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Issue 13 - October 2006 | Page 4/6


CRONEM is a multidisciplinary research centre in the field of nationalism, ethnicity and multiculturalism. It brings together those at Surrey and Roehampton Universities who are engaged in issues which lie at the nexus between nation, ethnicity, multiculturalism, citizenship and migration. Reflection on these issues through arts and humanities disciplines provides a distinctive focus for this Centre and added value in funding bids. Since its inception in October 2003 we have organised regular seminar series, held two major conferences on multiculturalism and been involved in a range of research projects funded by the ESRC, AHRC, Leverhulme, Heritage Lottery Fund, Ford Foundation and Brent PCT.

The projects cover such issues as Polish migration to London, identity construction among British Bangladesh and mixed-heritage youth, British Bangladeshi collective memory and cultural heritage, Writing British-Asian Cities, everyday religious life among four communities in London, Johannesburg, Durban and Kuala Lumpur and health inequality. We have also undertaken consultancies for Foreign and Commonwealth Office and BBC.

Cronem uses a JISCmail list for part of its communication. The list has 185 members.
For more information about our projects and events please visit our website
Mirela Dumic - CRONEM


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