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Posting to a Group

Posting to a Group

To send a message to a JISCMail group, address it to:

where GROUPNAME is the name of the group you wish to post to.

When the JISCMail servers receive your email, they will attempt to deliver it to all the subscribers subscribed group (apart from those who have set themselves not to receive mail). If delivery cannot be achieved you will normally be sent an email back explaining what the problem was.

The following points should be noted:

Nearly all of our groups require you to be a subscriber before you can post to them, and if this is the case, you must make sure that you send your email from the same email address that you are subscribed to the group with.
Some groups are set up so that all mail is sent to an Editor or Moderator for approval. It may take time before they get round to checking the pending mail, and they may reject your mail if they feel it inappropriate for the group.
If you have never posted to a JISCMail group before, the server may hold your mail for a few minutes before posting it. This is part of the LISTSERV® anti-spam mechanism and is perfectly normal.
Sending the same message to more than one group at the same time is not recommended practice on JISCMail, as your message may get mistaken for a spam and your posting privileges suspended for 48 hours.

CCs and Posting

A special note is worth making about CCs (Carbon Copies):
If you create an email addressed to a JISCMail mailing list and CC'd to someone else, when LISTSERV receives it the CC address will be removed and placed in a header field called "Comments:" which may not be readily viewable by recipients on the list. A similar thing occurs when you CC to a list - the original "To:" addresses will be moved to the comments field.
Therefore, it is always a good idea to mention in the body of your email that you have copied it to someone else and give their email address, if applicable.