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Aerospace Engineering

This is the list to facilitate communication and collaboration between the members of the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council ) Airport Energy Technologies Network (AETN).

This is a Special Interest Group (SIG) for anyone interested in Object-Process Methodology (OPM). OPM is a compact conceptual approach, language, and methodology for modelling and knowledge representation of automation systems. OPM is planned to be endorsed as ISO 19450 standard (publically available specification- PAS) and as the basis for the new generation of ISO model-based standards.

The list is used to promote research collaboration between UK and US space weather experts. Space weather is recognised as a significant natural hazard by both countries, e.g. in terms of the threat to power grids. Thus the two governments have been encouraging their experts to collaborate. This list provides a formal way to exchange information between all experts involved in the collaboration.