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General University Computing

The Academic Applications Forum, supported by Eduserv, provides a forum for discussion of topics related to applications support in the academic environment. Membership is largely, but not exclusively, drawn from Computer Centre staff in the UK University sector. Eduserv CHEST support the Forum and attend all of the meetings, so this Forum provides a valuable means of making them aware of current issues and requirements.

A list for university/college professionals using Business Intelligence practices and tools to support decision making and informed management in their institutions: to exchange good practice and accessible (non-technical) advice.

Discussion about adopting and implementing Agile ways of working and DevOps working practices and tools within a University

To support and develop the use of Agresso CRM in FE and HE Institutions in the UK

This discussion list is to facilitate the sharing of: problems, experiences and ideas surrounding Anti Virus issues.

Intended for all administrators and end-users of astronomy and astronomy-related software. Request information on software problems, availability of software solutions, or provide info on software titles particularly useful to the academic community.

For HE and FE institutions who are using Atlassian suite products in their institutions, including Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence and Bitbucket.

This list is used to exchange information about issues relating to the governance, implementation and management of the Azure cloud compute platform in the United Kingdom Higher and Further Education community

This is a list for the big data community being formed in the UK, which is inherently part of many international communities.

Deploying and managing Box Cloud Enterprise Storage (www.box.com) in an academic environment comes with the "usual set of challenges". This list is to share ideas and solutions.

List for discussing the implementation of Campus GRIDs

This list is used by Careers Professionals to discuss issues relating to the management and effective use of social media to engage our clients and stakeholders. The group also provides a forum to exchange new ideas and best practice with Careers staff with a particular responsibility for managing their Service's uses of social media.

To provide a forum for the college sector in Scotland to consider technical infrastructure, ICT systems, networks and authentication system requirements in relation to the SOB strategic plan and McClelland review.

Mailing list for the Computing Insight UK (CIUK) Cluster Challenge

The UK Cloud Computing Special Interest Group (Cloud SIG), is a group of active users, developers, researchers and providers doing interesting things in cloud computing who come together to identify and solve key issues in the adoption and use of clouds.

Covid has radically changed the way we teach computing in higher education. This list is forum to discuss some of the lessons we have learnt and the problems we are facing. Perhaps most important are the long-term challenges and opportunities looking onwards.

Community discussion, planning and management for data.ac.uk.

A list for discussion of issues relating to the study of the ancient world (at all levels) in collaboration with digital humanities, computer science, and other quantitative disciplines.

Discussion of DNSSEC deployment in JANET sites. Note that the reply-to on this list is set to "sender" rather than "list." This makes it more like most mail lists, but may be different to what you expect from JISCmail. If you wish to carry on a conversation on the list rather than reply to the sender privately, remember to hit "reply to all."

A forum created for HE & FE staff, based in and around the Edinburgh area, who are involved in the Disabled Students Allowance process and the ongoing support of students with disabilities and specific learning difficulties.

This group is for those involved in the development of Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence interfaces within UK HE Institutions. It is intended to allow questions, discussions, trouble shooting and brainstorming and friendly support.

For discussion of all topics related to end-to-end network performance, including tools used, network monitoring, and end system tuning. Intended audiences are the application end users/communities, network operators/administrators within Janet-connected sites, and academic network researchers

This list is for general discussion on matters relating to the Jisc eduroam(UK) service.

This list is a sub-list of EPUG-UKI-CONFIDENTIAL. Any messages posted to EPUG-UKI-CONFIDENTIAL will also be distributed to all subscribers of EPUG-UKI-SUMMON. Discussion list for users of the Summon discovery system within the UK and Ireland.

This list is intended for users of the Facility CMIS timetabling software package to discuss issues surrounding the implementation and use of the software.

This list is for UK & Irish users of the Fedora digital repository software. The UK and Ireland User Group holds occasional meetings etc and the list is primarily intended to support domestic arrangements, not technical queries.

A support forum for discussion of all aspects of end-user computing and desktop management in HE and FE environments, open to all Scottish HE and FE IT staff.

This list is to support the FE & HE community who use the Helix/Medial Media Library product within their institution. The aim of the list is to allow users to share good practice, ask questions and compare experiences of using the product.

Mailing list for members of technical staff managing data and voice networks at Welsh Higher Education institutions that are members of the HEWIT group.

The HPC Special Interest Group brings together sites running large local HPC facilities. By meeting and sharing experiences its mission is to promote and enable the use of research computation and to ensure its sustainable and effective use within the UK HEIs.

Enquiries about the HPC Special Interest Group which aims to promote the use of High Performance Computing (HPC) in academia and industry, by members working together and promoting best practice in HPC provision, management and support.

This is the list for the Scheduling and Checkpointing Focus Group, part of the HPC-SIG.

Externally hosted mailing list for service failure alerts circulated to HW Information Services managers. Members of the list will mail this list 24x7 to alert each other to service disruptions so that appropriate responses can be invoked.

A discussion list for UK education, learning and research related organisations, who have implemented, or are thinking of implementing, RFID technology in their Libraries. Members from other sectors are also welcome.

A discussion list for those supporting subscribed access to the LinkedIn Learning platform within further and higher education. This list is intended to provide a discussion forum for administrators, technical staff, educators, liaison and subject librarians and front-line support staff.

The list is intended for existing users of the SCT Luminis Portal software and associated products e.g. Content management Suite.

This forum will allow staff from a variety of institutions to discuss issues around the installation, modification and re-use of the Research Data MANTRA open educational resource and related RDM training material.

A list to discuss the implementation and use of the open source Moodle VLE in Higher Education in the UK, including integration with other insitituional systems

This list is to support discussion of the use of network automation tools and techniques at Janet-connected sites. This may cover areas such as provisioning, updates and validation of network device configurations and state.

The Numerical Modelling Working Group consists of the numerical modelling support team at the British Atmospheric Data Centre and the NCAS Computational Modelling Support team based at the University of Reading

This list has been retained 04/11/20; no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact help@jisc.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list OSS Watch provides unbiased advice and guidance on the use, development, and licensing of free software, open source software, and open source hardware.

Used by the Office for Students to communicate about the Prevent duty in the English HE sector. It is not a discussion list.

Service Management Group for Russell Group IT community promoting service management and ITIL <HTML> <h2>Service Management Group for Russell Group IT community promoting service management and ITIL</h2> </HTML>

This list is used by institutions that are using (or investigating) Safecom to provide a pull-print infrastructure.

The SAP UK HERUG is an independent user group. The list supports the activities of the group which are designed to assist UK HE institutions in their use of the system.

This list is about smartcard systems and their uses in HE/FE education. The group explores best pratice, technology and value for money. The group is not limited to tangible card systems as RFID, biometrics, IP, PIN and the cost benefit of systems and the issues of cash (and its cost) will be explored. Members will normally be existing or potential users of smartcards.

This list is designed for academics to share information about new social media resources that can be used within higher education teaching, research and administration. It is primarily a 'what's new' list for social media within the HE sector. You don't have to be an advanced user to subscribe. You just have to be social media curious. It is set up by Professor Andy Miah (@andymiah) from the University of Salford (@andymiah) If you're just joining, the check out the archive summary here, which will get you started: https://tinyurl.com/AtoZCreativeMedia Hashtag: #socialmediaHE

Community support group for Splunk users in HE

Starlink Software User Support: Starlink's main objectives are to provide and coordinate leading edge interactive data reduction and analysis tools for use in research by UK Astronomy,STP and Solar scientists.

This list is for use by JISC and related parties to announce and discuss issues, events, activities, projects and funding around the area of Student Lifecycle Relationship Management (SLRM), an area of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The energy used by ICT services is significant, but largely hidden. This list provides forum for those responsible for service provision and building management in education establishments to discuss the development of lower energy, more sustainable ICT policies and practices.

Titanium Schedule is a US based software specifically for use in Student Counselling Services. There are a number of UK Universities using this and this groups is a means of sharing both experience and expertise.

This a Forum for the exchange of ideas and information by researchers and practitioners involved in the pursuit of Total Quality in Information Technology (IT). Sublist of total-quality-all

This mailing group is for Ubuntu users to discuss their experiences, share best practice and promote its reuse.

List for discussions on the digital accessibility legislation

mail list for ucisa members who are IT directors of specialist Colleges and Universities of Art, Design & Performance

List for discussion about diversity among the members of ucisa

UCISA runs an annual Higher Education Information Technology Statistics (HEITS) survey. This list has been created to facilitate peer support for those tasked with completing the survey for their institution and/or those who have been granted UCISA Statistics Maintainer status for their institution.

This is a discussion list for those interested in HE Information Security within IT in ucisa member institutions

list for use of the UCISA London committee

The purpose of the Women in Tech Group will be to support and encourage those women already working in IT at Universities (and whose organisation has ucisa Membership) and to encourage more women to consider a career in our sector.

This list is used by the users of the University of Central Lancashire's High Performance Computer Facility User Group

This list is primarily for Condor administrators, or people considering Condor deployments, within the UK academic and e-science communities.

National mailing list for AC.UK Postmasters and System Administrators who maintain e-mail infrastructure.

This list is used to collate news and events relevant to those working in the university press and publishing sector.

This list is primarily for discussion about issues relating to HE libraries in Wales and for members of WHELF libraries to share news and information.

This list covers any issues to do with the support and deployment of all versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems in UK HE and FE, and applications run on such systems. Discussion of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Server 2016, 2012, 2008 etc, along with Microsoft Office, Exchange, Office 365, Sharepoint etc is welcome. The mechanisms for delivering Windows to machines (imaging/provisioning) as well as applications to users (installing, streaming etc) are also fine here.


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