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Email discussion lists for the UK Education and Research communities


JISCMail uses LISTSERV® software to provide mailing list functionality to JISCMail. The LISTSERV® software is provided by L-Soft. LISTSERV supports all types of mailing groups, including moderated and unmoderated discussion groups, email newsletters and announcements lists.

LISTSERV web interface

The LISTSERV® Web Interface is the set of, often dynamic, web pages used to perform many tasks such as viewing and managing lists, managing subscriptions, searching and newsletter templates.

LISTSERV screenshots

Note: While we have customised its look and feel, the web interface is an entirely separate entity to the JISCmail web that you are reading now.

LISTSERV has extensive online help available in the form of: pop-up help, summoned via links on key words and phrases; the Help option on the navigation bar; various explanatory notes on the pages themselves (can be toggled by use of the 'Help' and 'Hide Help' buttons).

Logging in and Cookies

Many pages on the LISTSERV web interface require that you login in order to verify that you are permitted access to that particular page or feature.

When required to login you will be presented with a page like this:

Login Screen

Type in your email address and password in the fields provided and then click on the 'Login' button. LISTSERV will store your login details in a cookie, providing you are using a browser that supports/enables cookies, to prevent you having to login every time you use the web interface.