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Institutional Log On

JISCmail is institutional log on enabled. You can map your UK Access Management credentials to your JISCMail account. This process will allow you to authenticate against your home institution's IdP (Identity Provider) rather than authenticating against the JISCmail credentials database.

What is institutional log on?

Institutional log on allows you to log into multiple services or applications using just one user name and password. This is of great benefit to avoid having to remember multiple login details.

What Do I Need?

Your home organisation needs to be a member of the UK Federation and you need a web browser that supports SSL encryption (all the major browsers do).

How Do I Use It ?

To use institutional log on, click on the 'Login via your home organisation' button at the top of the JISCMail home page at This will take you to the 'Where Are You From page' (the WAYF). If you are already authenticated, you may not see this screen.

Login via your home organisation

Select your home organisation from the drop down list and click on the 'Select' button. Enter your institutional user name and password.

If this is your first time using Shibboleth with JISCmail, you will need to map your current JISCmail username to your institutional log on targeted ID. The Targeted ID is a unique identifier that is given to each service by the IdP, it differs for each service that you connect to in order to preserve anonymity, yet it will be the same each time you connect to the same service (i.e. JISCmail) so that we can tailor the response of the site specifically for you. There are no indicators as to your identity within the Targeted ID, so it is necessary to go through a process of mapping this identifier to the account that you normally use on JISCmail. It is vital that we do this securely, so that there is no abuse of this system, and to that end we ask that you enter your current JISCmail registered e-mail address and password, and then click on the 'Associate' button.

On subsequent visits, when you click on the 'Login via your home organisation' button, you will be recognised and logged in automatically.

Using institutional log on with a non-web JISCmail Account

If you do not have a JISCmail password set but you are subscribed to one or more of our JISCMail groups, it is possible to use the institutional log on association screen to have a password set for you by entering your e-mail address, new password and clicking 'New Password'. This will result in two e-mails being sent to the JISCmail account address that you have specified; the first is a confirmation e-mail to confirm the password change for the account. The second is a record of the password that has been issued to you. Once your institutional log on Targeted ID has been mapped to your account, you need not remember this password. When you have confirmed the password change by clicking the link in the first e-mail, you may proceed to associate your account with your institutional log on Targeted ID by entering your account e-mail address and the password that has been issued and clicking the 'Associate' button.