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JISCmail 2004

Page 6

Tips for List Owners [cont’d]

Bulk Add

The BULK command is very useful for owners of new lists who wish to populate their list with many members in one session. It is also useful for lists that change membership quite often.  Using the bulk method is equivalent to adding your members with the option ‘quiet’, so they do not receive any notification or a welcome message, so after you have done the bulk add,  you may wish to send out a posting to the whole list or to the people you have added to let them know what you have done.   N.B. A list owner should never add any individual to their list(s) without prior consent.

To use this method of adding members, you will need to have a plain text file in the following format


e-mail2 FIRSTNAME2 LASTNAME2     etc

This file could be generated as output from the contents of an existing database or spreadsheet.

Once you have the file, go into the management page for your list and then into BULK.  Add the name of the file  using the browse provided.  You then need to decide which function to use.  The default is the first and ‘safest’ function.


Add the imported addresses to LISTNAME; do not remove any subscribers

Remove all subscribers from LISTNAME, then add the imported addresses (to remove all subscribers, select this option and omit the input file) – [This is useful for lists that change membership often]

Remove the imported addresses from LISTNAME; do not add any subscribers

Remove the imported addresses from all lists

N.B. As you can see the last option is a powerful option so take care which radio button is switched on.

Issue 5


Feb/March 2004