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What is a Group?

At its most basic level, a group is a mailing list (or electronic discussion list) with a list of people's names and email addresses. Everyone on the group shares a common interest and they use email to talk to each other. Belonging to a group is rather like sitting in on a discussion - you can join in the talk, start a discussion, or simply listen.
A group can serve a variety of purposes. It may be used to discuss work with other academics, share news, collaborate on projects and publications, announce conferences, arrange meetings or just to keep in touch with colleagues in your subject area. There are various tools to help you organise meetings, create surveys, store your files or bookmark your favourite content.

Who's in charge?

Each group is managed by one or more group owners, who are responsible for running the group. A group owner looks after the configuration of the group, its members and generally steers the direction and usage of the group. If you have problems joining, leaving or using the group, you can contact the group owner.

How do groups work?

Generally, you either find a group from our web pages or are invited to join one. Once you have been added to the group you will automatically receive messages sent to the group by other members. When you reply, depending on how the group is configured, it will be sent to the whole group or just the originator of the message. You can leave a group at any time.


LISTSERV® is the mailing list software that JISCMail uses and is produced by a company called LSoft. It was chosen for its high degree of configurability, web interface, and ability to handle large amounts of email.