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Medical Technology

The list is of relevance to all trainees and professionals involved in emergency medicine including undergraduates and postgraduate practitioners. It seeks to promote and foster academic research in the world of emergency medicine.

This discussion list is for the Clinical Practice working group of the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine - the learned society of the profession which supports the educational, scientific and research interests of clinical biochemists and chemical pathologists in the UK.

The Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine links together clinical academic, scientific and NHS staff in the fields of diagnostic testing. This list is dedicated to Point-of-Care testing. This is a growing area of interest drawing together practitioners and scientists as new technologies are transferred from bench to the bedside. The Technology Strategy Board is pushing this area as one strand of its Stratified Medicine Portfolio.

This list serves to bring together professionals involved in the provision of Assitive Technology for people with physical and/or sensory disabilities. The list also acts as a forum to share best practice, research opportunities and case studies on rare and/or complex cases.

The aim of the list is to enable people using the PAMELA facility for biomedical instrumentation design and testing to communicate easily.

The aim of the BiomagCentral mailing list is to provide a forum for information exchange and discussion. Please use this list to announce jobs, workshops and courses. You are also welcome to announce the publication of a new paper. If you have points of interest to the greater biomagnetism community you are welcome to initiate a discussion. However, please be civil: very specialised discussions and disputes do not belong on the list. For now, the list is not moderated.

The British Medical Laser Association is a scientific society established to promote, for the benefit of the public the application of laser technology in medicine by: - promoting research and development in laser technology in medicine and by the publication of the useful results of such research -promoting collaboration and understanding between clinical and scientific disciplines in the field of laser application -promoting the safe operation of lasers in the treatment of human disease -establishing standards in the medical application of lasers

British Nuclear Medicine Society Radiographers, Technologist and Nurses Training Officers Forum. Membership is open to all individuals interested in the training of radiographers, technologists and nurses in nuclear medicine. For the sharing of best practice, and to help coordinate a national strategy. This forum is set up under the auspices of the BNMS RTN Group.

Clinicians and scientists who are interested in all aspects of neurosurgical research

A moderated list to announce research jobs, studentships, conferences and workshops in:telecare, telehealth; assistive technology; inclusive design, and the accessibility of ICT.

List will be used for communication among the LhARA collaboration members. The LhARA collaboration is working to deliver the concept of the laser-hybrid accelerator that will serve the Ion Therapy Research Facility. This super list posts to the following sub-lists: CCAP-LHARA-OUTREACH-INVOLVEMENT, CCAP- LHARA-EB.

The list will be used for communication among the Executive Board of the LhARA collaboration. This is a Sub-List of CCAP-LHARA.

List to communicate outreach and engagement activities for the LhARA collaboration. This is a sub-list of CCAP-LHARA.

List for everyone involved with or interested in the CGAT project.

A list to allow people to contact the CGAT project administrators.

The list will allow members to post information, intelligence and advice about Health Informatics Research and Development proposal, projects and initatives.

This is a mailing list for communication with users of the Chandler House functional near-infrared spectroscopy lab.

This list is here to aid the sharing of best practice amongst those in clinical technology and clinical engineering roles both within the UK and abroad.

This list acts as a mail-base for the Clinical and Forensic Special Interest Group (SIG) of the British Mass Spectrometry Society. It will act as a public forum not only to network with peers, but also to discuss current developments in the field and to announce forthcoming conferences, meetings and training courses that are relevant to the realm of clinical and forensic mass spectrometry.

A forum for all practicing and trainee Clinical Engineers in the UK and individuals working in medical technology research and development.

This list is for those who are developing or evaluating new computer-based methods for the direct use of patients and the public. This includes patient education, information about services and other sources of help, and computer-patient interviewing.

A discussion group forum for technologists working in Critical care environments within NHS and private hospitals.

This list is used by the organisers of the Design4Health European conferences to communicate with contributors and participants. This conference is open to researchers and practitioners in design and health. <HTML> This list is used by the organisers of the <strong>Design4Health European conferences</strong> to communicate with contributors and participants. This conference is open to researchers and practitioners in <strong>design</strong> and <strong>health and wellbeing</strong>. </HTML>

This list is for the research team members and collaborators working on the research project called "The Diabetes App Challenge". This project, funded by Diabetes UK, aims to develop and evaluate an app to support young people with diabetes.

This list will be used by researchers in the field of MR diffusion Imaging to discuss issues and new research in the field. It will also be used to make announcements about meetings.

This list is used by Jisc to connect those interested in digital health in a multi-stakeholder network and to make announcements to Further and Higher Education, research and other communities about Jisc strategy, services, programmes, publications and projects

This list is for discussion of teaching all aspects of science and technology on Diagnostic Radiography BSc courses and other undergraduate or postgraduate medical imaging courses to include teaching basic physics, digital radiography, CT, MRI, PET, RNI, radiobiology and radiation protection.

The Development System for Auditory Modelling (DSAM) is a flexible computer platform, supporting a modular approach to auditory modeling. Written in ANSI-C DSAM works on a wide range of operating systems. It incorporates established models developed by the laboratory and contributed by others.

The list is used to promote and foster awareness and academic discussion on digital interventions in preventing and dealing with domestic violence and abuse.

eHealth Discussions

A list to discuss and support the development of a National Radiotherapy Dataset with reference to issues specific to users of Impac software. Sub-list of radiotherapydataset

This list is intended for scientists and clinicians interested in all aspects of eye movement studies. The list is intended to host general discussions, conference and meeting information, discussion of methods, models, apparatus etc.

List is to support staff working in radiotherapy departments using the Flexiplan HDR (High-Dose Rate) planning system

The FSL list exists to support users of FSL, a large package of functional and structural brain image analysis tools.

This list will serve a growing community of researchers using GABA MRS, both those seeking to improve the methods and those applying them to studies of normal brain function and disease.

Genetics Studies (Musketeers Memorandum). List to distribute genetics studies covered by the Musketeers Memorandum.

This list is used by the Centre for Evidence Based Hand Surgery in the Orthopaedics and Trauma Group at the University of Nottingham to provide a monthly e-mail update on new evidence-based resources relevant to hand surgery, with an emphasis on guidelines and systematic reviews.

Healtex is a UK-wide multi-disciplinary research network established to build a strong, collaborative and sustainable UK community in healthcare text analytics by bringing together partners from academia, industry, healthcare services and policy makers, with collaborative links internationally, and integrate it into the growing health informatics community.

A list to allow exchange of information about the Foresight programme in Health Informatics. The Foresight programme is currently establishing its next round of activities. This involves extensive consultation and the purpose of this list is to facilitate that process.

This list is used for announcing courses, webinars, and other training opportunities around medical and bioscience imaging we provide

This mailing list is for researchers interested in and working in the area of human and organisational factors of medical informatics.

This list is for managers of UK based imaging centres (e.g. MRI, PET, MEG, CT) to discuss issues related to centre management.

This list is for communication between members of the radionuclide dosimetry community. The primary focus is on research and development in dosimetry for molecular radiotherapy, but new and important matters in dosimetry for diagnostic use of radionuclides will be included.

This list is used for seminar and other announcements from the Institute of Nuclear Medicine Physics group at University College London

Multi-disciplinary radiotherapy

The list is for scientists, engineers and clinicians working in academia and healthcare to discuss issues and ideas related to diagnostic and therapeutic Medical Ultrasound.

This list was created by Scotland and Medicine, a professional network for those working with medical collections in Scotland. This listing is open to all and aims to connect heritage staff and researchers and provide access to medical collections and expertise across Scotland.

A list to encourage discussion among the academic Medical Physics community in the UK with regard to recent developments and possible research throughout the full range of Medical Physics activities

Medical Image Understanding and Analysis (MIUA) involves all scientific, engineering & clinical professions in medical imaging. It provides a UK-based forum for dissemination and discussion of research in the analysis and interpretation of medical images. A MIUA conference is held annually.

This list has been retained 28/06/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list A network to promote collaborative research and best practice for mobile learning in medical and health education.

mri3dX is a freeware program for visualisation of 3D structural/functional MRI. It was written by Dr Krish Singh and has over 100 registered users in the UK and worldwide. It is especially useful for visualising SPM output. This mailing list is intended for discussion and help on the use of mri3dX.

MRIcro is a free program for viewing and converting medical images. This list is designed to help users exchange tips and solutions.

This list is used by the clinical MR physics community to discuss topics related to research, teaching and service support.

Distribution and discussion group for research management performance metrics in NTW CLRN area.

Discussion group for Research Study Co-coordinators based in NTW region.

A list for the 2012 cohort of PhD students in the Doctoral Training Centre for Next Generation Accelerators. They are at Huddersfield, Strathclyde, Surrey and Belfast

This research looks at the purchase of prescription medicine from the Web.An online survey which will measure this behaviour is in the process of being designed. The purpose of this list is to talk about these issues via a discussion group in order to feed into the design of the survey.

This forum enables individuals working with pathology collections in the U.K. to discuss and share ideas and knowledge. These will include discussion of issues such as conservation and maintenance of specimens, collections management, use of specimens in education and learning and Human Tissue Act legislation.

This jismail list seeks to bring together postgraduate social scientists working in the area of assisted reproduction across the UK and overseas. It will function as a means to connect researchers working in this specific area of health research and allow them to share research ideas, opportunities and events.

This group is intended for users of Philips Nuclear Medicine systems. It is a support network for those using these systems for research and development work.

This list provides timely announcements of events, resources, opportunities, and information relating to photoplethysmography. The announcements will be of interest to a wide audience, including academic researchers, engineers in industry, and clinicians.

The Postgraduate Forum for the History of Medicine is a network of postgraduate students across multiple institutions studying history of medicine topics. The Forum is open to all Masters, PhD and Early Career students and researchers with an interest in the history of medicine. This email list is used by members of the forum to share information, make announcements and ask questions of their peers. It is intended to encourage communication and collaboration between postgraduate students across institutional boundaries.

This list is for users of the PRoNTo toolbox to exchange information on usage, request help, or suggest modifications.

An open mailing list for discussion about developing the Public Health function in Acute, Community and Primary Care Provider Organisations with particular reference to the Clinical Governance, Information for Health and Saving Lives agendas.

A group to discuss and support the development of a National Radiotherapy Dataset.

This list is dedicated to all scholars and stakeholders interested in questioning notions of reproductive ageing & timing, as well as how biotechnologies transform reproductive life.

This list is used by the simulation in radiography group to keep in touch, share resources, provide support, propose research and disseminate findings.

This list is to support, troubleshoot and answer the frequently asked questions about using and utilising high performance compute cluster at Birmingham City University.

This is a general, low volume, list for announcements about meetings, news and events.

A list for developers to discuss CCP SyneRBI software, including SIRF.

A list for the discussion about PET-MR and other multi-modality phantoms

A list for users to discuss CCP SyneRBI software, including SIRF.

This list is created for the network of Chinese researchers in the UK who are doing health and life sciences' research

To discuss UK involvement in Euro-BioImaging. The project Euro-BioImaging is a pan-European research infrastructure project which is part of the ESFRI process http://cordis.europa.eu/esfri. The aim of Euro-BioImaging is to provide access to imaging technologies across the full scale of biological and medical applications, from molecule to patient. EuroBioImaging will address the imaging requirements of both basic and medical imaging communities by creating nodes in many ESFRI member states that will deploy imaging infrastructure in a coordinated and harmonised manner and thus address the fragmentation of such efforts currently present in Europe. The project is coordinated by Jan Ellenberg, who is also scientific coordinator for the advanced light microscopy parts of Euro-BioImaging, and Gabriel Krestin who is the scientific coordinator for all parts concerning medical imaging. Since early summer 2009, Antje Keppler is project manager of EuroBioImaging

The UK7T Network is for UK based researchers involved or interested in MRI at ultra high field.

A UK-wide consortium of academic centres has been formed to promote, facilitate and coordinate research activities around the UKBiobank resource, with a primary focus on eye and vision related research.

This list has been retained 06/10/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list Established in 1996, the aims of the UK PET Physics Group (previously the UK PET SIG) are to share common experience and where practical to co-ordinate efforts in areas of mutual interest amongst the participating institutions

A list to discuss and support the development of a National Radiotherapy Dataset with reference to issues specific to users of Aria and Varis software. Sub-list of radiotherapydataset

This list is for discussion of virtual patients including definitions, examples of good practice, technical implementation and interoperability.

Volume Electron Microscopy (vEM) community in the UK networking list. List members can ask for advice, post job advertisements and advertise meetings/courses.

A discussion group for managers involved in Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT in Wales.