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International Network of Analytical Sociologists

Email list for circulation of working papers and other information of the
International Network of Analytical Sociologists.
Learning Analytics
Supporting higher and further education institutions in the UK to share
their expertise in learning analytics. Engaging with international
research and development in the area of learning analytics. Supporting
community engagement with the Jisc project around learning analytics.

NOTE: promotion of products, services, jobs etc is not permitted on this list.
A1 A2 A7 T2 U1
Discussion forum for UK anatomists on issues relevant to anatomy teaching
in the UK.
Ancient DNA List
An e-mail list for anyone working in the field of ancient DNA of any
species and any time period.
Announcement list for A New Curriculum for Information Literacy

***This list has been retained 02/02/2016.
No one can subscribe to this list and no one can post to this list.
contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list***

This list is based on the Arcadia Project funded by Cambridge University
Library to
develop a New Curriculum for Information Literacy. The list will be used to keep
people in
touch with the project and any disemination activities.
Angela Carter Society Discussion List
This is a restricted discussion list for Members of the Angela Carter
Society, which seeks to celebrate and promote the study and appreciation
of the life and work of Angela Carter. Join now:
Anglo-Russian Research Network
This list is for communicating information about the activities of the
Anglo-Russian Research Network.
Centre for narratives and Transformative Learning
Open to associates from other universities and agencies.

NIC is a listserv for members and affiliates of the Narrative Inquiry research centre in
the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol. All NIC members and affiliates
are committed to the development of narrative and other arts-based forms of Human
Contact list for BSA Animal/Human Studies Group
This membership list will be used by the BSA Animal/Human Studies Group
list owner to make announcements relevant to the group.
Example of ANNOUNCEMENT-LIST for JiscMail Helpline staff.
Discussion list for the ANSWER project

***This list has been retained 31/05/2013 no one can subscribe to this list
and no one can post to this list - contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk
for all enquiries regarding this list***

This list is for discussion between and among stake holders and team
members of the ANSWER project.
antequeerian list for those interested in post queer research
There are contested categories in the history of lgbtq* studies involving
the extent to which modern concepts may be roled back into history. This
list will assemble evidence showing cultural diversity across information
spaces but with the intention to enhance theory and practice through
building new information processing tools.
Anthropology of Dying and Bereavement
Mailing list to support anthropological studies of death and bereavement.
This list may be used to send announcements to list members (by list
members) and to facilitate collaboration.
Anthropological Sciences SIG
This list supports an international special interest group for
anthropological sciences and the development of anthropological research methods and theory.
Discussing the learning and teaching of Anthropology

***This list has been retained 29/01/2018 no one can subscribe to this list and no one can
post to this list- contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk for all enquiries regarding this list***
News and debates on the learning and teaching of Anthropology
The Anthropology-Matters forum mailing list
The Anthropology-Matters mailing list is is administered by the ASA.
AM is used to communicate with postgraduate and postdoctoral anthropologists
working in the UK and abroad to provide alerts to: new issues of the
Open Access Anthropology Matters journal, and events of anthropological
interest in the UK anthropology community such as conferences
and seminars or funding opportunities.
Anthropology Discipline Interest Group
Disciplinary Interest Group(DIG) for Anthropology is Primary concerned with teaching and
learning but recognizes overlap with research It has the following remit:

1. To monitor and feedback to the discipline on developments in the Higher Education

2. Make sure that anthropology has a voice

3. Identifying sources of Teaching and Lerning Funding and supporting bids.
Discussion list on anthropology of risk, limits and exposure
This list provides space for researchers to share ideas related to risk,
limits and exposure in contemporary society.
Anticipation 2017
This list is for the dissemination and communication of updates about
Anticipation Studies, following on from the Anticipation 2017 conference
Antislavery Knowledge Network
The list will be used by the network to create a database of potential
partners and collaborators, as well as communicating events, sending
invitations, updates and calls
Discussion list for Anti Virus, Adware, Spyware, Malware and Anti-X
This discussion list is to facilitate the sharing of: problems, experiences
and ideas surrounding Anti Virus issues.
Academy of Marketing (Education Sub Group)
This email listing is for the academy of marketing (education sub group).
Its intention?
To provide a forum for marketing academics in the UK to share ideas,
developments and
Network of APA providers
Network for providers developing Academic Professional Apprenticeship Programmes
Association of Performing Arts Collections
The APAC list facilitates discussion and information exchange among people
working in performing arts collections and related research fields. The list provides a
forum for queries and for disseminating news about performing arts collections
primarily in the UK. Further information and resources can be found on our website:
Astrophysical Chemistry Discussion List
Exists to promote discussion in the area of astrochemistry, and in
particular to encourage collaboration between astronomers and
chemists/physicists. Also serves to facilitate the distribution of
information on research funding, PhD, postdoctoral and academic positions,
and scientific meetings.
The Astrophysical Chemistry Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry is
affiliated to the Royal Astronomical Society. Meetings organised by the
group will be advertised via this list, as well as at the Group's website,
New members are always welcome, and instructions for joining can be found
on the website.
Managed by the Astrophysical Chemistry Group of the Royal Society of
Chemistry and the Royal Astronomical Society.
Acoustics Public Engagement Network
F3 H1 K1 W3 X4
The Acoustics Public Engagement Network list: for announcements and
related to the use of the science of sound and vibration for public engagement
Association for Photography in Higher Education
The Association for Photography in Higher Education was established to
create a forum for discussion and debate about photography and
photographic education. In recent years the APHE has promoted links
between government, education providers and the creative industries. The
Association is non-profit making and institutions are eligible for free
unlimited places at conferences and seminars. The APHE discussion list
has been set up to aid communication between members. Please feel free
to use the list to post information relating to photography and
photography education.
Discussion list for APML Librarians and Researchers
Discussion list for staff and researchers working in small
libraries/archives within larger organisations to promote sharing skills,
knowledge and resources and to increase knowledge of the collections held
by their respective institutions.
Applied Numismatics Discussion List

***This list has been retained 22/07/2014 no one can subscribe to this list
and no one can post to this list - contact helpline@jiscmail.ac.uk
for all enquiries regarding this list***

This list is intended for the discussion and dissemination of: (a) methods
for the analysis of coin data (b) methods for the recording of coin data
including databases (c) interim results and work in progress
(d) dissemination of data sets.
Applied Probability community mailing list
An announcements list for the applied probability community, set up and
maintained by the Royal Statistical Society's Applied Probability Section.

Examples of appropriate usage:
- announcements of applied probability meetings, workshops, conferences
- information on relevant seminar programmes (one mail per department per term
please, to avoid overload)
- relevant job announcements (i.e. announcements you would personally be happy
to receive in your inbox - PhD studentships, post-docs, lectureships, research-level
jobs etc)
- requests for collaborators to build network grants and the likes

Examples that we would prefer not to see:
- yet another job advert for an applied statistician
- weekly seminar announcements

Of course, if usage differs from this and nobody complains then we will not intervene!
Applied Semiotics
This group is for academics interested in the study or application of
semiotics to various contexts, whether communication, design, marketing or
other contexts.
A group to share knowledge about apprenticeships including: degree and
higher apprenticeship internal HE processes, employer engagement, process
improvement, student engagement. This is to enable FE and HE to offer an
excellent customer experience and increase recruitment
Ambient Pressure XPS Discussion List
A discussion list for sharing knowledge related to the use of ambient and
near-ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.
Genetic improvement/management of farmed/exploited aquatic organisms.
A list to encourage and improve the communication between geneticists
involved in research related to the genetic improvement and management
of farmed or exploited aquatic organisms.
Immersive Technology - Its place in Education

This list is used to make announcements from Jisc to the FE /HE community
surrounding the use of Immersive Technology including Augmented and Virtual Reality
(AR/VR) and its usefulness in
education, and
share information surrounding forthcoming events, training and workshops.
News and Discussion from/for the UK Arabidopsis and wider plant community
ArabUk is a UK Arabidopsis news and discussion forum, for disseminating and sharing
information relating to the UK Arabidopsis and wider Plant Science Research Community.

ArabUK provides a mechanism for UK Arabidopsis researchers to communicate with other
researchers within the UK or with those individuals that have an interest in Arabidopsis

The mail list is also used for mailings relating to GARNet (Genomic Arabidopsis Resource
Network) http://www.garnetcommunity.org.uk/
Coordination list for the Arachnid R&D project
List for members of the STFC Arachnid R&D project. Used for announcements
and co-ordination of the group.
Action Research Africa Network
N2 P2 T2 U4 W1
To enable action researchers in the UK to learn from African researchers
about Ubuntu as a
way of being as they explore multi-media narratives for representing their
action research
ARC Assessment Practitioners Group
A mail list for the Academic Registrars Council Assessment Practitioner
Group to enable
discussion about the administration, regulation and conduct of exams, assessment
ARC -Subjects Allied to Medicine
Academic Registrar's Council - Subjects Allied to Medicine group
Scottish and N.Ireland ARC Members
ARC is committed to excellence in higher education administration, seeking to
influence and stimulate national debate and policy, share best practice, support
colleagues in performing their roles, and work with other bodies such as AHUA, UUK,
QAA, UCAS and the funding councils.
ARC UKBA Practitioners Group
This list is used by Academic Registrars Council (ARC) members and their nominees
interested in attending a practitioners group about Home Office: UK Visa and
(UKVI) regulations relevant to Higher Education Institutions.
ARC Admissions Practitioners' Group
This list has been established for use by the Academic Registrars' Council
Admissions Practitioners' Group (ARC APG) in order to facilitate effective
communication and disseminate good practice in all aspects of
undergraduate and postgraduate admissions. Details of the work of the
Academic Registrars' Council and the work of the Practitioner Groups can
be found here: http://www.arc.ac.uk/ and here:
UK academic archaeologists mailing list
Aimed at 'grass-roots' exchange of information and ideas for 'joined-up'
action by UK academic archaeologists in three areas: teaching and
research in UK universities; socio-politics of academia; the relationship
between the HE sector and external processes (e.g. privatization).
Archaeology of the Americas
A list to share content between Europe-based researchers working in the archaeology of
the Americas. Especially for announcements such as seminars, meetings, job openings, workshops,
books, and the like.
Experimental archaeology in Britain mailing list
The aim of the list is to encourage the exchange of information
between groups carrying out experimental archaeology in Britain.
Discussion of all aspects of experimental archaeology and
archaeological reconstructions will be encouraged.
Archaeological Glass Research Forum
For all researchers working on chemical, typological, archaeological and
historical research into the past production and consumption of glass.
Architectural History
Announcements of interest to architectural historians in further and
higher education and heritage bodies: calls for papers; conferences;
lectures; publications; courses; funds; vacancies; organisations.
Discussion list of Archaeologists for Global Justice
The list is used by any archaeologist concerned with social
responsibility. Its aim is to stimulate discussion and
awareness of the impact that archaeology can have on issues
associated with equality, human rights,environmental damage
and discrimination. Racist and sexist
views and language abusive of other list members will not be tolerated.
Arch-Metals Group
For the discussion of all aspects of archaeo-metallurgy and the
dissemination of data related to all aspects of ancient and
historic metallurgy and metal artefacts: the applications of
material science to archaeo- metallurgy, and the development
of methodologies to the study archaeo-metallurgical debris.

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