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Sizelim= number/numberK/numberM

Sizelim, if set, causes LISTSERV to reject all messages to the list which exceed the number of lines (including all Internet header lines) indicated. This can be helpful in discouraging subscribers from posting long attachments to your lists. (Generally "Sizelim= 500 " is large enough for long posts but short enough to discourage postings of uuencoded binaries, but of course, your mileage may vary.)

The Sizelim= list header keyword allows list owners to specify a maximum message size in either kilobytes or megabytes, rather than in lines, if preferred. For instance:

Sizelim= 100K Reject messages over 100Kb
Sizelim= 1M Reject messages over 1Mb

As before, the limit operates against the entire message file, including all Internet header lines.


As a list owner It is really quite simple to change both the title and description of your list(s).

Via the List Management page, enter Configuration. The first visible line is the title. The description is listed under the word description. Change the title (keeping to a max of 75 characters and/or the description and press update.


N.B. If your list has a public notebook the new title will not be visible in the A-Z or Category Pages until after the overnight web updates.

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