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This is a forum for discussion and information exchange on issues related to arts and heritage marketing. It is intended to be a site for the discussion of marketing concepts, research methods and their application to arts and heritage marketing practice.

Email list for the Council of Hospitality Management Education.

This group will foster communication and collaboration between across different disciplines undertaking critical event/festival research

This list is used by academics and other interested individuals involved in the study of dark / thanatourism.

Email list for researchers assessing the European Capital of Culture

A platform for discussion, dissemination of best practice and training in relationship to emergency planning in museums, libraries and archives in Wales

The event marketing list enables academics and selected practitioners to discuss current research and issues in this growing field of marketing. Encompasses experiential marketing activities and all forms of promotional events. Areas of interest are: design and creativity; event marketing and IMC; effectiveness evaluation etc.

The Global Mobilities Network connects a community of mobilities researchers, activists and their partners in industry policy and communities to develop the analytical and methodological purchase of the mobilities paradigm, and its impact for research co-creation. This world-wide list is maintained by Jessie Carbutt, CeMoRe Administrator, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University, UK cemore@lancaster.ac.uk. The list was formerly named cemore-global. However, to connect us more effectively globally, we are merging subscribers of both the cemore-global mailing list and the GMN and renaming the cemore-global list to global-mobilities.

A group that includes Museums and cultural organisations within the county. The group meets regularly to share information, advice and knowledge. A forum to support, train and increase professional standards within the sector. A supportive group which promotes leaning and cultural activities within the county.

HERITAGE is a discussion list for academic and industry researchers investigating all aspects of heritage, tourism, museum and cultural management. This list is a forum for sharing experiences and exchanging information.

Contemporary art is increasingly being used to 'intervene' in heritage spaces. This list aims to share information and promote critical discussion around this aspect of heritage, museum and contemporary art practice.

This discussion group is aimed at those working in all areas of the Hospitality Industries promoting research and academic networking. This includes all related aspects of Business, Management, Finance, Information Technology, Organisational Behaviour and Psychology.

This list is used by HLST Network to inform its community about new issues of the journal and updates on its website.

This list is intended for librarians and other information workers in the UK who deal with tourism and hospitality.

Networc is an interdisciplinary research network engaging in the promotion and study of transnationalism and world history in universities across the North East of England.

This list will be used to share calls for papers, activities, policy, courses, exchange programmes, job opportunities and openings, studentships, study, emerging work, funding applications, and other related academic material about the night and night studies.

A multi-disciplinary discussion of podcasting for reserachers in education, media, radio and subjects where podcasting is a subject of study.

This list was inspired by the successful symposium Protests as Events / Events as Protests. The conceptualisation of protests as events and vice versa involves consideration of the temporalities of protests as well as the mobilities that are enacted to bring together an assemblage that may be on the move or fixed at a still point. The symposium involved conversations between activists and non-activists, as well as academics as activists in order to explore the complex construction of protests as events / events as protests. The event was held at Leeds Metropolitan University in June 2013 (http://protestsandevents.wordpress.com) and covered the following topics: -Conceptualisations of protests as events -The academic/activist interface -Timings and rhythms of protests -Discursive constructions of protests -Protest and political tourism -Mobile assemblages and protests -Embodiments of protest events -Sustaining protests in the face of cultural changes -Protests and sports events -Critical hospitality and protests -Governance and the governmentalities of protest events

This announcement and discussion list is for historians and others working within the broad remit of Scottish leisure history, inclusive of popular culture, sports, tourism, music, cinema, etc.

This is an internal network of academics at the University of Sunderland who are interested in food studies.

The South Gloucestershire Heritage Partnership Group brings together South Gloucestershire officers and councillors with members of the heritage community, parish councils and other relevant bodies to share information on what is happening in the heritage sector within South Gloucestershire.

<html> South Gloucestershire Museums Group is an unincorporated association. The aims of the group shall be to promote inspiration, learning and enjoyment through the exploration of museum collections for the benefit of local communities and the general public. <p> Membership shall be open to museums and heritage centres that are open to the public and whose collecting area is wholly or partly within South Gloucestershire. </p> </html>

This mailing list keeps its members informed on what is happening in research on slum tourism. We send out regular updates both of academic and more general nature.

This list focuses on issues & trends relating to management of small tourism & hospitality firms. Particular research & teaching emphasis is given to the nature & extent of the following activities in small businesses: marketing, HRM, finance, operations, general management, & business development.

TOURFOR aims to encourage discussion on sustainable co-development of tourism and forestry by identifying and promoting appropriate conceptual tools and transferable good practice within the European Union and specially from the UK, Finland and Portugal.

This discussion group is aimed at academics and researchers working in all areas of tourism. This includes issues involved with the teaching of tourism at undergraduate and/or postgraduate level, and research into tourism and its related areas.

Discussion and exchange of information relating to cultural tourism and policy. This includes: regeneration, gentrification, city branding and creative cities. Also: festivals, Olympic/cultural cities, heritage, tourist gaze, authenticity. Share announcements and insights in the above and related areas

To facilitate discussion and the exchange of ideas, research findings etc, relating to issues in the tourism markets among academic researchers and industrial practitioners.

This is the official mailing list of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) Commission on the Anthropology of Tourism. The list is open to everyone with an interest in the anthropology of tourism. More info is available at http://www.iuaes.org/comm/tourism.html

This list is used to publicise relevant conferences, publications and workshops; post visual method(ology) related questions to a group of supportive colleagues; share and discuss ethical dilemmas of visual research projects; as well as to discuss and develop new visual tourism research projects etc.

This mailing list circulates information about the activities, events and findings conducted by the Women In The Hills (c. 1800-2020) AHRC-funded research network.

A regional network of museums and galleries supporting best accessible educational practice through supporting and sharing research and case studies and the provision of training.