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Marine Biology

Email list of all partners involved in the Altereco project - Alternative framework for assessing the marine Ecosystem.

This list brings together scientist and collaborators who work in the marine ecosystem modelling community.

Discussion list for sharing of information and ideas on benthic marine ecology in the UK.

Announcement and discussion list for COZONE - the combined forum of the Beach Processes network, the Coastal Structures network and the Coastal Waters network.

This list will be used by Charnia Research Group members to exchange information about Ediacaran (late Neoproterozoic, Precambrian)fossils, particularly from Charnwood Forest.

The Digimar mailing list is to be used for the discussion of the furthering of digital development among Marine Science Libraries.

Deep Sea Biology Society Mailing List

This is a group of researchers, who united at the meeting at the Geological Society London at 11 November 2015. Many of these researchers are interested in coevolution of life and the physical environment through the Earth history and the Earth System Science approach.

The ECS-board list is for the use by Members of Council of the European Cetacean Society (ECS).

The ECS National Contact Persons are the international links to the study of marine mammals in Europe and elsewhere. See http://www.EuropeanCetaceanSociety.eu. Sub-list of ecs-all

This list is used to distribute information to last year's members of the European Cetacean Society, only those that are no longer an ECS-member.

The ECS Science Advisory Committee will consider questions on best practice in research and science procedures while studying marine mammals in the wild and in captivity. Sub-list of ecs-all.

Ecs-news is an open list for student members of the European Cetacean Society (ECS), for the study and protection of whales and dolphins. All messages sent to ECS-TALK will also be forwarded to students at this mailing list: there's no need to subscribe there as well unless you want to send TO the list ECS-TALK. See http://www.EuropeanCetaceanSociety.eu. Sublist of ecs-talk and sub-sublist of ecs-all

This list is for members of the European Cetacean Society (ECS) and other interested parties on the study and protection of whales and dolphins. See http://www.EuropeanCetaceanSociety.eu

This list brings together those interested in public engagement with environmental science. A wide range of people have been invited to join the list. NERC does not manage, approve or endorse content shared on this list. The views expressed in messages are the personal views of the author. They may not necessarily represent those of NERC. NERC accepts no liability for any errors, corruption or omissions that might arise. The JiscMail Service Policy document: http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/policyandsecurity/ describes the way in which we expect the service to be used by subscribers. It sets out (S9) JISC handling of personal data obligations under the Data Protection Act (1998).

Official discussion list of the Estuarine and Coastal Sciences Association(ECSA), where ECSA members and non-members can discuss estuarine and coastal topics, particularly in the natural sciences; list participants can submit opinions, requests, announcements etc.

This list is open to anyone in Scotland who has an interest in evaluation. It is primarily to enable discussion, learning and networking amongst colleagues working in evaluation, though it can be used to inform the list of relevant seminars, tenders and employment opportunities.

Communication between members of the NERC Marine Integrated Autonomous Observing Systems (MIAOS) projects AlterEco (https://altereco.ac.uk) and CAMPUS (https://www.campus-marine.org)

This list will be used to share information about the Diamond Light Source to members of the NERC community. It will be a forum for discussion of issues relevant to NERC's involvement in Diamond, eg submissions on future strategy and investments.

The OceanLaw Mailing List is an un-moderated academic and professional e-mail list for the discussion of issues and the exchange of information relating to the international law of fisheries and related law of the sea and international law subjects, such as the protection of the marine environment or maritime boundary claims.

This is the mailing list of the International Commission for the History of Oceanography. Please post here about events, research news, and other matters relating to the history of ocean science.

Octolist is being initiated to allow networking and news dissemination between octocoral researchers

A discussion list for all research matters relating to the global life of oysters.

This email list could serve as a designated contact platform to exchange some ideas and information about sea pens, as well as any taxa that may be relevant to the researchers part of this email list. Everybody is welcome!

This list is for those interested in all aspects of sponge biology and sponge chemistry.

Complex relationships between a wide range of factors (e.g. physical, biological and chemical) govern the preservation of marine archaeological sites. Sea-Site aims to encourage multi-disciplinary marine environmental research and fieldwork associated with submerged archaeological sites.

This list is for discussion of tooth wear and microwear and its use for reconstruction of trophic ecology and diet

The tunicates are a major group of invertebrates representing an early offshoot from the evolutionary line leading to the vertebrates. We discuss all aspects of tunicate biology including chordate origins. Keywords: protochordate, urochordate, ascidia, salp, doliolid, Larvacea, Pyrosoma, tadpole, sea-squirt

This list will facilitate discussion of plans, collaborations and proposals for UK efforts in the International Indian Ocean Expedition 2. Field campaigns are expected to be within the 2016-2020 time frame.


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