interested in software programming both as a research device and an object of study, particularly around the methodological innovations happening through social science usages of digital data. It aims to support the cultivation of "critical technical practice" (Agre, 1997) around the research, development and use of code - informed by developments in digital methods, digital sociology and emerging teaching formats. PaSS draws on research in Science and Technology Studies, New Media Studies, Software Studies, Ethnomethodology, Human-Computer Interaction and associated fields to look at how programming practices can not just be studied, but also critically leveraged for teaching and research. The PaSS mailing list is a low traffic list for news, announcements and discussion around programming in the context of social research. <HTML> This is an interdisciplinary network for researchers interested in software programming both as a research device and an object of study, particularly around the methodological innovations happening through social science usages of digital data. It aims to support the cultivation of "critical technical practice" (Agre, 1997) around the research, development and use of code - informed by developments in digital methods, digital sociology and emerging teaching formats. PaSS draws on research in Science and Technology Studies, New Media Studies, Software Studies, Ethnomethodology, Human-Computer Interaction and associated fields to look at how programming practices can not just be studied, but also critically leveraged for teaching and research. The PaSS mailing list is a low traffic list for news, announcements and discussion around programming in the context of social research. </HTML>

Email list for the British Philosophy of Sport Association, for discussion of news, issues, and events.

Policing the Internet: list involved in ethical, moral and political responsibilities consequent upon the development of interactive multicast multimedia information and communication technologies in UK Higher Education.

A list for those developing and using computational models in the governance policy cycle

An interdisciplinary list bringing together those engaged in research, including action research, on any aspect of policing and crime in post-socialist countries. Focus on discussion of theoretical and practical issues relevant to police reform and new approaches to tackling crime.

The list provides a forum for communication between members of the Policing Network of the British Society of Criminology. Anyone interested in joining the Network can do so by contacting the list owner.

Mailing list for announcements and academic exchange in the field of political discourse analysis

Official mailinglist of the Critical Political Economy Research Network of the European Sociological Association. http://criticalpoliticaleconomy.net/

This list is used by committee members of the Population Geography Research Group of the RGS-IBG to make announcements.

Concerned with research and teaching in population studies, both in demography and in other subjects such as geography, sociology, development, management, planning and public policy. Information on research, conference proposals and teaching resources welcomed.

The list links scholars across the UK, and other parts of the world completing research on populist politics - and democracy, and fascist politics.

This list is hosted by the Centre for Port and Maritime History (University of Liverpool / Liverpool John Moores University), but is open to all scholars working on Port and Maritime Studies.

Discussion group of the UK's Association of Postdoctoral Researchers: for help, policy campaigning and the exchange of information about career opportunities, international research communities and research mobility.

The Working Group on Citizen Participation includes researchers and practitioners working in a range of policy fields in Scotland, and is open to anyone interested in related issues. It aims to foster dialogue and knowledge exchange; build a network that cuts across disciplinary boundaries and policy silos; create a platform for practice-led collaborative research.

A group convened through the British and Irish Association for Practical Theology (www.biapt.org.uk), which brings together academics, research students and researching professionals in the field of pastoral care, practical theology and Christian social ethics. This group aims to facilitate networking amongst BIAPT members interested in developing issues in public theology, or the interaction between faith traditions and social policy, political economy and civil society.

The Public and Political Leadership network provides a bridge between (European) academics conducting research on leadership in the public domain. The aim of the list is to further international collaboration between leadership researchers by providing a forum to post, for instance, research/methodology questions, queries to submit conference panels, notifications of new publications and conferences, and ideas for submitting grant proposals.

This list is for discussions arising from the activities of the ESRC NCRM-funded network for Participatory Video in Research Methods.

This list is run by the South Asia Forum at Queen Mary University of London and is used to communicate information about events, meetings and new research relevant to the field.

Primarily intended for developers & users of measures of health-related quality of life, in UK centres of HE & research. Such measures are of growing importance in shaping health policy, in clinical studies & in economic evaluation. Is a means of linking the rapidly growing expertise in this field.

The method of Qualitative Comparative Analysis arises both in historical and management research, and in sociological and health research. The aim of QCA is to systematically analyse the possible configurations as a stage of research that follows on from (but also iterates with) a stage of qualitative analysis of cases. In this approach, the 'case' is both the whole set of configurations -- ie the world, really existing as an interlinked whole -- and as a set of comparable 'smaller' objects, e.g. comparing clients, patients, enterprises, or countries. The list exists to promote discussion and debate about QCA and its related variants, such as fuzzy-set social science (Ragin, 2004), realist evaluation (Pawson and Tilley, 1997), and triangulation. <HTML> The method of Qualitative Comparative Analysis arises both in historical and management research, and in sociological and health research. The aim of QCA is to systematically analyse the possible configurations as a stage of research that follows on from (but also iterates with) a stage of qualitative analysis of cases. In this approach, the 'case' is both the whole set of configurations -- ie the world, really existing as an interlinked whole -- and as a set of comparable 'smaller' objects, e.g. comparing clients, patients, enterprises, or countries. The list exists to promote discussion and debate about QCA and its related variants, such as fuzzy-set social science (Ragin, 2004), realist evaluation (Pawson and Tilley, 1997), and triangulation. </HTML>

The CAQDAS Networking Project was set up to increase awareness and debate about Computer Assisted Qualitative Data AnalysiS (CAQDAS) packages. This e-mail discussion group seeks to create an instant forum for users and developers to air problems, offer opinions, argument & advice on the variety of packages in use.

A list for discussion about quantitative methods teaching, especially in the social sciences. It replaced a previous NCRM list in December 2019. List owners are Jen Buckley (UK Data Service) and Nick Bearman (UCL).

This list will be used by international academics to discuss literature, and share information concerning LGBT and non-heterosexual forms of relationships, family, and kinship. <HTML> QUEER KINSHIP AND RELATIONSHIPS hopes to engage in, and understand the multiplicity of issues concerning non-heterosexual families and relationships in their everyday lives. Researchers and academics interested in non-normative intimacy, kinship, relationships, and broadly defined family, are invited to join in.We are interested in discussing the manifold complexity of everyday life of non-heterosexual relations in various geo-cultural locations across globe, in their social, economic, political, cultural, personal, and other dimensions. This is a place to share relevant information, exchange views, and to integrate researchers from all over the world. We seek to engage in exciting, interesting, and challenging discussions. This group is hosted in English. </HTML>

This group is for social scientists and researchers, at all stages of their career, who use, are learning and/or would like to learn R Programming for analysis. Please use this group to share learning and teaching resources, events, pose questions to colleagues or share any information which may be of interest to group members.

In 2015 the number of forcibly displaced people across the world was the highest since World War II (UNHCR Global Trends 2016). As global inequalities are largely the sedimentation of colonialism, several mechanisms and expressions of displacement occur alongside racial lines. Displacement has reached an equally unprecedented level also within and nearby urban areas, with slum populations rising exponentially in the last years. The purpose of this mailing list is to offer a forum where scholars, activists, practitioners and anyone else interested in these issues can share information, ideas and other resources aiming at illuminating the logics of displacement and banishment that operate at either an international or an urban scale, and often at both scales. Call for papers, book launches, art performances, social mobilizations, debates, newspaper articles and any other resource that sets a link between race and displacement will be welcome. Sharing is caring.

Radix - Radical Interpretations of Disasters and Radical Solutions

This is the mailing list for RaPAL, Research and Practice in Adult Literacy (www.rapal.org.uk), which brings together researchers and adult literacy practitioners.

This is a list for PhD students using or considering using realist methodology in their work, or interested in finding out more about realist methodology. It's to find peer support, link with others in similar geographical or topic areas, and discuss training, reading and everything realist PhD.

This discussion list is for use by the team developing the online Refugee Thesaurus resource, for discussing new ideas and changes / updates that need to be made.

The list is administered by the British and Irish Section of the Regional Science Association International. It is used to make announcements on matters related to the Association and its affiliated Sections. It is also aimed at facilitating exchange of information and wider discussion, among members, on empirical, theoretical and applied issues of regional science, spatial economics and economic geography in Britain, Ireland and abroad.

This is the email list for an AHRC-funded network on law, time and regulation.

This Jiscmail list would support the Nuffield funded 'COVID-19 and families on a low-income' project, by providing researchers with the opportunity to connect, particularly in terms of ethical issues and challenges. It would also advertise webinars, new content on our project website, and share resources.

The Researching Brexit Network is for those who are involved in researching Brexit. We are aiming towards organising two small conferences per year, as well as encouraging collaboration across disciplines, methodologies and universities. All involved in researching Brexit are welcome to join and share ideas, events etc.

Geographies of Justice is a Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers, providing a forum for exploring the wide range of issues of relevance to justice within contemporary human geography. Privacy notice for RGSGEOGSOFJUSTICE By using the RGSGEOGSOFJUSTICE your personal data (email address, name) may be used by the list owner to manage your membership, support you in using this mailing list, to identify problems or to make the mailing list better. If you post messages to this mailing list, be aware that any personal data you share within your email (email address, name and signature information) may be visible to others. To check who else may view your message and personal data, check the mailing list archive privacy setting, which is displayed at www.jiscmail.ac.uk/GEOGSOFJUSTICE. Your email will continue to be subscribed to the mailing list until you ask the list owner, or JiscMail Helpline to remove your details. Any email messages you post to the mailing list will remain in the mailing list web-accessible archives, until you ask the list owner, or JiscMail helpline to remove these details.

This list is for PhD researchers based in London and working on forced migration and connected to the Refuge in a Moving World interdisciplinary PhD network. The list provides a space to share information about events, journal announcements and monthly seminars in UCL.

the list is for the application of economics, social science and management to policy problems where risk is a central feature of the decision-making process.

This is a list for people interested in information about meetings organised by the Royal Statistical Society's Social Statistics Section.

The list exists to share information between people collaborating on a study of the uses made of herbal and other 'traditional medical products' and plants, and their relation to health care and pharmacy in the UK among populations of South Asian ethnic origin

Satsunet is a list for sharing information and developing links across three key areas - the sociology of the biosciences, science policy and regulation, and social media/informatics. The list is managed by the Science & Technology Studies Unit at the University of York, which has a particular interest in the relationship between the social construction of policy and the social construction of innovation, with an emphasis on issues of practical importance, on subjects that are of relevance to policy debates and on questions of power and social exclusion.


This announcement and discussion list is for historians and others working within the broad remit of Scottish leisure history, inclusive of popular culture, sports, tourism, music, cinema, etc.

The Scottish Sexualities Research Network List encourages interdisciplinary co-operation in the field of sexualities research in Scotland and will detail events, programmes, publications and research of relevance.

This list is for announcements from the Scottish Medical Sociology group; this is a regional sub group of BSA Medical Sociology.

A newly setup network for social policy research in Southeast Asia

Jiscmail for the International Network for Sexual Ethics and Politics

This list is for announcements, news and discussion related to the use of computer simulation in the social sciences, including approaches based on micro-simulation and multi-agent modelling.

The Scottish Knowledge Exchange Community of Practice (SKECP) is a network of KE practitioners and researchers who share KE practices and experience, build peer relationships for information exchange and support, build KE capacity, advance knowledge of KE effectiveness, and share KE events and activities.

This is the official email list for the Scottish Media and Communication Association.

This super list posts to the following sub lists: SNAS-COMMITTEE The Social Network Analysis in Scotland Group (SNAS) provides a forum to discuss projects, issues and ideas related to Social Network Analysis (SNA). It aims to bring together academic staff, postgraduate students and practitioners engaging with SNA across Scotland and beyond.

This closed list is intended for members of the Heads of Departments of Sociology Council (that is, all Heads of Department and Professors of Sociology at UK Universities) to discuss matters of common interest relating to the administration and management of sociological teaching and research.

This list is open to anyone who teaches Sociology or Criminology within Higher Education or HE in FE.

This list focuses on the key research issues of Social Economy in the UK and across Europe. This includes discussions, potential collaboration between researchers, and dissemination of outputs on topics related to social enterprise, social value, mutual exchange networks, and alternative social economies. The list will also promote projects carried out by the different Social Economy stakeholders and practitioners. We are looking for a way to facilitate European collaboration in the broad field of Social Economy between researchers and practitioners. The sharing of knowledge in the field and building potential partnerships in research and/or practice would be outcomes to be encouraged between list members.

Social-Policy networks social policy specialists: academics (teaching and researching in universities, colleges, schools and research bodies), policy makers and service providers, generating discussion across the range of social policy themes and services.

This is a network of Early Career Researchers (ECRs) working in Social Policy. For more details, see http://www.social-policy.org.uk/early-career-researcher-ecr-network/

This list is owned by the Executive Committee of the Indian Social Policy Association. It aims to bring together individuals and organisations in the UK and India (not exclusively) whose work centres on emerging social policy issues in India and South Asia.


This list is intended for the use of those people pursuing, or supervising those pursuing, higher degrees in the social policy field. In particular, it aims to serve the needs of postgraduate members of the Social Policy Association (SPA).

To assist in the promotion of innovation in learning, teaching and assessment in social policy. To collate and disseminate information on good practice. To increase awareness of developments in learning and teaching. To share information on pedagogical approaches. To exchange ideas on learning technologies. To inform the community regarding relevant events.

Information list for researchers in analysis of social sequence data. Includes details of new applications, developments in methodology and events, particularly in the UK.

This list aims to provide a forum for the discussion of social theory across the social and human sciences, drawing on theories that link individual and social processes ranging from classical social theories to contemporary theories (incl. rational or public choice, new institutionalism, symbolic interaction etc).

This list is for researchers in social care in Wales, and for practitioners and policymakers seeking to keep in touch with current developments in this area.

A space for the sharing of ideas, resources, and information relating to social and cultural geography

A mailing list for members of, and those interested in, the Socialising Nitrogen network. This research group are interested in work in the arts, humanities and social sciences that engage with nitrogen. Pollution / Environment / Geopolitics / History / Economy / Society

This list has been established to facilitate ongoing discussion among participants at seminars in the ESRC Social Justice and Public Policy series.

Social Mouth Research Network info, for those interested in social, historical and cultural context of mouth, dentistry and/or oral health.

This list is for social work academics, practitioners and students who have an interest in learning more about alcohol and drugs. It is intended to allow sharing of information and information exchange between the target audience, for example, it will allow students to ask for information from practitioners and academics, academics to find out what others are doing and for practitioners to have a direct line to academics who are specialist in this area and vice versa.

To develop a greater understanding of the dangers of religious fundamentalisms and to develop strategies for challenging this

A discussion forum on the social, economic, sociological & political issues of midwifery & maternity care: medicalization; professional competition; attitudes of pregnant women. It also aims to stimulate co-operation between researchers in Britain & elsewhere on cross-national comparative studies.

Mailing list to share information about doing research and research impact in end of life care from social science perspectives.

This is the mailing list for the members of the Soil Care Network, an inter-disciplinary network for soil researchers. Please see soilcarenetwork.com for more details.

Announcement list for the Social Policy Association's Housing Policy Group - info about group activities, events and publications.

This is a mailing list for a network that aims to promote research and teaching in the field of Social Policy and Environment in the UK. This mailing list will be linked to the Social Policy Association homepage and will be linked to the Social Policy and the Environment Network.

To generate interdisciplinary social science discussion (sociology, cultural studies, geography, media studies etc.) on the social and cultural analysis of sport.

The Sociology of Sport Study Group of the British Sociological Association (BSA) list: facilitates the promotion of research and scholarship in the sociology of sport; represents the professional interests of those engaged in the sociology of sport; raises the profile of expertise in the sociology of sport in public debate and within appropriate user constituencies provides an opportunity for members of the sport study group to exchange and discuss research and communicate developments in appropriate national and international groups with complementary scholarly interests.

This is used by the members of the Association for the Study of Sport and the European Union, a research network of academics interested in the impact of European politics and policies on sport and vice-versa.

Official email list for the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport.

SPRUlist is a mailing list set up by the Social Policy Research Unit for individuals who wish to be kept informed of research published by the Unit.

The SSI-network will focus on socio-scientific issues as a challenge for science education for all. More specifically the common area of interest will be recent and current thinking on the epistemology of science and recent developments in science. Through discussion, a theoretical perspective on how this thinking impacts on society and environment will be elaborated and, thus, how it should impact on learning and teaching of science at all levels.

This is a mailing list for researchers with an interest in topics related to Outer Space.

This list will be used by members of the BSA/SPA Study Group for the Sociology of Social and Public Policy to facilitate communication amongst the research community in this area.

The aim of this listserv is to facilitate policy makers, researchers and academics working in the field of substance misuses and child welfare to: - share research findings and discuss the implications for policy and practice - promote the evidence base informing policy and practice developments - develop ideas for new areas of research and enquiry - disseminate and discuss developments in policy and practice - network and develop working relationships across agency and professional boundaries

This list is intended to support interdisciplinary exchange, research and teaching around theories, histories, institutions and fictions of surveillance.

Following on from the Education for Sustainable Development: Graduates as Global Citizens conference, this list is a forum for the continuation of debate and dialogue. It is an interdisciplinary online forum for contributions on sustainable development and global citizenship issues in HE.

A list to connect South Wales counsellors, therapists, academics and students within the Social Sciences discipline.

This list is used to circulate news by TAG The Professional Association of Lecturers in Youth and Community Work (www.tagpalycw.org) TAG represents youth & community work educators academics and researchers in the HE sector.

This list distributes news and announcements related to Tangible Interaction. It supports interdisciplinary and international collaboration and discussion in this area of research and teaching.

The list is used by Edinburgh Text Analysis Research Group (based in the University of Edinburgh, but open to researchers across UK and beyond) to discuss projects and ideas related to Text Analysis (aka Automated Content Analysis, Quantitative Content Analysis, Text as Data, Text Mining etc).

This group is for people who wish to explore and encourage the use of theatre and drama in qualitative research and teaching

With a growing, renewed, interest in community currencies generally, and banking specifically, this group seeks to form a network of researchers exploring uses of time banks. Over ten years of development of time banking in the UK has led to new avenues for exploration which diverge from traditional community currency research. The focus on co-production and its similarity with the idea of a Big Society has led to time banks featuring in Labour and Coalition government strategy documents. The difficulty however is that most of the evidence base remains anecdotal, this group hopes to help address this issue in the following ways. Firstly it seeks to help enhance access to academic research already available in one centralised bibliography. Secondly it seeks to bring together a wide range of academics to provide space for sharing good quality research and facilitating future collaborative research. By pursing our aims we hope the group will become an invaluable, independent resource for policy makers and practitioners searching for evidence on time banking.With a growing, renewed, interest in community currencies generally, and banking specifically, this group seeks to form a network of researchers exploring uses of time banks. Over ten years of development of time banking in the UK has led to new avenues for exploration which diverge from traditional community currency research. The focus on co-production and its similarity with the idea of a Big Society has led to time banks featuring in Labour and Coalition government strategy documents. The difficulty however is that most of the evidence base remains anecdotal, this group hopes to help address this issue in the following ways. Firstly it seeks to help enhance access to academic research already available in one centralised bibliography. Secondly it seeks to bring together a wide range of academics to provide space for sharing good quality research and facilitating future collaborative research. By pursing our aims we hope the group will become an invaluable, independent resource for policy makers and practitioners searching for evidence on time banking.

Transformative, participatory & arts-based research approaches & methods

An academic and community based grouping focusing on issues of race, religion and social justice with particular attention paid to issues impacting African descendant communities

The list provides information and announcements about support for the ONS Longitudinal Study, the Northern Ireland LS and the Scottish LS. Specifically, the list is about cross-study or pan-UK interests.

This jiscmail list connects scholars and practitioners concerned with the culture and creative industries in the UK and China. It enables the exchange of information about research projects, publications, events and academic programmes of interest to its members. Moreover, the list promotes discussion and collaborative knowledge generation to advance understandings of the culture and creative industries in the UK and China.

The Journal of Urban Labour and Leisure is intended for an interdisciplinary readership. It is a social science journal covering all aspects of Labour, leisure and Urban Life. List will be used to encourage debate around the issues published in the journal & any threads that people wish to start.

The Uruguay Research Network (URN) aims to bring together students, academics and researchers from a variety of academic disciplines united by a common interest in Uruguay. The network wishes to draw together people working on Uruguay that may otherwise not know each other; in this way, the network aims facilitate debate and discussion, exchange information on relevant conferences and news on Uruguay, organise events and establish a forum for continued interaction and communication among scholars on Uruguay. The network is open to students (both undergraduate and postgraduate), academic staff and researchers. It is a UK based network but anyone is welcome to join; we particularly welcome members from Uruguay itself. English and Spanish are the working languages of the network.

A list for discussion of questions of interest in variationist (Labovian / empirical) sociolinguistics; questions in adjoining areas of linguistics (eg on the social theories or background of observed variation) may also be discussed. Meant mainly for academic linguists, but serious amateurs also welcome!

This list is owned and maintained by The Violence Research Group at the University of Wales College of Medicine. The list will promote discussion by academics & practitioners active in the area of violence prevention. Discussion of the relationship between alcohol and violence will be encouraged.

This list provides a forum for social scientists to discuss the use of visualisation tools - the graphics facilities of a range of computer software - in their teaching & research.

This list serves as a site for discussion and listings for the International Sociological Association Visual Sociology Working Group ISA WG03 (formerly known as the International Sociological Association Visual Sociology Thematic Group TG05).

The Voluntary Sector New Researchers is used for discussion and support amongst early career researchers and students interested in voluntary sector research.

The voluntary sector studies network is used for discussion between researchers interested in the broad field of voluntary and nonprofit organisations and their work.

A discussion list about the records, archives and history of voluntary and community sector organisations. The list was set up in 2012 as part of the Campaign for Voluntary Sector Archives, and has since been maintained by the British Academy Research Project ‘Digitising the Mixed Economy of Welfare in Britain’. This is a collaborative, interdisciplinary project that promotes the preservation of voluntary sector archives, which are increasingly vulnerable in a period of austerity. We see the archives and records of voluntary organisations as strategic assets for governance, corporate identity, accountability and research. <HTML> A discussion list about the records, archives and history of voluntary and community sector organisations. The list was set up in 2012 as part of the Campaign for Voluntary Sector Archives, and has since been maintained by the British Academy Research Project ‘Digitising the Mixed Economy of Welfare in Britain’. This is a collaborative, interdisciplinary project that promotes the preservation of voluntary sector archives, which are increasingly vulnerable in a period of austerity. We see the archives and records of voluntary organisations as strategic assets for governance, corporate identity, accountability and research. </HTML>

This list evolved from Beyond The Pedestrian: Walking in Research, Theory, Practice and Performance (University of Liverpool, 26.7.18). It aims to provide an online space for interdisciplinary information sharing, discussion and debate about walking. Our definition of walking is welcoming to all kinds of bodies and includes orthotics, sticks, wheels and other assistive technologies. This conversation is open to students, academics and anyone else interested in exploring the more than pedestrian.

Waste-for-Life is an international, cross-disciplinary research and development project focused on Engineering and Social Justice

Women, Crime and Criminal Justice is a specialist network for the study of women, crime and criminal justice and providing support to women in the British Society of Criminology and in criminology and allied subject areas.

To improve the communication between the members of the women and social policy special interest group & other interested academics. The aim is to discuss relevant issues, to inform each other about relevant research projects, publications, and conferences, and to organise events such as study days.

Working together to identify women's obstacles, challenges and opportunities while doing fieldwork

This list has been established to support the development of a working class studies in the UK, in parallel with an ESRC-sponsored seminar series.


>Social Studies
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