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User Support

The Academic Applications Forum, supported by Eduserv, provides a forum for discussion of topics related to applications support in the academic environment. Membership is largely, but not exclusively, drawn from Computer Centre staff in the UK University sector. Eduserv CHEST support the Forum and attend all of the meetings, so this Forum provides a valuable means of making them aware of current issues and requirements.

This discussion list is for the IT working group of the Association for Clinical Biochemsitry and Laboratory Medicine - the learned society of the profession which supports the educational, scientific and research interests of clinical biochemists and chemical pathologists in the UK.

A list for members of the North East Learning Environments (NELE) group to enhance communication and collaboration amongst the group members. Set up in 2000 the group was formed by the HE institutions of Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria, Teesside and Sunderland in order to help choose a VLE. To date we include all feeder FE institutions into these Universities and invite guests from other institutions in the locale.

For HE and FE institutions who are using Atlassian suite products in their institutions, including Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence and Bitbucket.

Mailing list to support the usergroup for staff using the Learning Objects CampusPack collaboration tools. Please be aware that this list was set up to support UK educational institutions, and although we welcome contributions from global users, some discussions may be UK-centric.

Forum for work with the Collaborative Computer Project in Small Angle Scattering, dissemination of new computing protocols and methodologies. Also news group for announcement of conferences, papers and jobs.

CCP-BioSim is an inclusive wide-ranging project, bringing together researchers from all branches of 'molecule-oriented' biochemistry and biology. CCP-BioSim develops and provides training and tools to lower the barrier to non-experts becoming proficient and productive users of biomolecular simulation techniques. This list is intended to support all activities of the CCP-BioSim community.

The Collaborative Computational Project for electron cryo-microscopy (CCP-EM) supports researchers and software developers in biological EM. This list is intended as a general support forum for the CCP-EM community. It is also the place for asking questions on CCP-EM software, provided by UK-based software developers.

For use by heads/managers of computer support groups in computer science departments/schools to discuss policies, software, hardware, staffing.

The CoSector Moodle User Group will exist in order to represent CoSector's customers strategic, technical and operational interests with respect to the CoSector's Hosted Moodle service. The group will share good practice amongst the user community, consider and influence future development of the CoSector's service offering, including: product & service improvements, new product development, joint (cross-institutional) development projects, identify user requirements in light of legal, government and operational changes within the UK education sector.

The list supports a collaboration to develop commons licensed materials to foster advanced digital skills for students and researchers and to manage a project to create a Qualitative Data Carpentry Course to supplement the existing quantitative offerings of the Software Carpentry community.

DMF (Data Migration Facility) service. Used to inform users of changes to the service.

A list to enable the community to more easily feed into the development of DMPonline, the DCC's data management planning tool. This list will act as a place to share ideas for future development and to feedback on plans.

A forum created for HE & FE staff, based in and around the Edinburgh area, who are involved in the Disabled Students Allowance process and the ongoing support of students with disabilities and specific learning difficulties.

The list is used to promote and foster awareness and academic discussion on digital interventions in preventing and dealing with domestic violence and abuse.

This list is for users of the Iridis HPC system at Southampton who are from member institutions of the e-Infrastructure South Consortium. http://www.einfrastructuresouth.ac.uk/ The purpose of the list is to keep users informed of status changes and other updates to the Iridis system.

This list is to provide user support, announcements, and feedback relating to the FORCinel software package: a free set of analysis tools for the rock magnetism community for the processing of first order reversal curve FORC diagams.

A list for the discussion of support issues related to using GridPP provided resources

GridPP 3D database users list so that the Database Administrators can advise users of planned downtime.

This list is to support periodic workshops and online networking of those studying or using video in human computer interaction education. The importance of this has been emphasised by the recent move to online learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mailing list for members of technical staff providing IT Infrastructure Services at Welsh Higher Education institutions that are members of the HEWIT group.

For HR professionals with a responsibility for systems and reporting to: - share practice and knowledge - ask questions and learn from other colleagues - raise ideas for events

Externally hosted mailing list for service failure alerts circulated to HW Information Services managers. Members of the list will mail this list 24x7 to alert each other to service disruptions so that appropriate responses can be invoked.

To describe, swap knowledge about, and develop teaching and training strategies and practice in the area of (digital) curation, preservation, archival practice and records management.

A forum for staff involved in supporting IT in the UK academic community and beyond.

List set up to distribute invitations to attend Jisc training courses. Discussion of training requirements for those using the Jisc Services new courses, locations, course frequencies, are welcomed.

An informal forum for library and information professionals who are supporting researchers and students who are conducting systematic reviews and structured literature searches

The list is for administrators of LZ VO (LUXZEPLIN experiment Virtual organisation). The LZ VO voms server is hosted by GridPP (Grid for Particle Physics);https://voms.gridpp.ac.uk:8443/voms/lz/voms/lz/.

Support and news mailing list for Magres View, the CCP-NC software for visualisation of computed NMR data.

Mailing list to support the development of Moodle in the UK Further Education sector.

This mailing list is for the purpose of group communication between members of the NISCHR ReDA user group.

The Numerical Modelling Working Group consists of the numerical modelling support team at the British Atmospheric Data Centre and the NCAS Computational Modelling Support team based at the University of Reading

For users of OPAS/eOPAS to share knowledge and experience in use of the software and to provide coherent feedback to the software developer to help meet the needs and expectations of occupational health services in the higher education sector.

Subscribe to receive notifications about releases and other developments for the OU-SUPPS and ouunit class files. These class files are used for the preparation of Open University teaching material that is prepared in LaTeX.

Service announcement for the Pearl cluster

A network of University of Leeds and Third Sector organisations involved with the University of Leeds Positive Impact Partners (PIP) Programme.

This list is for users of the ProSolution Student Management and Information System to discuss, share problems and solutions.

A UK-wide user group for the Unit 4 QL Exams Module in the Further Education community.

The Six Steps programme supports public and educational library services in providing accessible services with minimal barriers for visually impaired users.

This list is for discussion about managing research notebooks particularly to use of IT tools or research notebooks.

This list will allow Higher Education Institutions who use Resource Link to discuss problems and offer each other solutions and advice.

This list is for those in UK FE and HE who manage and support SEAtS software to monitor attendance. The aim is to share ideas, experiences and solutions that relate to SEAtS.

Newsletter for SEEBIBYTE project (seebibyte.org) computer vision tools for the digital humanities. For discussion, visit https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/seebibyte- users

This list is available to all education establishments who use the Select HR applications to share advice and good practice and have a collective voice when making suggestions to Select HR for amendments and enhancements

Our key interest is how knowledge from the qualitative social sciences, such as Sociology of Technology, Activity Theory or Discourse Analysis, can contribute to the design and evaluation of the ubiquitous, pervasive and social proxy dimensions of technology. This includes an interest on how the usefulness of systems is socially constructed and culturally shaped.

Mailing list for users and developers of the Space Syntax Toolkit for QGIS, to ask questions, discuss the use and applications, and make suggestions.

This list is for the users of a suite of products dedicated to collections and information management and retrieval, produced by specialist software developers System Simulation.

This list is for announcements and discussions relating to the TractoR software package for magnetic resonance imaging and tractography.

Automated mails will be sent to users when a gadget is updated so that they can re-download the relevant gadget to obtain the updates

The list supports the econometrics package Time Series Modelling, to disseminate news about new releases, ask and answer questions and share code and information.

List for discussions on the digital accessibility legislation

List for discussion about diversity among the members of ucisa

list for use of the UCISA London committee

The ucisa Support Services Group (SSG) brings together those with an interest in supporting, advising and training users of information, communication and learning technologies in HE. See: http://www.ucisa.ac.uk/groups/ssg. The ucisa-SSG mailing list is open to individuals from Full or Affiliate member organisations (http://www.ucisa.ac.uk/membersdirectory.aspx) and provides a forum for sharing information and discussion on specific topics of interest to the Support Services Community.

This list is to form a wider group for the Service Users of the tool 'Validate', which is used at UK HEI's to streamline the Right to Study and Right to Work procedures. The tool is allowing Universities to greater enhance the Enrolment and Registration procedures by ensuring all students are included in the Enrolment processes (instead of specifically targetting a subset). This group is to benefit from the work done by service users in enhancing the client to better serve our student population.

Visualisation Interest Group at Harwell Campus, involving large facility scientists from STFC, Diamond Light Source, ESA, and any other organisations or companies who are interested in visualisation technologies, advances, services and developments on the Campus. Topics include scientific image analysis, visual analytics techniques for data analysis, and innovative use of large visualisation displays and VR/AR technologies for big volume, high fidelity data analysis and exploration, uncertainty analysis.

This list covers topics and announcements in data visualization, visual analytics, and visual data science.

This list covers any issues to do with the support and deployment of all versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems in UK HE and FE, and applications run on such systems. Discussion of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Server 2016, 2012, 2008 etc, along with Microsoft Office, Exchange, Office 365, Sharepoint etc is welcome. The mechanisms for delivering Windows to machines (imaging/provisioning) as well as applications to users (installing, streaming etc) are also fine here.

This list is intended to support users who are using corpus based methods in the humanities, social science and computer science disciplines, in particular corpus linguistics, conceptual history and natural language processing, via the Wmatrix toolkit.