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PASSWORDS by Philippa Strange


Many people are often confused about passwords used by JISCmail.  There are two passwords in use:

Listserv password

This password is used to access the JISCmail web interface and you need to register this yourself via the many register password links.

When registering a password you will be asked to enter your email address. The password is stored against that email address, so if you use more than one email address at JISCmail you may need to register separate passwords for each address, however, they can be the same password.

Once you have registered a password you will be sent a confirmation email. You must click on the link contained in the email, or reply to the email with the word "OK" before your password is activated.

File area password

A list's file area ("Files Associated with the List") can be password protected. The password is set up by the JISCmail Helpline at the list owner's request and only the list owner can give you the password.

When you come across a password protected file area you will be asked for a User Name, which is always the name of the list, and the Password, as given to you by the list owner.

Some lists are participating in a trial whereby logging into the files area is done by using your email address and password as per Listserv password above.  If you are interested in this type of access please ask your list owner to contact the JISCmail helpline.

For further help on passwords please see the previous article http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/newsletter/issue2_03/index_page0003.html

















Text Box: Newcomers Corner

Favourites by Pam Delaney


On the JISCmail homepage at www.jiscmail.ac.uk you will see in the middle of the page the word FAVOURITES with a small blue box marked TIP beside it.   The facility is a very useful and easy way of accessing the main archive page of lists for list members and both the archive and list management page for list owners. If you have never used this facility the text underneath will read  “You have no favourites”

Click on TIP, add the list name to the box provided and click on either the house symbol (for archive page) or tool symbol (for list management page).  The list name will now be added to your JISCmail homepage.  If the listname has an asterisk beside it, the link is to the list management page

Picture of http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/help/web/manfavs.htm

If you wish to delete any favourites, again just press TIP and follow the instructions for deleting.

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Feb/March 2004