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Issue 14 - December 2006 | Page 3/6
3. NEW IN 2006

Although the basic software for the JISCmail mailing lists is provided by LISTSERV©, the JISCmail team strive to provide enhancements for the benefit of both list owners and subscribers.

File Store and File Area

In March 2006 there was an update to both the File Store and the Files Area of a list.

The primary new feature in the updated File Store is the ability to create subdirectories and better organise your files. In addition Javascript is no longer required to use the feature.
Users who use email commands, such as INDEX or GET, will not be able to access files in subdirectories. This is a limitation in LISTSERV itself. In practise only a very small number of files get accessed this way but please bear this in mind when deciding to create subdirectories.

The new Files Area has improved both security and convenience of access by using the existing LISTSERV login mechanism. The old system of password protection was applied at web directory level and necessitated having a separate username/password which meant that when a subscriber left a list they could still access the files area unless the password was changed. For further information click here.

Archive Store

An Archive Store feature was added in June 2006. This allows list owners to delete individual messages and also entire month’s or year’s worth of messages via

a simple new web interface. Previously, this required a list owner requesting this action via the helpline. For copyright protection reasons, there is no facility to edit a posting. For further information click here.

List Homepage Changes

In June 2006 some changes were made to The homepage of JISCmail Lists

  • A new 'List Information' panel containing details such as the number of subscribers, discussion room participants, last post date, etc.
  • JISCmail added functionality has been separated into a 'JISCmail Tools' panel, to improve emphasis and provide more room for archive links
  • Contacts have been moved to the left-hand navigation bar and a link to the Helpline added

If you have any questions regarding any of these facilities, please contact the Helpline.


As many of you will know, JISCmail is powered by the market-leading LISTSERV mailing list software, produced by a company called L-Soft. This product was originally chosen for JISCmail due to it's maturity, reputation and the provision of a list management web interface. This year marks its 20th year in development and with that comes the release of the new and exciting version 15.0.

This latest version brings with it a significant overhaul of the web interface. The last time this occurred was back in

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