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JISCmail Newsletter Issue 2/03
Text Box: Farewell
This can also be a useful template to say thank you or as a reminder to members leaving the list where they can find associated information; even how to re-join if they wish in the future.                  
Top & Bottom Banners
This pair of templates can be useful companions when trying to keeping your membership informed. They can be used to include useful web links to sites, perhaps the one hosting your project or institution.  They can also be used as a reminder of a particular event or important date in your memberships calendar.
Select the plain text version of a template. Which ever one, or even both, you choose is entirely up to you. You may prefer the information to be at the foot of any message posted to the list or right up there at the beginning. You may feel you have sufficient information and that using both Top & Bottom is appropriate for your list. Updating the banners is simple, just edit the form and key in the information you wish to present, just like you would in any electronic message. Save this information by selecting the ‘Update’ button. A message will appear when successful and from that

As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, we are reviewing the subject categories that are applied to each list. We would welcome input on new or missing categories or any suggestions relating to this area. Please forward your comments to For details of the current categories please see:

Text Box: How to get the most out of your list [continued]
Text Box: List Categories Reminder


JISCmail 2003

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point anyone posting to your list will automatically have the information added to it. When the information is obsolete change and update the banner template again.

Main Index
This template is the one which is the most fun and also can be the most effective when tailoring the appearance of your list. For example see the following public lists where the homepage has been tailored.

An article on the Main Index will be available in a future edition giving more detail of how this works and what can be achieved. If you would like some help in tailoring your list in the meantime please contact the Helpline who will be happy to help. 

Below is a screen shot of the Newsletter archive page which has been customised by removing the green left-hand bar, adding some background colour and useful links at the bottom.