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PaLMnet is the UK Paediatric Laboratory Medcine Network. It is a subgroup of the ACB Scientific Affairs committee. Its main objective is to support harmonisation and rational use of laboratory testing for infants, babies and children and young people up to the age of 18 years

This list acts as a mail-base for the Clinical and Forensic Special Interest Group (SIG) of the British Mass Spectrometry Society. It will act as a public forum not only to network with peers, but also to discuss current developments in the field and to announce forthcoming conferences, meetings and training courses that are relevant to the realm of clinical and forensic mass spectrometry.

This list is for pharmacists and their staff in Devon to discuss how pharmacies can ensure a quality services, support the training needs of all staff, and identify research possibilities.

This list is used by the early career members of the European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR) to share information concerning prevention-related funding, job opportunities, upcoming conferences and publications. For further information, please visit http://euspr.org/early-careers-forum/

MRO Forum is a list open to everyone with an interest in the role and responsibilities of a Medical Review Officer, or so named professional, working in and around the issue of workplace drug and alcohol testing. Included: result interpretation, ethical dilemmas and problem solving.

This research looks at the purchase of prescription medicine from the Web.An online survey which will measure this behaviour is in the process of being designed. The purpose of this list is to talk about these issues via a discussion group in order to feed into the design of the survey.

The list exists to share information between people collaborating on a study of the uses made of herbal and other 'traditional medical products' and plants, and their relation to health care and pharmacy in the UK among populations of South Asian ethnic origin

This is a group of clinicians who are involved in the care of patients with Thyroid Eye disease. It includes Ophthalmologists, Physicians, Orthoptists and psychologists. The aim of the group is to improve the management and care of these patients through the developments of shared guidelines, MDM, and involvement in research

The authoritative Academic/NHS Group for the professional advancement, teaching, research and practice of Radiopharmacy in the UK

A discussion group for managers involved in Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT in Wales.

This list is for supporting users of Diamond's XChem facility