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This mailing list is primarily for members of the African Theatre Association, but non-members who are interested in news and information about African theatre and performance are welcomed.

The APAC list facilitates discussion and information exchange among people working in performing arts collections and related research fields. The list provides a forum for queries and for disseminating news about performing arts collections primarily in the UK. Further information and resources can be found on our website: www.performingartscollections.org.uk

This list of the dissemination of scholarly news and discussion between researchers interested in the study of music as part of the archaeology of the Americas.

Aural Diversity researches differences in hearing and their implications for fields such as music, sound studies, acoustics, audiology, environmental design, hearing care and hearing technologies.

News and discussion relevant to the study of popular / folk / traditional ballads - international and multilingual.

This list is used to make announcements about British-based audio-visual research events, publications and projects.

This list is for those who are working on or who are interested in any aspect of BBC history, to keep members in touch with each other,with current work and to publicise events.

This list is used by Beyond Text award holders,their collaborators and the associated Arts and Humanities Research Council research community to disseminate information about the individual projects within the 5 year strategic programme.

This is the public mailing list of the British Forum for Ethnomusicology. It is used for announcements about events/conferences/publications/services/projects/programmes pertaining to ethnomusicology and other related disciplines.

This list supports the developing discipline of Black music in Britain. The list is for researchers, academics, practitioners. The jiscmail welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to Black music in Britain, across genre and era.

This list supports the developing discipline of Black music in Britain. The list is for researchers, academics, practitioners. The jiscmail welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to Black music in Britain, across genre and era.

This list is intended for use by the computer music research community in Britain. It is a forum for conference/seminar announcements, calls for papers, job offers, and any other matters of likely interest to the membership.

This list is a forum for the discussion of British music of all types composed after c. 1900, and for announcements of events, publications, etc. associated with the Post-1900 British Music Network and with the study and discussion of post-1900 British music in general.

A space for academic discussion about the life and work of Anthony Burgess, sharing developments in Burgess Studies and asking questions to colleagues.

The Computer Arts Society was founded in 1968.

This is for use by the CHIME EPSRC network in Music and Human Computer Interaction to make announcement to the research community about events, workshops, conferences and seminars etc.

This list is used by CHIME (the EPSRC Music and HCI Network) to discuss ideas and plan events, workshops and other network activities.

This is an email list for members of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Opera Studies hosted by the School of Music, Cardiff University.

This is used to discuss issues of interest and concern in relation to the learning, teaching and assessment of community music in higher education.

CMR-announce is an email news list maintained by the Contemporary Music Research Unit at Goldsmiths, University of London (www.gold.ac.uk/cmru). The list is used for general announcements relating to the composition, performance, and aesthetics of contemporary music. To post a message to this mailing list for distribution to other members, please email it to CMR-announce@jiscmail.ac.uk To unsubscribe click: https://WWW.JISCMAIL.AC.UK/cgi-bin/webadmin?SUBED1=CMR-ANNOUNCE&A=1

The aim of the centre is to provide a framework in support of a rich interaction between artists, engineers and scientists, university external and internal organizations and individuals, in order to collaborate on activities within music technology. To reflect within this area the mission of the university aiming as a research-led centre of exellence with the following aims:

This list is for academics and researchers interested in being informed about the activities of the Centre for Performance Philosophy - a research centre at the University of Surrey.

Cultural Policy Observatory Ireland: an all island research network is aimed at growing, connecting and profiling academic research relating to cultural policy across the island of Ireland. It is a collective venture which will be of interest to those whose work explores the value, impact and functions of arts and cultural policies (both implicit and explicit) on the island of Ireland. www.culturalpolicyireland.org

This list is used by Centre for Cultural Policy at the University of Leeds to support, promote and share rigorous, critical and cutting-edge academic research and knowledge exchange across the arts and cultural sector and the wider creative industries. Details of subscribers on this mailing list are being held by Jiscmail and not the University of Leeds. If you unsubscribe from this mailing list you may continue to receive other communications from the University. To view the complete policies and terms please visit: https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/policyandsecurity/

Announcement list for digital and electronic arts histories

The list is a forum for interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners to share news, events, and discussion of Digital Musicology.

General discussion list concerning the Digital Music Research Network (www.dmrn.org), and Digital Music in general.

This list is owned by the European Network for Avant-garde and Modernism studies (EAM). It may be used for calls for papers or contributions and for employment opportunities. Individuals may announce the publication of monographs or edited volumes. Only posts strictly relevant to the EAM community will be allowed.

The International Network for Early Modern Festival Study, was created by Dr Laura Fernandez-Gonzalez as part of her Re-creating Early Modern Festivals project, the list is now coordinated by Dr Bram van Leuveren. This network is a forum in which scholars researching Early Modern Festivals can discuss issues of mutual interest. Scope and contents The International Network aims to connect scholars researching or interested in Early Modern Festivals. The objective is to create a 'virtual' space where participants can increase collaboration and dialogue between researchers interested in the same topics. The Network is: an International Research Forum in which participants can raise questions and / or discuss an issue of interest. This can enhance festivals research given the diverse academic disciplines involved, e.g. architectural and art history, social, political economic and cultural history, cartography, music, languages, literatures and performance studies.

The purpose of the list is to support a new network concerned with improving equality, diversity and inclusion in music studies in UK HE.

This list is an area for e-learning specialists working in Conservatoires and other specialist arts institutions. It is for discussion of any issues around supporting and #implementing learning technologies to support teaching in music and the arts.

A list primarily for announcements concerning electroacoustic and computer music, and course announcements for those working in the Electronic Music Studios at Goldsmiths, University of London.

enquire is a space within which diverse forms of art & design research practice and documentation are explored. Where 'knowledge', in its many different forms, is examined, and where methodologies from various disciplines are compared. It is where new forms of knowledge production and consumption are considered, and where the existing categories, abstractions and concepts that define knowledge and enquiry are challenged, and alternatives put forward.

A list for Bloch scholars practitioners, instrumentalists, conductors and all those with an interest in the music of Ernest Bloch

This list exists especially for ethnomusicologists (and others whose work intersects with ethnomusicology) who are based in the UK or whose work has a strong UK focus.

This list is historically based on a network of music departments established with EU funding from about 1990 in most of the countries of Western and Central Europe. It is free for anyone to join who wishes to discuss European issues in musicology, or publicize forthcoming events and matters of interest, etc.

The event marketing list enables academics and selected practitioners to discuss current research and issues in this growing field of marketing. Encompasses experiential marketing activities and all forms of promotional events. Areas of interest are: design and creativity; event marketing and IMC; effectiveness evaluation etc.

A network for academics, artists and anyone else who has an interest in creative experimentation with research practice. This includes experimentation with audio and visual methods, experimentation with narrative, textual and print-based methods, and research methods drawn from sound art, avant-garde film, photography, performance art and contemporary music.

Discussion list for the AHRC Feedback Musicianship Network.

The Glasgow AudioVisual Network brings together a diverse range of researchers and practitioners who are all interested in the operation of sound within screen media from music and sound in film and television, through new media and audio-visual composition, to contemporary theatrical and artistic work that makes use of sound and moving image.

For researchers, teachers, and students of music-pedagogical techniques from Neapolitan partimenti to Verismo. Exchange and find links, events, teaching and research materials. Maintained by Nicholas Barawanath, Annika Forkert, and Marco Pollaci.

A discussion group for anyone involved in the provision and management of music library services. For members of IAML(UK & Irl) and interested parties.

A discussion list for members of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music UK and Ireland branch.

Iberian and Latin-American Music mailing list (ILM) enables those engaged on research into music in the Iberian peninsula and Latin America to exchange information and ideas. This includes new archival research, details of relevant conferences, publications and work in progress.

This list is for anyone who is interested in 'The Internet of Musical Events: Digital Scholarship, Community and the Archiving of Performance' (InterMusE) project. We will use the list to post project updates including resources, news and events.

Founded in the Netherlands in 1990, ISEA International (formerly Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts) is an international non-profit organisation fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organisations and individuals working with art, science and technology. The main activity of ISEA International is the annual International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA).

This list is for members of the International Society for Metal Music Studies to make announcements, share information, and connect with one another. General research queries are welcome. We encourage all users to treat each other with respect, and hate speech and discrimination will not be tolerated.

The list is used by the Jazz Research Network members as a discussion forum, and to announce current JRN news and events.

The Kent Youth Arts Network (YAN) is a community of support for arts and culture organisations and practitioners – employed and freelance – working with young people across Kent.

This mailing list serves members of LGBTQ+ Music Study Group.

A network focussing on the research training and development needs of doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, specifically in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

The LUCEM mailing list is used for the discussion, distribution and the exchange of information relating to the study of English music. URL: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/lucem

This is an information forum for practitioners who have trained to use the Music Therapy Assessment Tool for Awareness in Disorders of Consciousness (MATADOC) This is a sub-list of MTNEUROLOGYNETWORK.

This is a sub-list of MUSICOLOGY-ALL. This list enables those engaged on research into any aspect of Medieval and Renaissance Music to exchange information. This includes questions of research, conference details and reports, library information and any other useful material.

A discussion list for the history and development of bowed musical instruments in the Mediterranean - but also extending to other geographical areas.

This interdisciplinary mailing list, co-ordinated by Helen Coffey and Leah Clark at the Open University, is aimed at scholars interested in life in buildings, institutions and broader geographical areas during the middle ages and early modern period. It will allow scholars from various disciplines to share news of relevant publications and events as well as other research and teaching initiatives.

This is a monthly email digest of events, publications, calls for papers etc of interest to scholars working on the 'middlebrow'.

The Music Therapy Neurology Network shares information and resources on music as a therapeutic medium for people with neurological disorders. For professionals interested in clinical practice (e.g. music therapists) and research (e.g. neurosciences, medicine), and people with neurological conditions interested in how music can help improve health and well-being.

This is an events announcement list for a collaborative group of music production and technology academics organising a sustainable system of environmentally (and pandemically) friendly, online research dissemination events.

A list for the discussion of musical performance as documented by recordings. Topics include the history and analysis of performance style; the technical, social and economic history of recording; discography; performers.

This list is managed by Dr Evangelos Himonides (UCL), on behalf of the Society for Education and Music Psychology Research (sempre), and aims to serve as a discussion forum for researchers working at the shared boundaries of science and music. This list was previously managed by the Institute of Musical Research.

AHRC-funded research network studying music claimed from Stationers' Hall in 18th and early 19th centuries under legal deposit.

A discussion list on the use of GRID technologies in musical applications

This list is associated with the Biennial International Conference on Music since 1900 and is intended for the scholarly discussion of all aspects of music since 1900.

A philosophical discussion of problems in musical aesthetics and analytical approaches, and a forum for debating current issues in this field.

Musica Scotica: all aspects of Scottish music. Publishing scholarly editions, studies, performances, recordings. Hosting an annual conference, usually held on the last Saturday of April.

a list for scholars working on world popular musics in Spanish and Portuguese

MusicHE is the UK's subject association for institutions, departments, organisations and individuals who train and educate the next generation of musicians through higher education. We promote the creative, cultural and economic benefits of studying for a music degree – whether in a conservatoire, college or university – and we champion musical research, scholarship and practice at the highest level to ensure a healthy and vibrant future for our discipline.

Superlist for lists at JiscMail concerned with academic musicology (including music history, theory and analysis, etc). Sub-lists: ilm centr-and-east-euro-music euromusicology rma-list nineteenth-century-music musical-aesthetics med-and-ren-music suppressed-music

National Association for Music in Higher Education Network Discussion Forum

Academic discussion list for the history, theory and analysis of nineteenth-century music

A discussion list for those researching vernacular Anglo-American cheap print song and music materials

A list for the discussion of developments in opera scholarship and research. Conference announcements may be included.

This list is used as a discussion forum for Further and Higher Education theatre technicians, teachers, lecturers and the research community.

PERF-STUD-NET is the email forum of the Performance Studies Network, which is hosted by the AHRC Research Centre for Musical Performance as Creative Practice (CMPCP). The Network aims to facilitate interaction between musicians and scholars working across a spectrum of disciplines, to develop an increasingly inclusive and cohesive community of performance studies specialists and other interested parties, and to lay the foundation for continuing dialogue and collaboration into the future. PERF-STUD-NET is open to anyone who wishes to exchange ideas and be kept informed about performance-related research, events and activities taking place around the world.

This list is designed to foster a network for researchers and practitioners working with podcasting in any subject area within higher learning institutions. Links with the industry are also desirable since commercial applications of podcasting are currently more prevalent than academic ones.

This list is for members of the Popular Music Research Group at the University of Newcastle to contact each other about relevant events and research opportunities.

A general contact, discussion and announcement list for Musedelica, a research group focussed on psychedelic music and issues surrounding psychoactive substances and music.

This list is intended for those interested in research into religion and popular music.

General list for academic musicological discussion and information, as conducted within the Royal Musical Association (the national musicological society), but not restricted to paid-up subscribing members of that society.

This list promotes discussion of practice as research in music.

The Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies embodies the very best of the cultural studies tradition. It is committed to interdisciplinarity in the study of new cultural formations within and beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries. The Centre encompasses expertise from many disciplines including: Media, Sociology, English, History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Film Studies and has established its reputation both nationally and internationally.

This list is intended to support the development of a community of scholars interested in the specificities of Scottish Cultural Policy and Management. It will make announcements about research, publications, projects and events.

This list is used by the FAST IMPACt project partners and project participants to make announcements about and updates on the FAST IMPACt project to the subscribers of the list, as well as for discussion purposes related to project activities and project research.

On May 17th 2012, the research event, Sound::Gender::Feminism::Activism took place at CRiSAP (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice), London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. This was a postgraduate event focused on the role of gender in the sonic arts with the aim to stimulate dialogue around discourses related to feminism and sound, and to establish a network of researchers and practitioners working in these areas. This list is established as a means to extend the networking capabilities for researchers and practitioners working within these areas, to further dialogue and to make announcements to the research community about programs, events, publications and projects of interest.

This list serve researchers from a range of field interested in urban sound, with a focus on the city of Tehran.

Sonic Rebellions, May 2022 asks 'what is the relationship between sound and social justice?' This list is for staying up to date with further developments.

A UK acoustic ecology group branching from the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, bringing together all the different disciplines concerned with the soundscape.

A discussion and information list for all academics working in the field of Popular Music Studies, especially those resident in Scotland.

The suppressed-music mailing list is used to exchange information about composers writing music under totalitarian and other repressive regimes, not least those of Nazi Germany and Austria and Communist central and eastern Europe. This is a sub-list of MUSICOLOGY-ALL.

The newly formed Centre for Cognition, Computation and Culture has formed a research environment to consider Art and Technology application with Goldsmiths Digital Studios and BT. The group is an open discussion forum to compliment realtime sessions occuring each month. The list is for artists/technologists/researchers interested in pushing the envelope.

This is the supporting email list for the UK Research Network for Theology, Religion and Popular Culture. Established in 2005, this is a forum for those involved in advanced research in this field in universities and faith-based HE providers.

A mailing list for those researching Tudor music for discussion, announcements of recent publications, organisation of conference panels, etc

To connect researchers working on the study of persistence, recurrence, transmission and transformation of tunes, especially in (but not confined to) traditional and popular culture. Historical, comparative, ethnographic, computational, archival approaches welcome. International, inter- and intra-cultural perspectives welcome. Open to all bona fide researchers with relevant interests.

This list is for members of the inter-faculty Voice Research Group at the University of Newcastle to contact each other about relevant events and research opportunities.

This list links a community of researchers and practitioners with an interest in women's work in music. It was set up following the 1st International Conference on Women's Work in Music (Bangor, Sept 2017).


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