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Communication and support via JISCmail

Librarians have an instinctive desire to share knowledge and have always found ways to talk over the “war stories” of daily life in a library. This is even more the case when it comes to the joys and idiosyncrasies of Library management systems.

The Alice/Oliver user group was set up 6 months ago to help users of these Softlink systems. Colleges and schools use either Alice or Oliver and many use different versions but this is not really relevant. The aim of the group is to be able to call out “ I have a problem” or “I have discovered this new way of doing ….”.

It is not an issue that many members never add a comment but avidly read all the traffic as the forum is seen as an ongoing training manual. Periodically the group tries to meet up but there are always problems finding a central site

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as well as a convenient time. Softlink are more than happy to come to the meetings to share knowledge and the moderator can always pass any queries up to the company and they offer training as a matter of course.

RSC-SE are on hand to help with any issues and to offer support to the moderator (me!) especially when they get muddled. So overall the feeling is of support just an email away and of fellow librarians who may have the solution you need. JISCmail do have forums for all the library management systems so if you are not part of a local one do search your area group out and start sharing.
If anyone would like to know more about the the Alice/Oliver user group please contact me
Janet Waters,TottonCollege

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