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Issue 9 - February 2006 | Page 1/6

1. 'eBay MEETS JISCmail'

As I cast my eyes over the newly created Public lists on JISCmail, I am drawn to one named eBay-Studies. I am continually amazed at the different subject matter discussed and heartened by the inspiration, knowledge and experience so readily shared with others within the community, as the need for innovation in communication and marketing plays an increasingly vital part in all our lives.

Rebecca Ellis from the University of Essex, the principle list owner of eBay-Studies, says that "this mailing list has been set up as the result of our ‘Cultures of eBay’ conference held at the University of Essex in August 2005. The conference was organised in relation to our ongoing ESRC project (RES-000-23-0433) called 'Virtually Second-hand,' which examines social, cultural and economic aspects of eBay, the Internet auction site. The project is due to end in February 2006. Both the conference and the mailing list were set up to help disseminate the growing body of eBay-related scholarship, including our own - as eBay-related papers tend to be scattered across different disciplines and lost within general Internet-related conferences. The very positive response to the organisation of the conference, which was the first independent academic conference on eBay in the UK, and a much needed forum for

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the discussion of eBay studies, led us to try and create a wider network in the JISCmail mailing list.”

I asked Rebecca if she was interested in others participating in this forum or if there were plans to share the results from it. Rebecca said “we are interested in attracting a large number of eBay scholars to use the list, in order to find the results of other projects, interesting eBay-related resources, and potential research and publishing collaborations. We will be disseminating links to our own results through the mailing list.”

If you are interested in joining this forum go to
and "Join the list". If you have further questions about the eBay-Studies I am sure Rebecca or her colleagues will be happy to answer them. The list owner(s) can be contacted at

If you are interested in viewing or receiving information about Public lists you can join the list ‘New-Lists’ list. See URL

Penny Windebank

Dr Rebecca Ellis
Institute for Socio-Technical Research & Innovation
University of Essex

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