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Computer Networks

Superlist for the ads- (Archaeology Data Service) suite of discussion lists. The Archaeology Data Service exists to support teaching learning and research with digital data in archaeology. It collects, describes, catalogues, preserves, and provides user support for digital resources that are created as a product of archaeological research. The discussion list provides a forum in which the ADS can inform interested parties about recent developments at the ADS, and encourages debate on relevant issues ofcomputing in archaeology.

This discussion list is to facilitate the sharing of: problems, experiences and ideas surrounding Anti Virus issues.

This list is used to exchange information about issues relating to the governance, implementation and management of the Azure cloud compute platform in the United Kingdom Higher and Further Education community

This is a list for the big data community being formed in the UK, which is inherently part of many international communities.

A mailing list for the administrators of the Bloomsbury Media Cloud

Blockchain in the Cultural and Creative Sectors is a forum for debate and discussion of research and ideas about the implementation of this technology in these sectors

Mailing list for cabernet related events

A place for technical staff in HE to discuss the challenges in implementing a Cisco SDA network. Hopefully to share best practise and any learning experiences. Generic discussion of intent based networking welcomed.

A list to facilitate discussion amongst members of the Faculty of Art, Design and Humanities at De Montfort University (staff and students) with an interest in Digital Humanities.

The 802.1X special interest group (DOT1XSIG) was formed in order to draw together members of the Janet community and selected experts from the industry and international eduroam communities with particular knowledge, expertise and interest in 802.1X technology. The aim of the group is to discuss, research and disseminate information on the use of secure authenticated access to campus networking, and to support developments in 802.1X supplicants, deployment/configuration tools and RADIUS servers. It also plays an important role in informing development of the eduroam service in the UK and is a key part of Jisc Technologies' engagement with the community in relation to the service. In addition to this jiscmail mailing list a 'community group' has been set up on the Jisc Technologies Community web site as a collaborative work area where material can posted and documents shared: https://community.jisc.ac.uk/groups/dot1x-sig The group aims to gather 2-3 times a year for a day long meeting where catering is of course provided. Videoconferencing access is generally available for those who cannot attend in person. Jisc Techologies sponsors the group and greatly appreciates the participation of the members.

For discussion of all topics related to end-to-end network performance, including tools used, network monitoring, and end system tuning. Intended audiences are the application end users/communities, network operators/administrators within Janet-connected sites, and academic network researchers

Creating a platform for sharing technical expertise and discussing issues and concerns colleges may face when implementing and running eduroam in their campus.

This list is for general discussion on matters relating to the Jisc eduroam(UK) service.

The UK e-Infrastructure Academic User Community Forum was created to maintain and grow the community of UK researchers who use computers of any shape or size in their research, regardless of discipline or domain. The purpose of the Forum mailing list is to give the e-infrastructure community regular updates on developments in the UK e-Infrastructure space and within the E-infrastructure Leadership Council, and to disseminate information about our bi-annual Forum meetings. These meetings provide a space for discussions about the community's future, and allow the community the opportunity to influence Government and help define e-infrastructure policy in the UK.

This list is meant to support research on ethical issues concerning ICT. It particularly aims to support research collaboration on EU projects.

Updates, announcements, service alerts and customer discussion list for the UK eduroam Visitor Access (eVA) service.

Discussion and announcement list for the Harwell Campus Software Engineering Community

A support forum for discussion of all aspects of end-user computing and desktop management in HE and FE environments, open to all Scottish HE and FE IT staff.

A mailing list for UK public sector HPC sysadmins, including early career for discussion of HPC system level topics

For HR professionals with a responsibility for systems and reporting to: - share practice and knowledge - ask questions and learn from other colleagues - raise ideas for events

This list is used for members of HUBS, based at the University of Edinburgh, with members of the SICSA community and incubator projects. HUBS is a research project that investigates the methods and merits of connecting the most rural communities with very high-speed broadband.

This list is used for members of HUBS, based at the University of Edinburgh, with members of the SICSA community and incubator projects. HUBS is a research project that investigates the methods and merits of connecting the most rural communities with very high-speed broadband.

The ipv6-users list is for anyone primarily in UK academia interested in deploying or using IPv6, the Next Generation Internet Protocol, on their hosts or networks in the UK. Keywords: IPng, IPv6

List to facilitate discussions and communications relating to strategy development for the IRIS project.

The list is used by JANET Strategic Technologies Division to keep the JANET community informed of activities, progress and new projects relating to the development programme.

To coordinato an activity of members of the Monitoring and Measurement WG of the JANET QoS Development project.

List for making announcements to and enabling discussion among members of the South West JANET User Group

A list for the discussion, promotion and support of location-aware technologies in education.

Seminars/job/event announcements for Researchers and Academia in SouthEast UK in the area of networks/systems/telecomms

This is a list of academics, mainly around the UK, interested in the research initiative of Large-Scale Complex IT Systems, and Ultra-Large Scale Systems.

VLE users group for the Midlands

This mailing list supports IT managers, mainly in HE, FE and high schools across the south of UK and Wales with a specific interest in Novell/Microfocus infrastructure

This list is solely for announcements concerning the series of one-day meetings called Mathematics of Networks (MoN). These meetings are devoted to topics such as mathematical modelling of communications, transport, and social networks, dynamic and stochastic phenomena on such networks; graph theory, and data analysis for network applications.

Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning Association

This list is for the discussion of issues relating to network monitoring and network performance measurement. It covers all measurement types including flow-monitoring

This list is to support discussion of the use of network automation tools and techniques at Janet-connected sites. This may cover areas such as provisioning, updates and validation of network device configurations and state.

General discussion list for the promotion of computer networking and systems research in the UK

Description: This list is to support the communication between members of the NHS-HE Forum. This Forum meets twice a year to discuss initiatives to improve the connectivity and inter-operability of electronic services supporting students and staff at Universities and in the NHS that are involved in education and research associated with medicine, dentistry, nursing and other professions allied to medicine .

The Numerical Modelling Working Group consists of the numerical modelling support team at the British Atmospheric Data Centre and the NCAS Computational Modelling Support team based at the University of Reading

Networking Technical Liaison Group - For technical issues within JANET

This list is for software developers that use PERMIS to make authorisation decisions for their applications.

This list is for users of the PERMIS infrastructure and for administrators seeking help with installing and properly configuring PERMIS for use with their integrated application e.g. Shibboleth or GT4

This email services a network concerned with developments in surveillance and its multifaceted impacts.

Description: A forum for the discussion and development of a roaming solution for public sector participants building from the eduroam experience in educations and research.

There are proposals to include additional semantics within IP addresses to aid routing and define how packets are handled. This list provides a forum for discussion of address semantics, network architectures and routing system challenges, for software and hardware research.

This list is intended for those in education support that develop in house software. ideally this list will be used to discuss and share ideas relating to education support software, such as student record systems or virtual learning environments.

This list is used to discuss issues relating to the teaching of computer and information security in UK higher education institutions.

The newly formed Centre for Cognition, Computation and Culture has formed a research environment to consider Art and Technology application with Goldsmiths Digital Studios and BT. The group is an open discussion forum to compliment realtime sessions occuring each month. The list is for artists/technologists/researchers interested in pushing the envelope.

TrustCoM project AL1 communication

List for discussions on the digital accessibility legislation

mail list for ucisa members who are IT directors of specialist Colleges and Universities of Art, Design & Performance

This is a discussion list for those interested in HE Information Security within IT in ucisa member institutions

ucisa-NG�s remit is to consider all aspects of networking and network security within the academic and research communities and to give advice to ucisa and JISC on strategic matters affecting the community. We also run workshops and other events to share expertise within the sector. See http://www.ucisa.ac.uk/groups/ng All IT staff in ucisa member institutions are welcome to subscribe to our announcement and discussion list.

This list is primarily for Condor administrators, or people considering Condor deployments, within the UK academic and e-science communities.

This list is for the discussion of network hardware - primarily configuration problems, software versions, and network management solutions.

Discussion list for UK HE institutions with, or thinking about setting up, student hall of residence networks.

VCSP is a UK-wide list for those in the education and cultural sectors involved in delivering, receiving or enabling education via videoconferencing.

Mailing List to discuss Voice within the JANET community

This list covers any issues to do with the support and deployment of all versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems in UK HE and FE, and applications run on such systems. Discussion of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Server 2016, 2012, 2008 etc, along with Microsoft Office, Exchange, Office 365, Sharepoint etc is welcome. The mechanisms for delivering Windows to machines (imaging/provisioning) as well as applications to users (installing, streaming etc) are also fine here.

This is a public list designed to enable debate of wireless network issues and act as a link to the JANET Wireless Advisory Group.

Trapeze specific Wireless Issues in the JANET community