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JISC Regional Support Centre Eastern a ‘Super User’ of JISCmail
For a number of years now, RSC Eastern (RSCe) has been using the JISCmail facilities extensively as it helps us to communicate in a very effective and efficient manner.
Currently we have 17 different lists and in addition 9 Super lists. Super lists are lists that bring together a number of other lists into a family. By mailing the super-list each individual list receives the mailing, but prevents users getting multiple copies if they are subscribed to more than one list.
Our JISCmail lists are all accessible via our home page at via the menu item “JISCmail discussion”, named so as to encourage users that it is a two way process. The lists have been built to enable either direct communications with a group of clients such as our senior management contacts or a combined group within a super list where we target as far as possible groups which would benefit from the same information. Our newsletter, 'e-bytes' is used in a similar fashion where a fortnightly news update is provided to subscribers.
We also opted to have customised templates so that our clients continue to experience our web site layout

RSC  Eastern

throughout. Many of these lists are public in that they can be viewed by anyone, we find it helpful to control list membership by using the request membership facility. Others are private including one for RSCe team members. The RSCe team list has proved invaluable as it is so easy to look back on the archives and find that document/message circulated previously!
We also at times set up lists on a temporary basis, such as our ‘e-Fair’ planning group. For six years RSCe has facilitated an annual e-Fair and the mail list has been used to communicate between members of the planning group and using the shared file facility to communicate building plans and images of the venue. Although some of the members may well change over the years it is a simple process to review and change the membership of the list.
Other useful features of JISCmail from which we and our clients have benefitted include the use of the survey tool where we recently sought feedback on our website, e-newsletter and other communication channels. On a personal note I welcome the ‘subscribers corner’ feature where I can easily access those lists (especially the RSC Managers mail list!) I employ most heavily straight from the JISCmail home page.
There are of course many more JISCmail features and the above are those which we here at RSCe enjoy the most.
Gerard Hayes, Manager RSC Eastern

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