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JISCmail Newsletter Issue 2/03
Text Box: Passwords

Those of you who have been using JISCmail for quite some time will be very familiar with JISCmail Passwords.  For those who are new to the service, as either a list member or a list owner, here are some useful pointers.
Please remember that as a list member who only ever uses email to post to lists and never uses the web archives, a JISCmail password is not necessary, though nowadays the vast majority of users do use the web.  As a member you will need to have a JISCmail password to both post from the web and to read the archives of private lists that you belong to.  As an owner you also need a password to manage your list(s)
Do not worry if you forget your JISCmail password, just register a new one, and likewise just register a new password if you feel someone knows your present one or you would just simply like a change.
If your email address changes, please remember that you will need to register a new JISCmail password with this new address.  It is often worthwhile to clear out your JISCmail cookies before registering a new password.  These can be found under temporary internet files  on your computer.
The first time you login with a password, unless you opt for the no cookie option, the default is to store your password as a cookie for future use.   If your browser is not set to accept cookies, you may still log in but you will be timed out after 15 minutes and will need to login again.

Registering Passwords

Via the web – Go to www.jiscmail.ac.uk and under Quick links you will see ‘Register a Password’.  Use the same method if you wish to change or you have forgotten your password.
Via email – Send the following command to listserv@jiscmail.ac.uk
Use the same command if you have forgotten or wish to change your password
There is an extra command via email that allows you to change your password; either use this or the command above


A cookie is a small piece of information stored on your computer, by your web browser, on instruction from a website.
Cookies can be used to personalise your interaction with a website. For example, if you visit a weather site, it may ask to store your location in a cookie so that it can take you straight to your local weather information every time you visit the site.
Cookies are very useful when using JISCmail, as Listserv can store your login details to save you having to login every time you use JISCmail
Most browsers are set to allow the creation of cookies, so if, when you login to JISCmail for the first time, your browser will only allow you to login without a cookie then you need to check your browser options.  The method of checking varies with each browser, but the IT people at your institution will explain to you how to do this.
Please remember that if you register a new JISCmail password with either your normal email address or with a new email address, it is worthwhile clearing out your old JISCmail cookies first.
Text Box: Newcomers corner  by Pam Delaney


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