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Public Libraries

Discussion and announcements from CILIP in the Thames Valley, which holds regular meetings, visits and networking opportunities for members of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire areas.

The Fusion programme is aimed at increasing access to cultural participation for people experiencing disadvantage in Wales. This list will enable greater communication between them allowing best practice to be shared. Subscribers will include museum and arts learning professionals.

This list is for library and information professionals in all sectors who are interested in issues of diversity and equality as they pertain to questions of race, gender, disability, sexuality, etc. The emphasis is on unity within diversity and so people of all races are welcome to become involved.

Mailing list for establishing the Europeana Sounds EDM profile for sound

This list is to be used to share information and good practice in working with looked-after children and young people, following on from a project supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

List to share info and good practice between library, museum, archives & cultural heritage staff (and others) about work with adults, young people & children with learning disabilities.

List to share info and good practice between library, museum, archives & cultural heritage staff (and others) about work with LGBT communities.

Discussion list for comments on the review of the Public Library Service in England and Wales being undertaken on behalf of the Department of National Heritage. The result of the review will be a strategic approach for the future of the service.

Announcements and news from the Digital Library framework agreement

This list is for information exchange and discussion amongst librarians working with children's literature, academic research and collections.

CLIC (Cardiff Libraries in Co-operation) brings together libraries who provide for the people who live, work and study in Cardiff. CLIC staff development group provides collaboration through staff development events.

This list is intended to enable sharing of programmes, best practice, and resources used by information professionals to educate and enable their service users to navigate Fake News in the current information environment.

This list is used by members of LocScot (Scottish branch of the CILIP Local Studies Group) to discuss professional/work related matters. <HTML> This list is used by members of LocScot (Scottish branch of the CILIP Local Studies Group) to discuss professional/work related matters. </HTML>

A list for the exchange of information on issues of current professional interest to library and information professionals, etc.

A forum for discussion of issues relating to UK public libraries.

This list aims to encourage a forum for discussion between the HE sector and public libraries on areas such as; research methodologies, CPD and management theories. This will help support current research underway at UCE in Birmingham, into developing research expertise in the public library sector.

This is a list for those who use the UK Funnel to NACO as a way of contributing authority records to The LCC Name Authority File.

Mailing list for the MLAG members to share information about meetings, conferences and events and to discuss matters of common interest.

Distribution of newsletter for "The Network - tackling social exclusion"

This list is to share information & good practice between prison and public libraries in order to better support (ex) prisoners & their families.

This list has been retained 29/11/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list The Reader Development mailing list exists to promote the discussion of reader development activities in libraries and other organisations and to disseminate the findings of research into reader development and reading.

The Six Steps programme supports public and educational library services in providing accessible services with minimal barriers for visually impaired users.

This email list is to enable members of the RIVAL network to contact each other. It is open to 'normal' members (i.e. those who attend the RIVAL events) and 'remote' members ( i.e. those who cannot attend in person but who follow RIVAL events online.)

This is a survey about how special collections are promoted and why. To gather feedback from special collections staff to support my MA dissertation research area.

The e-mail list is to disseminate news, information, research findings, and good practice to members of The Network more effectively.

This list is for CILIP YLG members to exchange information and best practice models.