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Group Configuration

List Headers

Behind every mailing list is a 'list header'. This is a text file where all the details of the list's configuration are stored. It looks something like this:

  This is a test list

  Subscription= By_Owner
  Confidential= Yes
  Validate= No
  Reply-to= List,Respect
  Review= Private
  Send= Private
  Errors-To= Owner
  Notebook= Yes,e:\list-logs\TEST-LIST,Monthly,Private


  .HH ON
  ######## JISCMail use only # Subjects: ZH

  .HH ON
  ######## List Description (insert text description below .HH OFF)
  This is the list description of the test list

If you own a list already you can see this header by going to the List
Management interface and selecting 'List Configuration, then 'Manual Configuration' from the drop-down menu.

The lines contained within the configuration control different aspects of the group and how it behaves. The lines in the above example are explained briefly as follows:

The first line 'This is a test list' is the group's title which appears under the group's name on the homepage.

'Subscription= By_Owner' tells LISTSERV© that when someone tries to subscribe to the list the request will be forwarded to the owner for approval.

'Confidential= Yes' means that the group is not advertised on our A-Z or Catagory Pages listings.

'Validate= No' means that commands do not need to be validated with a password, or the 'OK' mechanism.

'Reply-To= List,Respect' means that replies to postings will be sent to the whole group rather than just to the sender. However, the 'Respect' part of this line means that if someone chooses to reply just to the original sender, this will work too.

'Review= Private' means that the 'Review' command to retrieve a list of all subscribers to the group, can only be sent by subscribers, or owners of the group.

'Send= Private' means that only subscribers to the group are able to post a message to it.

'Errors-To= Owner' means that error reports will be delivered to the first owner mentioned within the configuration.

'Notebook= Yes,d::\lis-logs\TEST-LIST,Monthly,Private' is the file path that Listserv looks at when displaying the list archives. 'Yes' means that there is an archive, 'd::\lis-logs\TEST-LIST' is where this is stored, 'Monthly' determines the format they are stored in, 'Private' means that they are only accessible by subscribers to the list who must have a password.

'Owner= ' determines who is the Owner of the group. There can be several of these if necessary.

.'HH ON ######## JISCmail use only # Subjects: ZH .HH OFF'

is where Listserv looks so that it can add the group to the correct Catagory within the Catgory pages listings (only relevant for Public and Resricted lists).

'HH ON ######## List Description (insert text description below .HH OFF) .HH OFF This is the list description of the test list' is where your description is stored.

While you can edit this configuration directly, you can also use the 'Wizard' option, under List Management. Full descriptions of all the available keywords, and convenient ways of altering them, are provided in the wizard under Alphabetical Keywords.


You can also amend your list header by email. The commands are:

Retrieve list header: GET
Return updated list header: PUT