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BLE-WEBDEV - BLE web development list
This list is for marketing and web developers based in the Bloomsbury Colleges to provide support and help to each other.

DELIBERATIONS-FORUM - The discussion list for the Deliberations website. [CLOSED March 2016]
Deliberations was an interactive, electronic web-based resource on teaching and learning in higher education. The deliberations-forum list acted as a platform for the higher education community to discuss a wide range of issues on teaching and learning and to disseminate, request and share relevant information.

EAHW - The European Archaeological Heritage Web
The European Archaeological Heritage Web project attempts to implement and integrate Eupopean Internet services for the discipline of Archaeology. This list is a forum for international discussion on ways and means to attain that goal.

EJOCLI-NEWS - Readers of the Web Journal of Current Legal Issues
A list for intending readers of the Web Journal of Current Legal Issues to register and to discuss matters arising in new issues of the Journal.

FE-WEB-DEVELOPMENT - Support and guidance for web designers and developers based in FE
A general support list to offer FE web designers/developers a place to share best practice in the areas of accessibility, usability and design.

GBHGIS - Discussion of the Great Britain Historical GIS, and the Vision of Britain through Time web site
This list is for announcements about and discussion of the Great Britain Historical GIS as a developing historical resource. The main emphasis is on the system's contents and how best to make this available to a wide range of users through the Vision of Britain web site.

HONNI-CONSULTATIVE-GROUP - Discussion list for the HONNI website
This list is used by Queen's University Medical Library to discuss issues related to the development of the Health on the net Northern Ireland (HONNI) website.

IRIS-WEB - Operation of the website
For people involved in the operation of the IRIS website and other aspects of our online presence (Twitter, GitHub etc)

JCWM - Joint Council Web managers
To support interactions between web mangers within the Research Councils and their institutes

We believe this is the right time to bring the Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) community closer together to explore synergies and collaborate, across industry and academia. Toward this, we are planning to host a LEOCONN webinar series. We will have one webinar session every 2 months, and host 2-3 notable speakers who could give technical talks on LEO networks and applications. We will use this mailing list to broadly advertise and announce these webinars across the community and even beyond.

LIS-WEB2 - Web 2.0 use in libraries
This list has been retained 02/01/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact for all enquiries regarding this list This list has been retained 02/02/2021 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact for all enquiries regarding this list

LIS-WEBPEOPLE - Library and Information service
A forum for all those working on the library and information service web pages, encompassing issues such as career paths, acessibility and other aspects of design, management issues, editing software selection, statistics and performance, integration with other library systems, off campus access.

MAPPING-CYBERSPACE - Mapping and visualising Internet infrastructure and Web space
Discussion of the techniques for mapping and visualising Internet infrastructure, traffic flows, user demographics, web information structures and online social interaction. Also consideration of the wider issues of usability, asethetics, and meaning of the maps.

MIMAS-WOK - Web of Science Service for UK Education
This list has been retained 05/08/2022 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list. Contact for all enquiries regarding this list Alternative support details at: Join the Clarivate WOS-UK-EDUCATION@JISCMAIL.AC.UK to receive the latest WoS news and training updates, subscribe at: EDUCATION&A=1

NEW-MEDIA-CURATING - Curating digital art -
For those involved in curating, exhibiting, archiving or interpreting new media art (including, interactive installations, digital video etc.) The list of the CRUMB web site

SCOTTISHWEBFOLK - Information Sharing List for Scottish Web Folk
Used to support activites of a group of folk, based in Scotland who are involved in managing institutional websites. The group meets quarterly and this list facilitates communication between those meetings.

WEB-ASSISTED-ASSESSMENT - Web assisted assessment issues
This list, hosted by the CASTLE project, is for those interested in conducting assessment using the WWW. It is a forum for all WAA (web-assisted-assessment) issues e.g. question design/databases, authoring/delivery software etc., and also use of the CASTLE tools for WAA.

WEB-NE-REGION - North-East Regional Web Group
Group for HE web staff (admin or technical) in the North-East of England.

A list for UK Web researchers to discuss UK specific issues, make announcements and communicate. Please note that this list is no longer in use.

WEB-SUPPORT - WEB-SUPPORT - discusses all issues relating to WWW
For the discussion of issues relating to the World-Wide-Web, Web browsers, Web servers, the HTML language, HTML documents and editors, across all platforms.

WebPA is an open source online peer assessment tool that enables every team member to recognise individual contributions to group work. This list is for users or developers who wish to join the WebPA community. For details of WebPA see:

WEBPA-DEV - WebPA Developers
A mailing list to discuss development practices, concerns, and objectives for the open source peer review tool, WebPA

WEBSITE-INFO-MGT - Managing institutional Web services
List for the UK Higher and further communities to discuss all aspects of managing institutional Web services, maintaining the information, developing and managing web services, dealing with organisational and management issues and sharing of relevant experiences of maintaining a large information system.

WOS-UK-EDUCATION - Web of Science UK Education
For all aspects of the 'Web of Science Service for UK Education' provided by Clarivate