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FE & HE Administration

The mailing list of the HEFCE Co-ordination team for Widening Participation to Higher Education. This is a sublist of widening-participation.

An open list to discuss administrative aspects of admissions, including public aspects of admissions through UCAS. Not intended for the discussion of individual cases. Members will not generally have addresses ending in as these addresses will be in the admin-ucas list (which is a sub-list of this one and will hence see all messages).

This list has been retained - 13/05/14. The list is not accepting new subscribers and existing subscribers are no longer able to post messages to the list. The list will discuss current issues relating to Art and Design Administration eg the new admission system, the future of Foundation courses, accommodation restrictions for practical courses, technical support for courses and restrictions on funding.

This list has been established by the CVCP for communication and information distribution, for sharing news of impending developments, for offering opinions and for exchanging ideas between CVCP and those responsible for UK university development, fundraising and alumni relations.

To facilitate discussion on the administration of and problems encountered with distance learning programmes.

The list aims to provide a channel of communication for those interested in equal opportunities in higher education for students and staff.

This list aims to provide a means for communication and information dissemination for HE administrators interested in financial matters. It is run by the JANET User Group for Administrators (JUGA).

A forum for discussion of topics in postgraduate administration, whether in Graduate Schools, or in the graduate sections of central, faculty, school or departmental offices.

For the exchange of information & advice between HE health care administrators: student; research; NHS contracting (incl monitoring); other funding; HESA returns; quality assessment; CATS; validation; credit-rating; placements; professional/statutory (incl relationships with ENB, CPSM etc)issues etc.

HEERA mailing list

Used by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) to distribute information to the higher education institutions it funds. The information is particularly relevant to people in administrative positions. It is not a discussion list.

For the use of administrative staff who are involved in the preparation of HESA (Higher Education Statistical Agency) returns. The majority of issues raised on this list are expected to be technical or managerial problems directly related to the administration of the various HESA returns.

admin-medical is a list open to all administrators involved in Medical education and research, particularly those with responsibility for Medical or Health care Schools and Faculties. The list is designed to facilitate the exchange of news, information, and advice between users.

The list is proposed to be used by Heads of HR and their senior colleagues within the NR region to allow them to exchange information about professional practice relvent to their work.

This list aims to provide a means for communication and information dissemination for the HE administration community. Suitable postings include job vacancies, conference announcements, news items, surveys, questions and queries. It is run by the JANET User Group for Administrators (JUGA).

Payroll administration is a highly specialised topic and requires specific skills, knowledge and experience. This list will allow university payroll managers nationwide to share those attributes promptly and economically, and provide a consistent and professional service to all employees.

This list is for the benefit of those working in academic, financial or space planning in UK universities and colleges, and others interested in these areas.

This list is intended for discussion of all administrative topics which relate only to Scottish HEIs. For topics of interest UK-wide, the specific admin lists (eg admin-student, admin-finance) should be used.

This list is for HE and FE Administration issues.

This list aims to provide a means of communication and information dissemination for HE administrators interested in student matters. It is run by the JANET User Group for Administrators (JUGA).

For discussion of all aspects of technology transfer, including posting of technology offers.

The purpose of the list is to allow Human Resources directors in HEIs to exchange views and information. Sub-list of admin-uhr

The purpose of the list is to allow an advisory group to exchange information . The group consists of HR professionals who have a role in providing expertise and advice to the Universities and colleges Employers Association and who will represent the employers in the Joint National Committee for Higher Education Staff.

This list is used by the Universities Marketing Forum (UMF) to make announcements to HE Marketing Directors in the Higher Education community about strategy, research, services, programmes, publications, projects, and events of mutual interest.

This list is used by the Association of Graduate Careers Services in Ireland. It is for general communication and announcements.

This is a discussion forum for Research Organisation staff involved with managing AHRC postgraduate funding, in order to help with the sharing of information and best practice. If you have questions for AHRC, please use your usual AHRC contacts rather than post them on this forum.

A network for those who use data to support Aimhigher Partnerships. Emphasising quantitative data for targeting, monitoring and reporting. Share good practice, float ideas, consider collaboration. Share reports and materials.

This list is for managers of Additional Learning Support in Colleges. ~As far as we know no such list exists. Funding for ALSD is becoming very complicated, with govenrment pushing responsibilities onto Local Authorities and it wopuld be helpful if FE college cna cooperate and help each other. This list has been retained 06/02/15. Existing subscribers may access the archives. The list won't allow new posts or subscription requests.

This list has been retained 27/06/2014. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list – contact for all enquiries regarding this list This is a list for staff managers working in students' unions associated with both HE FE institutions in our Wales, South West and Ireland region

ARC is committed to excellence in higher education administration, seeking to influence and stimulate national debate and policy, share best practice, support colleagues in performing their roles, and work with other bodies such as AHUA, UUK, QAA, UCAS and the funding councils.

The ARMA list is for anyone with a predominantly managerial or administrative involvement in public sector research, in the UK or overseas, in universities, funding bodies, the NHS etc., for discussion of all aspects of research management and administration including costing/pricing of grants and contracts, overheads, contract conditions, research student issues etc.

A discussion forum for research administrators and researchers alike to exchange views/best practice on ethics and research governance in undertaking research.

This list is used by the Executive Committee of ARMA to make announcements to members about matters concerning the running of the Association, e.g. elections, dates of general meetings, and information sent as a benefit of membership

All aspects of assessment in and for higher education: assessment theory and practice, designing assessment instruments (exams, coursework, etc.), marking/grading assessments, administration of assessments, assessment to support and improve learning, using assessments for programme evaluation, assessment needs of specific academic disciplines, social impact of/social issues relevant to assessment, ....

AUA members only list to facilitate discussion and support departmental and faculty administrators

This list is open to members of the Association of University Administrators ONLY. It provides AUA members with an electronic meeting place to seek help, offer ideas and discuss issues of mutual interest.

The AUA-London-BC mailing list will be used for AUA Advocates in the London area to communicate with each other to spread good practice and organise networking events.

This list is designed for members of the AUA Managing Change in Higher Education Network, open both to AUA Members and non-members. The list is deisgned to share experiences, issues and good practice on all aspects of managing change in higher education. <HTML> This list is designed for members of the AUA Managing Change in Higher Education Network, open both to AUA Members and non-members. The list is deisgned to share experiences, issues and good practice on all aspects of managing change in higher education. </HTML>

This list is to be used by the community of Coordinators of the AUA to connect with their counterparts, discuss upcoming events, share best practice, to enable communications from National Office and as a discussion forum.

list for AUA members to discuss issues related to partnerships and collaborations, including Erasmus Mundus and other Bologna issues and HE in FE

Management Special Interest Group for the Association of University Language Centres

List for the Pilot Phase of the HE e-learning benchmarking exercise.

This list is being used to connect disability assessors within the life science departments of UK universities, in order to support assessors and share expertise. The list is run by the Society of Biology, a core member of the STEM Disability Committee.

Allows BOS users to: - arrange to share surveys - to share survey results or arrange cross-institutional surveys - share experiences and ideas

This list is intended for anyone interested or involved in business process re-engineering within the university sector. It will be of interest to senior officers, administrators and academics. This list has been retained 14/08/14. Existing subscribers may access archives, the list won't accept any new posts or subscribers.

A list to facilitate the sharing of information about University/NHS/ Health Authority funding interaction and issues This list has been retained 22/07/14. Existing subscribers may access archives, the list won't accept any new posts or subscribers.

This list acts as a discussion forum for professionals in international higher education. Discussion will include debate on topics such as policy, strategy, marketing, quality assurance and liaison with colleagues in UCAS, The British Council, UKCOSA, CVCP etc

The BusinessObjects mailing list is used for the discussion of the use of BusinessObjects in Higher and Further Education. This list has been retained 05/09/14. Existing subscribers may access the archives. The list won't allow new subscriptions or posts.

This group will coordinate a joint policy and professional service group of the Heads of Careers and Employability services within the 1994 Group. We will use this forum to discuss strategy, delivery and research for the support for the support of the #continuation of study and the transition from study to work. Employability has increasing political importance within Higher Education and we would like to communicate our message in a joined-up and strategic way.

Discussion list for administrators who work in Counselling Services in HE, affiliated nationally.

A mailing list to support the CETIS Portfolio SIG, which seeks to develop the community and foster consensus in the area of definitions, specifications and standards for learner services including personal development planning (PDP) and e-portfolio. We clearly recognise that this goal needs involvement both from practitioners in the field, and from developers and technical staff who have responsibility for designing and building systems. We aim to promote dialogue within and between groups of stakeholders, aiming at workable consensus on definitions, specifications and standards, while fully acknowledging the desirability of diversity in PDP and other practice. Any technical terms used on this list should be explained.

A list to facilitate collaboration and networking between CETLs (Centres for Excellence in Teaching & Learning)

A list set up to discuss how best to maintain the Universities as a public good. This list will be used to help provide a place where ideas can be discussed and information shared so that we can best endeavour ro facilitate networks and organisations so as to maximise the overall success of the members.

Used by HEFCE to provide updates about its role as principal regulator of English higher education institutions (HEIs) as charities. The information is particularly relevant to HEI administrators involved in governance processes. Lawyers, accountants and other professional advisers to the sector may also find it useful. It is not a discussion list.

The consultation and discussion group for environment and community representatives at CHESS member institutions.

A communication forum for the members of the Cognos UK HE Usergroup.

To be used by CoLRiC members as a forum for exchanging information and advice and by CoLRiC to inform members of CoLRiC news, publications and events

A sharing of experiences within community led projects and a discussion of the issues relating to the management these projects. We address issues such as community building, communication, decision making, resource management and sustainability.

List members will be counsellors in FE and HE institutions. The list will be used for communication and information purposes. This list has been retained 05/09/14. Existing subscribers may access the archives. The list won't allow new subscriptions or posts.

The purpose of the list is to consult forum members about the module review process in the first instance. Then to make proposals for new modules wanted by staff This list has been retained 30/07/14. Existing subscribers may access archives, the list won't accept any new posts or subscribers.

List intended for the use of HE administrators to discuss issues relating to the Disclosure and Barring Service, staffing and student procedural issues.

The CRMinHEFE list is a space for all stakeholders to discuss the implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as a process and as a technology in Higher and Further Education. It's focus is on the strategic, cultural change, systems management, etc aspects of CRM, rather than on the detailed installation issues of vendor specific systems.

Email list for the Careers in Research Online Survey (CROS), or the Principal Investigators and Research Leaders online Survey (PIRLS).

A discussion list for the Council of Validating Universities: the UK organisation specifically representing the interests of over 80 higher education institutions which validate programmes delivered outside those institutions but leading to their awards. This list has been retained 14/08/14. Existing subscribers may access archives, the list won't accept any new posts or subscribers.

An e-mail group to support the RSC London data forum meetings. The intention of these meetings is to develop a strategic approach to the management of data in post 16 education providers by sharing good practice and evaluating theoretical data management models. The group is open to education staff across the UK.

This list is for those interested in Data Protection issues.

This discussion list is used by the Art and Design research community in and beyond DJCAD, University of Dundee.

A list to share information and strategies regarding changes to the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA)

This list provides a forum for community-wide discussion of areas of interest relating to e-theses and dissertations, including the use of e-theses within institutions, digitisation of print theses, author concerns and guidance, and the EThOS e-theses service.

This list is used by UK HE staff involved in; recruitment, exchanges and administering research projects in East Africa.

A collection of Colleges and Universities around the country that use Fretwell Downing Education Business Systems

Development in electronic transcripts,including technical development, best practice, links to other HE projects and any issues raised by the initiation of electronic transcripts.

A network of institutional managers and practitioners that fosters emerging practices around a number of learning topics of strategic importance to organisations, where members: 1) share and exchange ideas, learning and experience 2) openly offer feedback to JISC 3) develop their skills to support their own professional development and implement their learning for the benefit of their organisation and/or professional bodies Updates of upcoming events/activities will be provided through this list; we also encourage participants to actively engage in discussions around the topics covered. This list has been retained 25/03/15. Existing subscribers may access the list, but it won't allow new posts, or subscription requests.

To provide networking for members of the pilot NUS student skills award. This looks at employability skills of students following participation in students' union development activities.

A list for Human Resource professionals working in the areas of Employee Relations and Employee Engagement in Higher Education and Further Education Institutions.

This list is for the disussion and sharing of good pratice around the monitoring of Equal Ops data

Discussion around the Eprints REF plugin

Information sharing and support group for administrative and academic staff working on Erasmus Mundus joint masters degree programmes.

Colleagues involved in the management of assessments This list has been retained 01/08/14. Existing subscribers may access archives, the list won't accept any new posts or subscribers.

This list is to be used by the Fellowship community of the AUA to discuss upcoming events, share best practice, to enable communications from National Office and as a discussion forum.

Exams user group Of Tribal/EBS MIS system in FE Colleges

For those dealing with statistical, funding and planning isses in Higher Education Institutions with provision funded by FEFC

This Jiscmail group was set up by the National Union of Students Wales (NUSW) and it is intended to be a place where Student Governors in FE Colleges throughout Wales can network and share good practise. Sefydlwyd y grwp Jiscmail hwn gan Undeb Cenedlaethol Myfyrwyr Cymru (UCMC) a'r nod yw y bydd yn fan lle gall Myfyrwyr Lywodraethwyr mewn AB ledled Cymru rwydweithio a rhannu arferion gorau.

This list is to facilitate information exchange, discussion and collaborative project development amongst members of the Building Bridges Forum, an open forum of individuals in FE and HE Institutions across the East of England with an interest in encouraging and supporting mature learners to take up FE and HE.

This list is to aid discussion around universities on issues relating to US Federal Student Aid programmes and the audit compliance requirements on them. This list has been retained - 25/04/14. The list is not accepting new subscribers and existing subscribers are no longer able to post messages to the list.

A group for people in colleges in the UK who want to learn from each other in developing their voluntary fundraising or work with alumni. (To keep discussion open, we do not incude amongst our membership anyone with a commercial interest in the field, such as consultants).

A mailing list and discussion forum for Finance Directors operating in Further Education institutions delivering Higher Education provision. Key purposes: to discuss funding issues, share best practice, achieve best value, and establish beneficial networks.

This list is intended for staff in further and higher education in Wales to share information and discussion relating to the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and related issues e.g. Data Protection and Records Management. It is owned by RSC Wales This list has been retained 04/11/14. The list won't allow any new subscriptions or posts.

The Freedom of Information Act came into force on 1st January 2005, and affects the way FE and HE institutions handle information. This list aims to be a forum for exchanging ideas and as a focus for the community, to operate as a repository for FAQs, to aid us in understaning the application of the legislation. Members should observe normal Netiquette. The list is not for Commercial purposes. As higher and further education institutions are public authorities as determined under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, postings to the list, including expressions of opinion, may be subject to the disclosure requirements of the Act.

To allow for open communication between the FSD projects

This mailing list is for online discussions between members of the governing body at Greenwich Community College

To bring together workers and officers' in Students' Unions to share General Election ideas, strategies and messages being given to students as we approach General Election 2015. This is to compliment the General Election HUB produced by the NUS. Anyone who is following the future of Education and the General Election can request to join the list.

A mailing list for those interested in being external examiners for taught courses in geography to share opportunities, contribute to discussions and ask questions.

A monthly update for governors of higher education institutions on HEFCE developments, events and publications of relevance to them. It is not a discussion list.

The discussion list exclusive to members of the Greek Education Forum. It disseminates information on Greek qualifications. Educational reforms affecting admission of Greek students.

This group of Advanced Practitioners are working to improve the effectiveness of teaching, learning and assessment through the use of learning technologies. The list is used to offer mutual support, a sense of online community and a place to share ideas with each other.

The purpose of the list is to establish communication between Internal Auditors currently working in Universities and Colleges principally in the UK, discussing issues and problems regarding Internal Audit and related subjects in the Higher Education Sector.


This list has been retained 01/08/2014. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list Open list for HE Academy subject centre events and updates to be posted.

A group for collaboration and dissemination of information regarding the HEAR for postgraduate research students.

This list facilitates discussion between those involved in developing and managing business continuity in the HE Sector.

This list provides a forum for discussion between HEI's subscribing to the SLC's HEBSS "Information Only" Service

This list is used by HEDIIP for notifications and for discussion about the programme.

A closed list, membership available only to ordinary and personal members of HELOA (Higher Education Liaison Officers Association) in Scotland, to discuss with each other recruitment activities which affect us all.

A subgroup of the Higher Education Liaison Officers (HELOA) list to be used to communicate information of relevance and interest to members of HELOA in the south west of England region

This list is intended to facilitate communication between Publications Officers/HE Marketers who are directly involved in compiling and publishing recruitment-based promotional material.

Provides a mail group for DLHE (Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education) Coordinators to communicate current issues and share best practice. Sub-list of admin-hesa

This list is for members of the Higher Education Wales, Student Returns Group to make announcements regarding meetings of the group and to act as a forum for group members throughout the year for matters relating to student data returns within Wales.

Supports the work of the Higher York LLN.

Public discussion of Identity Management issues in Further & Higher Education. A service of the JISC-funded Identity Management Toolkit project, led by Bristol University, Cardiff University, Kidderminster College and the London School of Economics.

To share knowlege and experiences within the remit of insurance and risk management programmes

Discussion relevant to the equivalence of international qualifications. A way of international institutions sharing information on the above subject.

JISC email group to use as a vehicle for communication and briefing on the new Interreg (interregional) Programme and funding issues. This list has been retained - 10/12/13. The archives have been locked for viewing only. No new messages may be posted and the list will not accept new subscribers

A group for university staff involved with Project and Change Management. IUPMG is an informal learning set that meets irregularly to discuss these issue and works in tandem with UCISA-PCMG

This list is intended to support the activities of institutions in the UK working with the international JA-SIG, and its developments such as the Open Source uPortal institutional portal.

This list if for member of the Advisory Group associated with the development of the JISC Information Governace Gateway Project= JIGG. JIGG will cover all aspects of the HE sector's compliance with information governance legislation, including the Freedom of Information Act.

This list is used by Jisc and HESA to assist in the design, development and ultimately the launch of a National business intelligence service.

This list is for support/advice requests from members of the UK F&HE community. Messages to the list are received by a small panel of JISC staff and advisers who can provide support with using the JISC Identity Management Toolkit and on related issues.

This list is provided by Jisc Legal in order to give monthly digests of legal news relevant to the use of ICT in the FE and HE sectors, and to announce updates of Jisc Legal resources.

Mailing list for HE Co-ordinators and HE Managers from Supported Institutions in the Eastern Region. This is a sub-list of JISC-RSC-E-CONTACTS Sub-list of JISC-RSC-E-ILT-CURRIC-HE This list is a sub-list of JISC-SOUTH-AND-EAST-FE

Mailing List for curriculum practioners and ILT champions from Colleges of Further Education in the Eastern Region. Sublist of RSC-E-ILT-CURRIC-LRC-TECH-WEB Sublist of JISC-RSC-E-ILT-CURRIC-HE This list is a sub-list of JISC-SOUTH-AND-EAST-FE

Mailing list for Learning Resource Centre Managers and Staff from Colleges of Further Education in the Eastern Region. Sublist of JISC-RSC-E-CONTACTS and RSC-E-ILT-CURRIC-LRC-TECH-WEB

RSC for London Disabilities Steering Group

This list is for dissemination of information by the JISC RSC for London to leaders and senior managers working in the post-16 education sector in London

A mailing distribution and discussion list for learning resource people and librarians in the FE Sector in London.

This list is used by those Further, Higher and Adult educational institutions supported by the JISC RSC for London to be informed about new developments, and for raising technical issues and enquiries, and for discussion when appropriate Owner= Julian Bream

This list is used for general discussion regarding the introduction of a Shibboleth-based authentication and authorisation system within the UK's higher and further education and research communities.

This list is used for posting announcements regarding the introduction of a Shibboleth-based authentication and authorisation system within the UK's higher and further education and research communities.

This list is to be used by the Timetabling and Resource Scheduling community to share ideas and suggestions.

The aim of Technology and Standards Watch is to keep track of developments in information technology and communications that can be expected to have high impact on the core business of Further and Higher Education in the next few years.

This list has been retained 24/03/15. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list - contact for all enquiries regarding this list infoNet is one of Jisc's advisory services, helping organisations in higher education, further education and skills to operate effectively, get best value for money and deliver excellent quality learning, teaching and research through a range of online guidance and direct support. This list is used to notify members of new resources and initiatives and other related business, usually in the form of a monthly round-up.

A joint communication list for members of the JOAN+ project, a joint initiative of the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama, Creative and Cultural Skills and a number of FE colleges marking the centenary of the birth of Joan Littlewood

This list is used to notify users of the KIS/Unistats open-access data set when updated versions are made available. Users may then download the latest version from the HESA website.

This site shall give you up to date information on: Guidance Notes, Travel Information, Key Annual Dates (including programme reviews) and Annual reporting. It shall also provide you with a forum area which can be used to discuss elements of your consultancies or any queries that you may have, on-line with fellow consultants.

To coordinate communications of the UK Higher Education International Unit's Latin America Community of Practice.

An online email community fourm for individuals and groups involved in or considering Lean Kaizen activities in their University, to share ideas and experiences, tips and advice and perhaps support.

To promote the discussion about education for sustainable development, particularly in the LSC sector.

The Liaison-Psychiatry-TNC is meant for anyone with a GMC registration up to the level of new consultant (less than 5 years in post) for dissemination of information on training, clinical/academics, meetings/conferences, jobs and relevant policy issues in the UK.

Collaborative venture involving a number of EDM (Electronic Document Management) users specific to the Livelink product. To share experiences and provide a common strategic platform for development. This list has been retained 22/04/15. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. contact for all enquiries regarding this list

Lifelong Learning Network practitioners

A confidential discussion list for participating London FE and Sixth Form College Principals.

A network focussing on the research training and development needs of doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, specifically in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

A forum for library professionals of satellite campuses (in London) to share good practice and talk about any challenges faced, particularly that could be different from a main campus.

We have been asked by the Equality Challenge Unit to set up a list to support a piece of work we have been contracted to undertake on mainstreaming equality in Scottish higher education. This list will support three learning sets comprising members from Scottish HEIs who will be piloting equality and diversity tools between April 2011 and February 2012 A discussion list for Scottish HEIs piloting equality tools as part of the ECU Mainstreaming project.

For users of MarshallACM online D & E training and Equality Impact Assessment tool to exchange feedback and improve products for HEIs This list has been retained 22/04/15. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. contact for all enquiries regarding this list

This is an open list for anyone within the academic community with an interest in Mature Students Issues. It is hoped that the list will be used to share best practice in mature students provision.

A list of all Medical School Secretaries of UK Medical Schools. A forum for quick queries, dissemination of information and sharing of good practice.

This is a discussion list for people interested in the Research Excellence Framework consultation and how it relates to public engagement.

This list is used to share good practice and promote discussion between disability networks at UK HE institutions.

Northern FE estates managers network This is a Sub-list of FEESTATESNETWORK

To identify and raise awareness of universities, colleges and related organisations, which are outside the normal audited quality systems of UK educational establishments. Most universities and colleges that are would be keen to join this list as it will help the sector protect its quality status.

Discussion list for Northern Universities Income and Tuition Fee Group.

This list is used by the National Union of Students Mature and Part-time campaign to share information, campaigns materials and best practice in support for mature and part-time students by students' unions.

This list enables officers from the autonomous Area Organizations of the National Union of Students to collaborate together. All of the officers are involved in students unions through various regions in the UK. This list has been retained 07/08/14. Existing subscribers may access archives, the list won't accept any new posts or subscribers.

The official Jisc Mail of the NUS London Area, newly created in 2014.



For users of OPAS/eOPAS to share knowledge and experience in use of the software and to provide coherent feedback to the software developer to help meet the needs and expectations of occupational health services in the higher education sector.

A place for all collaborative partner coordinators at Students' Unions to post and announce ideas, results, news and anything else that is relevant to the role. Means of networking and helping to achieve synergy and the best for the students studying under these circumstances.

This list enables users of the People Management Framework tool for measurement of the effectiveness of people management interventions, to share information and best practice #in use of the PMF. PMF is available to all UHR members and to all HE providers funded through HEFCE.

This list is used for discussion and announcements of portals within an educational institutional context. Discussion relating to choice of portal, appropriate channel services, linking to managed learning environments is all encouraged, from both a technical and management perspective. Participants will be drawn from University managers across many fields: information services, administration, computing services, MIS systems, e-Learning and web managers.

A forum used by postgraduate marketing, recruitment and admissions professionals, and other practitioners, to discuss isses of relevance to their field. This list has been retained 22/04/15. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. contact for all enquiries regarding this list

To advise public relations staff in institutions funded by the HEFCE of activity including press releases, news items and forward planning.

To allow contact and information sharing between users of Ex Libris Primo TotalCare within the UK education community.

This list is for discussion of the Jisc co-design challenge 'from prospect to alumnus' - this is a public list for anyone in UK Higher of Further Education interested in improve the student experience through work on systems to support the student life-cycle.

A private list for IT/IS Technical Staff and Managers in HE who deliver the QL Suite of software to University/College Administration. This list is to provide a more technical discussion forum than that provided by the QLF - Finance, QLS Student Record and QLP - HR lists.

A UK-wide user group for the Unit 4 QL Exams Module in the Further Education community.

Facility for news, discussion and record of proceedings of the Quality Strategy Network for HE in the UK.

Discussion forum to assist staff in colleges across Scotland with the development of a quality improvement culture. To promote dialogue with other agencies and for regarding quality improvement including announcements re publications, projects and research. To assist with the formulation of Scotland's colleges perspective on quality improvement to influence key agencies.

The Information and Records Management Society (IRMS) mailing list is used to share RM knowledge and expertise among IRMS Members and friends, alert list members to training and job opportunities and to promote the activities of the IRMS in both the UK and internationally.

The list is intended to serve as a forum for discussion on issues faced by all within the UK research community as a result of the introduction of the REF. Members are encouraged to share technical queries and solutions for collecting bibliographic, bibliometric and other data for the REF.

Used by the REF team (on behalf of the UK funding bodies HEFCE, HEFCW, DEL and SFC) to provide updates on the Research Excellence Framework for the assessment of research in UK higher education. It is not a discussion list.

Costing and Pricing Regional Self Help Group - formed to assist with the implementation of the Transparency Review requirements. This list has been retained 08/08/14. Existing subscribers may access archives, the list won't accept any new posts or subscribers.

A bulletin providing information on the development of the regulatory partnership for English higher education. This is not a discussion list.

Civica REMS MIS Application Client Steering Group

Discussion list for research funding support staff to share issues, resources, information and to seek answers to queries from colleagues

Sharing information and best practise on the support and development of research staff in UK HEIs. This includes careers advice, training ideas, use of Roberts money and the national research agenda.

This list is for members, chairs and administrators of university based research ethics committees and others who have an interest in research ethics. It is aimed to serve as means to share information, seek assistance and help from others.

This list will allow Higher Education Institutions who use Resource Link to discuss problems and offer each other solutions and advice.

This list is a HR software (HE and other customers) development focus group for the resourcelink recruitment module This list has been retained - 09/05/14. The list is not accepting new subscribers and existing subscribers are no longer able to post messages to the list.

This list will provide a forum for technical staff in HEI using Resource Link to discuss Reporting from Resource Link, applying of patches, and other technical issues of more interest to IT staff responsible for managing Resource Link.

To consider options in relation to benchmarking and sharing of best practice in appropriate areas; To assist the Russell Group in the formulation of policy responses to the Funding Councils and other appropriate bodies in areas of expertise; To assist the Russell Group in appropriate areas of responsibility; To support the development of management information for the Russell Group; To consider ways in which information required by regulatory bodies might be enhanced, and advise on League Tables issues; To provide a forum for networking and information exchange.

This list is for sustainability discussions relating specifically to Russell Group institutions e.g. benchmarking between institutions, sharing good practice and finding ways of working together

The list is used by the HE risk management network to facilite networking, sharing best practice and as a discussion forum.

Mailing list of ILT Champions from Colleges of Further Education in the South East Region. Sub-list of rsc-se-superlist This list is a sub-list of JISC-SOUTH-AND-EAST-FE

Mailing list of Library Staff from Colleges of Further Education in the South East Region. Sub-list of rsc-se-superlist This list is a sub-list of JISC-SOUTH-AND-EAST-FE

Mailing list of Principals from Colleges of Further Education in the South East Region.

Mailing list of Technical Staff from learning providers in the South East Region. Sub-list of rsc-se-superlist This list is a sub-list of JISC-SOUTH-AND-EAST-FE

Support group for Senior Information Services Administrators in the HE sector

The SAP UK HERUG is an independent user group. The list supports the activities of the group which are designed to assist UK HE institutions in their use of the system.

A list for the members of the steering comittee of JISC/TASC funded Project LANDMAP. This list is retained 16/05/13. Subscribers cannot post messages, new subscribers cannot be added, but the archives are retained for reference purposes

The Modern Languages Group is a discussion area for Heads of Department and others with responsibility for teaching and learning in Modern Languages across the Solent College Partnership

This group enables colleges and FE agencies in Scotland to share information & best practice. Sublist of RSC-SCOTLAND-NEWSFEED

A group to support those doing research within the Scottish FE Community

An opportunity to share interests, issues, news about HE marketing, communications and student recruitment issues in Scotland.

SCOTCAT-CATS originates from the Quality Assurance Agency for HE (Scottish Office) to encourage discussion, information exchange and public dissemination of information on matters relevant to those working with Credit and Credit Frameworks throughout the UK and overseas. This list has been retained - 09/05/14. The list is not accepting new subscribers and existing subscribers are no longer able to post messages to the list.

This list will support the Scottish higher education practitioners to develop and enhance their provision in WBL.

Used to support activites of a group of folk, based in Scotland who are involved in managing institutional websites. The group meets quarterly and this list facilitates communication between those meetings.

This list is for those interested in the use of credit to help structure, support and recognise student learning at HE level. It is managed on behalf of SEEC (see but open to anyone with an interest in credit and its use.

This list provides the opportunity for colleagues in colleges and universities and other interested bodies to discuss the contents of the Scottish Funding Council draft corporate plan.

This list is about smartcard systems and their uses in HE/FE education. The group explores best pratice, technology and value for money. The group is not limited to tangible card systems as RFID, biometrics, IP, PIN and the cost benefit of systems and the issues of cash (and its cost) will be explored. Members will normally be existing or potential users of smartcards.

SPA works closely with universities and colleges to enhance good practice, excellence and professionalism in the recruitment and selection of students to higher education. The SPA list is used to disseminate good practice and advice to members of the HE sector and create a forum where issues and concerns can be aired.

Mailing List for Institutional Contacts for SROC, for the dissemination and notification of matters of interests to SROC delegates and those working within the field of Student Records and Data.

For discussion of issues and activities related to the field of Staff Development in Higher Education, including Curriculum Development, Learning and Teaching, Assessment, Appraisal, Audit, etc. This is a list for all those involved/interested - not just full time staff developers.

This list is used to communicate with and derive responses and research from the student fundraising community across the UK in both further and higher education.

This list is for use by JISC and related parties to announce and discuss issues, events, activities, projects and funding around the area of Student Lifecycle Relationship Management (SLRM), an area of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

A discussion and information list for people working in UK higher education with a specific interest in improving communication and engagement with current students (as opposed to marketing and communication to prospective students).

This list will be used by the partner unions in the National Union of Students/ Higher Education Academy Student-Led Teaching Awards project to exchange advice guidance and examples of good practice.

This list is used by members of the Scottish Universities International Officers Group (SUIOG)

This list is for university staff across the world to discuss sustainability issues and solutions. The aim is to provide a global network for sharing best practice in the field of sustainability and its application to university operations. Inspired by the Making Universities Sustainable Conference in Copenhagen 2014. This is the first global email-list for HE Sustainability Professionals and is intended to be a hotbed of discussion for everything sustainability related in the sector, a place to share bright ideas and best practice and ensure that we are working together on a global scale to tackle the issues surrounding sustainability. It is completely free of charge and open to anyone working in sustainability in the higher education sector. There are a couple of ground rules: - Please keep the discussion friendly - Please keep to the subject of sustainability - Please keep the emails in English. Helpful tips: If you would like to start a private discussion please reply to the sender’s email address and not hit the ‘reply’ button. To enable his to happen please remember to provide your email address in your contact details when you sign off an email to the group.

This group is for students' union officers from all students' unions in the South West of England. Information will be provided on all NUS issues of concern to the South West.

This mail list has been created to provide an opportunity for all education providers and professionals involved in the admissions and recruitment process for ITT, PGCE and Schools Direct programmes to discuss changes and developments in the area.

Teaching undergraduate and/or postgraduate linguistics.

The purpose of this list is discussion and the sharing of best pratice in regards to PBS Tier 4 compliance, for those working in this field.

This is a list for participants, facilitators and administrators on TMP 8 to send information to each other. This list has been retained 11/08/14. Existing subscribers may access archives, the list won't accept any new posts or subscribers.

This list is for members of the Teaching Quality Forum to discuss issues in relation to quality assurance and enhancement in Scottish higher education. It is also the mechanism for arranging meetings, distributing papers and so on.

For all members of the Transparency Review of Activity Costs Self-Help Group and associated bodies such as JCPSG (Joint Costing and Pricing Steering Group) and JMC

A place for the users of the Txttools system to discuss ways in which they are using the system. An opportunity to share good practice across the UK HE and FE sector on the use of text messaging to support the student learning experience.

An open list to discuss UCAS international policy and procudeures.

General announcement list for all people interested in UCISA matters

The group exists to promote and develop a long term strategic partnership between UCAS and member institutions. This list has been retained 11/08/14. Existing subscribers may access archives, the list won't accept any new posts or subscribers.

UCISA Enterprise Architecture discussion list

UCISA runs an annual Higher Education Information Technology Statistics (HEITS) survey. This list has been created to facilitate peer support for those tasked with completing the survey for their institution and/or those who have been granted UCISA Statistics Maintainer status for their institution.

This is a discussion list for those interested in HE Information Security within IT in UCISA member institutions

This is list is intended for UK Council for Graduate Education members. It is intended as a forum for the discussion of issues related to postgraduate education, research, training and administration.

To create a network of Stores managers/Chief technicians in science stores across UK universities.

Discussion group, sharing problems and solutions related to the use of UNIT-E (Capita Education Services)in Scottish Colleges. PLEASE LIMIT TO ISSUES THAT ARE LIKELY TO BE COMMON TO ALL COLLEGES USING UNITE

A monthly round-up of the latest HEFCE publications, news, upcoming events and deadlines. It is not a discussion list.

Forum to discuss issues surrounding administration and federal regulatory compliance for US Loans

To discuss research and other developments related to open innovation, other kinds of user-led innovation and knowledge transfer with UK academic research

Maintained jointly by the Higher Education Academy and the CRA, and actively supported and managed by the CRA. The forum will enable you to keep up to date with developments, events and discussions, as well as notifying you of a Welsh update supplement to the PDP and e-portfolios newsletter and the commissioning of contributions for this.

Group for HE web staff (admin or technical) in the North-East of England.

This list is used by the Welsh Electronic Records Management Group for sharing information.

The purpose of this e-list is to share good practice in academic records management and to develop joint projects which will provide cost-effective solutions for the HE sector as a whole. This list has been retained 05/06/14. Archives will remain online to browse, but the list won't accept new posts or subscribers.

Staff supporting EU-funded research & innovation at Univs of Leeds, Sheffield and York

Staff administering research & innovation impact and outputs at Univs of Leeds, Sheffield & York

Staff supporting research post-award finance activity at Univs of Leeds, Sheffield and York

Staff supporting research pre-award support activity at Univs of Leeds, Sheffield and York

Staff who support research and innovation activity at the Universities of Leeds, York and Sheffield

Serving Widening Participation practitioners. Sharing good practice, research and ideas. Open to anyone who would like contribute to discussions about transition and progression or student retention in Higher Education

A discussion group for members of the unpaid work experience working party

This list will allow members of the Yorkshire and Humber East Lifelong Learning Network partner organisations to discuss all matters relating to working with business, including sharing market intelligence, requests for partnering, tender and funding information and sharing best practice. This list has been retained 23/04/15. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. contact for all enquiries regarding this list

This list has been retained 02/04/2014. No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list A network for university staff who employ students to work on projects of strategic institutional importance, e.g. student ambassadors who organise widening participation and recruitment activities, peer assisted learning advisors who coordinate additional academic support, students who work as interns and researchers for their university, etc. This network is to share good practice, ideas and practical support and to promote events for professionals and students involved in this type of activity.

A discussion list for project staff in HE and FE involved and interested in widening participation in higher education in the South West region. The list is managed by HERDA-SW and the WP-SW Project Manager.

This list is to support people interested in or implementing XCRI, a schema for formatting and exchanging prospectus information.

To support a specific project Young People into Education within Aim Higher. Sub list of YPHE-Superlist

To support a specific project Young People into Education within Aim Higher. Sub list of YPHE-Superlist

Superlist of the YPHE (Young People into Education)FE and YPHE HE lists to communicate with colleagues in FE and HE delivering the YPHE scheme This list has been retained 22/07/14. Existing subscribers may access archives, the list won't accept any new posts or subscribers.

The purpose of this list is for FE/HE institutions to share information about the Zope open source application server.


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