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Social Bookmarking

Every group homepage (https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/groupname) and every posting stored on the JISCMail online archives includes a bookmark/share button which has links to a selection of social bookmarking/sharing sites

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Social Bookmarking allows you to share, store, organise, search, tag and manage webpages you would like to be able to revisit in the future or share with others. For example if a posting is made to a JISCMail group that you know will be of interest to someone else you can email a link to that person using our button. Alternatively you can choose one of the social networking sites you are registered with, e.g. Twitter or Facebook, to share the link with a group of people. You might use the sharing button to bookmark a link to your list homepage or a particular posting on a list that you can revisit at a later date on a site such as Delicious.

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All of the sites used in the social networking button are free to use but you must register with them. Once you have registered you can begin bookmarking/sharing.
In the case of private JISCMail lists, the person you are sharing with can only access the link if they are registered to use JISCMail and subscribed to the list.