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This list is to provide information, announcements and the opportunity to comment on aspects of the Accessibility Report

This list is used by the project members of the JISC Managing Research Data project Advanced Climate Research Infrastructure for Data (ACRID) to discuss and exchange ideas and documents.

This list co-ordinates the activities of those making, using, archiving and preserving digital objects created during the 2012 Olympiad

This list is used by members of AX-SNet to share information and research on archive users and access.

This is for communication between members of the 'Bedern Group' concerned with harmonising practice and exchange between UK cultural heritage focused digital archives.

A list to discuss and share information, resources and training opportunities for library staff who catalogue or use metadata and who are based in Wales.

For members of the HE/FE community who wish to discuss issues relating to metadata for learning resources

The collection-description mailing list was used to exchange information related to the description of collections of resources. The list supported the work of the UK Collection Description Focus in developing consensus in order to ensure consistency and compatibility of approaches across projects and domains. The list was active from 2001 to 2006. The list is now closed.

This list is a discussion list for those who are interested in Data Linkage in all its forms.

CORES provides a forum on shared metadata vocabularies. CORES is an EC FP5 project to encourage the sharing of metadata semantics. By building consensus on the ground-rules for declaring standard definitions of terms, as well as local usage and adaptations, the project hopes to enable the diversity of existing standards to "play together" in an integrated, machine-understandable Semantic Web environment. This list is intended as a general discussion forum for interested parties.

The list is for discussion between members of the project team for the Discovery to Delivery JISC funded project.

Community discussion, planning and management for

This list is used to make announcements and promote discussion to Higher Education and the international research community about research data publication. Topics include technical and scientific peer review, trusted repository accreditation and the challenges for researchers, institutions, funders and publishers.

The DCMI Accessibility Community is a forum for individuals and organizations involved in implementing Dublin Core in a context of accessibility, with the objective to enhance interoperability of accessible resources through the use of Dublin Core metadata.

Electronic discussion list to support the efforts of the Agent working group in exploring issues directly related to the three Dublin Core elements; Creator, Contributor and Publisher.

A list to support work on the Dublin Core Collection Description Application Profile

The DCMI Global Corporate Circle is a forum for individuals and organizations interested in implementing Dublin Core metadata in the corporate domain.

This list supports the work of DCMI's (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative) Working Group examining the Date element.

Electronic discussion list to support the efforts of the international Dublin Core effort's Educational metadata working group in exploring issues directly related to deployment of Dublin Core for the description of educational materials.

This list supports discussion of deploying Dublin Core metadata in environmental applications.

The broadest of mailing lists for the international Dublin Core community. Unlike other lists, which relate to the tasks of specific Task Groups or DCMI Communities, this list is for announcements of general interest relevant to the development, deployment, and use of metadata.

A Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) forum to discuss identifiers

This list will support a collaborative activity between the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative and the IEEE LTSC to develop a new recommendation for using IEEE LOM in Dublin Core metadata. Sublist of DC-EDUCATION

This list supports the efforts of the DCMI Localization and Internationalization group exploring issues directly related to deployment of Dublin Core metadata in multiple languages.

A list to support the work of the DCMI Kernel Group

A list for developing the Dublin Core Kernel Application Profile

A forum to support the work of the Dublin Core Knowledge Management Community

A mailing list for the DCMI Libraries group focussing on issues from the library sector.

This list is intended to progress work on the development of an Application Profile scoping use of the Dublin Core Element Set within the library domain

List to support discussion on components of current and emerging library, publishing, and related bibliographic metadata standards as RDF vocabularies for use in developing Dublin Core application profiles and semantic mappings.

The DCMI Registry Community is a forum for service providers and developers of both metadata schema registries and controlled vocabulary registries to exchange information and experience.

A forum to discuss the use of Dublin Core to describe scholarly communications

List to support discussion on issues related to standarization of DCMI specifications

This list supports discussion of building and using software tools related to the Dublin Core.

This list will be used by the development team of the Digital Curation Centre

List used by eCrystals Federation core partners to manage the project

Discussion around the Eprints REF plugin

Support Lattice Field Theory research and collaboration in Europe

This listserv is for the semi-annual user group meetings of the Fedora Commons Repository software in the European Union. This list is primarily for announcing meetings and is not intended for technical queries.

The Forum for Information Standards in Heritage promotes the discussion, dissemination and use of standards and terminology resources across the academic and professional heritage communities

This group acts as an advisory panel to the Forum on Information Standards in Heritage, providing expertise in the implications for system development of emerging information standards.

This list is for announcements about and discussion of the Great Britain Historical GIS as a developing historical resource. The main emphasis is on the system's contents and how best to make this available to a wide range of users through the Vision of Britain web site.

A discussion list for the UK Data Archive's thesaurus products (the Humanities and Social Science Electronic Thesaurus/European Language Social Science Thesaurus).

Hyphen-Society is committed to the promotion of an understanding of the role of the smallest, atomic, units of meaning in computer based information systems, and the damage caused by failure in this.

Institutional Repository Managers Scotland group aims to share good practice and explore solutions to technical challenges pertaining to the institutional repository.

This is a general discussion forum for Irish studies with an initial focus on the Queen's University Belfast and JSTOR digitization project which will deliver 100 full text journals, 205 full text monographs and 2,500 manuscript images with detailed metadata. The resource will be free in the UK and Ireland. It is anticipated that list members will engage in discussion on the development of further research resources relating to Ireland.

This list is intended for discussion of issues affecting digital rights management (DRM) in the UK HE and FE communities. This encompasses all aspects of DRM including recognition, assertion, expression, dissemination, exposure and enforcement of rights.

Discussion forum for project members working with metadata (descriptive, structural or preservation) and associated standards. Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to: metadata production, procedures, tools and programming, evaluation et cetera.

This list is retained 02/04/2014. Subscribers cannot post messages, new subscribers cannot be added, but the archives are retained for reference purposes This list is used by the Working Group and Team of the JISC-CETIS Pedagogical Vocabularies Project for communications, discussion and sharing of resources.

Mailing list for KB+, the UK shared academic knowledge base

This list is used by the Kit-Catalogue project to communicate with its community of users, contributors and developers around the UK.

A discussion list for Hebraica cataloguers about the implementation of the new cataloguing standard Resource Description and Access (RDA). #Discussion is facilitated by the UK Hebraica Libraries Group.

Please send any questions and information about current practice in writing guidelines for LOM cataloguing, in the interpretation of these guidelines, and other issues facing metadata creators. Technical queries about the LOM or other educational metadata issues should be sent to the list. This list was retain on 14/05/2013

A forum for the discussion, promotion and development of online manuscript research among the professionals, researchers and students collaborating in the field.

The Midas Heritage list invites professionals from the heritage sector to participate in defining content for the second edition of MIDAS Heritage the UK Historic Environment Information Standard, a project managed by English Heritage on behalf of FISH. To view the online version of the first edition of MIDAS please visit:

The list serves cross-programme collaboration between projects in two JISC programmes: Digital Repositories, and Supporting Digital Preservation and Asset Management in Institutions.

A list for projects working towards the JISC and RLUK Resource Discovery Taskforce vision

The Information and Records Management Society (IRMS) mailing list is used to share RM knowledge and expertise among IRMS Members and friends, alert list members to training and job opportunities and to promote the activities of the IRMS in both the UK and internationally.

The list is intended to serve as a forum for discussion on issues faced by all within the UK research community as a result of the introduction of the REF. Members are encouraged to share technical queries and solutions for collecting bibliographic, bibliometric and other data for the REF.

This list is used by member to the RLLOMAP cataloguing community to discuss cataloguing issues.

An internal mailing list for the partners in the SAILS linked data project

Bi-monthly list for dissemination of SCA Newsletter. Featuring updates on the work of the SCA, an alliance between JISC, the BBC, the British Library, Becta, Museums, Libraries and Archives, the National e-Science Centre and the NHS working to produce a UK e-Content Framework in Spring 2009.

Developers interested in developing an SRM (Storage resource management) interface for SRB (storage resource broker), and related issues of SRB-other Grid interoperation. This list has been retained - 29/11/13. The archives have been locked for viewing only. No new messages may be posted and the list will not accept new subscribers

The Steeple projects are JISC funded UK Higher Education community projects. It seeks to investigate, develop, and document sustainable institutional infrastructure to support #university wide educational audio/video processing and podcasting.

News list for the Survey Resources Network (SRN), promoting workshops, seminars, training opportunities, resources, publications, services etc. The SRN is a new service funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to co-ordinate and develop ESRC activities related to survey research methods.

The Software Ontology for Resource Description (SWORD) project is a short, six month, project to start the development of a software ontology. This will enable descriptions to be made of software artefacts used in the creation, management and analysis of data. Such descriptions are an important part of digital preservation as knowing what software have been used with data enables quality assurance, re-creation, repetition and judgments to be made about the data in hand.

A list for researchers and practitioners engaged in the development of corporate taxonomies.

UDC-FORUM is a public list for those who are using Universal Decimal Classification or doing research and developement based on this system. It is an open list to discuss practical UDC questions regardless of the field of its application: libraries, museum, archives, Internet gateways or metadata.