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Issue 14 - December 2006 | Page 4/6

2002 and along with the revised interface came Subscriber's Corner, giving list subscribers their own management functionality.

Listserv15 screen shot

This time, the focus is on usability. The new design has a modern, clean and professional look with a proper menu structure at the top of the page. New features include:

  • Personal preferences including font size and archive browsing options
  • Archives now fully support HTML and multipart messages
  • List management and configuration has been improved
  • Archives can be read as RSS and Atom feeds

You can see L-Soft's interactive product demos here.

JISCmail have always maintained a policy of keeping LISTSERV up to date, in order to bring you the latest features, reliability and usability that the product has to offer. Upgrading to LISTSERV 15.0 is currently scheduled on JISCmail for Quarter 1, 2007 to allow for various testing, modifications to our backend systems and JISCmail-added functionality such as surveys. The new interface is backwards compatible with existing customisations to list homepages, so no forced changes should be necessary there. More information will be provided

at a later date. In the meantime, if you have any comments on the interface in the demo above please do let us know by contacting and we will compile any feedback to LSoft.

Reminder to list owners

The Xmas holidays are almost upon us. Encourage your list members to set their subscriptions to nomail while they are on vacation

Send one of the following to

set LISTNAME nomail


set * nomail

and on return, the same command substituting mail for nomail


In October’s newsletter we covered searching the archives of a single list. In this issue we are going to be looking at cross list searching – searching the archives of multiple lists.

To use this feature you must be logged in. Please see our quick user guide for details of how to obtain a password if you do not have one.

Go to the JISCmail homepage and select Search Archives under the Quick Links section on the left hand side.

The search archive feature is designed to

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