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Networked Learning

This list is used to facilitate communication within the special interest group for bariatric psychologists and psychiatrist, in order promote the development of national clinical guidelines and facilitate research in this area as well as publicise important publications, projects and developments in the field.

Built Environment E-Learning Network. For academics, researchers and technologists in the area of the e-learning in the built environment, including areas such as mobile learning, ubiquitous learning, ambient learning, future learning spaces, virtual learning environments, open learning environments, pedagogy, e-Assessment, e-skills, e-CPD, learning standards, etc.

A list to promote discussion amongst Blackboard/Courseinfo users in Universities, Colleges and Schools in the UK.

This list brings together administrators at user institutions of the BoB National online shared service. It is a space for discussion and development ideas. For more information see http://bobnational.net

This list is used to facilitate the communication between D2L Brightspace Virtual Learning Environment users in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

This list will be used to share best practice and discuss challenges in increasing female participation in sport at university. BUCS will share insight and guidance from national partners and Sport England where relevent via this list. <HTML> http://www.bucs.org.uk/women </HTML>

This list will be used to share best practice and discuss challenges in supporting workforce development in sport at university. BUCS will share insight and guidance from national partners and Sports Coach UK where relevant via this list.

Mailing list to support the usergroup for staff using the Learning Objects CampusPack collaboration tools. Please be aware that this list was set up to support UK educational institutions, and although we welcome contributions from global users, some discussions may be UK-centric.

The catalyst list is for people for the HEI's who received funding from RCUK for the public engagement with research Catalysts funding call. This new funding is intended to act as a catalyst for culture change within HEIs to help them embed public engagement with research within their policies, procedures and practices.

This lists connects postgraduate, early career, and established researchers from across schools and departments at the University of Edinburgh, as well as with interested local government and voluntary organisations. The broad point of connection is an interest in the study of children and young people's lives.

To be used by CoLRiC members as a forum for exchanging information and advice and by CoLRiC to inform members of CoLRiC news, publications and events

Discussion group for psychologists associated with the clinical work and research of the Conatus child psychology practice; opportunities for members to exchange ideas, expertise and opinion concerning current topics in child psychology

A list for critical discussion at the intersection of pervasive digital technology, informal and community learning and development/empowerment/inclusion, working across communities, countries, cultures and contexts looking at research methods, told, ethics and theories

An e-mail group to support the RSC London data forum meetings. The intention of these meetings is to develop a strategic approach to the management of data in post 16 education providers by sharing good practice and evaluating theoretical data management models. The group is open to education staff across the UK.

This list aims to faciliate interconnections and mutual learning between research offices, researchers and funders in higher education in the UK and globally to improve research development practices informed by a decolonial awareness.

Discussion and support regarding the use of digital audio as a single medium including podcasting to support learning, teaching and assessment.

This list is used by those interested in e-learning activity across Wales. Its focus is both pedagogic and technical.

Smaller institutions Group in Scotland.

The Early Career Researcher Autism Network (ECRAN) is an international professional development network. ECRAN supports early career researchers, clinicians, industry and members of the autism community in autism research. ECRAN aims to promote change in autism research culture and practice by training the next generation of autism researchers in collaboration with the autism community.

A mailing list for scientists and educators interested in sharing ideas and thoughts on educational and citizen seismology

For the study of distributed, open, and distance education in Asian countries

This list is an area for e-learning specialists working in Conservatoires and other specialist arts institutions. It is for discussion of any issues around supporting and #implementing learning technologies to support teaching in music and the arts.

The e-learning research list aims to provide a forum for discussion of issues relating to e-learning research.

This list has been set up to support the ALT East Midlands Learning Technologists' Group who aim to foster communication, community and collaboration between learning technologists working across the education sector.

EMP Cymru (Wales Emerging Museum Professionals Group) is a community of new and emerging museum and heritage professionals. We are a welcoming and active network that supports knowledge exchange, skills building and resource sharing. Everyone is welcome whether you are still studying heritage, waiting for your first position in a museum or are currently working or volunteering in the sector. We strive to represent the diverse roles within the museum sector and celebrate the achievements of the community and its individual members.

A place where those with an interest in endometriosis can share information on the subject.

This list aims to connect individuals and groups who are involved in or interested in engaging with research in environment and geosciences or are involved in public engagement and outreach activity in these fields.

A platform for discussion, dissemination of best practice and training in relationship to emergency planning in museums, libraries and archives in Wales

This list is designed to support action research in the development of tools to evalauate learning in online virtual environments.

This list is used to update all Jisc members in the further education and skills sector of any changes or potential changes to digital content provision. The group is also used as a forum for sharing good practice between members.

The Future Teacher 3.0 project is an Erasmus+ funded project to provide free staff training, capacity building, resources and support for anyone in interested in improving their teaching and learning and using, developing and sharing effective ways of inspiring, supporting and engaging learners with and without digital technologies.

In light of the specific Sector Agreement negotiated by Janet, this list is for the community to discuss Google Apps for Education and share experiences. Membership of this list includes the UK research and education community and persons from Google.

A list concerned with the digitisation of historical material whether as an image or an OCR'd document. This list aims to bring together experts in the field of digitising historical material and academics who have projects in mind.

Technical Forum List for the ARCHER National HPC Service. Aims to allow ARCHER Users, Service Providers, and other interested partners discuss technical issues around using HPC in the UK. Will not be used for general announcements, only for technical discussion and details of ARCHER Technical Forum Meetings.

An open jiscmail list for the International Alliance of Research Library Associations. This list will be used to update the international research library community, and its stakeholders, of the ongoing work of IARLA and its forthcoming initiatives.

This list is for an interdisciplinary research network on International Law and Policy in Africa. The network is made up of a group of scholars and practitioners in this area. The list provides opportunities to share information, knowledge and research, debate issues, make announcements, arrange workshops, and enhance research collaboration.

The list is for educators and educational researchers interested in developing inclusive gifted and talented educational theory and practice.

List managed by Jisc for those subscribing to Jisc's Transnational education licensing service - Licensing for users based at campuses and partner sites abroad.

LDTalk is a Learning Development student email discussion list for HE study support. Join us to: share learning resources; get to grips with referencing; think critically; write clearly; exchange feedback; develop proofreading skills; bounce ideas; compare notes; build knowledge; discuss good practice; reflect on study experiences; understand expectations; check regulations; give and receive support; learn socially and actively. Email us and tell us what you study and how. What works for you?

This list is used by members of the Learning from Film, TV and new media Network for annoucements and notifictaion of relevant events

Learning Systems Wales is a closed mailing list in support of the Learning Systems Wales HEWIT subgroup, in support and discussion of Higher Education Learning Systems in Wales.

The Forum is for institutions in and around the London area using Blackboard as their Virtual Learning Environment to 'bring together high quality expertise from different disciplines to share good practice, develop ideas and address staff training and implementation strategies'.

VLE users group for the Midlands

To discuss issues and best practice relating to the use of the Echo 360 lecture recording system (see http://www.Echo360.com) in HEIs within the London M25 area.

This list is used by members of Manchester Metropolitan's Women's Network to support women in their careers. It is a space for professional networking, proposing collaborative work, and offering mutual professional and personal development support.

A debate covering educational and technical issues. How can mathematical assessment packages contribute to deep understanding? Which question types best test which mathematical skills? Can test editors be designed to construct questions suitable for diagnostic, continuous and grading assessment?

This list is for researchers and others who are interested in learning about and advancing the meta-ethnography qualitative synthesis approach. We would like to create a network for knowledge exchange and debate with the aim of raising the quality of published meta-ethnographies.

Workshops designed to guide on evaluation and research techniques, become more effective at gathering and getting the most out of data. Group is aimed at helping to provide resources and support to enable better quality evaluation and research to improve services and practices

In light of the specific Sector Agreement negotiated by Janet, this list is for the community to discuss Microsoft Office 365 and share experiences. Membership of this list includes the UK research and education community and persons from Microsoft. This is a sub-list of OFFICE365-MANAGERS.

A list to discuss the implementation and use of the open source Moodle VLE in Higher Education in the UK, including integration with other insitituional systems

A national list for Moodle users to ask questions, share ideas and experiences relating to the technical aspects of the installing, the maintaining and the administration of Moodle.

This list is for anyone passionate about Higher Education Institutions public engagement, and is to facilitate sharing of information and discussion.

Members from across the UK will use JISCMail to discuss clinical trials ideas in cancer research (in a supportive & palliative care setting)and develop them. The Group will respond to research calls from various institutions such as Marie Curie.

To share experience, notify of events/training opportunities, post questions, encourage networking locally and regionally, share good practice, request information, and facilitate research. The group is aimed at all those interested in the broad access and learning agenda across museums, libraries and archives (of all types) in North East England.

The Networked Learning in Higher Education list is run by the Networked Learning in Higher Education team at Lancaster University's Centre for Studies in Advanced Learning Technology (CSALT). The list covers networked learning, online learning, eLearning, web-based learning, etc.

A communications platform to enable best practice and information sharing, and national networking among Clinical Research Nurses

This list is an email list to support the NIRAN Board in the development of the Northarn Ireland Regional Area Network [NIRAN], which is part of the wider JANET network, supporting JANET and Internet connectivity to the NI HE and FE sector.

This is the group list for the North-West OER Network, a group to support staff in sharing, developing and promoting OER in North-West England.

This list is used to exchange information about issues relating to the governance, implementation and management of the Office 365 collaboration suite in the United Kingdom Higher and Further Education community. Please note that commercial entities may be subscribed to this list. They are requested to behave responsibly, and not to treat the list as a means of generating leads, making sales pitches etc. The list owners reserve the right to remove anyone not abiding by this request. This is a super-list of MICROSOFT-365.

This is a Special Interest Group around Creative Engagement and Consultation. The list aims at exploring how design universities and local governments can work together to carry out local engagement in more creative and possibly more inclusive ways by using participatory design approach; and fostering opportunities for collaboration between local government and higher education design institutions. The list is specially aimed at local government officers and design academics interested or active in new opportunities for collaborative learning and societal impact join the mailing list now and do not miss the opportunity for further collaboration.

An open discussion and support list for e-Portfolio and PDP UK Network members run by The Centre for Recording Achievement.

To discuss issues relating to the PebblePad ePortfolio system.

The plus-announce mailing list is used to inform readers of new issues of the on-line magazine Plus and to alert them to related events. Plus a published bimonthly at http://plus.maths.org/.

This list is designed to foster a network for researchers and practitioners working with podcasting in any subject area within higher learning institutions. Links with the industry are also desirable since commercial applications of podcasting are currently more prevalent than academic ones.

This practitioner-researcher e-forum is to establish and evolve interconnecting and branching networks of web-based communications to support practitioner-research.

To coordinate the higher education community training and public service interpreters and translators and encourage stakeholders to participate and share issues and information.

The Research Impact Engagement and Support Network brings together research management working on research impact across the UK.

This list is for the committee of the Research Information and Digital Literacies Coalition (RIDLs) which aims to bring together organisations to promote the value of information and research data literacy for academic researchers; and to enable activities which help to advance this knowledge and skills.

This list is open to Blackboard users in further and higher education institutions, especially those from Scotland and Northern Ireland.

This list is for all flexible learning centre managers in Scotland's 47 FE Colleges and the agencies who support them.

This mailing list is for Staff Development Officers in Scotland's Colleges and the agencies who support them.

A group for those with responsibility for managing the technical side of the College's JISC connection and the internal ICT College network.

The group provides a focus for a Scottish eAssessment connection, which brings together people from across the community and allows the identification of collaboration opportunities. It provides an informal platform for presenting and sharing current or upcoming work, and receiving and contributing feedback.

A place where HE/FE Institutions can come to together and share their ideas, resources and experiences of peer learning and support across Scotland

This list supports the work of the SDN by providing a discussion forum for people with interests in sustainable design.


This mailing list has been created to facilitate the sharing of information among Scottish institutions who are using the Moodle learning platform. There are no restrictions on joining the list, i.e. you don't have to be a member of an educational institution - though we do ask that you don't post any 'direct sales' messages.

For people using social networking to enrich the student experience

The list will be a forum for discussion of the practical possibilities which social media affords for all aspects of academic life: with a particular focus on teaching, research and public engagement.

The National Higher Education Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (HE STEM) programme aims to improve outreach and widening participation across the sector. This STEM-Outreach-SW network is particularly for practitioners in the South West of England who work in the education sector (primary, secondary and tertiary) and who share a common interest in outreach and widening participation. There is a particular focus on sharing practice to help raise the profile and quality of outreach and widening participation activities.

A list for students' associations joining Europlat as associate partners.

The social-work-ltsn-elearning mailing list is used for the discussion of building capacity in e-learning.

Discussions on Teacherworld will focus on current issues in the field of race, ethniciry and diversity and inclusion and how these impact upon education. It welcomes contributions from teachers, trainees and others interested in sharing good practice in this area and promoting diversity.

This list is intended to support the work of the Metadata for Education Group (MEG), which seeks common approaches to the description and exchange of educational content across all levels of the UK's educational system. See http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/metadata/education/ for more information.

A list for Teaching Fellow, or those in academic teaching focused roles

This list has been retained 30/07/20 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list The video mailing list is for the discussion of the delivery, integration and use, of video content in education primarily via the JANET network. It is aimed at all of those interested in using videoconferencing and video streaming in online teaching and learning.

This list is devoted to Internet-based internationalisation of curriculum at Higher Education institutions, which is often known as "virtual mobility". The list is aimed at educators, researchers, academic developers, learning technologists, policy-makers and anyone interested in using online technologies in order to facilitate students' access to international experience opportunities and intercultural development.

There is a lot of interest in the use of virtual worlds for teaching and learning. This list is to encourage discussion of developments in the use of virtual worlds in education.

An open list discussing the development and use of VLEs in every sector of education in the UK

The list is aimed at providing a forum in which practice can be shared between language and related studies practitioners in Higher Education who are using Virtual Learning Environments

WebPA is an open source online peer assessment tool that enables every team member to recognise individual contributions to group work. This list is for users or developers who wish to join the WebPA community. For details of WebPA see: http://www.webpaproject.com/

The wvn-users mailing list is used for discussion related to the use of Video Conferencing studios and other video conferencing facilities in all Further Education and Higher Education Institutions throughout Wales. See http://www.wvn.ac.uk

A network for people that work with young people in a museum or gallery setting.


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