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Group Subscriptions

On JISCMail, you can subscribe to as many groups as you like. Each subscription is treated separately by LISTSERV®.
There are three primary ways that you can join or leave groups and manage your subscriptions:

  • By Visiting the Group Homepage
  • By Visiting Subscriber's Corner
  • By Email

Group Homepage

From the group's homepage at (where 'GROUPNAME' is the name of your chosen GROUP), follow the link 'Subscribe or Unsubscribe'

Subscribe: Fill in your name and email address. If you are new to JISCMail, it may be best to leave the settings as they are by default. Otherwise, select which options you want to set for your subscription. Click on the 'Subscribe (groupname)' button.
Unsubscribe: Click on the 'Leave GROUPNAME.' button
Change settings: Adjust your settings and then click on the 'Update Options' button.

Subscriber's Corner

Subscriber's Corner is a useful tool for managing your subscriptions, especially when you are subscribed to many groups.
Subscribe Under 'Search Options', type in the group name, or part of the group name, in the 'Search for List' ' field. Change the 'Show All Lists' option from 'Show Subscribed Lists Only' to "Show All lists" and then click on 'Search'.
You should then see a table of one or more groups. Tick the box to the left of the group you want to join, at the bottom of the table, choose 'Subscribe' from the drop down menu and click on 'Submit'.
Unsubscribe Tick the box to the left of the group you want to leave, at the bottom of the table change the option within the drop down menu to "Unsubscribe" and click on 'Submit'.
Change settings Choose 'Subscribed Lists Only' from the 'Show All Lists' link, then choose 'My Settings' . From the drop down menus at the bottom of the table, select the relevant settings for any options you wish to change and click on 'Submit'.


See the Commands section.

From the email address you wish to subscribe with, send one of the following options within the body of the message to

  • Subscribe SUBSCRIBE
  • Unsubscribe UNSUBSCRIBE
  • Change settings SET


In order to log in to access previous discussions or JISCMail tools, or post from the web from any private groups you may belong to, you will need to register a password.

Notes on joining groups

  • Depending on the configuration of the group your subscription request may go to the group owner for approval.
  • You will receive an email asking for you to confirm your request. This is known as an "OK Confirmation". Either click on the link provided in the email, or reply to it with the word "OK" in the message body.

Note: Your subscription will not be activated until you have done this. If you do not receive this confirmation request promptly, email and we will confirm it for you. The request will expire after 48 hours if it is not confirmed.