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What are JISCMail Archives?

Most JISCMail groups are configured to store all the email sent to it in files known as 'archives'.

The archives are usually accessible from the group's homepage, which has the URL of:

where GROUPNAME is the name of the group you wish to access.

The archives are usually organised by month, with the most recent period displayed first. Following the link for the desired month, will take you to an archive index of all the messages for that month. The individual messages themselves can be viewed by clicking on the relevant item in the index. You can also get archives via email.

Notes on terminology:

There are always many ways to say the same thing! Below are some terms used to describe archives and the messages contained within:

  • Archives can also be referred to as: message archives; group archives; notebooks; list logs; message logs.
  • An email sent to a group can be referred to as: a mail; post; posting; message; email