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JISCmail Newsletter Issue 2/03

This article is intended to give you, the list owner,  whether established or a new, a few ideas that you may not have considered in relation to your list(s).

Do you have the right type of list?
You may have taken over ownership of an existing list or requested a new one, but it may not be fulfilling the needs of the list membership. JISCmail lists are flexible and the settings that control how the list operates can be changed easily by the list owner or through the helpline.  The majority of lists whether they are Private or Public fall under one of the following categories:

One way announcement list
Used commonly for project, conference, meeting, research, newsletter, teaching or training announcements, where the membership will only receive information.  The membership would not expect to be able to communicate with one another.  An announcement list is an ideal medium to use with so many of us able to pickup our e-mail whilst traveling or working at different locations.

Two way discussion list
Enable the membership to freely interact with one another. Often these lists are project, regional (national), or subject related  and enable specialists in a particular area who may not be working in the same institution, to exchange ideas, develop new processes and materials.

3/ Multi lists
These are usually known as Super lists. When sending a message to a super list your message will be distributed to the number of sub-lists that will have been defined within the super list. It may


Issue 2




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Interview with Spencer Warhurst
How to get the most out of your list: bulk add and files area
Newcomers corner: netiquette do’s and don’ts
JISCmail Anniversary: 2 years on

Welcome to the second issue of the JISCmail Newsletter. I hope that last months issue proved useful to many of you.  If you are a list owner may I remind you to spread the word about this newsletter amongst your subscribers please, if you’re not a list owner please still spread the word!

Don’t forget feedback, suggestions and contributions are welcome via the email address:


Philippa Strange
Newsletter Editor

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be that one of these sub-lists is itself a super list. All lists contain the individuals e-mail addresses and their name or the name of another list or even a combination of both. More information relating to super lists can be found in this newsletter, click here.

Consider: If your list is very busy and is used both for discussion and announcement then it  might be worth considering whether it would be beneficial to split your list into two. This might enable the discussion to continue at a pace, but ensure that important announcements do not get lost in those discussions.

Utilising templates
Using the template management  area of your list may save you valuable time as a list owner. For example the following templates may be useful for holding information that will reduce the number of questions you may receive.

Using the list management template named ‘Welcome’, which is normally the first template in the list you can add useful information such as the purpose of your list, a list charter or just how members might leave the list or even temporarily suspend their mail from it.   [continued page 2]