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Business Studies

This list is restricted to members of the AHE committee

With the UK's only BREXIT Research Centre, BCU's BREXIT Centre now request the support of JISC to set-up a BREXIT Support Network to collaborate research and teaching activities relating to BREXIT to support the Research Centre.

Business-Information-All is a forum for teachers and researchers working in the area of Business Information Management, Business Information Systems or Business Information Technology. It was set up after the 13 conference. Business Information Technology - the First Seven Years.

Discussion List for multidisciplinary researchers & practitioners interested in BPR, IT, knowledge management, human factors, PIP, and strategic issues across sectors. Submissions include: event & information announcements, and best practice discussion.

For business/organisation studies researchers/research groups seeking to network with academic peers and improve the quality of their research. The list is part of networking activities of UK academics working in departments with less than maximum RAE ranking.

Mailing list for Cambridge-INET news letters

Computer Aided Production Management (CAPM) All aspects of the application of computers to production planning and control, including specification, design, new methods and technologies, implementation, management, human aspects, and links to the wider business such as CIM and BPR.

This list supports critical discussion, reflection and research in the fields of business, management and organization studies. It aims to encourage and promote debate from a range of disciplines and perspectives in challenging orthodox approaches to management research and education.

This list supports researchers considering experimental and novel approaches which advance theoretical understanding of the domain of entrepreneurship and its real-life practices, contexts and impacts. This includes researchers drawing on multi-disciplinary perspectives, who seek to expose conceptual anomalies, while developing impactful debates in dialogue with the mainstream of entrepreneurship science.

List for discussion of all aspects of special event, conference and exhibition management, including research and education, for the sharing of relevant experience and for information exchange on the management and development of events.

A forum for academic discussion on industrial relations broadly conceived. It covers current research, methods, results and theories on employment relations, collective relationships, trade unions, HRM & employment law.

To share knowlege and experiences within the remit of insurance and risk management programmes

This is a communication, news, events and discussion list for researchers in Yorkshire who use Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

This list is used by HLST Network to inform its community about new issues of the journal and updates on its website.

A list for academics engaged in research and scholarship in the field of organizational learning and knowledge management.

Provides a forum for the exchange of research ideas, developments & findings in the fields of logistics & supply chain management. It is a means of communication for members of the Logistics Research Network which has been established by UK academics in conjunction with the Institute of Logistics.

This list supports critical and scholarly discussion, reflection and research in the area of management and administrative history;and the development of historically informed analyses and explorations of management practices and of management philosophy and thought.

A forum for exchanging ideas relating to technology management processes. Contributions could relate to the identification, selection, acquisition, exploitation and protection of technology. Discussion of alternative processes or perhaps what constitutes technology would also be welcome.

For discussion of issues related to management research, including its methodology and development, research training, networking and dissemination of research findings. To provide a forum for such issues to enhance the effectiveness of management research in Britain, Europe and internationally.

A forum for people in the Operational Research community to exchange ideas and views

An email list for people working as public relations educators in the UK higher education system.

List for all aspects of purchasing and supply chain management, and interorganisational theory. The list will actively support the networking and collaborative activities of the association called IPSERA

This list has been created to encourage academics interested in the retail sector to communicate with each other and exchange information concerning seminars, conferences, articles and research related to retail specific topics and the teaching of these topics to students.

This list is for researchers interested in the communication of science and the strategic use of science by interests in society. It is a working group of the Public Interest Research Network

The aim of this list is to act as a forum for academic discussion relating to small business issues. It is essentially interdisciplinary in nature although the emphasis is placed on the analysis of small scale enterprise rather than prescriptive or how to do it approaches.

Our key interest is how knowledge from the qualitative social sciences, such as Sociology of Technology, Activity Theory or Discourse Analysis, can contribute to the design and evaluation of the ubiquitous, pervasive and social proxy dimensions of technology. This includes an interest on how the usefulness of systems is socially constructed and culturally shaped.

This list is intended to be used by those people with an interest in facilitating the development of a cohesive British academic sport business management community.

"Start Up New Venture Creation" aims to link professionals in career advice, business support and lecturers supporting real start-ups by students and graduates and staff in exchanging good and best practice in support approaches as well as learning and teaching. The aim is to share information on workshops, conferences, new resources, books, successes, approaches in offering good start-up support, short exercises and discuss topics of mutual interest for entrepreneurship educators and business support providers within and outside of academia. It is not focused on research exchange or research related topics.

The University of Sussex is seeking to appoint an external examiner for Finance and Accounting, to examine the International Year One Programme. The course is delivered by our partnership organisation, Study Group, at our on campus International Study Centre. Applications from candidates with experience of collaborative provision will be prioritised. Please note that we are unable to accept applications from those who: • Have previously been appointed as an external examiner at the University of Sussex. • Within the last five years, have been a member of staff or student within the University of Sussex or one of its Partner Institutions (including Study Group); • Have any direct interest in or ties to the University or Study Group. • Hold more than one other external examiner position. Information on the external examining role at the University of Sussex is available here: https://www.sussex.ac.uk/webteam/gateway/file.php?name= ee-handbook-2015-16- (final).pdf&site= 457 Please send expressions of interest and a current CV to Isabel Costello, Academic Development and Quality Enhancement Officer (I.Costello@sussex.ac.uk). Closing date: 5th May 2017

A network of researchers, lawyers, practitioners, and all persons with professional and/or academic interest in furtherance of anti corruption laws


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