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A list for the discussion of matters relating to research and teaching in the area of Agricultural Economics.

The broad aim of this research network is to advance the international, comparative and interdisciplinary study of alternatives to capitalism.

The Argentina Research Network (ARN) brings together academics, researchers and postgraduate students from a wide range of disciplines who share a research interest in Argentina. http://argentinaresearchnetwork.wordpress.com/ It provides a forum that aims to improve interaction, the dissemination of information, sharing of research and fostering of academic discussion among researchers of Argentina, primarily in the UK and Ireland. It collaborates with broader European and Latin American networks and institutions to stage joint workshops and events whilst maintaining a country-specific focus. ARN was formed in 2009 due to the growing level of academic interest in Argentina. Please see our website and click "follow" to receive information about our events http://argentinaresearchnetwork.wordpress.com/

Assessing Accession - Central & Eastern Europe in the EU is a Research Forum that aims to bring together researchers, academics, students and practitioners with a specific interest in developing a broader understanding of how the EU's political institutions and policy-making structures have impacted on, and been impacted by, the EU's new Central and East European member states.

This is a discussion list for anyone involved in attitudes research whether it is methodological, theoretical or applied.

The list aims at fostering the use of experimental methods and behavioural insights in health economics, policy, and management.

The list aims to circulate information on seminars, events and opportunities among behavioural and experimental researchers in the (broadly defined) London area. It also aims to promote the organisation of joint events to share ideas and build collaborative networks in the area of behavioural and experimental social sciences.

Official mailing list of the British International Studies Association's International Political Economy working group

The BISA South East Europe working group was established in 2002. We provide a space for debate and research on issues related to the political, economic, and social transformations of the region, broadly understood as covering areas of former Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, and Moldova.

The mailing list fosters communication between the participants of the RSA Research Network on Regional Development and Changing Geography of Outsourcing Business Services in an Enlarged Europe. The RN aims to build upon the theoretical framework of value chains and the changing division of labour, which will be embedded in an understanding of recent trends in corporate restructuring.

This list serves as a forum for those interested in applications of the findings of behavioural economics and psychology to all aspects of public and private decision making. The list moderator is Adam Oliver, of the London School of Economics.

British Government@LSE is an new initiative currently based in the Government Department to promote and develop research on British Government being conducted at the LSE. We hold public events and produce research publications. British Government@LSE will be a focus for scholars in the Government Department and around the School who are analyzing and commenting on these developments. It will also host high profile public lectures, seminars, symposia and visiting speaker programmes addressing scholars, civil and public servants and students of British politics and it #will support the British Politics and Policy Blog.

The subject centre is one of the 24 subject centres of the Higher Education Academy.

Mailing list for Cambridge-INET news letters

This mailing list offers research news, updates and content about the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries at King's College London benefitting researcher in this subject areas in UK and internationally

The seminars and associated announcement list draws attention to the way that collaborative and congregated housing can play a fundamental role in carbon reduction behaviour, green technology adoption, and community resilience. Moreover, we stress the need to conceptualise resilience not only in terms of physical engineering to mitigate or withstand hazards and shocks, but also as social organisational capacities that facilitate affordable access, social cohesion and mutual support across diverse demographic groups. For instance, the cohousing model draws attention to the co-constitution of shared space, collective self-governance and the sense of trust and belonging that accumulates over time through shared meals and collective endeavour. The cohousing approach is collaborative in that it actively embeds self-managed governance structures in the life of the community in a deliberate attempt to increase purposeful interaction between resident members to improve overall quality of life.

This listserv will be used to connect a community of individuals and organisations interested in supporting the use of reliable evidence synthesis in the response to COVID-19.

Mailing List for the AHRC funded research network UNDERSTANDING AND SUPPORTING CREATIVE ECONOMIES IN AFRICA: EDUCATION, NETWORKS AND POLICY. The mailing list will share news, events and research updates on the creative economy of Africa and its international connections.

The network covers trends and issues around the development of the creative and cultural industries at the regional level. It is focused on the UK but explores also initiatives at the European and International level. It aims to foster a multi-disciplinary debate among researchers, practitioners and policy makers in the field. <HTML> <HTML> The network covers trends and issues around the development of the creative and cultural industries at the regional level. It is focused on the UK but explores also initiatives at the European and International level. It aims to foster a multi-disciplinary debate among researchers, practitioners and policy makers in the field. The research network also runs a website with news, event and working paper. Visit <a href="http://www.creative-regions.org.uk"> Creative Regions Website </a> </HTML> </HTML>

Forums and Announcement list for all critical scholars of finance. All welcome!

To discuss key features of work and employment from a radical and labour focused perspective

The Trans-Pennine Working Group is an international, democratic membership organisation committed to developing a materialist critique of capitalism, unconstrained by conventional academic divisions between subjects.

This list is a communications, dissemination and discussion forum linked to an ESRC funded seminar series on the cultural industries. It is an interdisciplinary initiative concerned with concepts, theory and practice in the field of the cultural industries.

The Cyber-Society-Live mailing list is a moderated discussion list for those who are interested in the interdisciplinary and academic study of Cyber Society in all its manifestations.

This is the discussion and information list of the Cycling and Society Research Group - a cross-disciplinary and multi-institutional group of researchers concerned with cycling and bicycles from a broad range of intellectual perspectives.

A UK-based worldwide e-mail broadcast system for the discrete choice community, who have a focus on research in Africa.

Mailing list associated with the Westminster Development Policy Network at the University of Westminster (Lonodn) and open to anyone working in the field of international development, development policy, or development studies

Drama Theory generalises game theory by applying the metaphor of drama to human interaction. Analysis focuses on how characters frame, resolve and are transformed by interactions. It embraces irrationality and emotions. Applications in peace studies, politics, psychology, economics and HCI.

This mailing list provides a network for researchers in the fields of electronic business, electronic commerce and Internet-related management research and developments.

For teachers and lecturers interested in curriculum issues affecting economics, business, and related subjects.

This list is for announcements and discussion related to the activities of the economics subject centre of the Learning and Teaching Support Network. The centre promotes high quality learning, teaching and assessment practices within the academic economics community.

List of attendees from workshops for new lecturers and graduate teaching assistants

Discussion of theory and practice in development studies broadly defined, including national economic growth, social and ethical development and related areas of political science, institution-building, development project to pics.

To facilitate inter disciplinary co-operation and further discussion on the use of economic evaluation techniques in social welfare evaluation.

Econometric research functions as a dissemination list for research resources such as conferences, seminars, academic jobs, free software etc.

The goal of this list is to promote economic dynamics, especially dynamic general equilibrium modeling. It features a regular newsletter and conference announcements. Low traffic (about 8 messages a year).

Promotes Political Theory within the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) framework of Standing Groups.

The European Health Economics Workshops focus on microeconomic models in health economics, with a strong focus on industrial organisation. They provide a forum for the development, critical appraisal and dissemination of methodological work in health economics.

The European Health Policy Group is organised by a Steering Committee made up of John Appleby, Anna Dixon, Zeynep Or and Jan Kees Helderman. The objective of the group is to provide a forum for health policy analysts, political scientists, economists and policy makers to discuss the structure of, and changes to, health care systems. The EHPG also meets twice a year in autumn and spring at which research papers are discussed from a comparative and multi disciplinary perspective. Autumn meetings are held in London and are now hosted by The King's Fund. Spring meetings are held in another European location and hosted by a national organisation.

Mailing list for the Women's Committee of the Economic History Society

JISCMAIL for CES' European Integration and Global Political Economy Network

This list is used by the employment policy groups established by the Social Policy Association to share information about their activities and promote discussion of employment policy issues

Mathematics, statistics and economics of the management of energy networks: management of uncertainty, prediction, buffering, storage, demand management, and structuring of markets.

This list will facilitate the sharing of relevant information between researchers interested in working together within the social sciences and humanities, specifically with a focus on Europe-India multilateral collaboration. This will include academics that have common links through the EU-India Social Sciences and Humanities Platform (EqUIP - equipproject.eu). Many of those included on the list will have attended EqUIP events or subscribed to updates on the platforms website.

A network of European academic economic researchers funded by the EU to investigate the micro-economic roots of the macro-economic problems of growth, unemployment and inequality. Emphasis is placed on the quantitative analysis of innovation data amongst companies, establishments and workers.

The list aims to provide a channel of communication and information for members about activities and events in the field of EU environmental politics.

This list is open to anyone in Scotland who has an interest in evaluation. It is primarily to enable discussion, learning and networking amongst colleagues working in evaluation, though it can be used to inform the list of relevant seminars, tenders and employment opportunities.

This list is used to make announcements relevant to the study of evidence-based policy in health, development, economics and more. Suitable announcements include calls for papers, relevant conferences/other events, programs and publications. The list will be publicly archived at the JISCMAIL site.

To discuss the issues around the fear of crime - one of the fastest growing areas of academic and policy-related criminological research. Research has been undertaken across the world and it is expected that this list will reflect this. Key words: fear, crime, criminology, crime policy.

Application of methods of statistical physics and non-linear dynamics to micro/macro-economic modelling and financial market analysis. This will benefit the research community and particularly will help to set up a UK based academic network in the field.

This list aims to bring together UK and global scholars working on issues of finance, financialisation, and financial integration in developing and emerging economies

The Internet of Food Things (IoFT) Network Plus is supporting the digitalised food chain. It brings together data and computer scientists, chemists, and economists. It investigates artificial intelligence, data analytics, IoT, robots and emerging technologies. It will run conferences, workshops and fund pilot studies, projects, and reviews

The mailing list aims to stimulate discussion and knowledge sharing on the future and future developments of festivals in response to the Covid-19 crisis

Global Consortium for Systems Research (GCSR) — We study, predict, and guide systems change for the better. We are an inclusive global community and anyone can become an Associate Member for free by signing up for the GCSR List on JISCMail. This is an e-mail forum for non-moderated educational and research discussions. GCSR was convened following the 2013 symposium at The Royal Society: Global Integrated Assessment: Making Sense of Complexity in an Interdependent World. GCSR is currently hosted at the Sustainable Innovation Think Tank (SITT) at Unbuilt Labs. To learn more about GCSR, including our Working Groups and our 2022-2023 10th Anniversary Strategic Plan, please visit: https://unbuiltlabs.com/gcsr

This list aims to support the establishment of a research network on graduate transitions to work. This network arises from the Symposium on the Political Economy of Higher Education and Training that was held at the University of Warwick on the 13th of July 2018, funded by the Warwick Institute of Advanced Study. At present, network development is in early stages. We hope to apply for funding and to set up more events on this theme in the future. This list will be used to circulate correspondence, news and events related to graduate transitions to employment.

A forum for researchers and policy experts in the field of Global Social Policy to share information and discuss about publications, research projects, policy initiatives, and upcoming events. Of interest to individuals working in the areas of Social Policy, Sociology, Politics, Economics, Development Studies and International Relations.

Academia and Industry discussion forum for researchers interested in Human-Data Interaction

The list aims to connect researchers and activities on the role of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) within the creative economy and to establish a network of collaborations around this theme.

The Health Equity Network (HEN) aims to encourage active and fruitful collaboration between specialists from different disciplines in addressing and debating issues of equity and inequality in health.

Announcements and discussion related to the work of the Association for Heterodox Economics. <HTML> Announcements and discussion related to the work of the Association for Heterodox Economics. </HTML>

This list is to share ideas and research on creating thriving high streets and town/city centres. Its focus is interdisciplinary, international and forward-looking. We're interested in local economies, public space, culture and community and in encouraging new collaborations and research partnerships.

Rather than being confined to public administration, legal definitions and descriptions of socio-economic conditions as they are manifest in a specific moment in time, the uncovered revelations of "social harm" and heinous practices will go beyond empirical declarations to explain why whether it be good or bad society and/or the economic environment has come to be in the condition that it is. Genocide, war, class, gender, social exclusion, (institutional) discrimination and racism, migration, (social) media influence and public perception/actions are prominent aspects of our dissemination process in a dedicated opposition to (anti-)social injustice.

This list is used by the IAREP Hon Sec, President and Hon Treasurer to communicate with members about matters concerning the formal processes of IAREP such as election of officers, and academic events such as the annual colloquium. Members similalrly use the list to communicate with each other, on matters such as academic vacancies or studentships etc.

Announcement and related information list. Research seminar on the Economic and Social History of the Early Modern World. Fortnightly in term time at the Institute of Historical Research, London.

This list is aimed primarily at all kinds of industrial economists. It should also appeal to academics with backgrounds in management, business, finance and industrial organisation, and those with specific interests in firm strategy and behaviour, market structure and the economics of regulation.

The International Network for Research on Asset Policies (INRAP) enables researchers with an interest in a broad range of assets (i.e. housing, pensions, financial savings, wealth taxation,community assets) to interact and promote their work.

This list aims to connect individuals and groups involved in or interested in interdisciplinary research on institutions or institutional thought. Members can use the list to post announcements about events, publications, calls for papers, job postings, etc. Please note that the list is moderated to ensure that only relevant announcements are circulated. Please note that personal data collected when joining the INTERDISCIPLINARY-INSTITUTIONS mailing list is used exclusively for the purposes of building the network and for informing members of activities within and related to it. This personal information will not be passed on to others.

This is an info-list for people interested in being kept up-to-date with the Jam & Justice project

Launched at De Montfort University (in collaboration with the University of Sussex) in June 2016, the Labour, Work, and Development Network brings together scholars from a variety of disciplines and universities across the UK and Europe conducting research on labour, work, and development in the Global South.

To build and strengthen links among students, academics and policy-makers interested in the social policy of Latin American countries.

This list is the email forum of the Regional Studies Association's Latin America Division and provides a platform to discuss and share latest developments in regional research, policy and practice in Latin America. #Posts are moderated and can be made in English, Spanish or Portuguese. This is a sub-list of REGIONAL-STUDIES-COMMUNITY.

The list is to circulate organisational and logistical information to the members of the London Behavioural & Experimental Group (LBEG) about the initiatives of the group.

The purpose of LHEG is to serve as a forum for health economists from London (and beyond) to network around issues pertinent to the health economics debate. The list will also publicise details of the LHEG seminars, which will occur 3 times a year and will offer health economists the opportunity to present their work in a constructive and friendly environment. This list will also publicize other HE seminars taking place in London.

The London History and Philosophy of Economics group is an informal group of academics in the London area teaching and researching in the the history of economic thought, and the methodology and philosophy of the discipline.

This list is used by the London Political Economy Network (LPEN) to make announcements about upcoming events.

The aim of the MeCCSA (Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association) Policy Network is to exchange ideas and research findings, but also to join with civil society in their debates with the regulators, the broadcasters and the Government.

For discussion and debate on issues related to the economic analysis of mental health and mental health care services. The list is also intended to disseminate and exchange of information on current and forthcoming events, publications and other material of interest.

Managing the Economic Transition (MET) Network is intended to bring together researchers from the disciplines of management and economics interested in the economic transition / institutional change. More information can be found at: <<http://www.ssees.ucl.ac.uk/met-network/index.htm>>

The Money, Macro and Finance mailing list is used to inform those interested in attending MMF seminars and conferences of the various activities planned.

The LSE Migration Studies Unit MSU was founded in 2007. It promotes the cross-disciplinary study of migration and is open to academics, students and policy-makers.

The interaction between where people live and their individual outcomes is complex and mutli-faceted. This list is for researchers and practitioners working on neighbourhood effects related research.

The preference elicitation group is for economists, psychologists, philosophers, behavioural and management scientists, and others interested in the elicitation of people's preferences for 'goods', with particular emphasis on health and health care. The list supports dissemination of relevant details of the annual Preference Elicitation Group (PEG) conference.

The list will develop dialogue between researchers from diverse settings #and backgrounds, stimulate interest in this under-researched but important area of garden and landscape history, and provide a base from which seminars, conferences and joint publications can be developed.

Official mailinglist of the Critical Political Economy Research Network of the European Sociological Association. http://criticalpoliticaleconomy.net/

This list is used by committee members of the Population Geography Research Group of the RGS-IBG to make announcements.

This list is used by members of the Post-Wage network to share information about research events, projects and publications related to experiences of work beyond the wage.

This list once supported the Political Studies Association Specialist Group for Poststructuralism and Radical Politics. That group no longer exists but the mailing list remains active in order to support communication between erstwhile members and to publicise events and keep people informed of publications, etc.

Research network designed to look at emerging issues in egalitarian political philosophy and public policy.

Electronic discussion and announcement list for South Asian politics

The list for announcements and information from the Personal Social Services Research Unit.

The list is administered by the British and Irish Section of the Regional Science Association International. It is used to make announcements on matters related to the Association and its affiliated Sections. It is also aimed at facilitating exchange of information and wider discussion, among members, on empirical, theoretical and applied issues of regional science, spatial economics and economic geography in Britain, Ireland and abroad.

An interdisciplinary group of academics and practitioners interested in the seaside and its society, economy and politics.

List designed to foster inter-connectivity between research communities dealing with excrement. Propaideutic to SOAS Excrement Conference, October 2023 [School of Oriental and African Studies]. Includes group construction of relevant bibliographies / videographies.

This list is for announcements of relevance to postgraduate students in Slavonic and East European studies at UK universities, or postgraduate members of the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies.

This list focuses on the key research issues of Social Economy in the UK and across Europe. This includes discussions, potential collaboration between researchers, and dissemination of outputs on topics related to social enterprise, social value, mutual exchange networks, and alternative social economies. The list will also promote projects carried out by the different Social Economy stakeholders and practitioners. We are looking for a way to facilitate European collaboration in the broad field of Social Economy between researchers and practitioners. The sharing of knowledge in the field and building potential partnerships in research and/or practice would be outcomes to be encouraged between list members.


This list has been established to facilitate ongoing discussion among participants at seminars in the ESRC Social Justice and Public Policy series.

This list is used by social sciences librarians within the University of London's many Libraries to exchange information about research, information provision, resources etc.

Sowing the Seeds is a partnership of individuals and organisations devoted to the economic and social history of the Middle Ages. It exists to foster collaboration between scholars and scholarly projects as well as act as a support network, particularly for early career historians. The Sowing the Seeds Network is supported by the Economic History Society, Centre for History and Economics (Cambridge) and CRASSH (Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities , Cambridge). Learn more about the Seeds. All scholars, including students, working on any aspect of medieval economic and social history are welcome to join.

The SSFN list has been established to promote scientific exchange and to encourage resource sharing in the interdisciplinary field of social studies of finance. <HTML> The SSFN list has been established to promote scientific exchange and to encourage resource sharing in the interdisciplinary field of social studies of finance. </HTML>

This mailing list is made up of the Heads of Departments and Key Contacts from UK economics departments that subscribe to the Economics Network.

The list supports the econometrics package Time Series Modelling, to disseminate news about new releases, ask and answer questions and share code and information.

The UACES members' email list for members to circulate information about events, jobs, etc. subject to the usage policy that can be viewed at www.uaces.org/email

This is the mailing list for the UK Causal Inference Network. It aims to disseminate information about forthcoming about events and facilitate discussion. The theme of the network is "Causal Inference in Health and Social Sciences". # Causal inference is broadly defined, and the focus is on methodology and challenging applications, though issues relating to interesting applications that highlight necessary methodological extensions are also encouraged.

UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities (UKCRIC) communications for its internal community

A news list supporting researchers in higher education, business, third sector and all levels of government. The UK Data Service provides free access to a huge catalogue of economic and social data, including UK census data from 1971-2011. See our website at https://ukdataservice.ac.uk/

The aims of the UK European Migration Network (EMN) National Network are to: (i) develop ties between researchers and Home Office Science: Migration and Border Analysis; (ii) to integrate the members of the UK National Network further into EMN activities (e.g. information provision, analysis, informing policy development, and to discuss EMN activities and study findings); and, (iii) to secure an exchange of information between external UK Network members and Home Office Science, so that research agendas are mutually informed by current and future EMN reports and studies, and so creating opportunities for collaboration. UK EMN National Network members are predominantly external migration researchers from academia, think tanks, NGOs and OGDs.

A list for users of the Workplace Employment Relations Survey (WERS). This list is operated by NIESR on behalf of the WERS sponsors. A user-support site for the 2011 WERS is available at: www.wers2011.info


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