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Register a Password

We recommend that all JiscMail customers register a password on the JiscMail website.

Why register a password?

If you’re a subscriber you can manage your subscriptions and settings, post messages and reply to messages, join/leave lists, access Private list archives (that you are a member of) and view Files left in a list Files Area.

If you’re a list owner, as well as managing your own personal subscriptions (for lists you are a member of), post messages and reply to messages. You can also carry out list owner tasks, such as: add/remove subscribers, run reports on list activity, moderate messages (if applicable), upload files to their files area, create templates, delete messages, customise messages.

How to register a password:

These instructions will also help you if you forget your password or want to change your password.

  1. Go to the Register Password page on our website
  2. Enter your email address, and create a password, add it to the second box and click the Register Password button
  3. The Confirmation Sent screen means that your request is being processed
  4. Check your email: JISCMail will send you a confirmation email, you need to action the request made in the email, do one of the following:
    • Click the blue link in the message
    • Copy the blue link and pasting it into a web browser
    • Reply to sender with the message OK
  5. If you do not activate the request within 48hours the password will be reset and you will have to go through the registration process again (from step 1)
  6. When you activate the request you will receive another email to confirm that it was processed successfully, and then you can log into the JiscMail website

If you do not receive your confirmation email promptly, contact as we can confirm it for you. A request will expire if not confirmed within 48 hours.