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JISCmail provides high quality educational email discussion lists to the UK education and research communities.

All new list requests are checked against the following criteria:

Additional information: JISCMail reserves the right to approve or reject a list application. Lists are created based on capacity within the mailing list system. JISCMail reserves the right to close any list which does not meet the current criteria. These criteria are routinely reviewed to ensure they reflect our funding, and the needs of the wider educational community (Last reviewed on 31st August 2016)

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Role of list owners:

For further details of our Full Service Use Policy.

To request your JISCMail list, complete the form below:

New List Request Form

The following information is needed for us to manage your list request. We'll use it as described in our standard privacy notice at, to provide the service you've requested, as well as to identify problems or ways to make the service better. We'll keep the information until we are told that you no longer wish to manage a JiscMail list.

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See How to Start a List for the definitions of the above types. Once the list is set up owners can easily change the list configuration.

Please consider that the list must be beneficial to UK Education and Research Community and estimate the following:

This listname forms part of the email address used to post to your list (ie:, so should be short (maximum of 32 characters), distinctive and meaningful. It must begin with a letter and can only contain alphanumeric and hyphen (-) characters. eg: JISC-ANNOUNCE.

The title should briefly identify the list and is limited to 75 characters. e.g. Announcement list for Jisc.

The description is used to provide more details of the list and its purpose. This should be restricted to a maximum of 4 lines of up to 75 characters each. If acronyms are used, please expand them. e.g. This list is used by Jisc to make announcements to further and Higher education and the research community about Jisc strategy, services, programmes, publications, and projects.

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The use of additional owners is highly recommended

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Only add moderators if you want all messages to be reviewed and approved before being sent to your list

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We can add to the list homepage a link to a related web site.

Subject Categories

If your list is Public or restricted, please select up to FIVE different subject categories, which will be used to place your list on the relevant category pages on the JISCmail web. For private lists this is not necessary, but the codes may be used for administrative purposes.
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