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Issue 12 - August 2006 | Page 2/5

You may have noticed that we have made some improvements to the default list homepage. These changes include:

  • A new 'List Information' panel containing details such as the number of subscribers, discussion room participants, last post date, etc.
  • JISCmail added functionality has been separated into a 'JISCmail Tools' panel, to improve emphasis and provide more room for archive links
  • Contacts have been moved to the left-hand navigation bar and a link to the Helpline added

These changes make better use of space on the list homepage and were rolled out automatically to all list homepages that hadn't been customised by a list owner.
If you have any questions regarding this email please contact the Helpline.


If you want your list members to be able to review the email addresses of other people on the list, set
review = private

if you prefer to keep this information to list owner(s) only, set
review = owner(s)

The use of Review= Public is not recomended, as it opens up the potential for email addresses to be harvested and used/misused for commercial purposes


As part of our ongoing development of the JISCmail service, we have recently added an Archive Store feature. This allows list owners to delete individual messages and also entire month’s or year’s worth of messages via a simple new web interface. Previously, this required a list owner requesting this action via the helpline. For copyright protection reasons, there is no facility to edit a posting.
Spam doesn’t often get through onto properly configured lists, but there may be occasions when an out of office or erroneous message is posted and then remains visible on the archives. These can cause some embarrassment to the original poster or detract from the general quality of archived material on a list archive. Alternatively many lists have been in existence for several years and some of the older messages are now no longer relevant to the list.
In the past, you probably didn’t want to go to the effort of contacting us to arrange for message deletion, unless the message was clearly inappropriate, but now you can easily perform simple deletions and perhaps more frequent general housekeeping yourself.

archive store page

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