A very warm welcome to the fourth issue of the JISCmail newsletter, which also coincides, with the third anniversary of the JISCmail service. When I look back I can see a lot of change has taken place during that time, not least in personnel. The service has had three directors, three service managers, two technical managers, two helpline managers and nine support analysts. With just myself,  Chris Seelig and Pam Delaney (Helpline Manager) who retires next year in at the start. Every one of those staff has made a valuable contribution to the service and brought with them their particular flair and experience.

 I am reminded that those first few weeks of the service in November 2000 were tough but enjoyable at the same time.  Tough because any migration where there are seriously large numbers of customers involved is not an easy one and should never be underestimated. Enjoyable because we were seeing the fruits of our labours working and also meeting some of you for the first time. In the years that have followed the team have automated procedures for efficiencies, updated software for ease of use or added new functionality for list owner/members. We have seen new communities come to use JISCmail and are very comforted by the fact that majority of those migrated in November 2000 are still with us today. We are getting very close to hosting 5,000 lists and already have more than half a million subscriptions.


Happy Anniversary  —   JISCmail  3 years on

Issue 4





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JISCmail 2003

The helpline still take many calls each month and I am still amazed by the wonderful treatment they are afforded by you. You would be surprised by the offers that those in the helpline receive for sorting problems and giving advice!

You will find elsewhere in this newsletter an article written by Pam relaying our experiences from a Helpline perspective.  I hope you enjoy the read.

Coming up soon we will have a new facility for your use a ‘Survey/Polls’ facility and into 2004 a ‘Text Chat’ facility. More on these in News and the Feb/Mar  issue of the Newsletter. The team will also be moving to new helpdesk software. With this you will be able to track your tickets via the web should you wish to do so as well as receiving the normal notifications on submission.

We welcome any suggestions to further improve the service and recommend that you send them to the Helpline ( helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk) or forward them via your user groups who will be happy to relay your recommendations. Finally, all of the JISCmail team we would like to thank you and wish you a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and New Year. 

Penny Windebank

JISCmail Manager

A Tree for Jed

On Friday 7th November 2003 at 11:30 a gathering of colleagues and friends of Jed Brown (a former JISCmail Director) met outside R71 to attend a tree planting event in his memory. His widow Virginia and daughter Jemima (together with his dog Norbert) were present. Eric Thomas (a friend and work colleague) said a few words about Jed and recalled his 'larger than life' personality, and that the choice of the tree - Sorbus Domestica (True Service Tree) - was somewhat appropriate.




Virginia placed the last spadeful of earth around the tree and a plaque was positioned before photographs were taken. A bench had also been obtained from a Devon craftsman and Norbert decided to sit on the bench before it was put into its position. The event though short and simple was much appreciated and we were blessed by very fine weather. However, the tree is now hoping for a "wet" winter to get itself established.