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Owner Workshops

Getting to grips with JiscMail List Management: How to be an effective list owner

New, free and online - this workshop provides a practical introduction to running a JiscMail list for new or existing list owners.

Using short-demos and hands-on activities, this workshop will show you how to manage your lists using the JiscMail web interface. We'll cover all the basics, including list configuration, managing subscriptions and of course how to deal with SPAM and off-topic messages. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions along the way and share ideas for keeping your lists active.

We won't have time to cover template and newsletter customisations (workshops currently in development).


  • How to be an effective list owner - understanding the role
  • Top tools in the List Management Dashboard
  • Managing your subscribers - ways to add, remove, review and search through them
  • Understanding list configuration - how to review and change list settings
  • Managing SPAM and other niggling queries
  • Getting support - how can the JiscMail Helpline help you?

Who is it for?

The training is aimed at new JiscMail list owners, but existing list owners might find some of the information useful. All attendees must own (or co-own) an existing JiscMail list.

During the workshop, attendees will have:

  • Defined list management responsibilities
  • Gained practical skills in using the JiscMail website to manage their list
  • Explored the basics of JiscMail list configuration settings

How much does it cost?

This workshop is free of charge to JiscMail list owners

The current programme of events is now fully booked - please register your interest with the JiscMail Helpline to join the waiting list.