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Media & Publishing

A list linked to discussions of research discussions in creative writing as relates to research council considerations around AHRC Creative Writing research training project (2005-2007)

A focused email list for holders of awards in the AHRC's Digital Transformations programme, so that we can share information.

The Africa-UK Journalism Education Exchange Network is an initiative to improve the quality of journalism education in Africa and the UK, and to boost international university links. As part of the effort to increase the capacity of media trainers and journalism education institutions, UNESCO, through its International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC), is funding the launch of this network. This initiative is the result of cooperation between the UK National Commission for UNESCO, the University of Bedfordshire in Luton, the Association for Journalism Educators (AJE) and the Polytechnic of Namibia. After a successful conference in Luton in April 2012, this list was created to further deepen the links and collaboration initiated by the conference, and to form the locus of a range of further opportunities. Membership is open to journalism educators in Africa and the UK, and interested other parties.

Assemblage is an internationally recognised, peer-reviewed journal of archaeology, ISSN 1365-3881. assemblage is a volunteer-run publication, produced by postgraduates within the Department of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield.

This list is for those who are working on or who are interested in any aspect of BBC history, to keep members in touch with each other,with current work and to publicise events.

The aim of this group is to encourage the advancement of research and theory around bisexuality including networking, collaborative research and sharing resources.

This list supports the activities and goals of the Book History Postgraduate Student Network. It aims to facilitate discussion and research in all areas and periods of book history and to encourage the growth of an interdisciplinary community of book historians in the early stages of their careers.

Cardiff University Interdisciplinary Film Studies and Visual Cultural Research.

Children-Media-UK aims to provide a space in which academics, regulators and those working in the media industries can engage in critical debate about children and all forms of media (e.g. TV, video, film, computers, etc).

This mailing list offers research news, updates and content about the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries at King's College London benefitting researcher in this subject areas in UK and internationally

A listserv for scholars working in the arts and humanities who have research interests in copyright and its history

A list for creative writers and researchers in creative writing in universities and colleges, considering ideas and issues, and developing links bewteen excellence in creative writing practice in universities and the quality of the writing arts, publishing and literary culture beyond.

The list aims to bring together discussion and research about the impact of Covid-19 on creative disciplines in higher education.

Creative Industries is a forum for debate and discussion of research and knowledge transfer issues and ideas concerned with the creative industries.

To share knowledge and good practice and post opportunities for those teaching on creative writing degrees

A list for those interested in events, activities and research related to critical infrastructure studies.

Following the David Mitchell Conference 2017, this list has been set up in order for researchers to share their ideas and work in progress, circulate new publications and news, and to help foster new collaborations and connections across the research community.

This is a list that hopes to initiate a lively dialogue on diasporas and their involvement in media cultures. This list aims at attracting mainly academic scholars doing research on minorities, diaspora and the media, as well as minority and NGO representatives, who are active in the field. This is an open-access list.

This list is used as a discussion forum by the project team, research participants and network members of the AHRC-funded project: Creation and Publication of the 'Digital Manual': Authority, Authorship and Voice". The online discussions will add to the #contextualisation and dissemination of the project themes.

This list facilitates the discussion of research and scholarly activity in the field of digital comic studies.

This list is for researchers working in digital health to share stories about their work, find collaboration, and hear about new developments.

Discussion list of the Diaspora, Migration and the Media section of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA)

List for network members and associates of the DRIVE project led by Bournemouth, CUEA and CHUKA universities.

Email list for researchers assessing the European Capital of Culture

Bringing scholars and industry together. The main functions of this email list are to foster collaboration, share news, develop esports as a scientific discipline, and develop conversations around the subject of esports. The list is supported by the University of Salford, Manchester. Follow @EsportInsight http://esportinsight.net

EVA London conference - Electronic Visualisation & the Arts. This list is for announcements and discussion among conference delegates.

This list is intended to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information between researchers interested in the French broadcasting media.

The Glasgow AudioVisual Network brings together a diverse range of researchers and practitioners who are all interested in the operation of sound within screen media from music and sound in film and television, through new media and audio-visual composition, to contemporary theatrical and artistic work that makes use of sound and moving image.

A list for discussion, resources, and scholarship on investigating language, identity and social practices in old and new media.

This list is hosted by the International Association for Media and History (IAMHIST), for announcements and discussion on the broad topic of media history, and to circulate information of interest to group members (e.g. projects, reviews, call for papers, publications, etc).

This List is used by those participating in the Computing Theme Team of the Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied CETL. Sub-list of ideacetl

This List is used by those participating in the Media Theme Team of the Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied CETL. Sub-list of ideacetl

Information law and policy research and practice: discussion and announcements. This list communicates and support the work of scholars and practitioners specialising in information law and policy, including legal topics such as data protection, freedom of information, defamation, intellectual property and misuse of private information. Broader themes of interest include access to information and digital information sharing and communication. This mailing list is unmoderated and content reflects the views of those who post to the list and not of any organisation. The archives are available to view online by registered members of the list. Any messages posted to the list are subject to the JISCMail acceptable use policy, which states that users should avoid engaging in unreasonable behaviour, or disrupting the general flow of discussion on a list.

A forum for discussion on any matter relating to journalism research. The aim is encourage new research networks, to support the exchange of ideas between journalism researchers, and to encourage growth in a discipline through linkages between journalism researchers who are also practitioners.

This list is used by members of the Learning from Film, TV and new media Network for annoucements and notifictaion of relevant events

This list carries announcements of UK calls for conference papers, conferences and other events (meetings, conferences, seminars etc) in English literature, language, linguistics and cultural studies. Please note that it does not carry announcements about publications. It is administered by the Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London.

The purpose of the list is to allow persons involved in the academic reviews of research literature to share information and findings

Discussion of the techniques for mapping and visualising Internet infrastructure, traffic flows, user demographics, web information structures and online social interaction. Also consideration of the wider issues of usability, asethetics, and meaning of the maps.

For discussion of aspects of academic research & teaching within Media, Communication, Film, Television & Cultural Studies. Designed to support HE lecturers & researchers within the Media Communication and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA) Members' interests include practice & theory.

Bring together postgraduate students in Media, Communication, Film and Cultural Studies to form research, and teaching and learning networks and also ensure peer support.

The aim of the MeCCSA (Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association) Policy Network is to exchange ideas and research findings, but also to join with civil society in their debates with the regulators, the broadcasters and the Government.

The MeCCSA Practice Network champions practice within the Media Communications and Cultural Studies Association, and supports events at which media practice is presented, particularly those in which the contexts of practice research, practice pedagogy and professional practice are foregrounded.

The list is run by the Women's Media Studies Network which is a subsidiary of the Media, Communications and Cultural Studies Association. It fosters collaborative research in HE and hosts seminars and symposia and networking opportunities for women media researchers, teachers, practitioners and professionals. It welcomes postgraduate researchers and helps promote events which will be of interest to all of these constituencies.

This list aims to discuss problems surrounding the assessment of group working in media production, especially where students work collaboratively on projects or artefacts.

MEDIA-WATCH is for information & discussion on bias and misinformation in the media. This list circulates information about the media and encourages its members to write to complain or to praise the mainstream media.

The list can be used to make announcements to the multimodal research community and to discuss relevant issues.

The list will serve to exchange news of bibliographical adventures, possible meetings, useful contacts and arrangements for exchange visits.

This list is used by the North-Eastern Regional Film Seminar to organise its meetings and to extend discussion outside the meetings.

A discussion list for those researching vernacular Anglo-American cheap print song and music materials

This list is used by the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing to make announcements to its members about forthcoming events, study opportunities, research initiatives and online activities.

This list is used by UK OJS (Open Journal Systems) users (or potential users) to share experiences and knowledge about supporting Open Access journal publishing in Higher Education.

A list for research on Organised Persuasive Communication, including propaganda, public relations, information warfare, psyops, marketing, lobbying and other promotional activities.

A mailing list for academics interested in Olympic Studies, managed by Professor Andy Miah, University of Salford / @andymiah We have been operating for 20 years and host over 100 members worldwide. Postings cover a range of issues related to the Olympic Games, including notifications of research meetings, along with inquiries about Olympic history. Our membership includes employees of Olympic Games organizing committees, scholars and a range of people whose work relates to the Olympic programme. We discuss everything about the Olympic programme other than sport, but it does come up from time to time.

The PARIP mailing list is used for the discussion of scholarly and creative issues raised by practice as research in the disciplinary fields of performance: theatre, dance, film, video and television.

This list provides a means of communication between the individuals representing those organisations that constitute Partnerships in English in the periods between meetings.

A multi-disciplinary discussion of podcasting for reserachers in education, media, radio and subjects where podcasting is a subject of study.

Support,discussion, debate and networking for those involved in post 16 provision of Media and Film Studies. Encouraging the development of widening participation initiatives in FE/HE and sharing of teaching and learning strategies.

News, announcements and discussions about historical colour printing. Part of the Printing Colour Project: writing colour into the history of printing in the west 1400-1920, www.printingcolourproject.com.

This email services a network concerned with developments in surveillance and its multifaceted impacts.

To discuss access to public information as part of the process of gaining economic & social advantage from info, publishing & the media. Keywords: Regulatory Framework; Universal Access; Education; Health Care; Environmental Benefits; Electronic Publishing & Archiving; Encryption & Verification

A group convened through the British and Irish Association for Practical Theology (www.biapt.org.uk), which brings together academics, research students and researching professionals in the field of pastoral care, practical theology and Christian social ethics. This group aims to facilitate networking amongst BIAPT members interested in developing issues in public theology, or the interaction between faith traditions and social policy, political economy and civil society.

This list is a forum for discussion of issues around the development of publishing studies as a discipline in the UK and internationally, and for the dissemination of news about forthcoming events, funding opportunities and publications in this field of study. Included within this topic are publishing culture generally, book, serials and publishing history; economic, political and social issues associated with the development, sale and dissemination of intellectual property; design, typography and production of print and electronic media; audience and reception studies, among others.

Discussion list for the Radical Open Access community

Radio Studies is a forum for teachers, researchers and broadcasters. Radio is a neglected medium - the list invites discussion on research, policy, programme making, teaching, broadcasting, audiences, access to archives, publishing, and raising the profile and status of radio.

This list is intended for those interested in research into religion and popular music.

A network for social media managers at the Russell Group universities. This list is used to talk about social media best practice, ask questions and announce meetings/events for the network.

The list is intended to support academic research and practice in film, media and the visual arts in the North-East of England, and to serve as part of Newcastle University's contribution to research in these areas.

A forum for discussion on any matter relating to science journalism research and teaching. Aims: to encourage new research networks and the exchange of ideas regarding science journalism research, teaching practice and skills development.

This is a research community for science communication, public engagement, and resarch impact activity in Greater Manchester. It's a place to share, collaborate, and connect.

A network supporting academics and reflective practitioners in this emerging research area.

A forum for discussing the subject of audiovisual Shakespeare, with particular reference to the BUFVC's research project: 'An International Database of Shakespeare on Film, Television and Radio'.

This is the official email list for the Scottish Media and Communication Association.

This list is for interdisciplinary academic discussion in the social sciences and humanities on war, terror and security in relation to wider society in the UK, the EU, and on a global scale.

AHRC Research Network aiming to bring together academics, educators, and industry professionals to explore, from both theoretical and practical perspectives, the teaching and research potential of this emerging form of film distribution.

A discussion and information list for people working in UK higher education with a specific interest in improving communication and engagement with current students (as opposed to marketing and communication to prospective students).

A community for SU Designers who want to share creative ideas, get input, enhance marketing material and network

A network for Animation PGR students studying in the UK. Includes practice-based and theory-based researchers.

This list circulates information regarding scholarly activity around comics, manga and graphic novels across a number of disciplines and institutions in the UK.

This list aims to bring creative leaders of graphic design services at UK universities together to encourage creative collaboration, knowledge sharing and creative support.

A contact and discussion list for practitioners who teach Screenwriting at university level - London area group

This list is used to collate news and events relevant to those working in the university press and publishing sector.

A mailing list for public engagement work related to nanotechnology.

Email list for research and PhD community of the UWS School of Creative and Cultural Industries.

A network of researchers, lawyers, practitioners, and all persons with professional and/or academic interest in furtherance of anti corruption laws

The impact of digital technologies upon writing and lived experience